Sun Kiss - Welcome the Day

Kissed so softly by the sun warmth on my face wind in my hair enjoying this place of quiet contentment at peace with life letting my problems go .... ... flow... out into this sunfilled sunshine sunglow sunkissed afternoon without a care. Breeze blows gently I close my eyes ... soul drifts along entwined with nature precious moment peaceful solitude ~d r i f t i n g~


kiss of sun hot on my eyelids my heart open I welcome the day.

Colors of Dawn (tanka form)
Peach-gold tones shimmer -- mist from twilight disappears kiss of sun peeks through swirls of pink and lavender bids a gentle good morning

Written for my precious daughter in honor of her 9th birthday. :) Love, Mommy

Little “ Long-Legs”
Running to me with big hugs and even bigger brown eyes smile full of mischief arms thrown around my neck --- almost choking me!--*smile* "I love you Mommy!" my little "Long-Legs" how fast you have grown. Almost as tall as your short mama *but then that wouldn't take much* --wink!-I smile remembering a time when my little Long-Legs ... my long-legged girl... had little bitty short legs just learning how to toddle around the house (falling over!) crawling faster than I could walk running to keep up with her...!... purple baby food plums smeared across a happy smiling mouth full of giggles and smiles

with no idea how cruel this world can be; pure innocence. Pure contentment. Oh how time flies. She's nine next week birthday princess toddler toys long gone; she wants a bike so she can ride like the wind -already the taste of freedom in her mouth already the feel of freedom in her spirit another step... away from me. But she knows I will always *and, somehow, forever* watch over my little girl even when she is no longer little. She smiles at me teeth slightly crooked hair brushed all by herself and asks "Do you like my style?" already planning her fashion agenda like every "big girl" does. My almost-nine year old girl born on lucky clover day March 17th, 2000

the day she changed my life *my world* so grown up, so soon... and I know more is on the way. What I don't know is how this mother's heart will fare when one day she leaves. You make my life complete sunshine girl full of tickles and giggles I love you so, my little “Long-Legs.”

Death of a Dream Time
existence goes by *long drawn out sigh* gray transforming overbearing the happy once joyful exuberant bright cheerful eclectic becoming shadows misty vapor rising to the sky fleeting... gone. Days gone by weeks and months and years motions of life crowd out emotions of life This unrecognized yet all too familiar place... This is where dreams are born. This is where dreams die. Spark of light soft golden struggles against darkened mire hope's ashes faith's grief love's despondence Marigold hue charred sphere of night envelopes Streaks and smudges of pride vanity

selfishness cruelty deface life's canvas once glowing brilliant -- now torn and tainted. This unrecognized yet all too familiar place... This is where dreams are born. This is where dreams die. Silence... utter chaos... sheer madness consuming life they don't know. They don't care. They go about *busily* trading dreams spiritual riches for material fantasies built with air. Colorless consumes the bright one small spark daring dream chasing burgeoning shadows until exhausted extinguished... no more. This unrecognized yet all too familiar place... This is where dreams are born. This is where dreams die.

Missing You
Sunny day... reminds me of the warmth in your smile Today I saw a mom and daughter walking arm in arm talking laughing shopping... how I wished it could be us. It seems so many little things... and some days, it is everything... or even, just anything..... reminds me of you. I remember your laugh... the sparkle of your dark brown eyes a merry mischief twinkled from their depths I remember how we talked of everything and nothing at the same time; no one else has ever understood me like you did. All my bad... my faults and habits... rebellious teenage years... you loved me still like any good mother does. *and you were* Such a good mother. Oh, how I wish that I could tell you one more time how much you've meant to me how much I love you. My little girl was sick the other night...

and as I bathed her with wet towels bringing down her fever, checking on her through the night medicines around the clock constant hugs and gentle words I thought of you. All the times you did the same for me... All the times I never got to say "thank you," Mom *so much* for helping me be who I am today. And so I write thinking of you picturing so clearly in my mind beautiful thoughts precious memories of youand hope somehow you know how very much you'll always mean to me; how very much I'm missing you.

Jealous Winter
Winter... you come and go like a child playing peek-a-boo from behind Spring's shy curtain Winter... you are such a jealous child! So grudging of the warmth and life of your Spring sibling you race to steal the show each time your sister dares to show her pretty face and share her smiling warmth gracing us with her gentle presence -your ego too large to take a back seat. Enough, Winter! You have had your day Your turn is no more... The curtain has closed on you yet you insist on coming back for unwanted encores! Oh Spring... please come to shower us with warmth and life and love...

and send your jealous sister back to Mother!

