m 1. Get some landscaping inspiration
(and a Ritual coffee) at Flora Grubb Gardens. 1634 Jerrold Ave., 415-648-2670,

m 8. Discover local, emerging contemporary artists at Ampersand. 1001 Tennessee St., 415-285-0170,

m 9. Stop by Red Hill Books for story
hour. 401 Cortland Ave., 415-648-5331

Different Light Bookstore. 489 Castro St., 415-431-0891,

m 10. Hook up over coffee at Café Flore.

m 1. Up the picnic ante and splurge on
some d’Affinois cheese at Say Cheese. 856 Cole St., 415-665-5020

2298 Market St., 415-621-8579, cafeflore. com

m 9. Take a Thursday night qigong class
at Acupuncture Kitchen. 2325 Third St., no. 4R, 415-553-5999, acupuncturekitchen. com

m 2. Save the date for the Hunters Point
Shipyard Artists’ Open Studio, a great place to find affordable art. Hunters Point Shipyard, Innes Street near waterfront, 888-640-5554,

m 1. Have your fortune made at the
Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory. 56 Ross Aly., 415-781-3956

m 2. Don’t compromise and split the
gingerbread pancakes and eggs Benedict at Zazie. 941 Cole St., 415-564-5332,

m 1. Get a milkshake (and two straws) at
Joe’s Cable Car. 4320 Mission St., 415334-6699,

m 3. Venture into Heron’s Head Park
for an off-the-grid urban hike. Cargo Way and Jennings St., 415-282-6840

m 2. Give up coffee for tea at Red Blossom Tea. 831 Grant Ave., 415-395-0868,

m 3. Wake up early to watch a rugby
match on the big screen at Kezar Pub. 770 Stanyan St., 415-386-9292

m 4. Sample the local brews at Speakeasy Ales. 1195 Evans Ave., 415-642-3371,

m 2. Throw the ball for the dog at the
McLaren Park reservoir. At Mansell St. and John F. Shelley Dr.

m 3. Sign up for Shirley Fong-Torres’ Wok
Wiz walking tour of Chinatown. 650-3559657,

m 4. Take the shortcut from Cole to Clayton through Cole Valley Dog Park behind the N tracks.

m 5. Get your craft on and scrounge
through piles of recycled art supplies at SCRAP. 801 Toland St., 415-647-1746,

m 3. Sample your way through the Broken Record’s collection of 200 whiskeys. 1166 Geneva Ave., 415-963-1713

m 4. And then buy an authentic wok (or
any number of Chinese cooking tools) from owner Tane Chan at the Wok Shop. 718 Grant Ave., 415-989-3797, wokshop. com

m 5. Write in your journal while sipping
a cappuccino in the backyard of Reverie Cafe. 848 Cole St., 415-242-0200

m 4. Check out work by local artists (and
get your caffeine fix) at Mama’s Art Cafe. 4754 Mission St., 415-586-8453, mamasf. com

m 6. Try (tipsy) glassblowing at one
of Public Glass’ “Hot Glass, Cold Beer” events. 1750 Armstrong Ave., 415-671-4916,

m 6. Get some free inspiration and flip
through home design books at Egg + Urban Mercantile. 85 Carl St., 415-643-6372,

m 5. Order whatever was cooked on the
spit that day at Kokkari. 200 Jackson St., 415-981-0983,

m 5. Take a deep breath at the lush
Cayuga Playground garden. Naglee St. and Cayuga Ave.

m 7. Get your pooch open-water-ready
at Pet Camp’s dog swim sessions. 525 Phelps St., 415-282-0700,

m 7. Splurge on a Sweet Almond Latte
spa pedicure at Lavande. 113 Carl St., 415-566-5333,

m 6. Start at the Old U.S. Mint and
meander the 3.8 miles’ worth of Barbary Coast Trail bronze medallions. U.S. Mint at Fifth and Mission Sts.

