Chapter 1- DEMAND DETAILS 1.1 Product details 1.2 Technology details 1.3 Investments 1.4 Other Points Chapter 2 – INDUSTRY STRUCTURE 2.1 Structure 2.2 Barriers in industry Chapter 3 – INDUSTRY ENVIRONMENT 3.1 Fragment 3.2 Emerging 3.3 ecline Chapter 4 – INDUSTRY PARTIES 4.1 Policies 4.2 !esearch and evelo"ment 4.3 !ole o# Service and $dvertising Chapter 5 – INDUSTRY ATTRACTIVENESS %.1 Potential %.2 Industry &ro'th %.3 (istory %.4 )i#e cycle stages Chapter 6 – INDUSTRY PERFORMANCE *.1 Sales *.2 Pro#ita+ility *.3 Technological $dvancement Chapter 7 – Conclusions & Sugges ions


C!"# e$-%



One of the fastest growing sectors of the economy of our time is the hotel industry. The hotel industry alone is a multibillion dollar and growing enterprise. It is exciting, never boring and offer unlimited opportunities. The hotel industry is diverse enough for people to wor in different areas of interest and still be employed within the hotel industry. This trend is not !ust in India, but also globally. "odern hotels provide refined services to their guests. The customers or guests are always right. This principle necessitated application of management principles in the hotel industry and the hotel professionals reali#ed the instrumentality of mar eting principles in managing the hotel industry. The concept of total $uality management is found getting an important place in the mar eting management of hotels. The emerging positive trend in the tourism industry indicates that hotel industry is li e a reservoir from where the foreign exchange flows. This naturally draws our attention on %OT&' "()(*&"&)T. 'i e other industries, the hotel industry also needs to explore avenues for innovation, so that a fair blending of core and peripheral services is made possible. It is not to be forgotten that the leading hotel companies of the world have been intensifying research to enrich their peripheral services with the motto of adding additional attractions to their service

4 The hotel may furnish $uarters and facilities for assemblage of people for social business or entertainment purposes and may engage in retaining portion of its premises for shops and businesses whose continuity 2i.. / 0rimarily and fundamentally. themselves properly and who being able and ready to pay for their entertainment. The definition states that. It is against this bac ground that we find the service mix more flexible in nature.ecovery (dministration in -ashington is found to be a more comprehensive definition. The leading hotel companies have been found promoting an ongoing training programme so that the personnel come to the use of sophisticated communication technologies. competitive with or affecting inter 1 state commerce 2or so related that the regulation of one involves the control of other3. The 5 . It is home away from home where all the modern amenities and facilities are available on a payment basis.tuart "c )amara.mix. The recruitment and training programmes are re$uired to be developed in the face of technological sophistication. we go through the concept of hotel. It is also considered to be a place where tourist stops. The definition presented by hotel operators to authorities of the )ational . now about Hotel – The Concept (t the outset. cease to be travellers and become customers. accommodation and other services including the boarding li e a temporary home.e. a hotel is an establishment which supplies boarding and lodging not engaged in inter 1 state commerce or in any intra 1 state commerce. The common law says that hotel is a place where all who conduct. presented by . proximity3 is deemed appropriate to a hotel.

preferably by the side of high ways and important road !unctions. the motel accommodation is ran ed at par with hotel accommodation. "otels are found located outside the city. and restaurant facilities.ome of the important services offered by the motels are par ing. accommodation. garage facilities.< people used to go to inns for having their lunch. In 8. Origin of the word “Hotel 9efore 1:. -e also call it the function room.assemblage of people for social business and entertainment purposes ma es it essential that hotels are also furnished with a big conference hall where the maximum possible accommodation is available. dinner etc . . Motel – The Concept Initially the term motel was meant for local motorists and foreign tourists travelling by road. They serve the needs and re$uirements of these travellers and meeting their demand for transit and accommodation.It was the place where families used to host their guest inns owner used to provide lodging and boarding facility service to their guest. = .(. The accommodation in this is more in the category of a 6chalet facility7.

It involves big investment.<. .. "ass travel is a modern phenomenon that emerged after -orld -ar II. "ass tourism continues to grow as political freedom... Origin of Hotel Ind!"tr# The repreciation in 1@+< had a disaster effect in a hotel industry after the -orld -ar II and brought a tremendous up surge to hotel industry with continuous prosperity of hotel industry.. economic wherewithal and social e$uality spread across the globe. The word /hotel4 was originally in &ngland.".(4 with opening of />ity %otel4 in )ew ?or in the year 1@:5. The )orman people invented the word /hotel4. big profits and trained professional to manage business. This period also saw the beginning of chain operation under the guidance of &. there was a growth in international travel and thereby growth in hotel industry. .T(T'&. The real growth of modern hotel was originated in /8. officially from 1:. -ith the economic engine of development running at full steam. This was the first building erected for the hotel purpose.To world /hostel4 was used then it was called /hostelier4 which means head of unit or the place.

&stimates abound as to the importance and si#e of house eeping. >ertainly, its economic contribution is critical to the global economy whether as a service to the business community.

$%c&gro!nd of Hotel Ind!"tr#
0rior to the 1@A<7s, the Indian hotel industry was a nascent and slow growing industry primarily consisting of relatively static, single hotel companies. %owever, (sian games in 1@A2 and the subse$uent partial liberali#ation of the Indian economy generated tourism interest in India with significant benefits accruing to the hotel and tourism sector in terms of improved demand patterns. Bortunes of the hotel industry are tied to the fortunes of tourism and the general business climate in the country, which is why the economic liberali#ation initiatives implemented since 1@@1, led to a soaring demand and supply gap in the hotel industry.

Cl%""ific%tion" of hotel"  On the *%"i" of "t%nd%rd"+
'i e most of the countries in world, India also has hotels divided in different categories depending on their location,

facilities, infrastructure and amenities provided. (ll the star hotels in India are government approved with continuous control on the $uality of services offered.  )i,e St%r Hotel"+ - The most luxurious and conveniently located hotels in India are grouped under Bive .tar Celuxe %otel categories. Bive .tar Celuxe in India are globally competitive in the $uality of service provided, facilities offered and accommodation option. These are top of the line hotels located mostly in big cities. These hotels provide all the modern facilities for accommodation and recreation matching international standards in hospitality. In such type of hotel %, department are established separately and to execute and to follow the concept of HR strictly, %, professional are hired.  )o!r St%r Hotel"+ - ( rung below five star hotels are Bour .tar %otels, these hotels provide all the modern amenities to the travelers with a limited budget. Duality of services is almost as high as the five stars and above categories. These inds of hotels are there for the travelers with limited budget or for the places which might not get the tourist traffic associated with larger cities. In such type of hotel concept of HR is more or less followed.  Three St%r Hotel"+ - These are mainly economy class hotels located in the bigger and smaller cities and catering to the needs of budget travelers. 'esser in amenities and facilities, these hotels are value for money and gives good

accommodation and related services on the reduced price. .ervices would be stripped down version of higher categories of hotels but sufficient to fulfill customer basic needs. In such type of hotel concept of %, may or may not be present. If present all functions of %,C is curtailed.  Two St%r Hotel"+ - These hotels are most available in the small cities and in particular areas of larger cities. >atering to the bac pac er tourist traffic, these hotels provide all the basic facilities needed for general accommodation and offers lowest prices. In this type of hotel concept of HR is absent.  One St%r Hotel"+- The hotels with most basic facilities, small number of room7s locations in the far-flung areas are grouped under One .tar %otel category. These hotels are best when customer is loo ing for cheapest available accommodation option. In this type of hotel concept of HR is alien words.

In mar eting hotel services, it is important to and ob!ectives. This would ease the tas while studying the behavioural profile. The following is the classification of different categories of domestic and foreign users. now about the different types of users availing the services with diverse aims of mar eters specially


&ducationists Tourists. 1< . there is a segment of the industry that can use ours talents. . Trade 0olitical C(REERS O.tudents representatives Officials Bilm stars etc.U"er" of Hotel Ind!"tr# DOMESTIC+ )OREI'N+ 0ilgrims representatives .portsmen etc.)o matter what ind of wor we en!oy and wherever our aptitudes lie.9ecause hotels and restaurants are complete production. distribution and service units..ORTUNITIES IN THE HOTEL INDUSTRY So/e of the c%reer" opport!nitie" in the hotel ind!"tr# %re %" follow"0  The industry offers more career options than mostE .  The wor is variedE . and managers are involved in a broad array of activities.

the role of %. &ach day it is confronted with new nowing challenges in new division of hotels.  %ospitality !obs are not nine-to-five !obsE . is drastically change.%ours are highly flexible in many positions.%otels and restaurants managers might design new products to meet their needs of their guestsF produce training programs for employeesF or implement challenging advertising.(RTMENTS IN HOTELS 11 . -ith these the role of %. it is essentials to now different department of the DI))ERENT DE. There are many opportunities to be creativeE . Its fields of operation in today7s worlds new no boundary. Therefore before hotels as well their functions. "any more opportunities are waiting in a $ueue. sales promotions and mar eting plans.