This Tranquility
shimmers of light heaven soft ...

sparkling stardances moonlit mist ...

*do you remember* echoes ... (oh so faint) of far away yesterdays in my soul's memory

*Glittering* *dream-dust* violet *iridescence* falling new re-awakening my spirit to dream again... within this ageless garden

simplicity's oasis

Silver-soft cascade ... mystic waterfall hues of rainbowed light sun-drenched prisms crystalline pure flow down from heaven's realms ~ melting ~ into this rushing river of my soul... my self... with waves of blissful peace

Listen close-! serenity's song --

only the heart can hear these gentle strains ...

melodious enchantment harmonious


Lush forest green life, alive Warm marigold glow sunshine, envelopes

... all becoming this tranquility.

This Moment
I will cherish this moment * this now * this precious time when we are here together - When all is well and we are safe secure at peace... When life is good this moment * this now * When smiles abound love surrounds this gentle time for you and I. I know not what tomorrow brings... or even the next moment. But now is here now is promised now is sure. Now is the present... the gift.

In grateful appreciation quiet joy tranquil serenity I will hold you in my arms and let you hold me too... savoring with solemn tenderness this moment.

Suddenly the Storm
Beautiful spring day! Warm wind so soft playfully lovingly kisses my cheek Dancing breeze quite generous with your touch you send the fallen leaves to play flying wild like children in an outdoor race *then quickly* sunshine sky darkens, the rains begin... how could I know so soon you would turn maliciously violently cruel.

Wind - you grew quite pompous puffed yourself up so Gone - the gentle breeze that touched my heart 'til gathering yourself together --- ever faster --rip-roaring, threatening, all within your path Gray sky - you accommodate destructive ego once gentle wind

now spirals, uncontrolled, whirling, blackened cyclone no longer at play... you seek only to devour. Those who see you shake terrible capabilites you now possess in your anger feverishly pushing all down on their knees to worship you in fear and trembling... expecting all to cower in their homes.

But... you are only wind.

Vain and proud, one thing you forget; you ride *you twist* today's air currents (and take such full advantage) but only for a moment. Just as suddenly reduced to what you were... a simple slight spring breeze before the rains (debris scattered around you from your tantrum) silently awaiting another day another place... you bide your time so well destructive cycle *perverting Mother Nature's precious gift* until the moment you arise once more so large, full of yourself

uninvited, some distant spring day... sweet, chiding wind, at first loving and playful then suddenly the storm.

Sun Alive
Sunshine... warm... on my face forget yesterday today is new it can be the best of the rest of my life... Warmth you inspire my essence of being and touch ~ kiss ~ this burdened soul so softly encouraging to rise and live. golden to my core lovely uplifting your generous rays soft-filled with light dance gently on the water Reflecting Life Reflecting Love Reflecting Hope

I feel a peacefulness just being in your warmth eyes closed, heart beating faster from the heat bestowed upon me your gift of light Rejuvenate my spirit Calm this mind I breathe in your light (I breathe out my dark) I am new this morning

and I am


An eerie little poem for your enjoyment. It's fiction but inspired by a little cave I found one weekend on a woodsy walk (minus the ghostly whispers! "OooooOOOO!" heheh) Also a bit of a message in this write.

Willow's Bluff (Part 1)
The other day I found myself restless and ill at ease, so I thought I'd take a walk forget my cares in spring's warm breeze. The forest was so beautiful and trees, once dead, were turning green I couldn't help but marvel at life's mysteries I had seen. I started on the well worn path and thought I heard a sound; it made me jump, I turned to look, but no one was around. The sunlight streamed so gloriously upon my tear stained face my heart felt light, forgotten cares just being in this place. And then it happened once again I know I heard a noise! I stopped now, to investigate This hidden, quiet voice. I wandered off the walker's trail into the woods much deeper I chanced upon a darkened cave ... and the cave's gatekeeper. A mystical sight to behold unearthly glowing light it rose a bit up from the ground then faded from my sight. I made my way into the cave mysteriously dark and there it was... that voice again... slowly I embarked My flashlight shining at full force was still not bright enough to counter with this deepening dark I'd found near Willow's Bluff. I heard the eerie whispers now quite clearly, in my ear

first one, then two, now several more and though my pioneer spirit got me into this, I felt that it was time to flee! I turned and ran the opposite way the voices though, were still with me! I thought I knew the way back out I tripped my way along my flashlight flickered one last light ... I found that I was wrong... somehow my turns had led me down a path I did not know; I turned to walk the other way but there was no place left to go.

