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Atlantis - An Introduction The following Introduction contains excerpts from the following full length articles (which are linked at the end of the article):History of the Golden Ages - by Steve mar Crystal Power and Energies in Atlantis - by !eoffrey "eyte The Way - by T# $onovan

Evidence For Its' E istence

%This is probably the greatest discovery in &orld history%' was stated by (axine )sher' the co-director of a scientific expedition that found )tlantis at the bottom of the ocean' reported *nited +ress International and ma,or newspapers in the *nited States during the summer of -./0# *+I continued that %(axine )sher said that scuba divers found data to prove the existence of the super-civili1ation which legend says sank beneath the sea thousands of years ago# The divers had found evidence of roads and large columns' some with concentric spiral motifs' in the exact place described by the !reek philosopher +lato%# %The group of some /2 scientists' teachers and adventurers was endorsed by +epperdine *niversity in 3os )ngeles' 4alifornia#% The document %5istory of the !olden )ges% reveals over 02 ruins including pyramids' domes' paved roads' rectangular buildings' columns' canals and artifacts that have been found on the ocean bottoms from the 6ahamas to the nearby coasts of 7urope and )frica' referencing the vast si1e of the lost continent# $o1ens of historians and famous writers wrote about the )tlantis they believed existed' how the (ayans and )1tecs had told their con8uerors that they came from )tlantis and (u' about ancient tablets photographed in +eru showing those two lost continents' )tlantis and 3emuria' and ancient maps clearly showing )tlantis# 9ust some of the ruins so far found include: - ) pyramid explored by $r :ay 6rown on the sea floor off the 6ahamas in -./2# 6rown was accompanied by ; divers who also found roads' domes' rectangular

buildings' unidentified metallic instruments' and a statue holding a %mysterious% crystal containing miniature pyramids# The metal devices and crystals were taken to <lorida for analysis at a university there# &hat was discovered was that the crystal amplified energy that passed through it# - :uins of roads and buildings found off 6inini Island in the -.=2>s by the photographed and published expeditions of $r (ansan ?alentine# Similar ruins were also photographed off 4ay Sal in the 6ahamas# Similar underwater ruins were found off (orocco and photographed @2 to =2 feet underwater# - ) huge -- room pyramid found -2'222 feet under water in the mid )tlantic cean with a huge crystal top' as reported by Tony 6enlk# - ) -.// report of a huge pyramid found off 4ay Sal in the 6ahamas' photographed by )ri (arshall>s expedition' about -@2 feet underwater# The pyramid was about =@2 feet high# (ysteriously the surrounding water was lit by sparkling white water flowing out of the openings in the pyramid and surrounded by green water' instead of the black water everywhere else at that depth# - ) sunken city about ;22 miles off +ortugal found by Soviet expeditions led by 6oris )sturua' with buildings made of extremely strong concrete and plastics# 5e said %the remains of streets suggests the use of monorails for transportation%# 5e also brought up a statue# - ) marble acropolis underwater across five acres of fluted columns raised on pillars# - 5einrich Schilemann' the man who found and excavated the famous ruins of Troy (which historians thought was only a legend)' reportedly left a written account of his discovery of a bron1e vase with a metal unknown to scientists who examined it' in the famous +riam Treasure# Inside it are glyphs in +hoenician stating that it was from "ing 4hronos of )tlantis# Identical pottery was found in Tia,uanaco' 6olivia# (any other examples of roads' buildings and columns are available' many of them made with materials not available in their areas# (any ancient maps are also known to have )tlantis on them' including the ancient !reek ones studied by 4hristopher 4olumbus before he set sail for )merica# )ncient writings from the )1tecs' (ayans' !reeks' 7gyptians' Spain' India' Tibet' and islands in the )tlantic and +acific oceans all speak of ancient sunken continents and their connection to them# 5uman footprints and shoe prints' a perfectly engineered cube' ,ewelry' a prehistoric animal with a hole in its skull that scientists admit only a bullet could

make' a remnant of a screw' and other modern artifacts have been found in layered rock strata geologists admit formed on these ob,ects (I33I AS of years ago# )ll of these discoveries were printed in public daily newspapers when they occurred' and left out of history books simply because historians could not explain them with T57I: theories#

Who Were the Atlanteans!