The most visible part of the front office area is of course the front des . • Ho!"e&eeping Dep%rt/ent+The house eeping department is another important department in hospitality world. registering settling 2cashiering3. This department has the largest staff. in some luxury hotels. Bront des handle the distribution of guestroom eys and mail.estaurants. They are as followsE-  Core )!nctioning Dep%rt/ent • )ood %nd $e. The front des can be a counter or. messages or other information for guests. >offee . 9ar. %ouse eeping is responsible for cleaning the hotel7s guestrooms and public areas. Cifferent divisions are there in B G 9 li e . .3.oom service etc. .peciality . post for guest processing accounts agents also reservations. (part from that they have 8tility services 2>leaning3. • )ront Office Dep%rt/ent+The front office is the command guests.estaurants. and chec ing out guests.The departments are classified on accounts of it function. an actual des where a guest can sit down and register.hop 225 hrs. consisting of an assistant 12 .er%ge 1)2D3 Dep%rt/ent+B G 9 deals mainly with food and beverage service allied activities. 9an$uets.

advertising and public relations. a houseperson crew. which are ordered by the guest and afterwards is catered by the BG9 department.ales and mar eting has become one of the most vital functions of the hotel business and an integral part of modern hotel management. >uisine li e Indian. >hinese. It basically engaged in preparing those dish. Thai. %otels with laundry and valet e$uipment may use it only for hotel linens and uniforms and send guest clothing to an outside service where it can be handled with speciali#ed e$uipment. etc.  S!pport Dep%rt/ent 1Co"t Center"3 • M%r&eting 2 Selling Dep%rt/ent+. eeping the rooms in the hotel occupied at the right price and with the 1+ . . Hon ani 2>oastal . room attendants. It includes pac aging for selling. The mar eting division is charged with the responsibility of right mix of guests. Italian. Cifferent >hefs are appointed for the specialty cuisine. "exican. room inspectors.rod!ction Dep%rt/ent+Bood production deals with the preparations of food items.outh Indian. • )ood . linen room attendants and personnel in charge of employee eeper. They may also have their own laundry and valet service. >ontinental. sales promotion.ea Bood3.

furniture and fixtures in the hotel. electricity. • )in%nce4 (cco!nting %nd Control Dep%rt/ent+( hotel7s accounting department is responsible for trac the eeping of the many business transactions that occur in the boo s-financial management is perhaps a more hotel. up. The cleaning.demand and helping to maintain the profit level of the hotel. reduction in operating cost. steams. etc. installation and maintenance of property and its furnishing. -hereas the control department is concern with cost control guidelines by way of reducing in investment. control of food service costs. hot water. labour cost control. air-conditioning and other services and is responsible for repair and maintenance of the e$uipment. The engineering department has an important role in satisfying the guest. repair. machinery and e$uipment are the !oint responsibilities of &ngineeringI"aintenance and the %ouse eeping Cepartment.• Engineering %nd M%inten%nce Dep%rt/ent+The energy crisis throughout the world has given a great importance to the engineering department of a hotel. The accounting department does more than simply eep appropriate description of what the accounting department does. replacement. control of beverage costs. • S%fet# %nd Sec!rit# Dep%rt/ent+- 15 .eep. This department provides on the day-to-day basis the utility services.

%owever. The practice. • (d/ini"tr%tion Dep%rt/ent+Top organi#ational members usually supervise the (dministration Cepartment in a hotel. personnel. today such violent crimes as murder and rape have become a problem for some hotels. employees. is going to be learned in the light of following pro!ect.The security of guests. It plays the role of facilitator between the bargainable cadre and non-bargainable cadre. employee7s welfare. This department is the topic of our discussion. crime rates in most ma!or7s cities are rising. 8nfortunately. which this department and their staff perform. manpower. In the past. most security precautions concentrated on the prevention of theft from guests and the hotel. %ence today security department also concentrate on these additional criminal activities too. • H!/%n Re"o!rce De.elop/ent+This department has newly ta en step in hotel industry and within a short span of time it has become a very important part of the organi#ation. This department is responsible for all the wor and security. medical. health 1= . connected with administration. personal property and the hotel itself is an overriding concern for today7s hoteliers.

.%&% P$o'uc De "ils( The tourism "roduct 'hich is mainly destination ."erienced .intangi+le-. 2 Places o# historical interest1 4onuments/ archeological sites and museums. 2 5ultural attractions1 (istory 0 #ol6lore/ theatre/ religion/ arts/ etc. 2 Events1 Trade #air/ musical #estival/ games/ etc.tangi+le. and in a+sence o# even one single com"onent/ the "roduct mi. Thus tourism is a com"osite "roduct com+ination o# attraction/ #acilities and trans"ortation. 1.destination-/ travel to the destination/ the accommodation 0 #acility as 'ell as entertainment at the destination all #orms the tourism "roduct.can only +e e. The "anoramic vie' o# the location . is incom"lete. A $"c ion o# the destination/ include1 2 3atural site1 Beach resorts/ hill stations. Each o# these com"onents has it is o'n signi#icance in the "roduct mi.

Accessi)ili * is the means +y 'hich the tourists arrive at the location as 'ithout the trans"ortation #acility the attraction is o# no use.+uying grou".F"cili ies com"liment attraction. These ma6e it "ossi+le #or the tourist to stay 0 en7oy the attraction. :ith increasing num+er o# destinations/ travel methods 0 choice o# accommodations/ the #irm o##ers these "roducts in the #orm o# "ac6age tours to #acilitate consumers to choose #rom the com+inations. The idea that service "roducts are intangi+le is an im"ortant one/ +ut increasingly #irms are trying to ma6e their o##ering more tangi+le/ and there+y increasing their recognition amongst the target. (otel chains/ airlines/ 0 travel o"erators in "articular em"loy tremendous e##orts to ensure that their name is 'idely recogni9ed 0 synonymous 'ith 8uality/ value etc. Tangi+le gi#ts such as toiletries/ #light +ags/ even +ath ro+es +earing the com"any<s logo or +rand name. 2 2 In#rastructure1 !oads/ rail/ air"ort/ etc. Branding "lays a very im"ortant role in tourism mar6eting. 2 2 2 2 $ccommodation1 (otel/ hostel/ cam"sites. )ocal trans"ort1 Ta. !ecreational #acilities1 Entertainment/ s"ort activity/ sho""ing #acilities. Food1 !estaurants/ ca#es/ +ars. E8ui"ment1 S"eed 0 si9e o# the coaches.clusive service. These "ac6age tours cater to varying tastes/ economy/ attitudes 0 the need #or e. Product "ositioning hel"s in identi#ying the images 0 "erce"tions o# the 1: .

Technology "lays a ma7or "art in the "romotion o# a "lace. 3o'/ 'ith the advent o# modern technologies some 7o+s such as tic6eting 0 hotel reservations are done through internet and the industry is "rogressing to'ards medium contact. This connectivity has made these "laces visi+le to the 'orld. Similarly +etter trans"ortation #acilities have led to a dramatic increase in the num+er o# tourists visiting any "articular "lace. The "resence o# an air"ort and the availa+ility o# #re8uent #lights are a great convenience to any traveller. %&+ Tec!nolog* De "ils The tourism industry is +roadly "eo"le centric. Even no' "eo"le "roviding such service sit 'ith their customer to ma6e them decide on their s"ots. 1A . Better technologies in the #ield o# communication 'ith chea"er costs have seen many remote and inaccessi+le areas o# the country get connected to the rest o# the 'orld. The 'or6 starting #rom destination en8uiry/ selection/ +oo6ing/ tic6eting/ etc. Better communication #acilities are one o# the #irst "rere8uisites #or gro'th in the in#lo' o# tourists.tourist "roducts as 'ell as tourists organi9ations/ 'hich match the needs o# the tourist customers. This has +een made "ossi+le 'ith technology. everything has a human touch to it.

In-es . The medium tourism units 'ho invest in the range o# !s 1.ST=s.en ( &overnment o# India is allo'ing 1>>@ F I in (otels and Tourism/ through the automatic route and alsoidenti#ied the investment o""ortunity o# a+out AB.1> crore are eligi+le #or an interest su+sidy o# #ive "er cent on term loans 'hile the large tourism units 'ith investments #rom !s 1>. Similarly/ the small tourism units "um"ing in !s %> la6h.%&.en s In-es .The medium as 'ell as large tourism units are also eligi+le #or interest su+sidy on term loans.tourism units are entitled toan investment su+sidy o# 1% "er cent o# the invested amount or !s.%> crore can get an interest su+sidy on term loans.t % years in tourism sector. Fo$eign Di$ec In-es . In case o# mega tourism "ro7ects 'ith ca"ital investment e. The micro tourism units 'ith an investment u" to !s 2% la6h can avail an investment su+sidy o# 2% "er cent in s"ecial tourism 9ones .cluding the ta.en s )* !e s " e( :ith a vie' to encourage #lo' o# investments into develo"ment o# tourism in#rastructure/ the state tourism has #ormulated the investment su+sidy scheme.and 2> "er cent in other regions.!s one crorecan en7oy an investment su+sidy u" to 1> "er cent o# the invested amount or !s ?.This 'ould hinge on the scale o# investments and also on the regions 'here the tourism "ro7ects come u".% la6h. For setting u" "ro7ects in other regions/ the mini. India hassigni#icant "otential #or 1@ . For the mini tourism units 'ith investments in the range o# !s 2%. The interest su+sidy 'ould +e "aid only #or the #irst #ive years #rom the commencement o# commercial o"erations o# the "ro7ect.ceeding !s %> crore/ the state government may consider a s"ecial "ac6age/ e.% la6h #or the "ro7ects coming u" in the ST=s. In case o# "ro7ects +eing develo"ed in ST=s/ they can avail an investment su+sidy o# 1% "er cent or !s 1> la6h.1> +illion in the ne.%> la6h/ the investment su+sidy 'ould +e 2> "er cent o# the investment amount or !s ?. #ive la6h. +ased incentives/ on a case to case +asis.