*continue to Part 2*

Willow's Bluff (Part 2)
The whispers getting louder now, my screams rose silently trying to escape my lips, my arms now beating violently! "Let me go! What do you want!?" my mind's voice now demanded of the whispering captors who somehow held me, stranded. The pressure of the moment held me paralyzed with fear. Oh how I wish I'd stayed away and never come in here! Tightening around my chest and whispers growing still... my mind was racing frantically, my body felt a chill. And then... a human voice... a light... the sun gentle and warm... my eyelids fluttered... I awoke, completely safe from harm. My husband leaned down close to me and said "Are you all right? You took a spill and konked your head, you gave us all a fright." Confused, I nodded slowly and my eyes turned toward the river the path I'd taken in my dream was there...! I felt a shiver. "Yes, yes, of course, I'm doing fine, don't worry about me. I'll be right there, you go ahead, but first, there's something I must see." I saw the path, still beckoning it looked as in my dream... a little further down the way ...the same unsettling theme. The cave stood eerily in sight, but I did not venture in. A million questions to my mind, this journey from within. What did it mean? and how

could I explain what I had seen? I chose to bury it down deep and call it ... just a dream. They say that only fools rush in where angels fear to tread walking down an unknown path can lead straight to the dead. One thing for certain, deep inside I know this was not fluff so if you find an unknown path... beware of Willow's Bluff.

Splashing Dog (tanka form)
Great drops of water fly vigorously from him! Black hair glistening he gallops through the river, stops only to shake himself!

Threads of Heaven
Standing in a dream deepest heart's imaginings ... whirling into view ... ... I see you ... Dancing in the sun living life and laughing loud ... savoring your smile ... ... please stay a little while ... Colors soft and muted hues silver strands and crystal blues ... a softly flowing stream ... ... within this lucid dream ... Reaching forth to take my hand beckoning me to this land ... threads of Heaven drift apart ... ... now woven deep within my heart.

a poem personifying the beautiful feeling of hope, approaching the weary heart.

Hope Dances
Hope dances -- silver string -sparkling lights of infinity bold gold *twinkle~mist* deepening into the azure blue of sky

Heart holds -- not too tight -*don’t crush it* held too tight, it disappears hope... you come forth softly timidly into the night of my soul ... light bursts forth ... sun brilliance in my spirit shadows flee the light of hope’s promise held breath (don’t speak too loudly) in this moment

hushed hues rose-pinks and heaven-lavenders rain down drenched silk... this vision whisper of serenity Softly.... gently.... hand outstretched.... hope angelic, silvermisted steps tenderly; in fascination it fills my being with wonderful exhilaration.

Breathe deeply! My soul leaps happily -- or didn’t you know hope dances?

Solitary Rock (choka form)
Cracked and aged with time a solitary rock stands solid, proud and strong. If you could but speak oh, the stories you could tell, hidden in your past. Tales of love and war... children playing, lovers' spats... ancient memories. But you hold your tongue speaking only to nature; quiet reverie.

Another time, another place I pray that someday I will see your precious face again. All that you have given me I never could repay I can only, so woefully, inadequately, say I love you so. My life will never be the same without you. So many years, you've been my dearest friend and confidant You are irreplaceable. I know the end is coming I know the final page like someone who has hesitantly peeked at the end of life's story. A story full of love and life and laughter and tears and bittersweet sorrows... and death. All woven together creating your Beautiful tapestry. Beautiful legacy. Beautiful soul... that will always shine within my own.

Thank you for being you is the best that I can say. These tears will fall in honor of you and this chapter of the book has sorely changed me. I wish you peace and love May you soar upon the highest skies May you find what you have always sought and may you know that you will never be forgotten Not for one moment. Not one smile... Not one word of wisdom... Not one gentle mother's kiss... will I ever forget. Even as I write I cannot stop the tears from falling onto this paper trying somehow, desperately, to channel all my hurt into this pink page on which I write. It feels as though they never will stop. At such a time I almost curse these wretched emotions that at once can make us so content yet in an instant we are racked with grief. But life goes on... at least that's what they say. If only I could capture each precious moment in time and freeze it - hold it always all the days and years... But I cannot.

I will hold you, though... in my heart forever and wait impatiently for the day that I will see you again.

This following poem is about the passing of my mother, Annette. She was a rock, kind and loving, my confidant and best friend - a wonderful woman. I miss her already, deeply. She died on January 24th, 2009 at 10:30 p.m. due to complications of a UTI that went septic through her system, and a blood clot that formed in her foot. She suffered and painfully fought for three weeks... she was facing multiple amputations of all her limbs and multiple organ failure. She was only 61. My heart was imprinted greatly with her love and I am thankful for her. She made me so much of who I am today.

