SKILL 11-6 Caring for a Gastrostomy Tube Goal: The patient ingests an adequate diet and exhibits no signs and

symptoms of irritation, excoriation, or infection at the tube insertion site. 1. Check the physician’s order. 2. Identify the patient. 3. xp!ain the procedure to the patient. ". #ssess patient for presence of pain at the tube insertion site. If pain is present, offer patient ana!gesic medication per physician’s order and $ait for medication absorption before beginning insertion site care. %. &erform hand hygiene. &ut on nonsteri!e g!o'es. (. )aise the bed to the appropriate height. &u!! the patient’s bedside curtain. *. If gastrostomy tube is ne$ and sti!! has sutures ho!ding it in p!ace, dip cotton+tipped app!icator into steri!e sa!ine so!ution and gent!y c!ean around the insertion site, remo'ing any crust or drainage. #'oid ad,usting or !ifting the externa! disk for the first fe$ days after p!acement except to c!ean the area. If the gastric tube insertion site has hea!ed and the sutures are remo'ed, $et a $ashc!oth and app!y a sma!! amount of soap onto $ashc!oth. -ent!y c!eanse around the insertion, remo'ing any crust or drainage. Rinse site, removing all soap .. &at skin around insertion site dry. /. If the sutures ha'e been remo'ed, gent!y rotate t!e guar" or e#ternal bumper $% "egrees at least on&e a "ay 'ssess t!at t!e guar" or e#ternal bumper is not "igging into t!e surroun"ing s(in 'voi" pla&ing any tension on t!e fee"ing tube

p!ace one thickness of gau2e pad under the externa! bumper and change as needed to keep the area dry. 1ea'e the stoma open to air un!ess there is drainage. 1o$er the bed and assist the patient to a position of comfort as needed.10. 12. If drainage is present. . )emo'e g!o'es and perform hand hygiene. 11. &erform hand hygiene. 3se a skin protectant or substance such as 2inc oxide to pre'ent skin breakdo$n.