<irstly' it>s important to point out that )tlantis was not the only continent from ancient times that sank beneath the waves# There was the huge continent of 3emuria which also incorporated other countries like (u and (ar in the +acific cean' and 3umania in the Indian cean# :emnants of the lost continents may still be seen as the peaks of their mountains make small islands in the middle of vast oceans - 7aster Island is thought to be a remnant of 3emuria and still bears the great stone statues' though only their heads are showing above the ground# There were also the lands of Thule and 5yperborea in the north' which are believed to be sunk below what is now the north pole# There is also information about this land at the north pole continuing to exist today on a fourth dimensional level - but that>s another story# )lso the land which is now at the south pole was also thought to be once inhabited when it was a tropical land# The story of how these various continents became inhabited with highly advanced civili1ations is a fascinating one' but after many thousands of years it all came to an end for the last time around --'@22 years ago with dramatic planetary events which sank and shifted continents and covered much of the earth with water# 4lues to the history on earth before our own recently recorded history can be found in the Sumerian texts# So who were the )tlanteans and how did they liveB The following information has been gathered from various sources for a very brief introduction# I recommend that you read the original documents for more in-depth information Clinked at the bottom of the pageD# The original )tlanteans were of extra-terrestrial origin and came to earth over @2 thousand years ago# They were of human shape' but not modern earth humans as we are# They were very tall and fair skinned and probably originated from the 3yrian star system# They are also known as the 7lohim or )nnunaki and their story is hidden in the texts of !enesis# They had life spans of around E22 years and are known in some texts as >the tall ones># (ost all ancient civili1ations believed in the Titans' the race of giant humans that inhabited 7arth long ago# $ifferent races knew them by different names# These / to -F foot humanoids were thought to be legendary until the excavation of over a do1en skeletons E to -F feet tall' around the world' shocked archaeologists# The Spanish 4on8uistadors left diaries of wild blond-haired' blue eyed E to -F foot

high men running around in the )ndes during the con8uest of the Incas# They' along with other groups working on the planet' eventually developed the smaller human being by genetic manipulation' originally for use as workers# The >)damu> (or man) were originally created to work in various pro,ects around the world# Some of these were mining' food production' construction' etc# 6y giving man the ability to reproduce on his own (the original sin)' the population began to multiply 8uite rapidly# The )nnunaki began to clamor for more of the workers# 5uman females were further altered so that conception was possible not once per year' but every FE days# This can be found in !enesis' 4hapter 0' ?erse -=# The )nnunaki soldiers eventually started to reproduce with the earth human females: %&hen the sons of the 7lohim came unto the daughters of man' and they bore them children%#

Technology on Atlantis
The )tlantean consciousness eventually evolved from a less material' fourthdimensional form toward the sensual' or physical# <ar from being like the other >ancient> civili1ations that we know about' the level of technology reached when )tlantis was at its> peak was far superior to our own# )mong the accomplishments of the )tlanteans' for example' was >perfect> weather control# Aow the average immediate notion is of abundant fields of waving grain in endless summer alongside the most beautiful of beaches# They had that' and it bored themG too utilitarian to them' like we might look at a vineyard# They left such backlands to the serving creatures# The )tlanteans had come into the physical world essentially for the stimulation# They loved storms# &hole areas of their land were given over' like national parks' to violent displays of atmospheric turbulence# Their servants' of course' were less fond of these events' which could kn the e8uivalent of %artistic license% spill over and kill them' destroy their homes' etc# If the )tlanteans noticed andHor cared' they could restore all this damage at will# Some did' some didn>t# They also had the ability to effect geological events for their experiential pleasure# ?olcanic fountains were a favorite' but much was done with steam and mineral venting for artistic result# They had plenty of time# The earlier ones were still immortal# (ore than one volcanic seamount poking its head above the waters of the )tlantic cean started out this way# 3ater' of course' they lost control# The real core of )tlantean technology that can still be dug up around the earth was far beyond something as simple as weather control# &hat has attracted the military like carrion is the >threshold> technology# Some hint of this floated up in the movie >Stargate>' except that the )tlantean version could be called >+robability

!ate># It>s a solid state device (with no selectable >dial> like the stargate in the movie' for instance) that uses what we think of as timeHspace as an energy source# The threshold is a lens into probable existence streams' or continua# This area was delved into more deeply with research like the +hiladelphia 7xperiment#