Letting Go
Letting go of things that I once held dear, believed in My soul stripped bare in agony, for all the world to see Heart beats yet it feels so cold inside Silence sits like stone in my spirit. Life has led us on this journey... but one lonely road sought us out with furious speed; A road that was not wanted or desired. How can you be so accepting? How can you not be angry, as I am? How can you ... still believe? ...and how will I ever again believe...? I feel as though life took a wrong turn... or someone didn't write the script correctly... it wasn't supposed to be this way.

I weep great sobbing tears that threaten to rip out my very essence The pain so sharp like knives of ice The judgment harsh unfair and undeserved Sternly.... mercilessly... delivered. They say that there is peace in death but there was none only cruel suffering that should not have been allowed; torment inflicted poor bruised body until so still you lay... life was no more. I ask, "What meaning can there be?" I strain to hear the answer but there is no response... only unwavering silence. A part of me will never be the same. Existence I now view with different eyes.

I Need You

(dedicated to my husband, Mike.)

My heart needs you... like water, life you are the soil my love grows in. My soul needs you... a spark of light within my darkest moment you illuminate love. My body needs you... your soft caress you tenderly kiss away the outside world. I need you... my other half my reason to be only you make me whole. I love you.

What's on the Cover
"Fat, fat, the water rat," the other children said and she could never after get that phrase out of her head. Little girl would anxiously await the time for play, praying silently that they would not tease her today. Every recess was the same and each day she would cry, at times she felt so hideous she wanted to just die. She had to work three times as hard to lose a little weight while others could eat anything that sat upon their plate. She grew into her teen years all too quickly she found out that if her food did not stay down no longer she'd be stout. She knew that this was not the way, a miserable eating plan; but it made the teasing stop, she even met a man. She kept her secret very well continued it for years while going through life's motions, hid behind her silent tears. Folks would say "You're beautiful," but if they only knew just what it took to stay that way they'd have a different view. Life goes on, and time went by no matter how she tried she never felt like she belonged sometimes she sat and cried. Society cares far too much for lust of lovely things, And those that don't like what they see will quickly clip the wings of someone else who won't conform to this world's shape and image.

It matters not, their brains or heart, it's more about the visage. She raised her head and looked into the mirror, with wet eyes she shook her head and suddenly she came to realize she was as good as anyone with so much love to give she'd died inside, a slave to scales she now wanted to live. She splashed cool water on her face and made a solemn vow today would be a fresh new start beginning here and now. This is not just one girl's story many share her tale; warnings of bulimia oft met with no avail. If only we could look beyond the flesh of one another; True value based on what's inside, not what's on the cover.

Tenderness... longing... for your touch Eternity... of waiting... to embrace other half of my spirit; soul's mate. I feel you in my heart and though I cannot hold you... you are with me always every moment's lifetime each day's forever. your thoughts are mine and mine are yours for we are two of one... I have known you always; you are the song I sing. Flowing love... gentle heart... soul's touch... passion's warmth. I did not forget I could not forget... gentle on the lips of my memory fiery in the depths of my soul.

Eternal love, I will hold you always in my heart... until someday we are again as one.

Room with a View
She sits alone this quiet room feels so empty echoes her quiet scream. She barely catches just a glimpse of one lonely tree branch it seems to mock her; Saying, see, I am alone but I am free and you are not. Why did life turn out this way? Why is it so difficult just to live? Hot tears fall down; she silently prays that God will somehow rescue her from this place. The hours go by; days and minutes all turn into months and years At times it seems unbearable where did the time go? Where did life go? joys exchanged for fears She sighs so deep within her spirit just another day -

they are all the same. But she is resigned to this hollow existence weary silence in this room with a view.

(This form is an epulaeryu - which is a poem of certain line, syllable, & always about delicious food.)

Ode to Chocolate :)
Deliciously inviting Tempting to my tongue Silky chocolate velvet Whether milk or dark Candy, cocoa tooMelts in mouth ~ Mmmmm! ~

Native American Kimo
Native American, stands proud and strong legacy of bravery Great Spirit guides your heart.

Some humor for those winter days ;)

On a Day Like Today
On a day like today, I just want to scream. This day is so cold! I'd much rather day-dream... ...of a small tropic island where sun always shines Yes! That would do nicely! (though just in my mind) On a hot sandy beach, where the water's deep blue; relaxing and warm, with palm trees in my view... and a drink in my hand, with that little umbrella! My warm, leisured day would read like a novella...! But I open my eyes drat! this dull winter gray! I prefer my day-dreams on a day like today! :)

Winter Day (choka form)
Cloudy winter day sky is gray and motionless silver-white frost blankets all chill runs through my bones grass once green is dry and brown; tree branches are stark and bare northern winds blow cold thick clouds hide sunlight from life nature sleeps, awaiting spring.