It is estimated that tourism in India could contri+ute !s.has +een B.B? million CS A 'hich is 1. The com"ounded gro'th in tourist in#lo' over the last ten years.t 2> years.1@ "er annum. IndiaDs easy visa rules/ "u+lic #reedoms and its manyattractions as an ancient civili9ation ma6es tourism develo"ment easier than in many other countries.B/%>/>>> crores to the & P +y 2>2> .i# you "ro"erly "lanto develo" and invest on 5onnectivity In#rastructure/ Tourism In#rastructure/ Tourism Products/ 5a"acityBuilding and Promotion 0 4ar6eting . 1B>> million CS .over the "revious "eriod.:TT5 re"ort-.1%@gro'th. :hen you thin6 a+out the long term ca"ital re8uirement o# all states/ it is estimated around %*+illion CS A #or the ne. 2 The Indian hos"itality industry is gro'ing at a rate o# 1%@ annually.E m tourist arrivals in FF>* ..4*@ o# the totalF I in#lo' into our country #rom $"ril 2>>> to ecem+er 2>>?. $ ra"idly gro'ing middle class/ the advent o# cor"orate incentive travel and the multinational com"aniesinto India has +oosted "ros"ects #or tourism. 2 The government #orecasts an additional re8uirement o# 2>>/>>> rooms +y the turn o# the century.2@/ 'hile in the last #ive years/ gro'th stands at E.en in Tou$is. $lso tourismdevelo"ment needs to +e "ursued 'ith a #ocus on sustaina+ility.FFBE. a""ro. This has largely +een due to the 3. 2 The travel and hos"itality industry continues to +e the sector/ 'hich has largely "ro#ited #rom the #astgro'ing economy o# India. Though the &overnment o# India is allo'ing 1>>@F I in automatic route to India in tourism sector andthere is a 'ide ga" +et'een the demand and su""ly o# hotel rooms and other tourism in#rastructure"ro7ects/ 'e have attracted the F I #or a volume o# **>. The current ga" +et'eensu""ly and demand e.( 2 Economic li+erali9ation has given a ne' im"etus to the hos"itality industry. 2< . Inorder to attract more visitors/ India needs to increase room su""ly/ o"en #urther its s6ies to increase airca"acity/ and u"grade its air"orts/ roads and other in#rastructure to glo+al standards.FF>E.t #iveyears. Re"sons /o$ FDI in-es .+ecoming a ma7or glo+al tourist destination. It is estimated there is a need o# around 1> BillionCS A re8uired #or develo"ment o# tourism as "er the di##erent state tourism estimates #or the ne."ected to 'iden #urther as the economy o"ens and gro's.

ury/ Business and )eisure. 2 $s "er the 2>>4 #indings/ the total num+er o# a""roved rooms +y the &overnment o# India stands ataround EE/>>> . 2 4any #oreign com"anies have already tied u" 'ith "rominent Indian com"anies #or setting u" ne'hotels/ motels and holiday resorts. 2 The country continues to +e marred +y "oor in#rastructure #acilities li6e "oor road management/ rail and air and sea connectivity. Over the last #e' years thecountry has 'itnessed a large in#lu.22@-/ #our star .F I. IndiaDs easy visa rules/ "u+lic #reedoms andits many attractions as an ancient civili9ation ma6es tourism develo"ment easier than in many othercountries. The country is ran6ed #ourth among the 'orld<s must see countries. Thesector continues to #ace certain "ro+lems. (o'ever/ the "resent government in its endeavor has ta6en a #e' initiativesli6e o"ening o# the "artial s6y "olicy.E@-/ one star and (eritage hotels .B> million to set u" hotels 'ith 3>> renta+le rooms in India. These rooms are #urther classi#ied into various segments out o# 'hich/#ive star and #ive star delu. 2 The #ive star hotel segments have gro'n the #astest during the last #ive years at a 5$&! o# 12@.Further/ this segment can +e divided into 3 su+.and the rest is divided+et'een unclassi#ied and una""roved hotels. 2 It costs an average o# CSA%>.estimated-.segments )u. The gro'thin this segment indicates the genre o# travelers coming into the country.#or most o# the sectors in the country. 2 $ ra"idly gro'ing middle class/ the advent o# cor"orate incentive travel and the multinationalcom"anies into India has +oosted "ros"ects #or tourism. This allo's "rivate domestic airline o"erators to #ly on theIndian s6ies.The gestation "eriod is usually +et'een three and #our years. 21 .2@ each. The entry o# 4c onald<s/ Pe"si5o<s Gentuc6y Fried 5hic6en/ omino<s and Pi99a (ut has given an international glit9 to the hos"itality sector.e hotels account #or around 2?@ o# the total ca"acity/ three star hotels.2 This increase in the num+er o# tourist arrivals in the country li#ted the country<s standing in the 'orldo# tourist destinations. o# +usiness travelers in the country o'ing to rela. Some states continue to +e in "olitical uncertainties.B@-/ t'o star .ation o# thegovernment<s stand on Foreign irect Investments .

/ e. is the #undamental "ro+lem "laguing the tourism sector. . "olicy there +y some international hotel chains are hesitating to esta+lish their su+sidiaries in the 22 . structure on tourism "ro7ects in the $sia Paci#ic region."enditure ta. $ com"arison o# the 5or"orate 'hich lead to an increased cost to the tourists. level in India/ 'hich a##ects the hos"itality sector/ in com"arison 'ith our neigh+ours/ sho's India<s "oor com"etitive "ositioning. There is no national 'ide ta.es1 One o# the #undamental "ro+lems "laguing the Indian tourism sector is a multitude o# 5entral and State level ta.Re"sons /o$ Lo0 FDI in In'i"n Tou$is. They are1 2 4ultitude o# ta.es1 Ours is the highest ta. (igh Ta. 4ultitude o# central and state ta. lu.ury ta. The #ollo'ing are the some o# the reasons #or lo' #oreign direct investment in this sector.

and 3>>@ #or edi+le oils/ e.ce"t #or 2+ .es +enchmar6ed across com"ara+le locations. 2 elay in F I $""rovals 0 &ovt.this is the relevant category #or li8uor. ue to delay in a""rovals and lac6 o# guidelines in the tourism "olicy/ the $l#red Ford<s "ro"osed (imalayan S6y Hillage is "ending since last three years.On the indirect ta. The #ollo'ingta+le and #igure sho'cases tourism related ma7or indirect #ront also/ India #airs "oorly as com"ared to com"eting destinations. Policies1 (uge delay in Foreign irect Investment a""rovals in (otel 0 Tourism sector. I# it is a""roved it is one o# the highest F I in the country in tourism sector 'ith CSA 3>> million 'hich also "rovides em"loyment to around 3>>> "eo"le. 2 (ighest im"ort duty on im"orted li8uor used in hotels1 Cnder the :TO 3egotiations #or 4ar6et $ccess under the $greement o# $griculture .$o$-/ India had +ound its tari##s at 1>>@ #or "rimary "roducts/ 1%>@ #or "rocessed "roducts .

levied +y the State &overnments the cost o# alcoholic s"irits sold in hotels to +ona#ide guests is e. The international "recedence #or li8uor related levies also do not su+stantiate the current level o# ta. This in turn is due to the structure o# duties and levies "revalent in India. on Tour O"erators1 The services "rovided +y a tour o"erator ty"ically includes a 'ide range o# services covering trans"ortation/ +oarding and lodging arrangements/ local sight. 2 Inland $ir Travel Ta. The di##erential rates o# sales ta.1$ir connectivity and Pricing are "roven to +e critical +arriers in India<s a+ility to +ecome com"etitive in the glo+al tourism mar6et. on li8uor is there#ore im"ortant to ma6e. 3@ o# the tic6et "rice 'hile I$TT e##ectively constitutes 12@.13@ o# the total tic6et "rice/ e. This has led to increased costs to the airlines/ 'hich in turn gets "assed on to the consumer. . In the current conte.ation and increases the +urden #or the tourists. The "rimary reason #or this is costly $viation Tur+ine Fuel/ 'hich constitutes close to 4>@ o# an airlines o"erating cost.t/ domestic air travel is much more e. !ationali9ation o# the ta.eastern states 'here the latter has +een e. .ation o# the gross service amount leads to dou+le ta.I$TT. o# 3E.em"ted. The +asic customs duty o# 2>@ 'ith a 5H o# 1*@ results in a total ta.or+itant.2@. 2 Service Ta.agencies. +eing charged +y state governments #urther com"licate the duty structure.and Inland $ir Travel Ta. FTT constitutes +et'een 2@.FTT. 25 . The cost o# domestic air travel is too high in India as com"ared to international one o# the ma7or #actors.seeing and guide services/ etc. :ith the additional duties and sales ta.certain items .es."ensive than international destinations located at a similar distance. The dis"arity +et'een Foreign Travel Ta. 'hich are "rocured through"rising a+out 11E tari## lines-/ 'hich 'ere historically +ound at a lo'er level in the earlier negotiations. Even though *>@ a+atement is "rovided/ ta.ce"t #or north.

%&1 OT2ER POINTS 3i/ "n*4 2= .


Co$#o$" e C!"$ ( 2: .+&5 In'i"n Tou$is.

Follo0ing 'i"g$". s!o0s !e c!"nnel o/ 'is $i)u ion in ou$is. in'us $*( Tourism Product (ttraction (ccommodation Transport Tour Operator Travel (gent >ustomer 2A .countries-.+&% T$"-el "gen s "n' ou$ o#e$" o$s These men act as a #uel ma6ing the industry an run #or money +y "roviding the customers a com"lete satis#action and also "lay a ma7or role in +ridging the ga" +et'een the customers and other "layers.

