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The Swedish Maintenance and Services Market in Wind Power Industry d and Opportunities for Chinese Service Providors

Lihua Liu, Mike Danilovic, Maya Hoveskog, Fawzi Halila 48 Work Engagement: The Creation and Validation of a New Measure Angus C.H. Kuok and Robert J. Taormina 49

Lessons Learne

Analysis on the Effect of R&D on Technological Progress in China s Agriculture Zipeng Yu,Yong Liu 55 One and Two Samples Using Only an R Function Ying-Ying Zhang,Yi Wei 58 Regression Analysis on Chinese Agricultural Output and Its Influencing Factors B ased on R Meichen Dong, Yingying Zhang 59 Analysis and Prediction about Yields Rate of Security Investment Based on R Soft ware Lu Wang, Yingying Zhang 60 Study on Reading Service of University Library in Network Environment Song Deng and Jun Wang 70 Information Push Service of University Library in Network and Information Age Song Deng and Jun Wang 71 The Analysis for the Survey of Construction Status of the Class Tutor in the Uni versity Cao Jianshu, Hou Jun E009 Research on construction site management of green and sustainable Shao Junyi ,Cheng Liangjian E011 Development of Graphic Education in Modern Education Yu Xifa, Shao Likang, Liu Jipeng, Yu Yan E013 Research on System Reform and Mechanism Innovation of the Integration of Urban a nd Rural Education in China Miantao Sun E014 Study on Sharing Modes of Teaching Resources in University Town Shi Mei Hua , Zhang Hai Sheng E019 Emergency procurement risk assessment Based on Matrix evaluation Method Xi Libo, Zhao Yuanli , Meng FanQin E020 Research on Power Coal Supplier Selection Based on AHP and Fuzzy Comprehensive E valuation Method Shaomei Yang, Rui Wang E026 The Social Reading Model with Virtual and Actual Combination Yu Yonghai, Yu Lingling, Zhu Jihong E027 Trends of Web 2.0: Get close to Social Media Zhu Mingfang, Wang Qian E033 Three interpretations for three mountains crown Changyan E034 decorative graphic in Han Dynasty

Theoretical Research on Interest Transfer of Allocating Resources under the Back ground of Pyramid Structure and Development in China Daqin Wu, Rong Wang E035 The Research of Liberal Arts Practice Teaching Mode Based on Cyber Role-Play Meifang Chen ,Yan Li E036 A Preliminary Study for Public Service and Commercial


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