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THE CHALLENGE The performance of your organisations Hyperion system is critical for corporate nance. Whilst the quarterly and year end closes are perhaps the most hectic, even regular management reporting can be signicantly impacted by unnecessary performance problems and system errors. Best practices for application service management suggest that the performance of applications is monitored by tracking the user experience. If the information is to be truly actionable it must also include application specic information that is intelligible by the application management team. The information that is collected should not just cover day to day issues but also form the basis for longer term management such as service level monitoring, change management and capacity planning.

EPM ANALYZER SERVICE CAPABILITIES Triometrics EPM Analyzer Service for Hyperion utilises this solution to provide an operational budget aligned service that provides:  Real time application performance monitoring S  elf service web based reporting interface with dashboards and detailed reports S  ophisticated trafc analysis with multi-level reporting in Hyperion terminology: R  eports on all key components: Smart View, Web Form, Data Grid, Reports  Breakdown by user, geography and bespoke groupings  Service Level Agreement reporting and email based alerting.

THE SOLUTION Triometrics Enterprise Analyzer for Hyperion provides the highly detailed, Hyperion specic performance monitoring information that is required to support these activities. In particular, the solution provides detailed reporting on network and server response times for every user request including details such as application component, request type, point of view, user location, browser, response code and data transfer size amongst other key metrics. Triometric are now offering the Enterprise Analyzer technology under a pay-as-you-go service model designed to enable organisations with limited budgets to make the decision to improve their Hyperion service levels. The example Overview dashboard shows high level charts of response times for Data Grids, Web Forms and Smart View against service level agreement thresholds (coloured background) plus additional charts for usage and errors.

Overview dashboard for HFM component SLAs and usage

TYPICAL USAGE The solution is typically used to:  Monitor and deliver process improvement  Identify inefcient user behaviour  Identify poor performing key components  Identify heavy users and analyse their interaction with Hyperion  Understand resource usage and bottlenecks and facilitate benchmarking  Identify which Hyperion processes are being used, how, when and by whom  Identify bottlenecks if present; the client, network or infrastructure  Provide data to facilitate benchmarking  Support upgrades and new implementations  Assist with diagnosis of problems within the application and associated service provisioning.

FURTHER INFORMATION Additional documentation on the Enterprise Analyzer for Hyperion solution is available on Triometrics website at hyperion-analyzer.html To discuss your requirements please contact Triometric directly on +44 1784 497 360 or via email at

SERVICE FEES The EPM Analyzer Service is retained on a monthly basis with a minimum term of 3 months. This approach is specically designed to enable organisations to make decisions based on operational rather than capital expenditure budgets. The fees include hardware, software and support to provide a turn-key service that does not require additional management effort from your already stretched IT department. For further details please contact Triometric. For organisations that are implementing or upgrading or facing operational issues and would benet from expert advice, Triometrics professional services team provides experienced analysis, testing and problem diagnostics skills.

TRI/PS/007 All information was correct at the time of production. Triometric 2010