The middleman may +e a tour o"erator/ 'ho is the 'holesalers/ 'ho +uy tourism "roducts in +ul6 and ma6e them availa+le to travel agents 'ho are retailers.OSIT COM.ER(TORS Ai$line In'us $* 2@ .Co.ER(TORS O. The range o# tourist "roducts 'hich are +ought +y the tour o"erators are airline seats/ hotel accommodation/ +us #or local sight.seeing/ etc."ectations o# the visitors.OSIT ION ION DESTIN(TION DESTIN(TION S S TR(5EL TR(5EL ('ENTS ('ENTS 2 2 TOUR TOUR O. They on one hand attract tourists to a "articular destination and on the other act as a ma7or demotivating #actor i# they are una+le to #ul#ill the e. These #acilities decide the status o# a "lace in a touristDs "ort#olio. (IRLINE (IRLINE HOTELS HOTELS COM.#osi ion "n' C!"nnel o/ Dis $i)u ion 3S $uc u$e4 4a7or industries that su""ort tourism industry are de"icted in the diagram +elo'. They may also sell directly to customers.

isting air"orts to increase "rivate and #oreign o"erators are not given clearances to o"erate in the country. "rovided +y the airlines is higher. mode o# trans"ort o##ers is immense. • )ac6 o# +asic #acilities at the • The savings in time that this air"ort. there are num+er o# instances #oreign tourists as the convenience o# #light +eing cancelled or delayed. It 'ould +e sur"rising to note that reno'ned tourist destinations li6e Iai"ur and &oa do not have an international air"ort.imately %>@ o# the total tourists arrival. Foreign guests/ 'ho constitute more than *>@ o# the tourists destined #or these cities/ currently have to travel via 4um+ai/ unless they are ready to charter a #light. • +< . S6OT ANALYSIS – Ai$line In'us $* STREN7T2S 6EA8NESSES $irline is the most "re#erred • Ine##iciency o# the domestic mode o# trans"ortation +y the airlines.$ir"orts are the "rimary in#rastructure #acility that a country has to o##er to the international tourists. This ma6es things cum+ersome and time consuming/ thus discouraging many time conscious tourists #rom visiting these "laces. Similar is the case o# cities li6e $gra/ Cdai"ur and Haranasi 'here #oreign tourists account #or a""ro. • &overnment does not allo' the ca"acity o# e.

It<s not enough to have ade8uate hotel accommodations/ it is e8ually necessary to have at various levels/ lo' "riced/ moderately "riced/ high "riced/ and a #e' lu. • evelo"ment and u" gradation • Other countries li6e Singa"ore and o# the "resent air"orts china also try to gra+ "otential tourists. #rom other transnational airlines. • • IndiaDs geogra"hic location ma6es it an ideal location to serve as a lin6 +et'een the East and the :est. +1 . Gee"ing in vie' the changing standards in the international hotel 6ee"ing/the Indian industry has to ma6e a num+er o# im"rovements. The rising volume o# tourism in#lu.ury hotels. 2o el In'us $* (otel industry is an essential "art o# tourism.$ir India and the airline industry is also in #or a Indian $irlines. The e."ansion o# tourism is 'ell inevita+le +ringing out develo"ment o# the hotel industry.#ace ma7or com"etition +oom.OPPORTUNITIES T2REATS $s the tourism industry e.change earning #orm tourism trade and enter"rises. (otel industry is so closely lin6ed 'ith the tourism industry that it is res"onsi+le #or a+out %>@ o# the #oreign e. +rought into light/ the shortage o# hotels in im"ortant tourists centres<."ands • omestic airlines .

5ategori9ation +y the length o# stay o# guests. 5ategori9ation +y the #acilities that the hotel o##ers. The "eriod Iune to Se"tem+er gains momentum once the monsoons are over. The Indian hotel +usiness #ocuses largely on #oreign tourists 'ith only 3>@ o# the +usiness coming #rom the domestic +usiness and the leisure travels.I(5). The ma7or "layers in the industry are Indian (otels 5om"any )td . The tourist arrivals in India are seasonal in nature/ 'ith the +est season +eing #rom Se"tem+er to ecem+er #ollo'ed +y a stee" #all till 4ay. +2 .IT 5-.(otels may +e categori9ed de"ending u"on #actors such as1 • • • • • • )ocations 5ategori9ation according to "lan 5ategori9ation according to num+er o# rooms. 5ategori9ation +y ty"e o# clientele. (otels #orm one o# the most im"ortant su""ort service that a##ect the arrival o# tourist to a country. The slac6 season is generally used #or renovation 'or6 and the "eriod is characteri9ed +y discounts to attract clients.o"erating under the Ta7 +rand/ the O+eroi/ Oriental (otels/ (otel )eela Henture and the $sho6a chain o# hotels/ o'ned and o"erated +y the Indian Tourism evelo"ment 5or"oration .

ury ta. • The services currently o##ered +y the hotels in India are only limited value added services. E##ective ta./ lu. in the South East $sian countries 'or6s out to only 4. in#late the hotel +ill +y over 3>@. • India o##ers a readymade tourist • Only %B/>>> hotel rooms are availa+le destination 'ith the resources it has. ++ .%@.S6OT ANALYSIS – 2OTEL INDUSTRY STREN7T2S • $ very 'ide variety o# hotels is • "resent in the country that can #ul#ill the demand o# the tourists. and sales ta. Thus/ • the needs o# the international tourists travellers are seen to 'hile they are on a visit to India. 6EA8NESSES The cost o# land in India is high at %>@ o# total "ro7ect cost as against 1%@ a+road. Bang6o6 hotel ca"acity. Indian hotel com"anies have a sta## to room ratio o# 311/ this ratio is 111 #or international hotel com"anies. In India the e."enditure ta.ists. • 4an"o'er costs in the Indian hotel • industry are one o# the lo'est in the 'orld. This "rovides +etter margins #or Indian hotel industry. The hotel industry in India is heavily sta##ed. Thus the magnet to "ull customers in India today/ 'hich is less than the already e. • There are international "layers in the mar6et such as Ta7 and O+eroi. This acts as a ma7or deterrent to the Indian hotel industry.

This is a gro'ing trend in the 'est and is no' catching u" in India also/ thus diverting the hotel tra##ic.*@ #all in the industry average net "ro#its #or the second 8uarter o# the current #inancial year/ 2>>>."ected to increase at a "henomenal rate thus "ushing u" the demand #or the hotel industry Des in" ions These include the several religious/ historical and trade "laces in India li6e elhi/ $gra . The economic conditions o# a country have a direct im"act on the earnings in hotel industry. +5 . Political tur+ulence in the area reduces tourist tra##ic and thus the +usiness o# the hotels. • • In the long. For India/ the in+ound tourists are a mere >.OPPORTUNITIES T2REATS • emand +et'een the national and the • in+ound tourists can +e easily managed due to di##erence in the "eriod o# holidays. For international tourists the "ea6 season #or arrival is Se"tem+er to • 4arch 'hen the climatic conditions are suita+le 'hereas the national tourist 'aits #or school holidays/ generally the summer months. It can see that the "resent economic slo'do'n in India has led to a %1. In India e. &uesthouses re"lace the hotels. This is +ecause India is an ideal destination #or tourists as it is the only country 'ith the most diverse to"ogra""les o# the same are Insurgency in Iammu Gashmir and the Gargil 'ar. This num+er is e.Ta74ahal-/ !a7asthan/ Tiru"athi/ 4um+ai/ (ydera+ad/ 4anali/ &oa etc.4@ o# the glo+al #igures. 'hich are not 7ust tourist hot s"ots +ut also +usiness 5entre<s #or tourism industry.term the hotel industry in India has latent "otential #or gro'th.

There are not enough incentives +eing o##ered to the other "layers li6e (otels and the travel agencies.e o/ !e .os Po#ul"$ ou$is 'es in" ions in In'i"( D"l l"9e-8"s!.i$ T": M"!"l-Ag$" 8e$"l" C!"$."$$ie$s in In'us $* 7o-e$n.So.en ( The government is the most im"ortant "layer in this industry and all the other "layers have to #ollo' the lead ta6en +y"$-2*'e$")"' +&+ . !ather it has +een late in rising to the o""ortunity that the tourism industry o##ers. The += . (o'ever/ the actions o# the government have not +een "roactive.

$ny such incident re#lects +adly on the country and creates a negative image.government should +e ta6ing the lead and attracting the industry to "laces that have vast tourist "otential +ut have still not #ully develo"ed. One o# the main reasons 'hy tourist do not visit the country has +een the #ear o# +een in#ected +y some e.ually harassed. +. The case o# Plague in Surat in 1EE4 led to a decrease o# 3*@ in arrival o# #oreign tourists in India $ll these misconce"tions unless addresses immediately 'ill create a "ro+lem #or the gro'th o# the industry. . There are various restrictions in areas li6e Si66im and the 3ortheast that should +e rela.ed so that more "eo"le can visit those "laces. Cnless the in#rastructure is "ro"erly develo"ed/ a large ma7ority o# tourists 'ill give the country a s6i". A##$e!ensions ")ou !e l"0 "n' o$'e$ si u" ions( The lac6 o# security that is #aced +y a lot o# tourist is also a ma7or cause #or concern.otic disease. There have +een many instances 'here tourist have +een "hysically assaulted/ ro++ed and se. Misconce# ion ")ou !e Coun $*( The image o# the country has ta6en a long time #or the change #rom the old image o# the land o# sna6e charmers. There are many "laces 'here the image o# India is one o# "overty/ su"erstition/ and diseases. Poo$ In/$"s $uc u$e( elayed or a+sence o# connectivity to di##erent locations/ lac6 o# "ro"er accommodation #acilities/ +ad roads and no communication #acilities are some o# the #actors that are sto""ing "eo"le #rom visiting many "laces.


