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These passages have been transcribed from "The Book of Disquiet" by Fernando Pessoa (1888-1935), who was

a radical imaginationist of sorts. We present them here perchance they might assist, inspire or encourage a different sort of mental process. During his time, Pessoa would steadily invent, or perhaps discover, a number of distinct identities all complete with their own personalities and pasts. He would assume these ethereal persons as himself for a time and write under the believed reality of them. By all accounts, he was a natural magician and explorer of inner space. Today, he remains relatively obscure. Whenever instances of [-] appear, this is due to his use of a tiny printed square which is perhaps meant to symbolize something, or nothing at all. It is never made clear, though is perhaps meant as a "fill in the blank" conceptual tool. Perhaps it merely denotes missing words. Perhaps it is a reminder that one should pay attention to the empty spaces found betwixt the familiar. His notion of dreaming is equally vague, and does not merely aim to describe what occurs during sleep. You may arrive upon your own conclusions, though the practitioner may already have a clue. Maintain.

Having done this. because it's an art of passivity. to smoke opium.. it would no doubt be somewhat similar. You're going to set out to discover your own landscapes. But while showing can you expect. Avoid all material stimulants. Opium and morphine are purchased in pharmacies . [-] nothing.THE ART OF EFFECTIVE DREAMING (I) Make sure. in which we concentrate our efforts on avoiding all effort.. you should retain the painful longing to love someone. first of all. If there were an art of sleeping. This is all effort and seeking. The art of dreaming is difficult. You're going to be the Columbus of your soul. you should preserve the idea that it must be wonderful to live and cherish it. you should hold on to the desire to respect something. you have to be nothing but a dreamer. To be a good dreamer. Note that the art of dreaming is not the art of directing our dreams. that you respect nothing. The true dreamer surrenders to himself. In the beginning you'll be tempted to masturbate. and while disdaining life. while despising what you don't love. you'll have laid the foundation for the edifice of your dreams. To direct is to act. believe nothing. Remember that you're embarking on the loftiest task of all.. To dream is to find ourselves. to consume alcohol. Make sure you're on the right track and that your instruments can't mislead you. . is possessed by can you expect to dream through them? Masturbation is a physical thing .

Now if you dream about masturbating. It even serves as a kind of trick ladder to the world of dreams. is the one that doesn't belong to you but to others. . all fine and good. then you deserve to be praised: you are performing like a perfect dreamer. Become an inscrutable sphinx to others. . you don't act . and become intoxicated from the idea of the opium. But don't believe in what I say either. Never do today what you can leave for tomorrow. Your ivory tower is you. There's no harm in it. THE ART OF EFFECTIVE DREAMING (II) . because one ought not believe in anything. [-] of the morphine of your dreams.* In fact you need not do anything at all. And if someone tells you this is false and absurd. but without slamming the door. Right or wrong. Shut yourself in your ivory tower. tomorrow or're acted. your human life. In all the acts of your real life. happy or sad. concentrating only on dreaming perfectly. . Always think of yourself as sadder and more miserable than you are.Postpone everything. You can do this only by dreaming. You must replace your life with your dreaming.Never think about what you're going to do. If you dream about smoking opium or taking morphine. from that of being born to that of dying. don't believe it. Don't do it. you don't live you're merely lived. be your own self. Don't be lived by it.Live your life. because your real life.

Though it's not really worth the bother. I've never known what I felt. Whenever people spoke to me of such and such emotion and described it.. This is the key to the art of noble disdain. whose soul I am.. But I'm content with what I have. And perhaps. but when I thought about it later. through dreaming.Disdain everything. a young page. THE ART OF EFFECTIVE DREAMING FOR METAPHYSICAL MINDS Reason. but in such a way that your disdain doesn't disturb you. which already allows for infinite combinations and countless dreams. I'll achieve still more. of course. I always doubted. I feel it only vaguely. I'm already quite satisfied. in the visualized person of some being or other that appears in me.. Never read a book to the end. Don't think you're superior because you disdain. Sometimes I create in myself a philosopher. I'm not even that. who methodically expounds philosophies while I. pay court to his daughter. Each person is merely his own dream of himself. I can't create a mathematician. outside the window of her house. nor in sequence and without skipping. because everything for me is a dream. nor my feelings or my character. When I feel something. I always felt they were describing something in my soul. I decide to dream something and I dream it. I've replaced my own self with my dreams. by what I know. Pulverization of the personality: I don't know what my ideas are. I'm limited.everything is easy and [-]. I never know if what . [-] .