m 6. Work your way through the menu
at Beijing Restaurant, beginning with the fennel dumplings. 1801 Alemany Blvd., 415-333-8182

m 8. Scope out the kiteboarders (or try
it yourself) at Candlestick Park. 602 Jamestown Ave.

m 8. Order a traditional kaiseki dinner at
the unmarked Hama-Ko Sushi on Carl Street. 108 Carl St., 415-753-6808

m 7. Channel another era with a martini
and steak tartare at Bix. 56 Gold St., 415-433-6300,

m 9. Forage for salvaged (a.k.a., shabby
chic) windows, doors and bathtubs at Building Resources. 701 Amador St., 415-285-7814,

m 7. Get some friends together for
a softball game at Crocker Amazon playground. Geneva Ave & Moscow St., 415-831-2700

m 9. Pick up the ultimate hostess gift
- macarons - at Boulange in Cole Valley. 1000 Cole St., 415-242-2442,

m 8. Browse the spendy antique stores
on Jackson Street. Starting at Montgomery and Jackson Sts.

m 8. Dive into a stack of pupusas at the
Excelsior outpost of Balompie Cafe. 3801 Mission St., 415-647-4000

m 1. Have a straight-out-of-the-oven blueberry-bran muffin at The Liberty Café Bakery. 410 Cortland Ave., 415-695-8777,

m 9. Have a Arturo Fuente cigar on the

m 1. Check out a gay-fabulous flick at the
Castro Theatre. 429 Castro St., 415-621-6120,

heated patio of the Cigar Bar & Grill. 850 Montgomery St., 415-398-0850,

m 1. Look up to see the hawks circling the
rustic canyon paths of Glen Canyon Park. Elk at Chenery Sts., 415-337-4705

m 2. Spend a Sunday afternoon happy
hour on the patio of El Rio nursing a bloody mary pint. 3158 Mission St, 415282-3325,

m 2. Wait in line for a Superman sandwich
with dirty sauce at Ike’s Place. Follow with Tums. 3506 16th St., 415-553-6888,

m 1. Wait for the daily menu posting on
Twitter and order the sandwich du jour from Kitchenette. 958 Illinois St.,

m 2. Forget cooking for a night and stop
at Canyon Market to get something from its gourmet deli. 2815 Diamond St., 415586-9999,

m 3. Get a 360-degree view while walking the trails that circle the tippy top of Bernal Heights Hill.

m 3. Sit at the piano and sing along with
the boys at Martuni’s. 4 Valencia St., 415-241-0205

m 2. Pick up a made-in-SF, eco-friendly
messenger bag at Rickshaw Bagworks. 904 22nd St., 415-904-8368,

m 3. Sit down to a potato-and-bacon
pizza at Gialina. 2842 Diamond St., 415-239-8500,

m 4. Shop for Asian vegetables at the
Alemany Farmers Market. 100 Alemany Blvd., 415-647-9423

m 4. Spend Sunday trying to keep count
of the all-you-can-drink-for-$6 mimosas at Lime. 2247 Market St., 415-621-5256,

m 3. Sit down to some housemade beignets at Just For You Cafe. 732 22nd St., 415-647-3033,

m 4. Take time to smell the roses at the
lovely Arlington Community Garden. At Arlington Street and Highland Ave.

m 5. Go salsa dancing at Roccapulco
(followed by a midnight snack of fried plantains at El Zocalo, a block away). 3140 Mission St., 415-648-6611,

m 5. Shop for feather boas and tool belts
at Cliff’s Variety. 479 Castro St., 415-431-5365,

m 4. Fuel up your VW or Mercedes with
biodiesel at Dogpatch Biofuels. 765 Pennsylvania Ave., 415-643-3435,

m 5. Find some quiet time at the new
Glen Park Library. 2825 Diamond St., 415-355-2858

m 6. Make dinner reservations at the
counter of Blue Plate and watch the kitchen action. 3218 Mission St., 415-2826777,

