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Opening Jingle (Thousand Trees) Fade into speech The Stereophonics are a rock band from Cwmaman in South

Wales. a!ing sold around " million copies worldwide# $The Stereophonics% are one of the most successful Welsh rock acts e!er. The original line up of the band from &""' consisted of (ell) Jones on *ead !ocals and guitar# +ichard Jones on ,ass# -dam .indani on *ead /uitar and Stuart Cable on 0rums. (ell)# +ichard and Stuart all grew up together in the small Welsh !illage and originall) were part of a co!ers% band $Tragic *o!e Compan)%. The band was spotted in *ondon b) producers 1arshall ,ird and Ste!e ,ush# but told that the) would not perform unless the) changed the name of the band. (2la) *ocal ,o) 3n the 2hotgraph) 3n &""4# 5The Stereophonics6 released their first studio album called $Word gets around% which got up to number 7 in the 8( charts. From this album four singles were released9 $*ocal ,o) 3n The 2hotograph%# $Traffic%# $Thousand Trees : $1ore *ife 3n - Tramp%s ;est.% -fterwards# the band embarked on a successful world tour. The band toured in <urope# -ustralia and the 8S. On &' June &""=# The Stereophonics pla)ed to o!er &>#>>> spectators in the grounds of Cardiff castle in Wales. Footage of the concert was released on ; S and 0;0# titled 5Live at Cardiff castle. The band recei!ed a ,rit -ward for ,est /roup# and in the same week# the band re?released the single @*ocal bo) in the photograph@ which# in turn# reached number fourteen in the 8( singles chart. The bandAs debut album# 5Word Gets Around# also went gold in the 8(. (Fade into ,artender and the Thief)

With their neBt single $The ,artender and the Thief% on their second album $2erformance and Cocktails% the) e!entuall) reached number three on the 8( singles chart. @Just looking@ was released neBt# and reached number four in 1arch &""". (pla) wouldn%t belie!e )our radio under speech)

3n that same month# the album was released# entering at number one and going platinum within three weeks. *ater that )ear# the band pla)ed in front of C>#>>> people at 1orfa stadium in Swansea. The concert was filmed and released on 0;0 the following )ear. The) also collaborated with Tom Jones on a co!er of the +and) Dewman song @1ama told me not to come@# for the Tom Jones album 5Reload. (Fade into mama told me not to come) 3n april '>>& the band released their third album $Just <nough <ducation To 2erform%. The album included the track 51r. Writer6. This song was said to ha!e been an attack on a critic that had gi!en the band a negati!e re!iew. (pla) chorus of 1r. Writer) The l)ric $wh) dont )ou tell it like it reall) is% shows the bands anger towards the critic. (pla) intro for Eust looking) From '>>F The Stereophonics were at the height of their fame. 8nfortunatel)# the band members were falling apart. Stuart Cable# the drummer from the beginning was sacked. 3t was said to be because of his lack of commitment but# Cable was a eBcessi!e drinker and drug abuser which led to his sudden death in '>&>. Thankfull) before he died he had restored his frendship with (ell) Jones. -fter Cable was sacked# The Stereophonics needed a new drummer and the) found one in the shape of Ja!ier We)ler. The first album he was recorded on was released in '>>C. This album included hits such as

A0e!ilA ASupermanA and the bandAs first number & single A0akotaA. This has influences of the bands original hard rock sound found on their first two albums. (2la) dakota) Their most recent album A/raffiti On The TrainA is their eighth album release it peaked at number three in the 8( charts but got to number one in the 8( 3ndie charts in '>&F.

3nter!iew 3 am Eoined b) a fan of the Stereophonics# 1r Wisb)# to answer a few Guestions. ello. When was the first time )ou heard the StereophonicsH What is it about their sound that )ou likeH What is )our fa!ourite single that the) ha!e releasedH Wh) do )ou choose to listen to the StereophonicsH 0o )ou ha!e a fa!ourite memberH ow did )ou feel when )ou heard about Stuart CableH a!e )ou e!er seen them li!eH

What is )our opinion about their newest workH a!e )ou heard an) songs from $/raffiti on a trainH% their newest album. Thanks !er) much for )our time. (We will end with a hit single from their latest album# $We Share the Same Sun%. ope )ou like it.)