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Institute for Minority Physicians of the Future (IMPF)

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IMPF believes that the root cause of minority underrepresentation in United States medical schools is academic disadvantage borne by lack of access to high-quality high school and college preparation. Consequently, IMPF mission is to become a leading organizational force for parity in medical education by helping minority students develop the skills that will enable them to compete on a more equal footing in the medical school admission process, and once in medical school, provide them with learning aids from the best medical education communities around the world We start preparing our learners for the MCAT at the High School Level

Lets work together to customize a workshop, webinar and| or full studies curriculum that best meets your groups needs
Contact Marc Imhotep Cray, M.D. (IVMS Primary Facilitator) [Dr. Cray, Founding Director OME (Office of Medical Education)]

Trainings include Biological, Chemical & Physical Sciences and Verbal Reasoning Skills at the MCAT Level
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