m 6. Strike a pose at Friday’s happy-hour
dance party at Badlands. 4121 18th St., 415-626-9320,

m 6. Play darts at the Glen Park Station
(not the BART stop—the dive bar). 2816 Diamond St., 415-333-4633

m 5. Three words. Red. Flannel. Hash.
(Have it for brunch at Serpentine.) 2495 Third St., 415-252-2000,

m 7. Catch a concert at Café Du Nord (or
a little acoustic at the adjacent Swedish American Hall). 2170 Market St., 415-8615016,

m 7. Have a super burrito at Taqueria
Cancun (and bring quarters for the jukebox). 2288 Mission St., 415-252-9560

m 7. Pick up a conversation piece, like
a Paul McCobb coffeetable, at Modern Past. 677 Chenery St., 415-333-9007,

m 6. Test-run your date over
biodynamic wine at Yield. 2490 Third St., 415-401-8984,

m 8. Find the perfect birthday gift at
Heartfelt (and ask them to wrap it). 436 Cortland Ave., 415-648-1380, heartfeltsf. com

m 8. Have a 3 a.m., post-clubbing breakfast at Bagdad Café. 2295 Market St., 415-621-4434,

m 7. Score an Eames knockoff at Sphere
Designs. 2525 Third St., 415-738-8446,

m 8. Have a greasy-spoon, stack-of-pancakes breakfast at Tyger’s. 2798 Diamond St., 415-239-4060

m 9. Pick up some social criticism at A

m 9. Browse Perch for some whimsical
home decor. 654 Chenery St., 415-586-9000,

at Honeys & Heroes. 3366 Sacramento St., 415-567-6780,

m 10. Bring the kids to Kids’ Night on
Tuesdays at Chenery Park. Or just order the housemade beef-a-roni for yourself. 683 Chenery St., 415-337-8537,

m 1. Do dinner at A16 (2355 Chestnut St.,
415-771-2216, and a movie at the Presidio Theatre (2340 Chestnut St., 415-776-2388,

gallery hop at Creativity Explored (3245 16th St., 415-863-2108, creativityexplored. org), Needles + Pens (3253 16th St., 415-255-1534,, Adobe Books (3166 16th St., 415-864-3936), Michael Rosenthal (365 Valencia St., 415552-1010 552-1010, and Jack Hanley (395 Valencia St., 415-522-1623,


m 4. Dine on cochinita pibil at the colorful
Mi Lindo Yucatán. 4042 24th St., 415-826-3942

m 5. Grab a cup o’ joe at Bernie’s. 3966
24th St., 415-642-1192

m 6. Savor a scoop of baby coconut ice
cream at Mitchell’s. Gild the lily and get it dipped in chocolate. 688 San Jose Ave., 415-648-2300,

m 1. Indulge in your black licorice fetish
at Miette Patisserie and Confi serie. 449 Octavia St., 415-626-6221,

m 2. Load up a Let’s Be Frank grass-fed
hot dog with devil sauce. 3318 Steiner St., 415-674-6755,

m 5. Drink a cheap, 16-ounce margarita at
the Latin American Club. 3286 22nd St., 415-647-2732

m 7. Indulge your inner Julia Child at
Omnivore Books. 3885 Cesar Chavez St., 415-282-4712,

m 3. Fly a kite at Crissy Field. m 4. Be a lady who lunches at Balboa
Café (but get the burger). 3199 Fillmore St., 415-921-3944,

m 6. Wake up to a bowl of bread pudding
at Tartine Bakery. 600 Guerrero St., 415487-2600,

m 2. Sift through top-notch vintage at
Ver Unica. 437 Hayes St., 415-431-0688

m 8. Hike up Billy Goat Hill for a secluded spot to take in the city. 300 Beacon St.