Atlantean Crystals
The )tlanteans used crystals 8uite extensively' and misused them to such a degree that they eventually led to the catastrophe which caused )tlantis to disappear into the ocean# The )tlanteans used the knowledge of the crystal refraction' amplification and storage# It is known that a beam of light directed intensely and focused specifically on certain series of facets in a gem will' when it exits from the reflective plane of the gem' be amplified rather than diminished# )nd further' these amplified energies were broken down into a wide and sophisticated spectrum# The )tlanteans used the spectrum of this energy so as to be more useable' and for a specific purpose' much as one would use petroleum in terms of its various spectrum limitations for specific purposes# 7xtracting this and that and other things from the same basic substance' they used certain divisions of the energy for growing things# thers for healing' others for knowledge or increasement of substance# ther phases of spectrum for disassembling molecule structures' and yet other combinations of these strata for building' assembling structures' as in chainsG or producing matter' transmutation of matter and that sort# Their basic technology is still available in the earth plane in various locations# 4rystals have the ability to transfer energy' to retain it' to maintain its intensity' to focus and transmit it over great distance to similar receivers as are e8ual or comparable to the transmitter# Thus' from one pyramid to another the )tlanteans' in a sense' transmitted energy# That when the face of the earth was directed toward a certain point' one pyramid would function to intensify and transmit energies to other pyramids which would then act as receiving devices and would disperse energy as it was needed# The opposite would be true' when that pyramid was at unfocusable point to their celestial alignment the others would transmit to those# ?ery simple method' very effective method# Though it brought them many difficulties later# )tlantean crystals were natural forms' but their growths were speeded up# Some specimens of clear 8uart1 were produced to almost F@ feet high and -2 feet in diameter' had -F sides and were used for storing and transmitting power# Small crystals' four to five feet high were infused with different colors' and had a varied number of facets' to be used for different purposes' such as healing' meditation' psychic development' increasing mental capacity' communications'

powering generators' demateriali1ation' and transport of ob,ects' magnetic force fields' and travel at speeds undreamed of by our culture today# ) number of crystals were shaped into inverted pyramids' with four to six sides' were infused with various shades of pink or rose' which created a light beam for surgery' by changing molecular structure' and for soothing pain' particularly in the delicate areas of the brain' the eyes' the heart and reproductive organs# !old or yellow crystals changed colors to deeper hues in the presence of disease or bodily vibrational disorders# :uby and purple stones helped cure emotional and spiritual problemsG and black crystals' no longer in existence' were powerful protectors# <or general re,uvenation and a return of vitality the ancient )tlanteans periodically meditated -@ to F2 minutes inside a circle of =' --' FF or F; stones of different types' holding a clear 8uart1 in their hands' which acted as a control and focaliser# )ll these various crystals received their power from a variety of sources' including the Sun' the 7arth>s energy grid system' or from each other# The larger stones' called <ire 4rystals' were the central receiving and broadcasting stations' while others acted as receivers for individual cities' buildings' vehicles and homes# n a higher spiritual level' rooms made of crystals were places where the Initiates left their bodies in the <inal Transcendence' often never to return# In the modern 6ermuda Triangle' on the ocean bottom where the ruins of )tlantis now exist' the energy build-up in the sunken and damaged <ire 4rystals can periodically trigger demateriali1ations of anything in the area# ne of the most detailed descriptions of the )tlantean use of a mysterious instrument called the !reat 4rystal was given by 7dgar 4ayce' who mentioned it many times# The crystal' he said was housed in a special building oval in shape' with a dome that could be rolled back' exposing the 4rystal to the light of the sun' moon and stars at the most favorable time# The interior of the building was lined with non-conducting metal or stone' similar to asbestos or bakelite' a thermosetting plastic# The 4rystal itself' which 4ayce also called the Tuaoi Stone' or <irestone' was huge in si1e' cylindrical in length' and prismatic in shape' cut with six sides# )top the crystal was a moveable capstone' used to both concentrate incoming rays of energy' and to direct currents to various parts of the )tlantean countryside# It appears that the 4rystal gathered solar' lunar' stellar' atmospheric and 7arth energies as well as unknown elemental forces and concentrated these at a specific point' located between the top of the 4rystal and the bottom of the capstone# The energy was used for various purposes# In the beginning it was used as purely a spiritual tool by initiates who could handle the great energy# The early

)tlanteans were peaceful people# )s they developed more physical material bodies' they used the crystal to re,uvenate their bodies and were able to live hundreds of years while maintaining a youthful appearance# 3ater the 4rystal was put to other uses# 4urrents of energy were transmitted throughout the land' like radio waves' and powered by these' crafts and vehicles traversed the land' through the sky and under the sea at the speed of sound# 6y utili1ation of other currents originating from the 4rystal' the )tlanteans were also able to transmit over great distances the human voice' and pictures' like modern television# In the same manner' even heat and light could be directed to specific buildings or open arenas' giving illumination and warmth by seemingly invisible means# Toward the end of their existence' however' the )tlanteans became greedier for more power' the operation of the 4rystal was taken over by those of less spiritual fortitude' and the energies of the !reat 4rystal were tuned to higher and more destructive fre8uencies# <inally the 4rystal was tuned too high' activating volcanoes and melting mountains' ultimately causing the submergence of )tlantis' and perhaps even the axis shift of the 7arth itself# T57 37!7A$ < )T3)ATIS The a"ove Introduction contains e cer#ts fro$ the following full length articles%5istory of the !olden )ges - by Steve mar 4rystal +ower and 7nergies in )tlantis - by !eoffrey "eyte

