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Proposal Title: Robotic Doctors Detailed Information: My research project is the controversy of using robots during medical operations.

This topic not only involves the medical issues that are involved but also the mechanical side. I am interested in a career in mechanical engineering making this topic regarding robots, relate to my intended major. Robotics are a huge part of the mechanical engineering field since robots are machines and are gro ing in popularity. My field of study directly correlates to these kinds of robots that are used in the real orld. Background Information: !ithin the topic of robotics and surgery, I already kno that there are t o strong sides to the argument. In " ales# $%R" model he says that there needs to be a claim for centrality. This topic, although has not been recently brought to the surface, affects everyone. %nyone has the chance of being in the unfortunate position of someone they kno or themselves having to have an operation. %nd if put in this situation their surgery may be operated by a robot. This topic has the chance of directly affecting someone#s life. %lso there is a niche that needs to be filled regarding this topic. There are many people ho do not kno that robots are getting involved in the medical field. &veryone needs to be informed of this topic because someday that may find themselves in a situation here a robot is operating on them. I am interested in this subject because I am pursuing a mechanical engineering degree and also because I am interested in ho these robots can have an affect on me. In order to have a good idea of this subject, I ill need to do research to learn more about the pros and cons of using robots and the pros and cons of using doctors, hat the ethical issues involved may be, and hat the public thinks of this issue. The great thing about choosing this subject is that I have a great background of kno ledge for this subject. I have taken several medical based classes,

engineering based classes, and am very interested and understanding of the mechanical subject. 'ecause I grasp the concepts of these subject areas, I am more credible because I ill be able to understand my research and provide it in a ay that the audience ill also understand. I ould not consider myself an e(pert but having a great kno ledge of the subject is helpful. Procedure: To find the needed information, I need to find credible sources. I plan to use online databases such as Pro)uest Research *ibrary and the &ngineering Research Database. I ill do my research outside of the class during this eek. I plan to finish finding sources and creating annotated bibliographies in the beginning of the eek +Monday, Tuesday,. Then I plan to begin my first draft on !ednesday and have a good draft completed by -riday of this eek. Working Thesis: %re doctors or robots more reliable and ethical hen doing a surgical operation. The point of my research is to inform the audience about precautions ith using each, the doctor and the robot, hen having an operation. I plan to prove that real doctors are more reliable and ethical than robots.