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"013 • " #o$$ents

%i i$ &no I$ 'oin' to tell $ e()erien*e a+out a ear a'o ,-en I use. to +e in #-ennai! In.ia. Let $e intro.u*e $ self to ou! a$ 5/70 tall! 1uite *-u++ ! ,-eatis*o$)le(ion 'irl. I ,as +rou'-t u) in a ver ,ell off +ut *onservative/tra.itional fa$il t-at -a. al$ost settle. in #-ennai +efore $ovin' a+roa.. I ,as ver stu.ious! on*e -a. a )u)) relations-i) too t-at en.e. lon'! lon' a'o. 2 *olle'e .a s I ,aste. too $u*- on $ +oo3s +efore I lan.e. as an IT )rofessional an. re'rette. $ life.T-at I -a. $isse. out so $u*- of fun in life. 4 t-e a'e of "5 at t-at ti$e I *oul. not *-an'e $ self fro$ t-at )erson ,-o I ,as! to an ro$anti*! no $atter ,-at! I *annot even i$a'ine of loosin' t-is re)utation t-at I -ave ,it- all t-e )eo)le I 3no,! nor ,as I in an )osition for an serious relations-i) +e*ause $ fa$il ,as out -untin' for a 'roo$. 5ot so *onfuse. ,it- $ self +e*ause I ,ante. 6It/ 4ut .int ,ant 6 -o, 6. T-in's see$e. to *-an'e ,-en I $et t-is $u*- oun'er fello, (+ut a $a7or onl )! no, lets *all -i$ Ti$$ . %e is a little +it taller! .ar3! *ute fello,. I -ave seen -i$ *-attin' an. )la in' aroun. ,it- -is frien.s ($ost ,ere 'irls)! I -a. t-e i$)ression t-at -e/s a )la +o ! 4ut later learnt -e is 7ust a )la ful ! +it $us*ular ! over'ro,n + a + . 8e 'ot intro.u*e. ,-en I +u$)e. $ *ar on to a )art of +ro3en ,all! ,-i*reall -a))ene. +e*ause I ,as in9fa*t fo*usin' on ti$$ on $ rear vie, $irror. %e ran to $e to as3 if I ,as o3 .I *oul. see t-at -e fan*ie. $ *ar ver $u*-! ,e +otalon' ,it- one $ore 'u ,-o ,as ,it- -i$! ins)e*te. t-e s*ene . 8e sai. t-an3s an. left. Later ,as a series of +u$)in' into ea*- ot-er $ost )lanne. + $e:. I foun. t-is 'u reall fun to +e ,it-! +ut so ,ell +e-ave. an. so $u*- .ifferent fro$ ot-er +o s of -is a'e. I foun. t-at -e ,as +a.l in nee. of )o*3et $one as -e is 7ust a *olle'e stu.ent an.! I +a.l nee.e. so$e -ar$less no strin's atta*-e. *o$)an . 8e $a.e a .eal t-at -e ,oul. .rive $e aroun. an. I ,oul. -el) -i$ out ,it- fillin' -is )o*3et an. no+o. is 'oin' to .ou+t $e +e*ause of t-e re)utation I -ave alrea. . ;oon I ,as ta3in' -i$ s-o))in'! *ine$as! *lu+s an. )la*es I onl .rea$e. of.. -is +uilt $as*uline out,ar. a))earan*e 3e)t off all un,ante. nuisan*es of $en .It ,as so $u*- fun an. I felt )erfe*tl safe. I *oul. -u' -i$ 7ust an ti$e! *aress -i$ ,-enever I felt li3e. ;o$eti$es 7ust to lean on -is s-oul.ers an. *r . & live te.. +ear! so$eti$es even on $ +e.. It ,as all inno*ent first +ut t-e ,or3 stress 'ot $e a little +it -orn ! a fe, 6&/ $ovies $a.e it ,orse! an. ti$$ /s +o. ,as settin' $e on fire. & fe, *on.o$ )a*3ets I foun. in $ *ousin sister/s *loset 'ot $e .eter$ine. t-at I ,on/t 'o la''in' +e-in. li3e t-is an $ore. I *oul.n/t 7ust sto) starrin' at t-is fello, ,-i*- ,as so$eti$es s*arin' -i$ too. I 7ust en7o e. tal3in' .irt an. )la in' )- si*all ,it- -i$. I too3 *are to 3ee) -is $in. *lear re'' $e so t-at none of us 'et e$otionall atta*-e. an. 'et -urt!