m 7. Ogle the midcentury chandeliers at
Monument. 572 Valencia St., 415-8619800,

m 3. Get creative with Lite-Brite while
downing a pint at Place Pigalle. 520 Hayes St., 415-552-2671

m 5. Get hit on at the MatrixFillmore.
3138 Fillmore St., 415-563-4180,

m 8. Have a breakfast of huevos rancheros at Los Jarritos. 901 S. Van Ness Ave., 415-648-8383,

m 1. Have a late-night dinner with the rest
of the restaurant industry at Nopa. 560 Divisadero St., 415-864-8643,

m 4. Order a Blue Bottle gibraltar.
315 Linden St., 415-252-7535, 5. Try on an outrageously expensive negligee at Alla Prima. 539 Hayes St., 415-864-8180,

m 6. Find a deal at My Roommate’s
Closet. 3044 Fillmore St., 415-447-7703,

m 9. Buy something beautiful for someone special at the Bell Jar. 3187 16th St., 415-626-1749,

m 2. Get down with your high school
self at one of Madrone’s decade-themed dance parties. 500 Divisadero St., 415-2410202,

m 7. Make friends with someone who has
a sailboat.

m 10. People-watch on a warm afternoon
at the Revolution Café. 3248 22nd St., 415-642-0474

m 6. Have a cocktail and a housemade
hot dog at Absinthe. 398 Hayes St., 415-551-1590,

m 8. Conduct an ethereally quiet, weehours grocery run to Marina Safeway. 15 Marina Blvd., 415-563-4946

m 3. Hit up an indie rock concert at The
Independent. 628 Divisadero St., 415-7711421,

m 7. Get a cheap cut at Zenzi’s beauty
school. 551 Hayes St., 415-575-3540, zenzis. org

m 9. Have a beer on the back patio of the
Tipsy Pig. 2231 Chestnut St., 415-2922300,

m 1. Indulge on the cheap with a glass
of $2.95 wine and a cheese plate during Nook’s daily happy hour. 1500 Hyde St., 415-447-4100,

m 4. Indulge in a Jay’s cheesesteak. 553
Divisadero St., 415-771-5104

m 8. Deliberate over your pre-symphony
dinner reservation: Zuni or Jardinière? 1658 Market St., 415-552-2522, zunicafe. com; 300 Grove St., 415-861-5555,

m 10. Follow up a run through the Presidio with a hearty brunch at Rose’s Café. 2298 Union St., 415-775-2200,

m 5. Meet up for Ethiopian food, a game
of pool and drinks at Club Waziema. 543 Divisadero St., 415-346-6641, clubwaziema. com

m 2. Browse through a mix of handpicked vintage and cutting-edge designer garb at Anica. 2418 Polk St., 415-447-2878,

m 6. Get the ingredients for a fancy dinner party at Falletti Foods. 308 Broderick St., 415-626-4400,

m 9. Grab a PBR at the tiny, quirky Fecal
Face Dot Gallery’s next opening. 66 Gough St.,

m 1. Choose from the 50 selections on
tap at Toronado (547 Haight St., 415863-2276, and pair it with a beer sausage from Rosamunde (545 Haight St., 415-437-6851).

m 3. Put on some shades and ogle Interior Visions’ impressive antique chandelier collection. 2206 Polk St., 415-771-0656,

m 7. Take pictures of tourists taking
pictures of the Painted Ladies at Alamo Square Park. Fulton and Steiner Sts.

m 10. Make your moves during the Rickshaw Stop’s monthly Non Stop Bhangra party. 155 Fell St., 415-861-2011,

m 4. If you like piña coladas and getting
caught in the (indoor) rain then head to The Tonga Room. 950 Mason St., 415772-5278,

m 8. Share some small plates at Poleng
Lounge. 1751 Fulton St., 415-441-1751,

m 2. Time yourself at Kezar Stadium’s
track. 755 Stanyan St.

