The stadium in Machakos (which has been known as Jomo Kenyatta Stadium for 40 years) was a patch of dry land four and half weeks ago The !o"ernment of Machakos bid to host #$#%&% Senior #hallenge #up and promised to ha"e the stadium ready in si' weeks %ma(ingly) within four weeks) terraces) toilets) two beautiful changing rooms for competing teams) ##T*s) public toilets and an ama(ing pitch+considered the best in the country) was ready The construction of a stadium from dry dust and grass to a ten thousand (,0)000) capacity world class sports centre has ne"er been done any faster in the %frican continent !o"ernor Mutua super"ised the construction all the way to ensure international -uality standards were met The stadium.s terraces are all rooted /n addition to the stadium) !o"ernor Mutua.s go"ernment is also in the final touches of the most beautiful public park in %frica (Machakos 0eople.s 0ark) The 12+%cre park which sits by Maruba 3am in Machakos Town) also boasts %frica.s first and only field %mphitheater The park will be open to the public on 3ecember 2) 40,1 5n top of these initiati"es that also include the 6ew Machakos #ity) !o"ernor Mutua.s !o"ernment has also initiated se"eral de"elopment pro7ects for Machakos #ounty • 40 tractors are already ploughing farms for free together with free seed in subsidi(ed fertili(er in a &ood Security Subsidy programme • 4 million chicks are being gi"en to the youth in the county

• &rom ,st 3ecember) 40,1) grants (not loans) will be gi"en 8outh+Ksh ,2m9 :omen Ksh40m9 the disabled Ksh 40m and Ksh 40M to the elderly as a social welfare empowerment 0rogramme • ;0 roads in 40 wards will from 3ecember ,0)40,1 start to be repaired and maintained • &rom January 40,4) Ksh 4;4M will be used to upgrade 40 <ealthcare #enters to #ommunity <ospital standards each with a ward) '+rays lab) mini theatre and maternity • =0 ambulances+one per location will be distributed from 3ecember 40th this year

• ,40 police and speciali(ed "ehicles will be launched either late 3ecember 40,1 or early January 40,4 They are in transit in the open seas • Macha:ood (Machakos $ntertainment #entre for &ilm) Music) Media and the %rts) wil open its doors early January 40,4 • Machakos &orensics and >esearch #entre will start operating January ,2) 40,4 • ?00 floodlights (mulika mwizi) will be installed in the county between January and March 40,4 • 200 ##T*s will be installed in the county by end of January 40,4

• :ater drilling rigs and e'ca"ators are on order and will be on the ground from &ebruary 40,4 to dig =00 boreholes) 200 dams and water pans together with installation of 100 water tanks in Machakos #ounty Surely, Machakos is the place to be.