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Mohd Thowhed Hussain, 2007-3-10-070 Business Communication, BUS 231 (1) Jou na!

" #, $ Ma ch 2010

Footwear Makers Taking Big Steps Ahead

China, %ndia and &ietnam a e said to 'e the !a (est e)*o te s o+ !eathe shoe in the wo !d, -ecent!., the US (o/e nment and the 0u o*eans ha/e ta1en st on( measu es to 1ee* Chinese and &ietnamese +ootwea o++ thei doo s, So the US, now 'ein( !east de*endent o+ the Chinese * oducts, and with the 0u o*eans *uttin( u* an em'a (o on Chinese and &ietnamese +ootwea , the ma 1et now shines +o Ban(!adeshi +ootwea +i ms to *o!ish thei shoes a(ain, The +act that, %ndia and China ha/e +ai!ed to * oduced the * omised hi(h 2ua!it. and !ow-cost !eathe items due to the anti-dum*in( u!es o+ the 3o !d T ade 4 (ani5ation (3T4), This has *ushed the o de s o+ 6 ance, 7e man., %ta!., Ja*an and Canada into Ban(!adesh, Man. de/e!o*in( count ies had to +o ce themse!/es to sus*end * oduction o+ ' anded !eathe shoes 'ecause the demand +o ' anded shoes +e!! sha *!. due to wo !d ecession, The 2uestion that emains is, how is Ban(!adesh, 'ein( a /e . sma!! count . as com*a ed to %ndia, China and &ietnam, a'!e to +u!+i!! the demands as we!! as the e2ui ed e)*ectations8 Ban(!adesh sta ted e)*o tin( !eathe +ootwea in 199: to nei(h'o in( count ies such as %ndia and ;e*a!, The secto , in its !ast *e iod, ea ned <9$,7: mi!!ion in e)*o ts, This was a 30 *e cent ( owth in Ju!.-=ecem'e *e iod o+ the cu ent +isca! .ea com*a ed to the !ast .ea s same *e iod, The main eason +o this is 'ecause the * ices o+ !eathe * oducts a e !owe than those o+ %ndians and China, Cu ent!., the !oca! com*anies ma1e a ound 1700 c o e shoes a .ea and out o+ this, :# *e cent o+ the * oducts a e e)*o ted, This accounts +o a ound > mi!!ion *ai s o+ !eathe +ootwea e)*o ted a .ea , The !a (est o+ this e)*o te is ?*e)-?de!chi and +o!!owin( them a e Jenn. shoes, @andma 1 +ootwea , @eathe e) 6ootwea , Ba. 6ootwea , Aica d Ban(!adesh and @a!mai 6ootwea , These +i ms a e said to 'e inc easin( thei * oduction ca*acit. '. o*enin( new +acto ies and im*o tin( so*histicated machine . and !atest techno!o(., This wi!!, e/entua!!., he!* them to uti!i5e ( owin( inte nationa! demand +o !ow-cost Ban(!adeshi shoes, ;ow anothe 2uestion that a ises is it ea!!. enou(h to +u!+i!! the e2ui ements that the wo !d, with a hu(e *o*u!ation which is a !ot o+ shoes unnin( out o+ +ashion o wo n awa., is ade2uate to meet demands8 Jenn. Shoes @td, is e)*anded its show ooms and * oduction units a ound the count ., The new +acto . in 7a5i*u , which was set u* !ast .ea , is main!. +o the 'u!1 demand a oused + om %ta!., Ao tu(a! and the UB, The +i m is im* o/in( its 2ua!it. o+ the * oducts '. u*( adin( techno!o(. im*o ted + om %ta!. and 7e man., The com*an., with its 12 new!. show ooms, in and a ound =ha1a, is *!annin( to ca*tu e a si(ni+icant ma 1et sha e '. o*enin( mo e show ooms in and a ound a!! dist ict towns, The. e)*o ted > !a1h *ai s o+ shoes !ast .ea which accounted +o T1$0 c o e, @andma 1 +ootwea , with its inc easin( o de s + om Ja*an and 0u o*ean nations, made its com*an. inc ease * oduction ca*acit., The. ecent!. int oduced ei(ht * oduction !ines in 2009, 0ach * oduction !ine costs a ound T1#-> c o e and it can * oduce on!. one desi(n, The com*an. *!ans to add mo e '. 2011, The com*an. a!so su**!ies to the enowned Ja*anese ' ands !i1e ?BC, The count . ma.'e a sma!! count ., 'ut its +utu e seems ' i(hte +o the !eathe +ootwea +i ms, 3ith the si5e o+ shoes that /a ies in si5e and desi(ns the !oca! +i ms a e a!so !oo1in( +o wa d to distin(uish themse!/es at the inte nationa! !e/e!,
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