m 1. Surprise your sweetie with a bouquet
from Birch. 3263 Sacramento St, 415-9224724,

m 9. Stop by Fly Bar’s happy hour for
half-priced pizzas and $3 draft beers. 762 Divisadero St., 415-931-4359,

m 3. Play fetch with the dog at Buena
Vista Park. Haight Street and Buena Vista East Avenue

m 5. For an exciting church mixer, go to
EpiscoDisco at Grace Cathedral for the heavenly trifecta of Episco (pisco) punch, DJs and labyrinths. 1100 California St., 415749-6300,

m 4. Order an old-fashioned at the
Alembic. 1725 Haight St., 415-666-0822,

m 10. Inject some hip into your wardrobe
at Brooklyn Circus. 1525 Fillmore St., 415-359-1999,

m 2. After a hike in the Presidio, treat
yourself to a healthy lunch at Beautifull. 3401 California St., 415-728-9080,

m 5. Get a T-shirt designed by local
artist Sam Flores at Upper Playground. 220 Fillmore St., 415-863-1717,

m 6. Grab a slice from Za and pair it
with a good red from Bacchus Wine Bar across the street. 1919 Hyde St., 415771-3100,, 1954 Hyde St., 415-928-2263,

m 3. Embrace your inner Francophile:
Peruse the vintage lace at Ribbonerie and get a madeleine from Sweet Things. 3695 Sacramento St., 415-626-6184, 3585 California St., 415-221-8583, sweetthings. com

m 1. Pick up some Italian roast at Graffeo.
735 Columbus Ave., 415-986-2420,

m 6. Have barbecue and sake at Memphis Minnie’s. 576 Haight St., 415-8647675,

m 7. Take a dip in the glass-covered
outdoor pool at the Nob Hill Spa at the Huntington Hotel. 1075 California St., 415474-5400,

m 2. Remind yourself that Tommaso’s
old-school pizzas are still some of the best. 1042 Kearny St., 415-398-9696,

m 7. Catch an indie flick at the Red Vic.
1727 Haight St., 415-668-3994,

m 4. Shop for the latest Derek Lam frock
guilt-free at Philanthropist, where 100 percent of the profits go to local charities.3571 Sacramento St., 415-441-1750,

m 8. Ask Chuck Hayward anything about
Australian wines at the Jug Shop. 1590 Pacific Ave., 415-885-2922,

m 8. Take advantage of happy hour at
Uva Enoteca. 568 Haight St., 415-8292024,

m 3. Attend a reading at City Lights.
261 Columbus Ave., 415-362-8193,

m 9. Walk by the “Party of Five” house
for a nostalgic dose of ‘90s pop culture. 2311 Broadway St.

m 5. Find a vintage (and discounted)
Armani coat at GoodByes. 3464 Sacramento St., 415-674-0151,

m 9. Shop for quality vintage wear at
Held Over. 1543 Haight St., 415-864-0818

m 4. Grab the perfect gift for your girlfriend at Eden & Eden. 560 Jackson St., 415-983-0490,

m 10. Bring a friend for a competitive
round of Scrabble on Monday evenings at Royal Ground. 1605 Polk St., 415-749-1731

m 6. Look deep into your love’s eyes on
the patio at Sociale. 3665 Sacramento St., 415-921-3200,

m 10. Be a tourist and snap a pic of
yourself at the convergence of Haight and Ashbury streets.

m 5. Light a candle in memory of
someone special at Sts. Peter and Paul Church. 666 Filbert St., 415-421-0898

m 7. Check out the African artifacts,
textiles and jewelry at Twiga. 3333 Sacramento St., 415-292-8020,

m 1. Find love over fixed gears and coffee
at Ritual Roasters. 1026 Valencia St., 415-641-1024,

m 1. Get fitted for your custom-built
dream bike at Bespoke Cycles. 4100 24th St., 415-642-5652,

m 6. Have pumpkin ravioli at L’Osteria.
519 Columbus Ave., 415-982-1124,

m 8. Play tennis in the shade of the eucalyptus trees at Julius Kahn park. Arguello St. and Presidio Gates