Future Augmented Formal Core product .&% FRA7MENTATION Total Product 5once"t1 +A .

This im"lies it has com"lete cleanliness in its surroundings and eco. Eg 2 .e."erience "roviding an insight into a di##erent culture/ tradition and li#estyle. !ende9vous 'ith 4aharashtra and the 4ughals.+ac6'ater li#e and ha+itats and traditional house+oats-/ services and #acilities."ected +ene#it +@ .en e' e."ected 2 Nuality assurance and TN4 K e."l In addition to the Aug. Gerala has 8uality assurance and TN4 im"lemented #or all its "roducts .tourism is also assured. Eg 1 K educational circuit/ +usiness circuit/ "ilgrimage circuit/ +each circuit K Gerala +ac6'aters/ &oa /Tamil3adu.T!e Des in" ion P$o'uc ( Co$e #$o' uc The +asic +ene#it $n e.g. Fo$. Gerala 6no'n as L&od<s o'n countryM The e. 2 5om#ort during the tour 2 Instruction manual "rovided #or +etter understanding o# the "laces o# visitJ +rand name K e. Providing the tourist 'ith guide cassettes and also an inter"reter to increase interactivity and understanding. #orming a chain o# destination/ circuit theme +y cuddling di##erent states. Eg K tours to historical and archeological sites re8uires elucidation/ 'hich can +e ensured through the mentioned meansJ serving multi."ur"ose tourism/ i.g.

"ected +ene#it Fu u$e Beyond the usual/ se$en'i#i * .en e' In addition to the e."leasant am+ience."leasant sur"rise- T!e 2o el P$o'uc ( 5< .uries #lavored 'ith the !a7asthani ."ected 5leanliness/ timely #lights/ "olite and courteous +ehavior/ sa#ety 5om#orta+le seats/ smiling em"loyees/ on "ar 'ith international standards :elcome #lo'ers/ managers 'ord o# than6s/ entertainment sho's to delight and sur"rise the travelers on the #light Aug.en "ll* $e:u-en" e'< cul u$"ll* en$ic!e' "n' s#i$i u"ll* ele-" e'& E. Tourists . K The 3e' Beyond the !a7asthan &i#t1 OPalace On $ir<.one #or each."l The e.g. T!e Ai$line P$o'uc ( Trans"ortation/ serving #ood drin6s/ sta## Co$e #$o'uc The +asic +ene#it Fo$. British $ir'ays 'ill usual/ convert its ?>."erience through 'hich a tourist gets #!*sic"ll* in-igo$" e'< .Fu u$e $n e.and 'ill have "ersonal assistants K O ar+aris< to ta6e care o# every need.'ho 'ill +e treated as Gings.'ill sur"risetour !a7asthan in )imousines .seater Boeing into a O#lying "alace< 'ith serendi"ity all "ossi+le lu.

0 Gings/ etc 51 . 5oo6ies in the room/ manager<s 'ord o# than6s/ usual/ giving sur"rise "arties to the .Co$e The +asic +ene#it Serving rooms/ #ood/ 6itchen and sta##."ected Aug."ected smiling em"loyees/ music o# +ene#it choice/ :elcome #lo'ers/ 'elcome drin6. Eg K SOT5/ 5o.u"s/ #oreign e. Fo$. The em"hasis is on relationshi" mar6eting.en e' S"ar6ling #loors/ am+ience/ In addition to the e. Fu u$e Beyond serendi"ity sur"rise- the TOUR-OPERATOR PRODUCT( Co$e #$o'uc The +asic +ene#it Pac6aged tour 'hich includes travel guidance/ "lanning/ "ricing/ accommodation/ local travel and sight seeing Fo$."ected Insurance/ air"ort "ic6."l The e."leasant guest and delight the guest.change assistance . 5leanliness/ timely service/ "olite and courteous +ehavior/ menu availa+ility/ music.!a7 Travels-/ airline tic6eting/ sa#e travel guide/ +randing the "roduct #or easy identity."l The e.

souvenirs. at the end o# every tour Fu u$e Beyond the usual/ serendi"ity . Since India is concentrating on the international tourists/ the large increase in the s"ending "o'er in most develo"ed countries has le#t a large amount o# idle cash in their hands.e$ging o$ Declining4 The tourism industry not unli6e the other industries gro's 'ith the increase in the s"ending o# the "eo"le. The tourism industry has +een gro'ing steadily. 52 .ce"tion. This has led to the tourism +oom the 'orld over and India has +een no e.imum/ minimum tem"erature/ humidity and rainJ recommended tours K #or every age grou" and interestsJ ta6e a'ay gi#ts .customi9ed "ac6ages-J #ree "hoto sessionsJ video shooting K o# the entire tri" +y the tour o"eratorsJ incentives K 'ith every tour "ac6age/ one more/ at hal# the "rice.. The s"ending "o'er o# the "eo"le has +een increasing in the country and all over the 'orld. .en e' In addition to the e. Foreign tourist arrivals/ Foreign e.on the +asis o# +an6 a##iliations-/ tourism on credit card .change earnings/ etc."ected +ene#it Payment o"tion K Otravel no'/ "ay later< .&+ In'us $* T$en' 3E. The more the "eo"le s"end the more the industry gro's.Aug. J loyalty schemesJ 'eather re"orts K o# di##erent countries/ 'ith month 'ise K ma. Belo' are the charts de"icting the gro'th in o# the tourism industry various dimensions ."leasant sur"rise- 4a6e your o'n "ac6age .!a7 Travels-J "remium o##ers K s"ecial "ac6age dealsJ guarantees K in case o# cancellation o# #lights/ tour #ailures/ +ad 'eather/ etc.

5+ .

55 .

5= .


Tourist has great educational signi#icance. ue to this the esta+lished "layers li6e Indian (otels/ E. have an advantage over #oreign ma7ors as they already have 'ell esta+lishments at "rime locations.change ta6es "lace. It is said itDs a smo6eless industry and has +ecome second to the "etroleum industry in 'orld trade. 4oney received is s"ent and resent and this multi"lier "rocess the host country is a +ene#iciary. The gestation "eriod is long and +rea6 even normally ta6es #ive to eight years to ha""en. Tourism/ 'hether domestic or international has common economies signi#icance in the sense that money earned in "laces visited large sums o# trans#erred to the host economies 'here this money "rovided a source o# income/ a means o# livelihood and amenities #or the resident "o"ulation.I.(/ etc. This great im"ortance 'as #ormally ac6no'ledged 'hen the QQIC. :hen traveling a'ay #rom home/ tourist comes in contact 'ith the "laces they visit 'ith their inha+itants and social e.change +ut also one that could generate a lot o# em"loyment through hori9ontal and vertical lin6ages. India 'as late to 'a6e u" to the "otential o# tourism as an industry that is not 7ust an earner o# "revious #oreign e.1&% Policies (igh ca"ital e. Purchasing "o'er is generated in the receiving areas through the e.3 &eneral assem+ly designated 1E*? as international tourist year 'ith a unanimous resolution recogni9ing that Ptourism is a +asic and most desira+le activity deserving the "raise and encouragement o# all "eo"les o# governmentP. The im"ortance and signi#icance o# tourism could +e understood #rom the o+servation o# C3ES5O/ 'hich says/ PTourism is a traditional instrument/ 'hich ena+les culture to the reha+ilitated and made 6no' to the rest o# the 'orldP. Tourists are in turn a##ected +y the e."enditure o# visitors. 5ontact +et'een "eo"le o# di##erent races and nationalities 'iden ones outloo6. International tourism is o# great im"ortance in international trade in the sense that it enters into the +alance o# "ayments o# accounts o# individual countries 5: ."enditure acts as an entry +arrier in the industry 'ith the availa+ility o# "rime land at economically via+le rates +eing a ma7or constraint. Their "resence and social +ac6ground a##ect the social structure and mode o# li#e at the destination."erience and and o#ten carry +ac6 home 'ith them/ ne' ha+its and ne' outloo6 on li#e.

generating tourist tra##ic and e. 5onsidering the greater multi"lier e##ect in domestic tourism/ domestic tourism 'ould have received greater em"hasis in India. Barriers li6e language/ currency and documentation are not in the domestic tourism. For many countries is a ma7or item in 'orld trade. !elia+le data on the gro'th o# domestic tourists tra##ic are not availa+le as not e. It is a "ost. omestic tourism i# considered se"arate #rom the travel #or religious and commercial "ur"ose. :ith glo+ali9ation the #ree movement o# "eo"le is gro'ing. omestic tourism has no +alance o# "ayment im"lications.tensive survey has +een conducted on a national level +y any agency/ government or other'ise not given the numerous #estivals cele+rated throughout out the year/ the innumera+le touristDs centers in the country/ the geogra"hical e. Csually/ a distention is dra'n +et'een domestic or internal and #oreign o# international tourism. Do.ecutive survey is considered im"ossi+le. But in India/ since di##erence estates have di##erent languagesJone<s o'n language may not serve a medium o# communication.hi+it #aster gro'th in tourism than in trade o# goods."ort #or countries receiving tourist tra##ic. The reasons +eing1 • • • )anguage +arriers are reduced +y im"roving language s6ills 5urrency and customs unions are develo"ing in many Euro"ean countries. :hen "eo"le travel to a country other than 'hich they normally live in is 6no'n as international tourism/ the distinction +et'een domestic and international tourism is no' ic "n' In e$n" ion"l Tou$is. These countries e. Industrial gro'th/ im"rovement in the standard o# living/ rise in dis"osa+le income and most im"ortantly the im"rovement o# tourist in#rastructure search as hotels/ air/ train and road trans"ort has contri+uted to the im"ressive gro'th in tourist tra##ic."ands and the resource constraints/ estimates o# documents touristsD tra##ic through an e. In domestic tourism "eo"le travel outside their normal domicile to other areas 'ithin the country.inde"endence "henomenon. The de#inition o# a domestic tourist is a "erson 'ho travels 'ithin the country to a "lace o# residence and stays at hotels or other accommodations esta+lishments run 5A .

