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Bishop‟s committee meeting June 30, 2013 In attendance: Johnnette Shane, Kevin Minch, Karen Henness, Alec Zier, Steve

Reiser, Sally West, Krista Baker, Diane Johnson Meeting called to order at 12:50 Welcome to Alec Zier, our new BC member! Vicar’s report: Johnnette met with Dan Smith about the building project and is in process of acquiring forms for requesting a loan from the diocese. We had a meeting about Sunday school. Although nothing was decided, it was clear that people still want to continue with Sunday school. We will participate in Vacation Bible School with the Presbyterian and First Christian churches. Bishop’s Warden report: We are working on the budget request for next year, due July 15. Kevin read an invitation received to attend the school of congregation development from the diocese. The committee discussed the commitment required to attend over two years, and the distance to St. Louis. As Tim announced in church today, electrical and mechanical engineers are currently working with him and Kimi about A/C, wiring, etc. for the new addition. Junior Warden report: Vicarage air conditioning problems: Krista reports that Airco came out and found a leak. Airco will give an estimate for replacing the AC unit. Daniel is continuing to mow the lawn for at least another month. Outside back handrail post is very wobbly and needs fixing. Treasurer’s report: The audit recommended three things (See the report emailed to the committee from Krista for further details):  Letters of employment for paid positions.  Inventory (Krista recommends videotaping the property in the church)  Ensure the adequacy of insurance coverage. Krista will send the audit to the diocese tomorrow. The budget for next year shows a 3,600 dollar deficit, but this is based upon requesting we go back to 2012 levels for support from the diocese. Krista feels that we may have to have a discussion with the parish about our ability to maintain a full-time priest if we continue to run a deficit. -Kevin is concerned with a request for reversing diocesan aid because this may have implications for their funding for the building project. He argues for leaving the diocesan aid flat this year, but this would put our deficit up to over $5,000. -Krista noted that she has put a $1000 increase for the vicar‟s salary, just to keep

up with the rate of inflation. Kevin added that if we do not do that regularly, we will not be able to attract a priest in the future. The committee agreed that we should request flat funding and hold a meeting with the congregation soon to explain the future implications of running our current deficit. Approval of last month’s minutes: unanimous. Old business: Building project update: see Bishop‟s warden report. Children and children‟s program: see Vicar‟s report. Table program: Thomas is very keen to get this online community resource going. Food for kids: We have almost filled all the spots for this program. Vacation Bible school: Diane will coordinate making desserts. (July 29-August 1) Safeguarding our children: several people still need to complete the online program! New business: Maria‟s discernment process. Diane discussed the discernment committee and the responsibilities of the BC and the church in supporting Maria‟s discernment (including $150 to cover psychological testing that is required). The bishop‟s committee signed the “Postulancy for Priesthood” document in her support. Filling the Ford will occur again on August 31st. Events to engage and welcome students: -Activities fair -Kirksville area Chamber of Commerce sent a letter about events to welcome ATSU and Truman students. We would have to pay to have a booth ($50 for a single event or $75 for two). Truman‟s event is Thursday September 5, 5-7 pm on the courthouse lawn. ATSU‟s event is July 10, also on the courthouse lawn. -we agreed to a motion to pay $75 to participate in both of these events. We need more flyers for our table. -we agreed to a motion to bring in the “Integrity” materials for the Truman welcome events. We have to pay shipping from this national organization “Integrity USA.” This is an organization within the church that supports inclusion of the LGBT community. -Kevin raised the question of posting on a currently vacant billboard on the „S‟ curve. This would cost between $150 and $300. -motion passed to authorize Kevin to look into potential designs. -Diane suggested we send letters to Episcopal churches around Missouri asking them to let any members who are coming to Truman know about Trinity. Next meetings: July 21: at the Vicarage August 11: at Sally‟s house Prayer. Meeting adjourned at 2:50 pm