Before the Storm (choka form)
Life is strangely still scent of rain is in the air animals are listening Sky becoming dark wind begins to softly blow gently whirling leaves play tag Storm clouds rolling in thunder rumbles distantly wind now blowing forcefully creatures take cover lightning flashes in the sky raindrop falls on my window.

I know that I'm not perfect make mistakes from time to time but the largest err I've made was not forgiving you this time. You're the one that always makes a smile out of my frown Emotions, though, got in the way; I fear I've let you down. I hid my heart so selfishly and distant, from your view I could not bear to hurt again and so, stayed mad at you I let myself forget the good and happy things we were instead I've been so negative, our memories a blur. I thought no longer you recalled the pleasance of our youth, had traded years of loyalty with new and bitter truth, But yesterday you smiled at me I saw within your eyes A spark that was meant just for me, there would be no goodbyes And then we laughed, you held my hand and gave my lips your kiss. We talked about so many things, a long-due reminisce I felt I'd found you once again my hero, my best friend; Whatever this world throws at us, together, we'll transcend. The life we share means more to me Than old misunderstandings I won't subject our love, our trust, to those childish meanderings.

Once you broke my heart, But also I've hurt you... So please, forgive my foolishness; and I'll forgive yours too.

~.~ Our journey of life begins in mystery, but amidst the darkness and confusion... we find destiny's light ~.~

night dark road winding unknown journey waiting violet sky moonless night winter's mist deep path ahead fate calling silence speaks softly life's call love's all pride's fall awakened journey's vision spirit's quest vibrant hope inspires twilight shadow swirling haze door illumined opens ears to hear eyes to see heart to feel destiny.

Beside You
When your burden's heavy I will share the load... And when your heart is breaking, My hand is here to hold. When your life is upside down With sadness creeping in I will be a listening ear A comfort and a friend. When everyone you've trusted in Turns and runs away My love will give you strength Carry you through each new day. And when the night becomes too dark So that you cannot see... Know that by your side Is where you will find Me. Love, God

I Blinked
When I first brought you home so wondrous to behold little fingers, precious toes tiny bundle of perfection And then I blinked. Nature through your eyes Each day is a surprise the time so quickly flies you gaze at life with wonder And then I blinked. With baby steps you now explore we'll never go back to before you've opened up life's door and stepped on through And then I blinked. First day of school came much too fast Your toddler days I knew would pass I wonder if my heart is glass I feel it start to break And then I blinked. Packed away your little toys you're now concerned with friends, and boys and walk with such a graceful poise baby steps no more, you run so quickly. And then I blinked. Getting ready, that first date can't we slow things down, please wait. I hear echoes of yesterday the years have gone by much too rapidly. And then... I blinked.

Little Yellow Socks
Little yellow socks running down the hall "Slow down with those socks on," I'd yell... too late, the fall! Little yellow socks padding softly late at night climbing up into my lap one more hug, out goes the light. Little yellow socks follow me with squeals of laughter; Oh how she loves to run in them, Begging me to come chase after! Little yellow socks... now not being worn a lot. My little girl is growing up, No longer just a tot. Little yellow socks will be cast aside someday I must guard these precious moments; in my heart, they'll safely stay.

If you still think of me the way I think of you I wouldn't mind if you just said hello... sometime.

If you dream of me the way I dream of you I wouldn't mind if you said you missed me... sometime.

If you care for me the way I care for you I wouldn't mind if you said you need me... sometime. but if you love me the way I love you I wouldn't mind if we left all unsaid... until sometime.

It's Nothing
Lost in my thoughts you ask me what's wrong (I hate that question) I smile and say "It's nothing" but really it's something... The sum of far too many nothings that sometimes knock on my spirit's door. Totality of all the grandly glaring loudly unsaid things that build the wall (we hide behind) that is between us. Memories of hurt that you don't even see or maybe you refuse to see. Memories of hurt I've tried to erase but like a stubborn stain they will not go away So many things that should be said between you and I... but never are. A simple question is precursor to loneliness emptiness misunderstanding And so... when you ask, I know just what to say.

It's nothing. Time has taught that telling you my fears my worries only cause an angry hurt between us. And so... I simply leave it unstated. It's nothing. But there are times when all these things come crashing into me (so strong) like waves descending violently upon some far away, sandy shore Why won't you see? Why do you refuse to see? But in time the pain subsides, retreating to the furthest corners of my mind, my soul waiting for the time when they will surface yet again. Never mind me. Everything is fine. I'm just lost in my thoughts... Really. It's nothing.