e0o$9> Tou$is. Structural setu" at the to" o# Indian Tourism Industry is not su##iciently +usiness R industry oriented and is adversely a##ecting the all im"ortant 'or6 o# #raming the "lans/ "olicies and guidelines/ 'hich then a##ect the im"lementation o# the same at the lo'er levels. The e. "n' Mel)ou$ne Tou$is.1EB% K E>tourism 'as never given the im"ortance it deserves and "oor "lanning and lac6 o# coordination/ characteri9ed +y am+iguity and vagueness and contradictory "olicies/ led to an unregulated gro'th o# tourism in India.en ( E//ec i-e M"$9e Rese"$c! o =Un'e$s "n' Tou$is s> 5onducting e.t a research underta6en +y 4auritius Tourism can serve as a model. 1&+ Rese"$c! & De-elo#. The adverse a##ects are visi+le in the structure and 'or6ing o# the government o'ned esta+lishments in this industry . In this conte. Till the seventh % year "lan . This research "rovided them critical insights a+out the e. India can re"licate the model a#ter ma6ing o+vious ada"tations. It conducted a year long survey at their main air"ort and covered all tourists o# their target mar6et/ at the time 'hen they 'ere leaving the country. the current rough estimate o# domestic tourism in India is ten million a year.tensive mar6et research to 6no' a+out the desired destination attri+utes and tourists< satis#action might +e one "art o# the overall Ocom"etitiveness enhancement strategy< #or Indian Tourism Industry. #or duration o# not less than 24 hours.on commercial +asis or in dharmashalas/ sarais/ chaultries etc. – Beginning #rom the to" level/ in order to +e com"etitive/ a com"etitive organi9ational structure< and O"lanning #rame'or6< are a "rere8uisite.tourist +ungalo's/ hotels/ rail'ays and other trans"ort/ (! in T 5/ destination management etc. Res $uc u$ing =O$g"ni?" ion S $uc u$e> "n' =Pl"nning F$".tent o# manu#acturing/ +usiness and trading activity/ the climatic conditions/ the in#rastructure #acilities availa+le and the geogra"hical location etc."erience and as"irations o# their target mar6et 'hich hel"ed in #urther +oosting u" their +read and +utter industry +y ma6ing it more attractive and "leasura+le #or those 'ho matter.'ho do not seem to +elong to this industry. 5@ . The #actors that govern the magnitude o# domestic tourist tra##ic are the religious and cultural im"ortance o# a "lace.

This marine "ar6 has a +oundary o# 23>> 6ms.E million recreational visitors every year. The 4ar6eting e"artment is engaged in to". level guidance/ "lanning and research and it is Su""orted +y a sales de"artment that im"lements mar6eting develo"ment activities and leads the media and "romotion activities.tending duration o# their 'or6 "ermits/ listing them on o##icial 'e+site and "u+lications .$ustralian Ecotourism irectory etc-/ sho'casing them at various im"ortant tourism related events .develo"ed and o"erated +y Ecotourism $ustralia/ #or ensuring/ identi#ying and monitoring high standards in ecologically sustaina+le tourism o"erations and there+y hel"ing in "rotecting and managing the destination.o'el o/ C"n"'" Tou$ their target mar6et 'ith se"arate mar6eting de"artments #or each and in this 'ay it has achieved accounta+ility and #ocus. 5anada tourism has s"eci#ically chosen 1> destinations and divided them in 3 regions .$ustralia. The &reat Barrier !ee# . In this conte.In other 'ords the 'hole structure at the to" and the #oremost #unction o# "lanning are not com"etitive enough to "rovide Indian Tourism Industry 'ith a strong #oundation and right direction.t/ !e s $uc u$"l . and it 'elcomes 2 million tourists and 4.and it re'ards +usiness o"erators/ i# they ado"t high standards or im"rove their "er#ormance in ecotourism through lucrative incentives/ li6e K e.&B!4P$. Paci#ic/ 3orth $merica/ Euro"ean R )atin $merica.$sia.e. =< . This structure creates Ltarget mar6et s"ecialistsM 'ho understand the tourists #rom their target mar6ets and thus are +etter e8ui""ed to satis#y them. They research/ identi#y and monitor the O6ey trends< in tourism #or each o# their target mar6et and on that +asis conduct a thorough S:OT analysis o# each region and #inally/ set s"eci#ic "riorities #or each region as to 'hat to achieve. E//ec i-e Des in" ion M"n"ge.usiness O#e$" o$s /o$ A'o# ing 2ig!e$ S "n'"$'s .has +een created +y $ustralian Tourism to manage this destination and the marine "ar6 has recently 'on the O+est destination< "ri9e &B!4P$ encourages tourism +usiness o"erators to ta6e u" K LThe Eco5erti#ication ProgramM .C"se o/ 7$e" .en !$oug! Encou$"ging ."$$ie$ Ree/ M"$ine P"$9 3Aus $"li"4 – estination 4anagement is another area 'here Indian Tourism Industry has "er#ormed misera+ly and negatively a##ects the im"ression o# tourists. 'hich is +usiness oriented and suita+le #or a highly com"etitive environment/ can +e considered a#ter o+vious ada"tations #or Indian re8uirements.hi+itions etc-. The &reat Barrier !ee# 4arine Par6 $uthority ."resents a remar6a+le case o# destination management and it #alsi#ies the great Indian myths a+out destination management that Olarge num+er o# tourists and large areas are tough to manage<.

these activities are very e##ective 'hen su""lemented +y "u+licity and "ersonal selling. This indicates 'ord. Incentives to agents/ customers and sales #orce are also given to induce immediate res"onse li6e. Role o/ A'-e$ ising 5reation o# a'areness is an im"ortant #actor in the #ormulation o# mar6eting mi. This include regular articles and "hotogra"hs o# the tour attraction/ use o# TH/ radio holiday "rogram and travel 7ournalists to "romote editorial comments. research sho's that a+out B>@ o# the tourists visited di##erent "laces on the "ersuasion o# their #riends and relatives and also their o'n 7udgement. So.etc.e o/ !e i."rice cuts/ discount vouchers to use certain #acilities in the location/ #ree gi#ts/ "rice dra's etc. :ord o# mouth. #or the tourism industry.o# destinations.#o$ "n "s#ec s o/ "'-e$ ising "$e2 $dvertising and sales "romotion. The aim o# "romotion #alls into three main categories1 2 To in#orm 2 To remind 2 To "ersuade It 'ill al'ays +e necessary to in#orm "ros"ective customers a+out ne' "roducts and services/ ne' uses/ "rice changes/ in#ormation to +uild consumer con#idence and to reduce #ears/ #ull descri"tions o# service o##erings/ image +uilding . 2 4ost travel and tourism advertising is aimed at consumer or the travel trade aiming s"eci#ically on a tourist "roduct +ut large organi9ations li6e airlines and hotel grou"s also +uy media s"ace to communicate the name and image o# the organi9ation as a 'hole. 2 Pu+lic relations and "u+licity.1&. Incentives .o#. 2 2 =1 .mouth "romotion is an im"ortant tool in tourism mar6eting. $dvertising messages range #rom su+tly attractive visual messages and sym+ols designed to a""eal and stimulate travel desires and needs/ to sim"le sales announcements dra'ing attention to s"eci#ic "roduct o##ers.

#or BEST Achievements of the campaign: 2 Foreign e.change earnings 'ent u" +y 23 @ . The e"artment o# Tourism 'on the P$T$ &O) 4$!GETI3& in "rint media category."lored tourist s"ots.2 Brochures.2>>3. The cam"aign touts the country<s 4ystical/ S"iritual and (ealing traditions. 2 I3 I$ selected among the to" 1> "re#erred destinations1 LThe 5onde 3ast TravellerM. to !s. Ne0 conce# in #$o. $:$! . It #ocuses on small/ une.#"ign This cam"aign 'hich 'as started in ecem+er 2>>2 is the #irst intensive initiative #rom the tourism de"artment to'ards increasing tourist in#lo's to India.1?2>> cr.14>>> cr. They are used to demonstrate in "ictures and 'ords the image and "ositioning o# the "roduct and organi9ations. =2 . 2 International tourist arrivals increased +y 1* @ . Similarly tour o"erators 'ill 'ant to ensure that travel agents sell their services in a "ositive manner and 'ill there#ore 'ant to advertise to the agents the +ene#its o# selling their tours 'hilst advertising a totally di##erent set o# +ene#its to the end user. LPIPELINE PROMOTIONM (otel o'ners and airlines need to "romote their services to tour o"erators 'ho are in e##ect 'holesalers o# travel services and "roducts as 'ell as "romoting their service to end users and inde"endent travellers. these are "rovided +y the tour o"erators to stimulate customers and motivate them to +uy. T!e Inc$e'i)le In'i" C". 2 Total earnings increased #rom !s. 2 $mong the to" % destinations1 LThe )onely Planet Travel &uideM.o ion .2>>3-.


