Distribution Board

Larsen & Toubro has five decades of experience in manufacturing switchgear and it ranks among one of the top 5 manufacturers of low voltage and medium voltage switchgear in the world. T-lite is the culmination of L&T’s engineering and customers’ need for flexible and modular power distribution solutions for lighting and industrial needs. L&T’s T-Lite assures a cost effective and quality solution.

Key Features
Flush, Wall & Floor mounting Available in various shades to suit the interiors of buildings Epoxy polyester powder coated enclosure offers: - high degree of scratch and corrosion resistance - suitable for outdoor installation Dual lipped neoprene gasket used for door ensures protection against dust ingress NEMA rating - 1 to 3R can be provided Customizable design that allows flexibility to use 1, 2, 3 and 4 pole breakers to be positioned in variable combination to suit desired requirement State-of-the-art CNC machines ensure higher levels of fabrication quality and accuracy Double action door camlock engages the door in the first quadrant and compresses the gasket in the second quadrant to ensure dust proofing

Earthing is provided on both enclosure and the door Heat shrunk PVC sleeve and shrouds provided on busbar and live parts to ensure maximum safety Padlocking facility / Door interlocking on request

Ease of use
Removable gland plates enable ease of cable entry Cable entry from top or bottom possible as per requirement Common enclosure sizes and a range of extension boxes simplify group mounting of boards

630A 800A . please refer to the relevant contract document.L. Dammam Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Tel: +966-3-8127708 Fax: +966-3-8127780 E-Mail: Ltesa@LNTEBG. IP56 / IP42 Form 1 / Form 2 -5°C to 55°C SL.com . DOOR LOCK ARRANGEMENT 650 100 30 A A C E 350 22 22 960 700 1850 1700 B 400 B D F 760 50 130 SIDE VIEW 50 340 600 FRONT VIEW CABLING AREA 1000 FRONT VIEW CABLING CLEARANCE CABLING CLEARANCE CABLING CLEARANCE 350 SIDE VIEW 2050 FRONT VIEW 350 900 SIDE VIEW 350 BOTTOM VIEW 350 BOTTOM OPENING WITH BOLTED COVER 130 200 400 BOTTOM VIEW FOUNDATION VIEW CABLING AREA Note : ALL DIMENTIONS ARE IN MM The drawings in this publication are illustrative. For information about specific equipment. Limited . Plot: 17 + 19 2nd Industrial Area. 50 / 60 Hz NEMA 1 to 3R.1200A DESCRIPTION No of outgoing ways* 24 ways MCB or 4 Tri-Pole MCCB (150 AF) 48 ways MCB or 8 Tri-Pole MCCB (150 AF) 84 ways MCB or 14 Tri-Pole MCCB (150 AF) 6 Tri-Pole MCCB (250 AF) 14 Tri-Pole MCCB (250 AF) 2 Tri-Pole MCCB (500 AF) plus 8 Tri-Pole MCCB (250 AF) HEIGHT 700 850 1200 1100 1700 1700 DIMENSION SCHEDULE (All Dimensions are in MM) WIDTH 600 600 600 1000 1000 2050 DEPTH 130 130 130 350 350 350 Type of mounting Flush / Wall / Floor Flush / Wall / Floor Flush / Wall / Floor Wall / Floor Floor Floor * The outgoing ways given in the table are the maximum that can be given in that specific design. L. NO Incomer Rating 1 2 3 4 5 6 upto 250A upto 250A upto 250A 400A . L&T Electricals Saudi Arabia Company.Technical Data Incoming Outgoing Short circuit withstand Rated busbars Degree of protection Forms of separation Operating temperature Upto 1200A Refer the table below Upto 65kA.630A 400A . 1s Upto 1200A at 380v / 480 V. C MH-4.