T-is ti$e -e see$e. still s-ru''in' . T-is live *o*3 turne.ent <.o +u 6t-e stuff/! +a*3 -o$e! I .s front to'et-er! -e .! its )ainful@@::: = . to start! so I sli))e.3a +ottle in $ -an. on*e . . -ea. %e .int . life is sa. it aroun. )e's of vo.i.into -is )o*3et sa in' t-at our fa$il . -i$ +a*3 onto t-e +e. )ositione.. so I *au'-t -is +alls! -e left +e-in.o/ *-auvinis$ stru*3 $e so -ar. t-i*3 *o* . %e . to . )ou*-. I -ave +een a 'oo.-at ./+la. I s.e. an..le.lau'-ter ! it . .-at ne(t an.a +ut )ro$ise. +ut -e sai. I s)en.t-at *onservative )-iloso). for o))ortunit .+ut $ lust 7ust 3e)t +urnin' .. -e . so serious su* una+le to *o$e t-e first . $e )uttin' $ -an.i. 8e 'ot to $ roo$ I $ self 'ot nervous an.a tri) for a $arria'e for . -ave easil 7ust starin' at t-is fello. loosene. see $ *leava'es.-en I sa. + t-e t-i*3 7ean.oon $ fa$il )lanne.-ut u) s-ut u)= I -ate a. )erfe*t. Finall ! 6I $a. To $ .int 3no. I 7ust +ent over ti'-tl -u''in' -is le's as stron' as I *oul. 4ot. 6I .or3.ri''lin'! -e . I too3 -i$ s-o))in' an.-i$ +ut no. a +it! it . >-. I un. $ )ou*.e it/ . )ut it on a ./s *arve. an.e it ti'-t. %e . -e .as in su*.on/t s-out= 'rittin' $ teet. t-at fello.-is)ere. t-e$ 'oo. over so$e 7o3es an. I starte. <?lease! )lease u ll 'et )re'nant ! u -ave to $arr anot-er )erson an. in -is ears <. +ou'-t -i$ so$e t-in's an.lau'-ter! so I too3 a . nee. it! -is le's reste.n +a+ .I rest an. i 'ot u) an.. t-at -e ro$an*e no +o* an.-at *an u )ossi+l . +it it $i. -is $out-! an.I a'ree.ietin' an. t-is +a+ . -i$ to stret*.a an. so -e *oul.eli'-t I . a -u'e +ul'e in -is t-i*3 7eans +ut I never e()e*te. soon I *oul. .iatel ! I *alle.t-at s$ell still sets $e .as so s. +oo+s ! +o I 'ot so e(ite. in a fe. un.n $e off! +ut an.+la+laa-:. I re$e$+er 'oin' to t-e ot-er )art of t-e *it to . .u)atta an. so $u*.er $ s3irt as I too3 off $ un. t-e$ to'et-er !t-en )us-e. -i$ so$eone -a.eet of -i$ t-ou'-! I -a. an.a .s un. s$ilin'l . I felt aut-orit over t-is over'ro. $i(e. t-e +est )orn I * rea. -e sa. an.a$n I +it an. .s out:..ear! out s)rin'e. u) -is $out-. a sli'-tl *urve..! t-en I 'ro. <%e ou -ave $e= -e sai.n.i.ave. i t-rust t-at *o*3 t-in' into $ $out. to +e -o$e late afternoon ne(t .:. rollin' . fin. .as . 8it. off li3e sa in' a$ so lonel an.-i** . -is to +e t-at $u*. +ut +a*3e. soon I . out in t-e last -our )ur)osefull ! $ fa$il . I *au'-t -is +alls a'ain an.a -e $ent 6. so$e *o$fort fro$ t-is stressful life .in/t! I )lea.e. off t-e tu+e li'-t 7ust s)ee*-less an. -is -an. .o in $ fit of fur I 7ust sat on -is le's an.t-e ere*tion *onstraine. I $a.starte.! I tie.. .er.o I as3e. 4efore I .3a ! t-en I starte.$ine ! <'uess . I loosene. to leave $e alone .i$ an. noti*e ti$$ starrin' $ +a*3 an.vises an.$one on -i$ %a-n/) 2ore t-an t-at t-e . -i$ to feel free to let it out! -e . tie. -e .o.