Atlantis Grid& '(A& Energy& Wor$wood

<rom The 5ouse of $avid Teaching 4entre )n article on the historical )tlantis 7nergy !rid and it>s cosmic energy know as %&ormwood#% This 4hrist 7nergy is now coming into it>s own after being seeded F222 years ago# There is also a discussion on the three great $A) past experiments and how they apply to )tlantis# )tlantis' The )tlantis !rid' $A) and the :edemption of the *niverse# The 8uestion of $A) - and the inter-racial difficulties it caused - was important in )tlantis' and this article attempts to show why' what the historical background was' and the context it gives us for today# There was more than one type of

humanoid present during )tlantis# To understand how this came about' we have to look back further in time' at even earlier civili1ations on this planet# The humanoid form is a design that has existed for eons of time' and over that time has been expressed in may different ways# To explain what is meant by this' we might take a house design as a metaphor# Its plans' elevations' levels' general layout' rooms' the pitch of the roof' etc# - all taken together - are what constitute that design# The expression of that design may be to build it from timber' bricks' metal sheets' mud and wattle - the end effect will be very different depending on the materials chosen' but it>s all the same fundamental design# So it is with the humanoid form# ver time' the same design has been expressed a number of different ways' using the best $A) that was then available' which in turn reflects different stages in the development of the physical planes of existence# Since 5umanity has been in the phenomenon known as The <all - from the time of )tlantis we have been moving steadily down through the fre8uencies those who came before us now exist only at higher fre8uency levels' which' being largely out of sync with our own' are no longer a part of our general consciousness# &hat memories are left are now consigned to fairy stories and mythology# n planet 7arth' there have been three great $A) experiments capable of expressing the humanoid design# The first was the reptilian' and we know that' prior to the domination by the planet of the $inosaurs' the reptiles represented the ma,or and most advanced $A) building block on the planet' and many different reptilian forms resulted# The highest expression of the reptilian $A) was a humanoid' reptile-man' or :eptoids# They formed the first great civili1ation here' now completely lost to any recorded history# They were cold blooded' and therefore very temperature sensitive' although in a highly energi1ed planetary environment' this probably mattered little# 4ompared to today>s human' they were almost devoid of emotion# The $inosaurs' the second great experiment' were a much more sophisticated $A) form' and they were even more prolific' being the dominant $A) on 7arth for -=@ million years# ver time they developed to become warm blooded' allowing them to operate efficiently in a wide variety of ambient temperatures# ) recent documentary on The $iscovery 4hannel followed an interesting scientific detective story' as several +rofessors in this field explored sites where dinosaur footprints and tracks - sometimes by the thousand - are to be found# &hat became evident was that there were no tail prints' which turns out to be highly significant# )ll our pictures of $inosaurs' developed against images first proposed over -22 years ago' show large tails being dragged' li1ard-like' over the ground' and these were shown to be incorrect# The facts drawn from imprints left on the ground' and re-constructions of the implied mechanics of walking' now appear to indicate that these tails were balancing devices' and as such' were held hori1ontally' and clear of the ground' leaving no trail#

