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Sample Question Paper

Course Name : Diploma in Architectural Assistantship Course Code : AA Semester : Fifth

Time: 2 Hours.

Subject Title : Quantity Surveying and Estimating - I Marks Instructions: 1. All questions are compulsory 2. Answer each next main question on a new page. 3. Illustrate your answers with neat sketches wherever necessary 4. Figures to the right indicate full marks 5. Assume suitable data if necessary 6. Preferably, write the answers in sequential order 7. Use of Non-programmable electronic pocket calculator is permissible. 8. Mobile phone, pager and other electronic communication devices are not permissible in examination hall. Q.1 A) Attempt any THREE of the following: a) i) Give meaning of the terms Quantity surveying, estimating and valuation ii) State purpose of estimating and costing. b) State four uses of preparing approximate estimate. c) i) Give two uses of preparing detailed estimate ii) State different types of estimates (Marks-2) (Marks-2) (Marks-3) (Mark-1) 12 Marks : 50

d) State four principles on which unit of measurement for different item of works are fixed. Q.1B) Attempt any ONE of the following: a) Sate the circumstances under which following estimates are prepared: i) Supplementary estimate. ii) Revised estimate. iii) Annual repair and Annual maintenance estimate. b) i) State two purposes of specification. (Marks-2) 06 Marks

ii) State different types of specifications and explain in brief any two of them

(Marks-1+3) Q.2 Attempt any FOUR of the following: 16 Marks

a) Rule out (Draw) the standard proformas of quantity sheet and material consumption statement form. b) i) Enlist the data required for preparing detailed estimate (Marks-2+2) (Marks-2)

ii) State the units of measurement for the following items of work: (Marks-2) i) R.C.C. Sun breaker ii) Filling out of boulders and rubbles. ii) False ceiling iv) Marble cladding for circular column.

c) Give standard mode of measurement as per IS-1200 for masonry work. d) State four important rules of deductions in case of plastering work. e) Explain legal aspects of specification.

Q.3 Attempt any TWO of the following: 16 Marks A) a) Enlist different methods of approximate estimate for buildings and explain service unit method. (Marks-1+3) b) Prepare a preliminary estimate of residential building to be constructed using following data : i) Built up area of proposed bldg. = 126.00Sq. m. ii) Built up area of existing bldg. = 90.00Sq. m. iii) Amount spent on construction of existing structure = Rs. 7.0 Lakh. iv) Existing structure was constructed two years ago. v) Rise in price levels of materials and labours during previous two years = 10 % B) Calculate quantity of R.C.C. column footing for four R.C.C. columns. Use following details. i) Size of footing = 1250 x 1520 ii) Footing height T = 530, t = 200 iii) Size column = 230 x 460 iv) Size of top portion of footing = 300 x 530 v) All dimensions are in mm. Use trapezoidal formula. C) Draft the specifications for materials to be used to construct a R.C.C. M 20 slab ******** (Marks-4)