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Clarifiers Buy Low cost Clarifiers with Water and Waste Water Equipment Company Serving to the ever

increasing needs of waste water treatment, the Water and Waste Water Equipment Company offers advanced Clarifiers which primarily work on separating the water and the solids, thus leading to inbuilt sludge thickening. These are designed in various shapes but for volume wastewater treatment, large open circular or square shaped tanks are used. This helps in processing the water flow swiftly, where the solids are suspended towards the floor. The company offers exclusive Inclined Plate Clarifiers in steel and carbon at low installation cost, no moving portions, automatic operation and very less floor requirement. These are offered in 6 premium sizes which handle excellent capacity of treating 360 gpm. Company makes sure to meet nonstandard needs of client by custom designing the Clarifiers. Clarifiers are significant to many industries for treating any volume of waste water. Once the cations are removed then cleaning the water further becomes simplified.

Filter Presses Voluminous waste water treatment possible with Filter Press Corrosion and maintenance free Filter Press available Filter Press is also known as Frame or Plate filters. This kind of filter was used from mid-1800 till late 96 s., which is now redefined with research and p lanning of Water and Waste Water Equipment Company. They get you the gasketed Filter Press which is inexpensive and have expandable side bars. The machinery is carefully designed with no trace of contaminated air to enter the system. This is a hydraulic system which can easily treat increased production. It comes with hydraulic and manual closures, auto pump mechanism, plate shifters. The companies can custom design the Filter press to meet the specific requirements of the client. You can maintain all the filter press with complete range of accessories which include gasket material, filter cloths, cleaning spatulas and replacement plates.

Flow Restrictors Make profit with controlled waste water through Flow restrictors Cut down waste water system costs with flow restrictors Flow restrictors are heavily used in waste water treatment and act instrumental in regulating the flow controls as per the desired level. It is hence they are called as Capillaries. These are mainly useful for the reverse osmosis process if properly placed as per the size in the RO membrane. Trikler is a product available by Water and Waste Water Equipment Company which works as an aid to control the waste water treatment costs during installation. Trikler is an optimal flow restrictor which serves well. It has to be placed on rinse tanks inlet which gives regulated and constant water flow. Quality of the trikler is ideally tested for treating gallons of water each day, this saves plenty of money. Trikl/Air is the flow restrictor which acts like an aerator by breaking the vacuum in the rinse tank and water line. This permits less use of contaminated water which prevents accidental tapping of toxic materials in the clean drinking water. Trikl/Air helps in achieving maximum performance in the waste water treatment system due to better water circulation with water agitation.

Reverse Osmosis Raised level of Water purification accomplished with RO Ultrafiltration system of Reverse Osmosis Water purification systems are advancing each day with the changing technology. In this race, Water and wastewater Equipment Company comes up with exclusive RO process

which easily reverses the natural Osmosis course. It helps in desalinating the aqueous solutions by removing off the ions from the water. The membrane used in the RO process is of excellent quality which serves potentially, thus making it possible to remove off 90% salts from the aqueous solutions. This water purification system is used for ultrafiltration which involves microscopic openings only for water molecules which prevents the large compounds from not passing through easily. The RO membranes are powerful to detect the electrical charges in certain chemicals. Most of the membranes in the RO system used are fully automatic, having the flushing systems in place to clean membrane effectively. This requires sufficient maintenance which is possible with annual contracts offered by the company with cost effective accessories also. Water Purification Systems Purification of water is essential at every stage because oxidized water can only be used for performing daily chores successfully. Keeping this into consideration, following products offered by Water and wastewater Equipment Company includes:

Water Softening Distillation systems Ultra Violet Sterilization Iron Removal Filters Dealkalizers Ozonation Equipment

Instrumentation Control Panels & Instrumentation is necessary to automatically maintaining the waste water treatment systems which makes the company offer

Custom PLC & Relay Control Centers pH / ORP Controllers Conductivity Monitors Flow Meters

Oil/Water Separators Must for effective wastewater treatment as it helps in keeping the effluents at bay which incorporates the following:

Membrane Systems Skimmers Coalescers

Pumps & Mixers

Treating wastewater is not a single stage activity; rather it is composition of many stages in which particulates have to be removed off soon. Pumps and Mixers offered by the company include the following features like:

Chemical Metering Vertical Air Diaphragm End Suction Centrifugal Direct & Gear Drive Mixers

Used Equipment The company understands the objective first that used and reconditioned systems can also be put to use of water treatment with the following at very affordable price: Tanks Tanks in Filter Presses, Clarifiers, Mixers, Oil/water separators are extremely essential to hold and discharge the sludge quickly Filter Presses Plating Lines Clarifiers Rectifiers Batch / Continuous Sludge Dryers Complete Wastewater Treatment Systems

Fiberglass Lined Steel Polyethylene Stainless Steel

Water and Waste water Equipment is operating effectively since 1978 which makes them a market leader of the systems which are offered at highly comprehensive prices.