Look at life through outside eyes Always on the edge. Outside looking in. Fascination Desperation Irritation in this place.

New yet old no sense *forgotten* ... frustration.

Eternity my mystery... ... and so I wander.

Eye of the Beholder
One man sees as so much junk, another man sees treasure; what looks like nothing to the one, another sees as pleasure. This throw-away society has no regard for what's inside; The bigger toys, houses, cars are things on which we thrive. Material, expensive -all the joys that cash can buy but happy feelings quickly fade, continued search for their next high. Factories to build our stuff and trucks to ship it back and forth God's green earth sits uncared for technology instead, the worth. Slowly species disappear flowers, animals and trees... how long before the next to go will be humanity? Simple beauty is what's best Love's treasure is what's true Reshift our focus to the heart It has to start with me and you. The green of grass, majestic trees the mountains topped with snow bright patches of wildflowers and the rhythmic river's flow... To be at one with nature is simplicity and peace honest work and gentle pay that skyscrapers threaten to cease. We push ourselves - faster, faster! when does the rushing end? When looking back upon our lives and years how were they spent...? Enjoying the gift that was given to us of life or years of bills we can't afford relationships of strife?

Always bigger, always best to build the corporate machine trade physical for spiritual... industry gray replacing green. How sad some do not see these things even when time has made us older, but then... beauty has always lain in the eye of the beholder.

Blue Heron Freedom (haiku)
Great blue heron soars with coat of majestic blue... freedom in motion.

hidden path golden light rainbow's end spirit's flight deep remembrance drawing near... Love's resplendence... Heaven's tear... lifetime's moment, quest divine; mountain's summit, upward climb... awakened spirit longing for the One who knocks at my heart's door softly calling out to me, delving deep I humbly seek God who loves and guards me so; Your tenderness, grateful to know searching for Your gentle truth... I looked within, and I found You.

Luke 17:20-21: "Now when He was asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God would come, He answered them and said, “The kingdom of God does not come with observation; nor will they say, ‘See here!’ or ‘See there!’ For indeed, the kingdom of God is within you .”

Give Me Some Words
Give me some words and I'll give you a rhyme A few precious thoughts, just a bit of your time Let's love one another and sing a new song Keep all that's right and fix all that's wrong Greet the new day with a kiss and a smile With the knowledge that living this life is worthwhile. Sing a new lyric and hear with our heart Combine all the separate that keeps us apart Out with the old, and in with the new; Out with the "me" and in with the "you" Loving each other eternity's key It's beginnings are old... it continues with me. We must let love's message of learning to trust dwell never ending in each one of us. If you or I think that we don't need each other How can any stand with no sister, no brother? So give me some words and I'll give you a rhyme We'll share life's sweet poem one line at a time.

(A little something to make you laugh) ;)

Alarm clock didn't ring this morning; Overslept - and now I'm late! (but I would have stayed in bed, had I known what lay in wait!) Weatherman said "sunny skies" I headed out the door; no sooner had I stepped outside, when it began to pour. Water dripping off my nose I got into my car, turned the key, to my dismay I found it would not start. So I did the next best thing, and called the cab in our small town He said that he was covered up; eventually, though, he'd be on down. While I waited by the curb I counted up my cash... when suddenly, I heard a noise a terribly loud crash! The taxi driver was just fine ... but his cab fared not so well... The front of it was caved and crashed and he began to yell... and yell. Thinking I could take the bus (in my haste I broke a heel) Bus just left as I arrived *sigh* today requires nerves of STEEL! Getting later by the minute shift at work about to start; thinking fast, my eyes beheld an old abandoned shopping cart! Oh what luck, oh happy day! I hopped on it with glee,

and shucking off the other shoe I rode it down the street. I was doing pretty well... until I saw some lights of blue. The officer walked up to me and said, "I'll have to ticket you." "Please, kind sir, just let me tell you what all I've been through today," as I related my sad story... he shrugged, and fined me anyway.

Stranded now, without my cart, and wondering what to do... idea! I saw a skateboarder whom I quickly hobbled to, my hair was falling in my face and makeup smeared my eyes... "I'll pay you 20 bucks," I said, "if you'll lend me your ride!" He thought it over, gave a shrug, and happily took my money. Overjoyed, away I went, who cares if I looked funny? Breathlessly, I finally rolled into the parking lot I tucked the board under my arm... by now I was distraught for my boss came out to meet me and his face had turned quite red. I tried promptly to explain he only stood, shaking his head, and pointed at the company clock that sat above the office door I turned and looked - to my appal, I saw that it was half-past four. Long story short, I came back home

and nevermore will be returning. My ex-boss had made it clear, a new job I would now be learning.