These e##orts have largely "romoted tourist arrivals in the country during the #irst 8uarter o# this year.change earnings during this year have registered a signi#icance increase o# E. Tourism creates more 7o+s than any other sector #or every ru"ee invested. Ste"s are/ there#ore/ +eing ta6en to develo" and im"lement strategic mar6eting "rograms +ased on mar6et segmentation analysis. 4/43>.change earner +y 'ay o# invisi+le e. The total earnings u" to 4arch 2>>1 'ere !s.destination country 'ith a variety o# tourist attractions and #acilities. Gee"ing this in vie'/ it has +een granted the status o# an industry.1B million.?E cr. It is the second largest net #oreign e. Foreign e.tensive use o# technology measures to im"rove tourist in#ormation/ laying stress on 3!I and ethnic segments/ s"ecial cam"aigns "romoting India in summer and monsoon months and "romotion o# yoga and $yurveda #or mental/ "hysical and s"iritual health."orts. In dollar terms it 'as CSA E??. @&+ In'us $* 7$o0 ! =5 .@&% Po en i"l India is a multi. E##orts are continuing to #ocus on cultural heritage as 'ell as "ilgrim tourism/ e.isting mar6eting share. It has a ma7or role in "romoting large.scale em"loyment o""ortunities. In vie' o# the #ierce com"etition in tourist generating mar6ets #rom several countries/ it +ecomes necessary #or India to strengthen its "romotional and mar6eting e##orts continuously even to maintain its e. Several incentives have +een made availa+le +y the 5entral and State governments to this sector.3 "er cent so #ar.

isting hotels and mar6et hotels/ Beach !esorts/ Travellers< )odgesR!estaurantsJ To "rovide trans"ort/ entertainment/ sho""ing and conventional servicesJ To "roduce/ distri+ute/ tourist "u+licity materialJ To render consultancy. $t the same time/ the num+er o# Indians traveling a+road last year increased +y 3>@/ to 4. Tourism "ro#essionals cite several reasons #or the +uoyancy in the Indian industry. The visitors are "ouring in #rom all over the 'orld1 Euro"e/ $#rica/ Southeast $sia and $ustralia. The +oom has come even as glo+al tourism has dro""ed/ due to the Se"tem+er 11 terrorist attac6s in the Cnited States/ the out+rea6 o# Severe $cute !es"iratory Syndrome in East $sia/ and the Ira8 'ar.FF45-/ restricted == . Fledged 4oney 5hangers ."ansion o# tourism in the country. The recent surge in the Indian economy has raised middle class incomes/ "rom"ting more "eo"le to s"end money on vacations a+road or at home.managerial services in India and a+roadJ To carry on the +usiness as Full. Broadly/ the main o+7ectives o# the 5or"oration are1 To construct/ ta6e over and manage e. Pros"ects loo6 even +etter this year/ 'ith tourist arrivals already u" nearly 2>@. $t the same time/ IndiaDs emergence as a glo+al in#ormation technology hu+ and an aggressive advertising cam"aign +y the government are credited 'ith changing IndiaDs image #rom that o# a land o# sna6e. 2is o$* IT 5 came into e.IndiaDs tourist industry is +ooming due to a rush o# #oreign tourists and increased travel +y Indians to domestic and overseas destinations.% million. @&.cum. 3early #our million #oreign tourists visited India in 2>>B/ a 1%@ increase over the "revious year.charmers/ and s"ar6ing ne' interest among overseas travellers.istence in Octo+er 1E** and has +een the "rime mover in the "rogressive develo"ment/ "romotion and e.

The authorised ca"ital o# the 5or"oration is !s ?% crores and the "aid u" ca"ital as on 31. Besides/ IT 5 is also managing a hotel at Bharat"ur and a restaurant at Gosi on +ehal# o# the e"artment o# Tourism. BE. Delhi Declaration: To "romote tourism interests/ the :orld Tourism Organi9ation . In addition/ it is also managing catering services at :estern 5ourt/ Higyan Bha'an/ (ydera+ad (ouse and 3ational 4edia Press 5entre at Shastri Bha'an/ 3e' changers etcJ and To "rovide innovating/ de"enda+le and value #or money solutions to the needs o# tourism develo"ment and engineering industry including "roviding consultancy and "ro7ect im"lementation. The 5or"oration is running hotels/ restaurants at various "laces #or tourists/ +esides "roviding trans"ort #acilities.2>>% 'as !s *?.3. The Summit has also mar6ed the +eginning o# a ne' and lasting relationshi" +et'een :TO<s 4em+er States in South $sia and S$TTE 'hich has emerged as the "remier #orum #or mar6eting South $sian Tourism.organised/ a South $sian 4inisterial Summit on Ioint Promotion and 4ar6eting o# Tourism< 'ith su""ort #rom the South $sia Travel and Tourism E. The ma7or conclave is yet another mani#estation o# the solidarity among the South $sian nations to #urther "romote the region on a collective +asis in the "rimary source mar6ets. Presently/ IT 5 has a net'or6 o# eight $sho6 &rou" o# (otels/ si.including one $ir"ort !estaurant-/ 12 Trans"ort Cnits/ one Tourist Service Station/ 3? uty Free Sho"s at International as 'ell as omestic 5ustoms $ir"orts/ one engineering related consultancy services etc. Ioint Henture (otels/ 2 !estaurants .:TO. Free outlet and t'o Sound 0 )ight Sho's. The 4inisterial Summit 'as "resided over +y the 4inister #or 5ulture and Tourism/ Shri$nanth Gumar. The 5or"oration has diversi#ied into ne' avenuesRinnovative services li6e Full. .Fledged 4oney 5hanger . It 'as held 'ithin the #rame'or6 o# S$TTE 2>>1. The three.change .E?4B@ o# the "aid u" e8uity ca"ital o# the 5or"oration is held in the name o# President o# India.%2 meeting 'as attended +y Pa6istan/ Bangladesh/ =. The $sho6 Institute o# (os"itality 0 Tourism 4anagement o# the 5or"oration im"arts training and education in the #ield o# tourism and hos"itality. The South $sian Tourism 4inisters< 4eet has suggested a 7oint mar6eting "lan to "romote the region as one tourist destination and to cele+rate 2>>3 as the visit South $sia year. In addition/ the 5or"oration is engaged in "roduction/ distri+ution and sale o# tourist "u+licity literature and "roviding entertainment and duty #ree sho""ing #acilities to the tourists.S$TTE-/ on $"ril 23/2>>1 in 3e' elhi.

:TO<s #amiliari9ation tri"s #or travel agents/ tour o"erators and media "ersons. months. The eclaration suggested a common logo and slogan/ 7oint "artici"ation o# South $sia Tourist village at "rominent travel trade #airs the 'orld over/ organi9ations o# South $sia Travel 4art in rotation in mem+er countries/ 7oint advertising and hosting o# multi. $#ter the meeting/ the "artici"ating countries signed The elhi eclaration 'hich suggests their 7oint commitment to "romote the region as one destination. The 4inisters "artici"ating in the meeting 'ere o# the o"inion that des"ite an overall gro'th o# E "er cent last year in the region/ the total tourist arrival 'as less than 1 "er cent o# the glo+al mar6eting share. $ !eligious 5ircuit including Pashu"ati3ath and 4u6tinath in 3e"al and Gashi in India also to +e #ormed."rivate "artnershi" "rogram #or "romotion o# tourism/ he said. $ coordinating meeting 'ould also +e set u" as the organi9ational lin6 +et'een the &overnments and the industry in the region and to dra' a strong "u+lic. uring the meeting/ +oth the sides decided to #orm Buddha 5ircuit including the +irth "lace o# &autam Buddha in 3e"al and the "laces in India'here he "reached. Both the countries 'ill also sign a tourism agreement to "rovide #or a tas6 #orce #or im"lementation and revie' "rogress once in si. uring the deli+erations India and 3e"al agreed to set u" a 'or6ing grou" to identi#y areas o# coo"eration in tourism 'hich may include com+ined tourism circuits/ coo"eration in in#rastructure develo"ment and 7oint mar6eting o# tourism "roducts.Sri )an6a/ 3e"al/ Bhutan and Iran/ +esides India."ertise 'ould +e sought to chal6 out the #inancing/ revie' and monitoring mechanisms. The 4inister o# Tourism/ Shri$nanth Gumar/ said that a time. $n $dventure 5ircuit 'as also "ro"osed in vie' o# the =: . It also suggested creation o# a dedicated regional tourism 'e+ site and develo"ment o# South $sia Travel $gents< $ccreditation Scheme K +ased on an agreed curriculum and testing "rocedure.+ound action "lan 'ould +e ta6en u" very soon #or mar6eting the South $sia region as an emerging destination. The meeting 'as attended +y the 4inisters o# Sri )an6a/ 3e"al/ 4aldives/ Iran and re"resentatives o# Pa6istan and Bangladesh. Inade8uate "ro7ection and negative "erce"tion o# South $sia held +y some o# the travel trade and "ros"ective tourists in the main tourist generating mar6ets 'as one o# the #actors to +e addressed urgently. The Secretary &eneral o# :orld Tourism Organi9ation/ President/ Euro"ean 5ommission/ 5hairman o# 5eylon Tourist Board and industry leaders/ re"resentatives o# airlines/ hotels and travel trade also "artici"ated in the meeting.