m 7. Catch a show at Bimbo’s.
1025 Columbus Ave., 415-474-0365,

m 2. Find deeply discounted designer
duds for both sexes at Cary Lane. 3813 24th St., 415-896-4210,

m 9. Belly up to the bar at Spruce for
dinner and order the burger. 3640 Sacramento St., 415-931-5100,

m 2. Drink rosé at Dolores Park. 18th and
Dolores streets,

m 8. Take a seat at the counter for a
meatball sandwich at Mario’s Bohemian Cigar Store. 566 Columbus Ave., 415-362-0536

m 3. Buy a heap of cheap avocados at
Casa Lucas. 2934 24th St., 415-826-4334

m 3. Order a custom-made cake from
Noe Valley Bakery & Bread Company for your next birthday. 4073 24th St., 415-

m 10. Shop for your favorite mom-to-be

m 4. Shop for emerging artists on a mini

m 9. Put on your sneakers and climb
the Filbert Street and Greenwich Street steps.

One gallery. 251 Rhode Island St.,

m 7. Take visitors to the real crookedest
street in SF. Vermont at 20th Sts.

m 1. Rent an obscure European film from
Le Video before video stores are extinct. 1231 Ninth Ave., 415-566-3606,

Haas Park and Playground. Diamond Heights Blvd. at Addison St., 415-8312750

m 10. Don’t miss the Coit Tower murals.
1 Telegraph Hill Blvd., 415-362-0808

m 8. Go on a tour of Anchor Brewing
Company, which ends (naturally) with a pint. 1705 Mariposa St., 415-863-8350,

m 5. Get a stylish golf outfit at Iconic
Sport. 40 Yukon St., 415-861-3603,

m 2. Order a Rotten Robby at the Pizza
Place on Noriega. 3901 Noriega St., 415-759-5752,

m 1. Reserve a private karaoke room at
Doremi Music Studio. 1604 Post St., 415-771-8884

m 9. Get your art supplies at Arch 99 Missouri St., 415-433-2724,

m 3. Build a fire at Ocean Beach. m 4. Read the Sunday Times and have
blueberry pancakes at Park Chow. 1240 Ninth Ave., 415-665-9912,

m 1. Get chips and guac at El Toreador.
50 W. Portal Ave., 415-566-2673

m 2. Find a drop-dead, Aussie-designed
dress at Elizabeth Charles. 2056 Fillmore St., 415-440-2100,

m 1. Watch the surfers at Kelly’s Cove.
Point Lobos Avenue north of Balboa Street

m 2. Order the Roti’s feast (and prepare to seriously chow down) at Roti Indian Bistro. 53 W. Portal Ave., 415665-7684,

m 5. Go with a big group for dumplings
and beer at San Tung. 1031 Irving St., 415242-0828

m 3. Check out the southern view from
the top of Alta Plaza Park. Jackson and Steiner streets

m 2. Browse the art books at Park Life.
220 Clement St., 415-386-7275,

m 6. Pick up a custom silk-screened
T-shirt at Mollusk Surf Shop. 4500 Irving St., 415-564-6300,

m 3. Delight in browsing through a real
bricks-and-mortar book store at BookShop West Portal. 80 W. Portal Ave., 415-564-8080,

m 4. Get a taste of the Mission at Pizzeria Delfi na. 2406 California St., 415-440-1189,

m 3. See a double feature at the 4 Star
Theatre. 2200 Clement St., 415-666-3488,

m 7. Snack on Nick’s fried fish tacos at
Underdogs. 1824 Irving St., 415-566-8700, 8. Get your freshly roasted coffee at Henry’s House of Coffee. 1618 Noriega St., 415-681-9363,

m 4. Catch a $6 matinee at the oldfashioned Cinéarts at Empire Theatre. 85 West Portal Ave., 415-661-2539

m 5. Grab a free poster after a show at
the Fillmore. 1805 Geary Blvd., 415-346-6000,