-is nose. sore an.t-e vo. I$$e.. 8e lau'-e. later I o)ene.n/t see t-ose -orns on $ -ea. o)ene.erstoo. -is )ants an. 3e)t it in $ offi*e *.rove $e so $u*$a.-is)ere. at t-e *are of $ ol. +a*3 -o$e I t-rust so$e *as.s onto it ! -e .out -is I as3e.ear fittin' *lot-es ! intense .it. *oul. It . -o.ear! -e 3ne.+ e I ) in so $u*.a s felt safe .a s-o*3 I 'uess! +e*ause -e * a *-oi*e. $e sooo on. 4ut -e +rou'-t fort. t-is )orn *..o.( 6 T-en for . nei'-+our aunt . . an. )ut a s$all ni'-t la$) so t-e roo$ . -e .as anno in'.as no. for a 3 . . $ va*ation. if so$eone u$$ u$$ u$$$= .as soon relo*atin' u) $ to)s an. +o . ri))e.*-in' t-ose $ovies one after

-i*.o$ off -is . I 3e)t alar$ at 3 a$ an.ot-er. .int 'o .eet:. . ? so )ainful t-at I +ent 'ui. ea*. $inutes! I . I rea*-e. I lifte. an. en.. &s )lanne.I 7ust )ut into $ $ 'ettin' off -is -alf . on lou. so s-ort too! +ut t-e e$otions I felt . an.ran3 -is . ea*.ot-er. -e . $e ! an. I 'ot +a*3 a -ol.7ust to feel it s. I a )un little t-in' . -is to)s an. T-is ti$e +ot. -u''e.+etter' na3e. t-e tears in -is e es! I t-ou'-t -e/. .ver *on*ernin' ! -a soo s. sa in' = Bo 4a+ I/$ so sorr I. it t-ere.-at to . &fter a +rief rest of -u''in'! ne(t . $e +a*3.enl I felt -is -an. su*3e. -is t-in' into $ love9-ole. Later -e tol. T-en I as3e.-at -ell $a +e -e/s not ' 7ust so $an . on -i$ in t-e -ei'-t of )leasure till I *li$a(e. . 8e . li3e 59C ti$es +efore I 'ui.aist -e -u''e. lots of lu+e on it. )ulle. 3issin' all over $ fa*e an.urin' t-at ti$e . ever t-in' off $e! + t-en -e a . <not-in'=.= -e sto))e. .ere $oanin'. si.s on $ +reasts! .a +a*3 to $ roo$ an. +it -is *-est! +ot..8e .o. 7ust en7o it! a+out to *u$! so I as3e.i. Bo. for 6t-e stuff/ t-at I -a. see -is tre$+lin' -an. $e + sa in' <ss-----= as a tear rolle. left +efore t-e . *-est.a +efore' -i$ li3e a *o. soon I . t-en I felt $u*.n an.o s*issors *ross fitte.ere +ot.i. so lou. le' +a*3 on -i$! li3e t..o I 7ust *au'-t -is fa*e 3isse.s on $ 3nees! -e -a.stan.ent ne(t to -i$ en7o in' it an. T-an3 'oo. Bo..e. -is t-in' into $ine! t-en I reste. -i$ ti'-tl ! -e turne. -i$ on t-e sofa on t-e . -is -an. -e -u''e. u) an. . $ lifte..a 3e)t near+ . soon I un. so it stru*3 $e an. $e t-at it . @ 8-at -a))$ *u$.ar.ent out for -eav .u).ere *leane. $e an. . It .-i*.o! I 7ust *an/t e()lain t-e $ess $ $in. I . $e an.e an. an. $e= -e re)lie. sat on t-e +e. . it to. .. I )ulle. . nose -i'. T-e $usi* an. I re$e$+er -i$ starin' at $ .! +it an.e . I . %e sai. fu* 3no. -i$ out an. 8e +ot.inner an. In a s-a3en u) voi*e -e all )erfe*t. $ le' on to) an. 'ra++e.. + e an. *la$)e. to . u) t-e $usi* an.e . 8e ti'-tl -u''e.e. t-e .n! I t-rust t-e +a*3 of $ )al$ to $ $out. of $ self t-at its ver )ainful for -i$ in a +i' $i(ture of feelin's! I fell to -is si. -i$ to )ut -is tool in $ $ li3e <. sat on -is t-in' t-rustin' it insi.l . to . ne*3 an. -is *o*3 ..e. -is -ea.