ecutionJ an innovative heritage tourism "ro7ect that "rovides a sound inter"retation o# culture and o##ers the visitors a uni8ue o""ortunity to understand the many layers o# India<s heritage and a tourism "ro7ect that contri+utes to "rotection and enhancement o# its natural and cultural environment. To s"read greater a'areness a+out the country<s rich heritage and to encourage conservation and restoration e##orts/ South $sia Travel and Tourism E. In this "rocess several stages can +e identi#ied1 =A . a conservation "ro7ect at a heritage site o# e.term sustaina+le tourism and "reservation o# the living culture o# local communities at heritage sites.cellence in the #ield.6een interest in mountains and rivers o# +oth the countries the 'orld over to +e 7ointly mar6eted +y India and 3e"al.have 7oined hands to institute a'ards #or e.and Indian 3ational Trust #or $rt and 5ultural heritage . To o##er su""ort and "romote res"onsi+le tourism that is sensitive to the heritage o# the country/ S$TTE and I3T$5( have instituted an a'ard in each o# the three categories .cellence in conce"t and e.S$TTE.change .I3T$5(. @&1 Li/e C*cle S "ges( T!e li/e c*cle o/ !e ou$is. #$o'uc $s in other economic sectors/ tourism #ollo's a P"roduct li#e cycleP/ 'ith a curve similar to that o# the a+ove gra"h. Both S$TTE and I3T$5( are committed to conservation o# India<s natural and cultural heritage/ long.

)ater in this stage/ visitor num+ers increase and the community +ecomes a tourist resort. The tourist.resident relationshi" is still harmonious. The more culturally sensitive Pe. The host community res"onds to the increasing num+ers o# tourist +y "roviding #acilities. This is ty"ically the stage during 'hich T35 .o'ned +usinesses 'ithdra'ing and the community is le#t to P"ic6 u" the "iecesP.STA7E %( DISCOVERY uring the early Pdiscovery stageP o# the cycle a small num+er o# uno+trusive visitors arrive see6ing Puns"oiledP destinations. Outside interests +ecome involved develo"ing +usinesses and tourist #acilities.3ational 5or"orations."lorersP move on to ne' Puns"oiledP areas and are re"laced +y the mass mar6et. Businesses remain #amily +ased and the visitor. =@ . These early Pe.#oreign investment enters the cycle. The tourist destination at this stage is said to have reached DmaturityD. Falling "ro#its lead to #oreign."lorerP tourists generally s"ea6 the language and identi#y 'ith the local culture. STA7E 1( DECLINE 'hich re"resents the current state o# mature tourist destinations on the 5osta Brava in S"ain. The social im"act in this stage is generally small and resident attitudes are #airly "ositive to'ards tourism. STA7E .( STA7NATION The stage in 'hich saturation is reached.related 7o+s/ may enter the community and reduce resident contact 'ith visitors.Trans. STA7E +( LAUNC2 uring this stage the num+er o# incoming tourists increases. The 8uality o# tourist services #alls/ demand levels o##/ and the environmental degradation o# the tourist destination +egins to +e o+vious and 'orrying. 4igrant 'or6ers/ attracted +y the "ros"ect o# tourist.relationshi" is converted into one o# +usiness as the novelty o# ne' visitor arrivals declines.


1 .A&% P$o/i ")ili *( .

.2 .

Plan the tour online through agents< 'e+ sites.+ .e$ce $ll those 'e+ sites and "ortals launched +y government as 'ell as "rivate organi9ations 'ould o##er a 'ide range o# tourism "roducts and services li6e airlines/ hotels/ restaurants/ cam"."ecting more "ractical and satis#ied chain solutions #rom In#ormation Technology.A&+ Tec!nologic"l A'-"nce.Cniversal Business. A'-"nce ec!nologies in Tou$is. !eservation or sho""ing o# #acilities #or train/ airlines/ cruise/ hotels/ resorts/ motels/ rental cars and adventures can +e done on line.commerce/ travel and tourism industry is loo6ing #or solution li6e E.5om 0 e.en ( E–Co. Still leaving a "art o# sim"le 'e+ +ased "ortal/ 'hich 7ust "rovides static in#ormation 0 +eauti#ul "ictures 'ith less u"dated 6no'ledge and data trans#er/ tourism industry is e.Business .solutions..sites/ tours/ activity centers/ concerts/ #estivities/ sho""ing and many more 'ith choicest o# assortments o# services. .Business or C. In'us $* !ather than .

In long term solutions/ cost cutting 0 e##ectiveness in data 0 in#ormation trans#er/ s"eed in transactions and loo6ing to'ards heavy multimedia +ased services K +ac6 end systems need e. Use o/ "'-"nce ec!nologies Interactive igital Television . 5!4 solutions can +e "rovided to a visitor through 'e+/ email/ call centre/ 6ios6s and travelling in#ormation o##ices anytime 0 any'here. 5!4 ena+les service "rovider to +uild u" a li#e time relationshi" +y "roviding on time solutions. Be'areSS Through a mo+ile/ tourist can +e guided through cultural heritage through multi K language voice/ te.I TH-/ 4o+ile technologies and Internet are carving ne' #aces in customer services #or tourism industry. (o'ever till today a""lications o# S54 and E!P are not u" to the industrial remar6s as tourism industry is 6ind o# service industry. 5om"aring history timelines and "roviding instance 6no'ledge a+out "lace on the s"ot ma6es eager to 6no' more a+out "lace to a tourist.t or images.en 5!4 +ased system ena+les service "rovider to "rovide 6no'ledge/ value and e##icient service to its clients.Cus o."n"ge. Even in#ormation ena+les analyst to #ind tourist<s +ehaviour and trends 'ith data and in#ormation.s G4 and +usiness intelligence systems have 'ide sco"e o# im"lementation in Tourism industry. That<s great #or adventure tourist. V"lue c!"in in eg$" ion Tourism industry is a chain o# many service "roviders.e$ $el" ions!i# . So much +eyond our imagination. Even 'e can chec6 our #urther travel registration re8uest "rocess through 6ios6s. :ell/ 'ell/ 'ell 'e can imagine it.cellent value chain integration through solutions li6e S54/ E!P and 5!4. Es"ecially tourism industry needs e. :hat an e.5 . To #ind out customer<s demand is no more di##icult tas6.en S*s e. Even it is "ossi+le #or a tourist to #ind details on .cellent 5!4 solutions to assist visitors or clients +e#ore #lying on tour/ during tour and al'ays a#ter tour services. 8no0le'ge M"n"ge."erienceS :e are standing at PTa74ahalP and 'e are a+le to read history details 'ith all gra"hics and animated roles on multimedia 6ios6s. :here am IT Fou are in dangerous #orest.

(o'ever e K tourism is still in gro'ing "hase 'ith advance technology<s a""lication. :ith a""lication o# e. But #or develo"ing countries and underdevelo"ed countries it is under utili9ation "hase. .= . Find +oo6sho"/ ca#e/ restaurant or $T4 #rom 'here ever 'e are.tourism/ the travellers 'ould +e a+le to ma6e online reservation/ +oo6ings and receive immediate con#irmationJ this 'ould remove a lot o# o+stacles that are #aced +y a tourist. 6is!ing *ou " 2"##* :ou$ne* ( In advanced countries/ e K tourism conce"t 'as a""lied and "ut in "ractice in last decade.#ees/ o"ening days and timings #or near+y "laces.

. .C!"# e$ .B CONCLUSIONS .

2 2 2 2 2 2 2 .: . T!e #l"nning /$"."u+lic.e0o$9 o/ In'i"n Tou$is.en'" ions o/ +55+-5B "s " )"se.2>>3-. co$#o$" ion>s $eco.communityM "artici"ation is im"erative #or this "ur"ose.Conclusion( Tourism Industry is a very dynamic industry and so are its challenges and strategies/ there#ore a learning a""roach to'ards"les and cases collected #rom around the 'orld/ +ased on their contri+ution in ma6ing their res"ective Tourism Industry more com"etitive. In'us $* c"n )e $e'esigne'< "9ing 6o$l' Tou$is."ractices< in Indian Tourism Industry can +e another re'arding study. 2 Foreign e.change earnings 'ent u" +y +. 2 $mong the o# @ destinations1 LThe )onely Planet Travel &uideM. 2 International tourist arrivals increased +y %A C& 2 I3 I$ selected among the to" 1> "re#erred destinations1 LThe Conde Nast TravellerM.. $lso/ the need #or sound "ers"ective in "lanning and L"rivate. It leaves a +ac6ground #or #urther research/ as assessing the im"lications o# using the a+ove mentioned O+est. C ."ractices< 'ould yield +etter results in enhancing com"etitiveness o# this industry. This "a"er 'as an attem"t to illuminate the area through sim"le yet e##ective e. Tourism has ado"ted an Oindustry oriented outloo6< #or ma6ing "ro#essionally designed s"eci#ic "lans #or res"onding to changing consumer demands and other critical and contem"orary issues/ li6e1 estination mar6etingJ Product/ +randing and com"etitive "ositioning/ Pricing/ 4ar6et segmentation/ Promotion and distri+ution 5ross agency coo"eration Site 4anagement 5ontem"orary and detailed "lanning/ 'hich "ro#essionally addresses s"eci#ic issues/ has added to the com"etitiveness o# their tourism industry and can very 'ell do the same #or Indian Tourism Industry.

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