m 4. Be thankful for Green Apple Books,
the ultimate independent bookstore. 506 Clement St., 415-387-2272,

m 5. Get a drink at Philosopher’s Club,
followed by a dinner of buffalo wings from Bullshead next door. 824 Ulloa St., 415-753-0599

m 6. Take your laptop to the Grove and
pretend to work. 2016 Fillmore St., 415-474-1419

m 5. Pick out a fish from the tank for dinner at New May Wah market. 719 Clement St., 415-221-9826 6. Have a bowl of ramen and yakitori and listen to the Shitones at Halu. 312 Eighth St., 415-221-9165

m 9. Pick up some magic tricks at Misdirections. 1236 Ninth Ave., 415-566-2180,

m 7. Get naked at Kabuki Springs & Spa.
1750 Geary Blvd., 415-922-6000,

m 6. Slurp up an order of soup dumplings at Xiao Loong. 250 W. Portal Ave., 415-753-5678,

m 10. Take a couple of kids to the SF Zoo.
1 Zoo Rd., 415-753-7080,

m 8. Indulge in an almond croissant from
the original Boulangerie Bay Bread. 2325 Pine St., 415-440-0356,

m 7. Sip your way through a guided
wine tasting at Que Syrah. 230 W. Portal Ave., 415-731-7000,

m 7. Jockey for position at Pizzeta 211. 211
23rd Ave., 415-379-9880,

m 9. Check out the adorable puppies and
kitties up for adoption at Pets Unlimited. 2343 Fillmore St., 415-563-6700,

m 8. Drop in on a Seisiún (a kind of
Irish open jam session) at the Plough & Stars. 116 Clement St., 415-751-1122,

m 1. Use the general password
(“books”) to drop into the library at Bourbon & Branch. 501 Jones St., 415-346-1735,

m 8. Wake up at the crack of dawn and
stake out a prime location for one of the free concerts at Stern Grove. 19th Ave. and Sloat Blvd,

m 10. See how many times you can jog
the Lyon Street Steps. Lyon Street at Broadway

m 9. Bike the length of Golden Gate
Park on a Sunday (or a Saturday, through September), when JFK Drive is closed to cars.

m 9. Work your glutes on the elegant,
rococo-inspired Pacheco Stairway. Magellan Ave. at Castaneda St.

m 2. Do dinner and view a show from
the balcony at the Great American Music Hall. 859 O’Farrell St., 415-8850750,

m 10. Take a guided tour of the Forest
Hill homes created by architect Bernard Maybeck, architect of the Palace of Fine Arts.

m 1. Get a meatball sub with provolone at
Roxie’s. 1901 San Jose Ave, 415- 587-2345

m 10. Check out the natural wonders at
the California Academy of Sciences (55 Music Concourse Dr., 415-379-8000, or the latest exhibit at the de Young (50 Hagiwara Tea Garden Dr., 415-750-3600,

m 3. See what’s on display at the
Shooting Gallery. 839 Larkin St., 415931-8035,

m 2. Bring the kids to the giant sand pit
at the almost-always-sunny Palega Park. 500 Felton St., 415-468-2875

m 4. Hang out in the smokers’ cage at
Rye. 688 Geary St., 415-474-4448,

m 1.Put in a request with Johnny Z and
the Camaros and sip a $3 margarita at the Gold Dust Lounge. 247 Powell St., 415-397-1695

m 3. Check out the impressive “book-inspired” architecture of the newly reopened Portola Library. 2450 San Bruno Ave., 415-355-5660,

m 1. Listen to your friends’ first gig at
Hotel Utah. 500 Fourth St., 415-546-6300,

m 5. Grab a Vietnamese sandwich from
Saigon Sandwiches. 560 Larkin St., 415-474-5698

m 6. Sing and clap on Sunday morning
at Glide Memorial. 330 Ellis St., 415-674-6000,

m 2. Shop for independent, local clothing designers (and great vintage) at Shotwell. 320 Grant Ave., 415-399-9898,