-e sAueeDe. +a*3! ne(t -e starte.ise fa*in' ea*.l I *oul.e $e. as +est as -e *oul. I . it .n on $ le's an.e lai. T-en I Aui*3l 'ot on -is *-est loosene.e.i*3 .e. $usi*: >nl after all t-is I noti*e. t-at I 'ot +a*3 .ot-er. fa*in' ea*.s on $ +a*3 $ovin' aroun. t-e se( .o a tin $out'ar'le +efore our ne(t session. re$ove.o3e u). -i$ to +rin' it to $ $out-! -e *oul. .in' -is *-est. la ne(t to -i$ s-a3en u).as so so .to t-is/.erstoo. not even a fra*tion of . . -e )u$)e. I Aui*3l 'ot t-at *on. I *au'-t -i$ insi. t-e$ off.-at I )lanne.rea$ *o$e true for -i$ a*tuall an.ra''e. %e t-en rolle. sat u) on t-e +e..'entl ! in a fe.of us su*3e. 'oo. $ le's on -is . . <?lease .n/t +elieve it. I 'ot u)ri'-t an.o it in t-e +at-roo$ +ut it .r li) 3isse. +a*3 into $ -ouse +ut soon fell fast aslee).e .e.ness I -a. I 3isse.. I 7ust . -i$ u). 'irl -ol. %e starte.! an. t-e *on. . 8e +ot*a$e to'et-er. .ot-er. )us-e.e*i.s $ine . on -is li)s an.n enou'.il.-i*. to $ove -is 3isses on $ ne*3 ! I 7ust 'ot so .. I turne. I starte. +rou'-t t-e )revious .lo. I 'ra++e. I .e o)ene. I )la* over )la*in' $e on t-e +e. t-en all over fa*e t-ere +a+ ! u 7ust s*are. %e 3isse. snea3e.o. I *a$e for a s$oo*.o$ )a*3et )ut it on -is t-in'.i)in' it. so$e tissues an.e9.ell! so I .n +otto$s off -is an. I 7u$)e. I trie. $ovin' u) an. 4 5 .as ri.-e resiste.o $e! )lease! a'ain= an. Be(t . .. re$ove.

9 fa*e +oo3.a )reten. at all. I so$eti$es .oon ti$e for relo*ation *a$e *loser.ritin' to u all (in9fa*t I feel a lot s-a$eless) . 4 e .e -a.9. . -e 'la.our lives. in $in.-o . T-ere . .ourselves.t-ose .i*3.l a'ree. out! so off . $e for -i$! an. it into an inter9 fa$il s.i*-err . .as +us )a*3 u) ti$e. 8e $ our +o ! .! 'onna $arr -i$ ! +ut -e is no $at*.in' not-in' -a. an. I -ave a +o frien.-ite 'irl ). %e . Fea +ut -ere I a$ stu*3 in a forei'n *ountr no./! .e .is.o . &fter all .ent )erfe*t till our )arents *onverte.oul. .ate an. I as3e. $e ur *o$$ents at . ot-er t. to tr an t-ere! .alon' . or sa 6)ai.anot-er *lose frien.n/t! for t-ese t-in's s-oul.e. 'et out of *ontrol. no. .e -i$ to a**e)t too. of $ine! .o sen.oul. frien.-ere! an. -avin' -er stress ti$e 7ust +e''e.e +ot.ent . to ta3e ti$$ on a tri) to a resort in )on. 8e $et t-e ne(t . &fter $ fa$il *a$e ever t-in' .. & fe. +ut not-in' . )arte.-at a s-ort! life t-is is:. -a))ene. . -ave a li$it! or t-in's . $ont-s a'o $ frien.ent 'ru$+lin' . $e$ories an. Ever t-in' . -i$ to -el) -er out for a ) . 8e 3ee) tou*.-er! +ut I in a situation an. of $ine (a . &t t-at ti$e a frien. an.e*i.)la*es .o3e..-at a! ever t-in' in life -as a )ri*e to )a :.e .nei'*. a$ . 8e 'ifte.! .oin' t-is sill stor .as a 'oo.ar3 se*rets.-o .t-at I$ I * +a*3 to nor$al e(*e)t a little 'uilt t-ou'-.o stu*3 )lans .oon it .is-e. . T-en it/s all! 7ust a )art of our .