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OBJECTIVE To associate with an esteemed industry that provides me an opportunity to show my skills, improve myself with latest trends and to be a part of the team that works dynamically towards the rowth of the or ani!ation" C#$EE$ %I&%'I&%T( • • • ) years of professional E*perience in mechanical en ineerin field"

#rea of E*perience includes +esi n, (ite, ,uantity surveyor and maintenance, procurement" E*posure to multiple workin environments"


!E""# $%&



• • •

Al SAHRA Heavy equipments and Oil field services Abu Dhabi , as Project Engineer. From Jan 2012 and currently working.

Acropetal technologies ltd Bangalore (Offshore design office of Saudi Oger Ltd SA! , as Senior HV ! "esign Engineer #rom $ay 2011 to "ec 2011. Hamad Al Alai"a and #artners Riyadh$ SA, as Site engineer. From marc% 2010 to &ril 2011 Acropetal technologies ltd Bangalore (Offshore design office of Saudi Oger Ltd SA! , as HV ! "esign Engineer #rom July 200' to Fe( 2010.

Al SAHRA heavy %quipments and Oil field Services& )oles and )es&onsi(ilities* • • • • -nowled e of %V#C, .lumbin +raina e / 0ire 0i htin installation material and practices" (ite inspections to verify complete e*ecution of work orders, 1uality of workmanship as per specifications, standards and method statements and issuin of 2C$3s if non confirmative work found" #bility to detect code violations and to appraise the 1uality of construction" (endin the letters to the contractor re ardin any violation or delay of work" #bility to read and interpret plans, specifications and to compare them with work in pro ress"

. . )iyad%.ender s&eci#ications.F! 3 S%ell / !ore &ackages. )oo# E-ui&ment layouts Estimation o# 89: o# 1arious &rojects #or Preliminary "esign 8ids. E0ecution. H5s. • Pre1enti1e Security and Protection 5nit o# t%e )oyal Palace 2uard.• • • • • #bility to co4ordinate all the services perfectly and in the most efficient way" #bility to revise or chan e the drawin s on site as and when needed" To make sure that the specified material is bein used and to keep up the safety standards on site" To update the Client or their representative the work pro ress and clarify any technical problem they have" Acropetal technologies ltd Bangalore (offshore design facility for Saudi Oger$ Saudi Arabia! )oles and )es&onsi(ilities* • • • • • • Project study wit% Pre&aration o# +ones. !ooling and %eating load calculations wit% inter&retation.n&uts re-uired #or Heat .ender. s&lit a6c units. . • Hamad Al Alai"a and #artners Riyadh . &i&ing layouts. "isc 1al1es. e0%aust #ans. 2rilles and "i##users. &ackage units. de%umidi#ication and %eating Si+ing and selection (y s&reads%eets #or )igid / #le0i(le "ucts. etc wit% manu#acturer7s so#tware &ackages. Pre&aration o# .ransmittal s%eets. "rawing Sc%edule. etc • • • Projects Handled • l<Samariya%. c%illers. 89:. &um&s. Pre&aration o# . )iyad%. %umidi#iers. F!5s.oad estimation work. electric con1ectors. Pi&e si+ing Selection o# air conditioning e-ui&ments 3 "4 ducted / s&lits. Plant room layouts. Pre&aration o# "etailed drawings #or ir distri(ution layouts. %eaters. motors. Psyc%ometrics analysis #or %umidi#ication.

i/h an aggrega/e o0 61. Faisal 8in Sultan )esidential 8uildings. $i0ed ir calculator * 5<1alue estimator . • )aise ins&ection re-uests #or work com&leted • Ensure work is e0ecuted according to contract s&eci#ications. "ra#ting Packages * uto! "<and.)oles and )es&onsi(ilities* • Su&er1ise $ec%anical jo(s (ased on s%o& drawings and s&eci#ications • Pre&are weekly and mont%ly &rogress re&orts and assess t%em against t%e &roject sc%edule • Pro1ide in&ut to :uantity Sur1eyor #or interim &ayment a&&lications • !oordinate wit% ci1il and mec%anical work !onduct sa#ety tool (o0 lecture to en#orce sa#ety regulations #or indi1iduals on t%e site.E$(O2#' +ET#I'( 2ame 0ather3s 2ame +ate of Birth 5 5 5 6ohamud Imran 6uneer 6uneer #hmed 78T% #pril 798: . )iyad%.2.ara5a Technological Uni4er3i/51 6elga7m. P)9<E.m&lement strict ad%erence to sa#ety rules and regulations • . and met%od statements • .25% 0rom Malnad college o0 Engineering1 2a33an a00ilia/ed /o Vi34e3. >ing (dulla% .rane / !arrier.-. a&&ro1ed design drawings.nternational !on1ention !enter $%& E+.nteract wit% client and consultant regarding t%e status o# work • =egotiate wit% client and consultant #or o(taining a&&ro1als #or re-uested modi#ications • 5&date drawings to #it newly a&&ro1ed modi#ications #or s<8uilt drawings Projects Handled • #rincess 'ora Bint Abdulrahman (niversity$ Riyadh (medical center )&*&+!& • • • 2uest Palace and Sym&osium !enter. .AR% #RO./0/%'01 9##ice utomation * $S 9##ice. agreed &rocedures. SO. Heat Load pac2ages 3 HA#$ 0lima"in45&*$ 0arrier %*+4 5&+6$ and -race 7++& Psyc%ometrics calculator * .*%-# • +E-%#&" Bachelor of Engineering mechanical engineering .

5rdu.#E <drivin 'icense .2ationality (e* 6artial status .assport 2umber . . Hindi.anguages known 5 5 5 5 5 Indian 6ale sin le =77>):? 2?1@A022 * Englis%.