So here I sit, with pen in hand, and classifieds upon the table; next time a day begins like that, I'll just stay home and watch my cable! :P

Merry Christmas, Dad Dad, I always think of you every day... but holidays like this can make it a little harder. I hear the Christmas songs of cheer see the lights up in the square the busy murmurs of people shopping for their loved ones... It seems almost perfect. The tree, the lights, the gifts, the songs and plays joyful vacation days; but something's missing. The voice that rang throughout the house Christmas season singing triumphantly, beautifullly "O Holy Night" I still can't listen to that song without hearing your strong voice in my ears. The hands that wiped my tears, wrapped my Christmas presents made his special "banana pudding recipe" left me letters from Santa. Oh dad... how I miss you. I know they say time heals and life goes on and all those other wonderful cliches

that people always tell you simply because they don't know what else to say. I will never forget you - my hero, my protector. I speak of you often to my own little girl want her to know the grandpa she can't meet yet... the grandpa who would love her so. Dad, you are always in our hearts and minds, I never got to say thank you... for everything. for helping me to be the woman I am today. I look at my reflection in the mirror - I can also see you. I sing my songs - and I can also hear you. I laugh... and sometimes I can hear your laughter too. My daughter smiles at me... and you are in her smile. I wish that you could know how much you've always meant to me and all the things that you have done to shape my life, so positively... But all that I can say, is this: Merry Christmas, Dad. I love you.

Liars (an acrostic & rhyme)

Look into my eyes, tell me the truth for once - a lie Is all it ever was, I know that now. Although my love for you runs deep, my soul Retreats from your caress; you have

Shown me you are just another one of many liars.

Liars always seem to know exactly what to do; they'll say whatever it might take to make you think the lie is true. In deceit they spin their webs of never-ending lies, and get so comfortable with it they'll look you in your eyes and make it seem so real, and true, the words they say could make you weep; but they are simply con-men, the masters of deceit. However, there will come a day, when they no longer can atone for loved ones will no longer listen and they will wake to find they are alone.

Love's Sweet Remembrance Tenderness... longing... for your touch Eternity... of waiting... to embrace Other half of my spirit soul's mate I feel you in my heart I think of you... (memories) ... and I know that you remember too. I feel your thoughts for we are two of one Separated for but a moment's lifetime a day's forever... you are the song I sing. Flowing love... gentle heart... soul's touch... passion's warmth. I did not forget.

I could not forget. In my heart all life long soul's song spirit's kiss gentle on the lips of my memory fiery in the depths of my soul you are my eternal love someday we will be reunited. Til then, I will hold you always... in love's sweet remembrance.

He Speaks to Me He speaks to me in bright blue skies Gentle winds, wildflower sighs Glorious trees, majestic, strong; All a part of nature's song. Waterfalls so pure and clean Each blade of grass, life's color, green. The sunshine in the sky so bright, And stars that twinkle in the night. The wonder of the rising sun Tranquility when day is done; Sparkling dewdrops on my toes... All lend themselves to nature's prose. Birds that sing their springtime song Playful summer nights so long Colored leaves of red and gold Lush blankets of fresh fallen snow. Falling rain, mountain streams Bubbling brooks or crashing seas... Listening with my heart, I see This is how God speaks to me.

Sweet Communion hidden path golden light rainbow's end spirit's flight deep remembrance drawing near... Love's resplendence... Heaven's tear... lifetime's moment quest divine mountain's summit upward climb awakened spirit longing for One who knocks my heart's door softly calling out to me delving deep I humbly seek God who loves and guards me so; His tenderness, grateful to know searching for His gentle truth sweet communion finding You.

Found Orchid whispers violet dreams dancing rainbows my heart sings For the joy so pure and light of tenderness, your arms so tight Around me, your love overflows into my heart caress my soul Warm embrace so tender, true at life's long last I have found you.