I can change my sweetheart and she'll always be the same. real. the harshest torments. always the same. I can love without worrying about being rejected or cheated on. without trying to solve some problem (which I know I would never solve) . I can make it happen. sharp. the greatest victories. always in the way that gives me pleasure. Rather different is the clear and directed dream. I can reason without aiming to arrive at some truth (which I would never arrive at in any case). tiresome form of dreaming. I'm a character of my own plays. but the effort expended on directing it makes the dream too obviously artificial. And should I wish to be cheated on or spurned.. There are various ways of dreaming. Reason is sterile but amusing.. and without getting bored.I feel I am is what I really am or merely what I think I am. and it . One is to surrender completely to your dreams. I can experience all of it as if it happened in life. In dreams I can have the impression of effort without actual effort. and always in the way I want. In dreams I can experience the worst anxieties. substitutes for everything. Effort is useless but entertains. This requires study and inner patience. The supreme artist . Dreaming. however. without trying to make them clear and sharp. To love is tiresome but is perhaps preferable to not loving. for it's monotonous. This is an inferior. letting yourself go in the hazy twilight of the sensations they arouse. I can enter battles without the risk of getting scared or being wounded. it depends only on my ability to make my dreams vivid.the kind of dreamer I am expends only the effort of wanting his dream to be such and such. in accord with his whims.

Novels are especially helpful for the beginner. They're always even more beautiful than what I wanted. I was never able to read romantic novels in any sustained way. I want to dream of myself as a king. I'm amazed at the wealth of imagination that I never realized was in me. Which one and what kind. to live totally with the characters of a novel. I can perfect those scenes of life that come to me as only vague impressions. and lo and behold I'm the king of some country. I let my dreams go their own way. I'm not ashamed to admit that this is how I started. Strangely enough. [-] are what I [-] instinctively read. but this is for personal reasons. which tend to divert our attention to the formal structure. I've spent years dreamingly striving or this. The best way to start dreaming is through books. I would be utterly incapable of consciously picturing the various Middle Ages of diverse eras on diverse Earths that I've experienced in dreams. By focusing more sharply. It's best to avoid reading literary novels. detective novels. the dream will tell me. The first step is to learn to give in completely to your reading.. But only the most advanced dreamer can hope to reach this point. I being romantically disinclined even . and today I achieve it without effort. For I've so triumphed over my dreams that they always unexpectedly bring me what I want.. They've become so pure that they always surpass my expectations. because the mental effort would have worn him out. I decide all of a sudden that this is what I want. You'll know you're making progress when your own family and its troubles seem insipid and loathsome by comparison.unfolds before him exactly as he would have desired but could never have conceived.

We are mere ashes endowed with a soul but no form ... but the pleasure will be incomparably more intense. it will fashion dreams all by itself whenever we want. it's our experience an ejaculation at the appropriate moment during the novel. for their reading matter. This increases the feeling of pleasure and also fatigue.when a novel about combat. it's time to advance to the supreme stage of dreaming. In the case of the sensual soul. At this point there's hardly even any mental fatigue. instead of weary limbs. should choose the opposite of what I read. but the body no longer feels anything. which adopts the shape of the vessel that holds it. When the dreamer experiences physical sensation .then he has passed beyond the first stage of dreaming. Let us never forget that to dream is to explore ourselves. The dreamed ejaculation (which I choose as the most violent and striking example) should be felt without actually happening. Third stage: Once our imagination has been trained. Sensual souls.without any masturbation except in his mind .not even that of water. . Let each man cultivate his particular inclination. will and emotions that become slack and sluggish. The fatigue will be greater. flights and battles leaves his body really exhausted and his legs worm out . the dreamer should try to transfer all of this to the mental plane. Having arrived this far. he should be able . The dissolution of personality is total. my dreams. In the third stage all sensation becomes mental.

We may no longer have the energy to write them.With this [-] thoroughly established. and it is hard. I admit. God am I. But what a triumph! This is the only final asceticism. I. not to feel a general weariness throughout one's entire being. having refined this skill to a considerable degree. while another poet will write in a different way. We'll be able to create secondhand. . This leads to an incredible degree of depersonalization and the reduction of our spirit to ashes. complete and autonomous plays can unfold in us line by line. we are jointly and interactively all of those souls. and without any God. It's an asceticism without faith. but that won't be necessary. having created a picture with various figures whose lives we live all at the same time. all of them original. we can imagine one poet writing in us in one way. The highest stage of dreaming is when. can write in countlessly different ways.