m 4. Do 18 holes at the public Gleneagles
Golf Course. 2100 Sunnydale Ave., 415587-2425,

m 2. Walk under the waterfall at Yerba
Buena Gardens. Third and Mission Streets,

m 7. Get a lap dance at Mitchell Brothers O’Farrell Theatre. 895 O’Farrell St., 415-776-6686,

m 5. Take care of a hangover with a
breakfast at greasy-spoon diner and donut shop Jim Georgie’s. 2462 San Bruno Ave., 415-468-3413

m 3.Get a hipster-worthy new ‘do at
Cowboys & Angels. 207 Powell St., no. 400, 415-362-8516

m 3. Shop for Nice Collective and other
urban menswear at Rolo. 1235 Howard St., 415-355-1122,

m 8. Shop for cool kicks at Huf Shoes.
812 Sutter St., 415-674-3744,

m 4. Take a free thrill ride on the glass
elevators at the Westin St. Francis; go straight to the top for a bird’s-eye view. 335 Powell St., 415-397-7000

m 4. Be a woman among men and go

m 9. Then cross the street and have
dinner at tiny Canteen. 817 Sutter St., 415-928-8870, 10. Watch naan being pulled straight from the tandoor at Shalimar. 532 Jones St., 415-928-0333,

m 1. Root for the Red Sox at the Connecticut Yankee. 100 Connecticut St., 415-552-4440,

dancing at the Stud. 399 Ninth St., 415-863-6623,

m 5. Feather your nest at Obsolete,
Blackman Cruz and Therien & Co. 411 Vermont St.

m 5. Fuel up after a day of shopping
with wonton soup at King of Thai Noodle. 420 Geary St., 415-346-3121

m 2. Get a great burger at the bar-only,
teensy-tiny Chez Maman. 1453 18th St., 415-824-7166,

m 6. Have some watermelon wheat beer
at 21st Amendment. 563 Second St., 415-369-0900,

m 6. Drop in at Benefit’s brow bar at

m 1. Hike through fragrant eucalyptus
forests to the top of Mt. Sutro, one of the highest points in the city. Accessible through the UCSF housing complex, Aldea San Miguel

Macy’s for an expert touch-up. 170 O’Farrell, 415-397-3333 7.Hunt for a mint-condition 1920s flapper dress at Torso Vintages. 272 Sutter St., 415-391-3166 8. Treat yourself to black-truffle popcorn and a fancy cocktail at Clock Bar. 335 Powell St., 415-354-2735 9.Troll for free wine and great art during First Thursday’s art walk. 10.Try not to spoil your lunch with the complimentary popovers and strawberry butter at The Rotunda. 150 Stockton St., fourth floor, 415-249-2720

m 3. Discover the latest, greatest band at
Bottom of the Hill. 1233 17th St., 415-6214455,

m 7. Rush the sales at Jeremys. 2 South
Park, 415-882-4929,

m 8. Meet your match over a glass of
wine at District. 216 Townsend St., 415-896-2120,

m 4. Take your favorite little girl for a
princess pedicure—complete with crown — at Pinkies. 1447 20th St., 415-401-6264,

m 9. Soak in the art and some Blue Bottle
on the new SFMOMA rooftop. 151 Third St., 415-357-4000,

m 2. Drive to the top of Twin Peaks to
see the panoramic view (and the tourists oohing and ahhing over it). Twin Peaks Blvd. at Twin Peaks Park

m 5. Give the doggie a bath at the selfservice washing stations at Pawtrero Hill Bathhouse & Feed Company. 199 Mississippi St., 415-863-7297,

m 10. Have a quiet moment in the Contemporary Jewish Museum plaza. 736 Mission St., 415-655-7800,

m 3. Order a heaping plate of the
picadillo santiaguero at Chan Chan Cafe Cubano. 4690 18th St., 415-864-4199

m 6. Dance the night away at Project

m 4. Picnic at the beautiful Walter

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