L-O-V-E lyrics by Amy Swanson (c) May, 1998 (dedicated to every woman who's ever had one of these!) Hey now Mr. Satin Sheets, you think you're so fine... wouldn't give you the time of day, here's the reason why: You're a womanizer, pulverizer, think you're so sly, but let me tell you something honey - your heart is like ice. You try so hard to hide, but it's easy to see, there's one little word you need to learn... it's L-O-V-E. Now I don't care how sweet you talk, but honey it's your walk that would make me come around, and give you my heart, but lately, what I'm seein' just ain't lookin' too good... it's evident to me, that your soul is like wood. You think you've got my number, but you still need the dime; gotta know for certain boy, you'll never be mine. You try so hard to hide, but it's easy to see, there's one little word you need to learn... it's L-O-V-E. Now, I'll admit, you had me in circles for a little while, and all it took, was just one look, and a sweet... smile. But, baby, I've been down this road before; I took the scenic route... but I'm not taking it anymore! So baby... take your velvet talk and groovy lines too.... I ain't playin' anymore, cause it ain't cool. Said you'd give me the world, all I got was a lie You gotta know, there's just some things that money don't buy. I was looking for love, but instead I found you It's my opinion honey, you don't have a clue. You try so hard to hide, but it's easy to see,

there's one little word you need to learn... it's L-O-V-E. Yeah, you'll be cryin' baby, that's easy to see til you learn about that little word, L-O-V-E. go on back to school, learn a few things don't come back to me.

Falling Dreams
(written for a friend)

Falling... falling... ... so much in my head... is it even worth it to get out of bed? Really not sure, can I face the day But life goes on... life goes on. I'll find a way. I can't explain exactly why it is I feel so blue but I would bet some money, it still has to do with you! People go through harder things, and this I understand but my world's been turned upside down completely by a man. I've been through this before should have recognized it when the problem started knocking at my door. I hate this feeling... hate what you have done to us. And you don't even care; No, you don't even care. Destroyed my security and made me doubt our unity true love is such a rarity. And so it's left to me patch the pieces of this life Make believe I feel no pain...

and go on as your wife.

But... my heart still feels fractured betrayed and torn And in my dreams I will be Falling... falling... falling.

Endlessly Take my hand and teach me what I do not know Touch my lips and kiss me, I'll follow where you go. Tell me that your heart is mine; I'll give mine to you. Show me of your loyalty, I'll be forever true. Warm my soul so tenderly when bitter cold winds blow; Help me believe I'm beautiful even when we're old. Love me, dear, not just for now, but all eternity Not a weekend, not a day, but always... endlessly.

Season of Love (for the Holidays) Holidays are here, and with them comes the time of celebration… times of love and laughter, times of joy and exultation. Moms and grandmas busy planning out the special dinner, while dads and grandpas talk about who’ll be the playoffs winner. Kids are full of laughter, cousins run and play together, while aunts and uncles gather to discuss the news and weather. Times are hard - but love is here, and this is the real treasure… It’s not about what we can buy it’s that we’re all together. It’s more than gifts or parties, and more than buying toys… it’s not about the money spent. It’s all about the joys, of being loved by those most dear to us, and loving them; of reaching out to those in need, to be a helping friend. It’s not about what food we eat, nor the clothes we wear; the real celebration is love’s free gift, our hearts forever in it’s warm care.

A Dream I thought you were a dream and then I turned around… there you were Your smile lit up my world like sunshine in the sky You touched my heart and never let it go. We laughed like little children playing in the rain and for a moment time stood still Your heart with mine beating as one spirit to spirit soul to soul. But that was another time, another place… another destiny. I thought you were a dream and then I turned around… And I awoke.

Invisible All her life, she tried to stay where no one else could see. It's part of being invisible. When much has happened in your life You become afraid. Afraid to live... afraid to love... Best to stay where no else can hurt your heart. Live life from a distance try to hide your heart Never let them know just how vulnerable you are. For if they do... they may use it against you. I know. Put on a smile... dream your dreams... but keep a little part invisible.

Mystic Walk I took a mystic walk with you, a haze of violet, and sapphire blue You reached out gently for my hand and I began to understand The universe, in all its glory only a part of life’s long story So much more will we behold sparkling new, of ancient old. You deeply looked into my eyes visions - memories- other lives of you and I, your hand in mine, in love, but running out of time… When I met you, remembrance was there but this lifetime won’t be so fair It seems the work we have to do must come before love burns anew. But… I still see you in my dreams, on twilight walks…. by crystal streams… Promises of timeless love, as sure as stars that shine above. Come… take a mystic walk with me, in spirit dreams our love is free For in this place of timeless time… I am yours… and you are mine. My Little Girl I may not ever do great things,

or change the world at all but there is someone in whose eyes I know I stand quite tall. She brings each problem, each concern, and trusts in me to find the answer that will soothe her heart and bring her peace of mind. A band-aid, or a hug, or smile, is all she ever asks I find life’s greatest joys in these humbling, gentle tasks. When there are days that I feel sad, betrayed by all the world, I look at her and my heart smiles my precious little girl.

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