The documentary illustrated that' over time' one particular group of dinosaurs had become increasingly upright# The terrifying Terrano-saurus :ex is a good example' as its massively muscular front legs were far too short to be useful as legs# They were arms - T-:ex moved on two legs' and stood upright' as did many of the later dinosaurs# ne professor in the documentary showed his conclusion of the logical pinnacle of the development of dinosaurs' in the form of a full scale model# It was a giant humanoidI So' a humanoid based on $inosaur $A) - or a $inoid - is now tentatively supported by the latest archaeological findings# Indeed' science is thus ,ust beginning to support what the kids comic strip writers' and of the great science-fiction series' appear to have known for decades# There are a variety of humanoids that have developed in the past' based on the same basic design as our own' and making the highest use of the best $A) that was available when and where this happened# Thus' for example' the 4ardassians from Star Trek are a :eptoids race' humanoid beings based on the reptilian $A)# The "lingons are a $inoid race' humanoids based on the dinosaur $A)# The $inoids were the second humanoid civilisation' here on 7arth' in pre-history# 3ike the :eptoids' they left and moved to coloni1e other places' long ago# 5ow does this apply to )tlantisB &ell' we are all' vaguely' aware that these complete civili1ations have been here before our recorded - or even speculated history# Indeed' they wereI <irst the :eptoids' with their distinctly unfeeling' unemotional demeanor# Then the dinoids' who' being warm blooded' were far more like us# 6oth developed' ascended to higher fre8uencies' and left the planet# 6oth types' in their higher form' came back again' many' many times# There were many civili1ations' spread around the cosmos' based on one or other of the two main $A) types' and there were almost certainly other $A) derivatives of the humanoid design' as well# 4rustaceans' and )rachnid forms come to mind from the comic strips - perhaps these' too' represent some distant memoryB The book %Two Thirds% records how the )lteans (who appear to have been a $inoid race) traveled across two galaxies to settle on (ars' where they spent two hundred thousand years developing the new $A) from which the hu-man being the third great $A) experiment on 7arth - was to be created# Then' in ,ust two generations they genetically engineered the native anthropoids to create the first true humans# They went on to observe' manage' and lead the new human race through hundreds of thousands of years as it started it>s long developmental period# Aotice the similarity between the names >)ltean> and >)tlantean># The $inoids were a far more developed humanoid type than the humans' since they had existed immeasurably longer# 5owever' their $A) was ultimately less capable than the human $A)' so that their ultimate development could not go nearly as far as the full potential of the human being# They looked for ways to get around this restriction' and in particular' they did this energetically' developing a two

layer soul structure# The first layer was not unlike ours# The second' a sort of soul-mantle' held many extraordinary faculties which' today' we are only ,ust becoming cognoscente of# *sing the power of this mantle' they could manifest into the physical' travel across time and dimensions' communicate telepathically' teleport and bi-locate# )lthough 7arth had long since ceased to be the home for their civili1ations' later' a small number of $inoids were here for a long time as powerful leaders of the newer human beings# They lead )tlantis' and later were the +haraoh>s of ancient 7gypt# It is probable that there were :eptoids here' as well' at that time# )gain' the book >Two Thirds> is interesting' as it portrays the reptilian group' one of several civili1ations from the +laeides' and the )lteans (who were $inoid) struggling for control of the galaxy# The role of the human' after a very tough time over many incarnations' is illustrated in the book as >the redemption of the *niverse>' eventually being the mediators that bring all three humanoid types into harmony# )tlantis existed at a markedly higher fre8uency than our 7arth civili1ations of today# The fre8uency band in which they existed was around three times higher than ours' which means that' if an )tlantean at his correct fre8uency were to stand in front of us' today' we would be unable to see him# This has been caused by the continuing ><all> down the fre8uencies' over the intervening period# The whole )tlantean civili1ation was absolutely dependant for much of what it could do on the energy grid# Indeed' the grid itself might almost be called )tlantis' it was such an integral part of the whole )tlantean development and capability - both spiritual' and scientific# It would not be far fetched to say that )tlantis was 6 T5 the )tlantean civili1ation' and the great and vibrant energy grid on which it was based# )lthough )tlantis did' indeed' have a central city with large surrounding territories' parts of it>s civili1ation' attached to and fully utili1ing the grid energies' were to be found as colonies' tapped into the energy grid all over the planet' perhaps explaining why' to this day' we are arguing about where it really was# There were many )tlantean colonies around the planet' so that' to a considerable degree' )33 the locational claims of the modern world may well be true# The grid was a whole system of inter-locking energy structures' that between them brought the twelve great rays - the energy building blocks of the *niverse onto the physical planet# These rays provide all that is needed to sustain a most abundant' long life for all physical life forms# Thus' $inoids' :eptoids' and native humans alike' all drew on the energy grid' which was highly energi1ed' for both sustenance - food as we know it was for pleasure' not survival - and to maintain themselves at this high fre8uency# The energy grid also interacted with the soulHmantle of the ruling $inoids' giving them the energy for their greatly enhanced powers# Throughout the *niverse' there had been great dis8uiet about the human

experiment# Aever had so many potential powers been packaged into one $A) form - the remarkable powers that the $inoids had by virtue of their over soul were all built into the 5uman $A)' which' eventually' would have no need of the >over soul> of the $inoids# It was an even greater threat to have added the concept of complete free will and self determination to these latent powers' and the plan seemed to many to be foolish in the extreme# 4onse8uently' the plan cased a split at every level across our *niverse - the 7lohim' the (elchi1edek order' the 7ssenes' the )ngelic realms - all were split over this plan# Indeed' it was the fundamental source of separation# This argument showed up in )tlantis in several ways# <irst' there was much genetic engineering on the humans' designed to slow down our development# The other groups knew that humans were designed to overtake them' and a breakaway group of the (elchi1edek order (all $inoid priests)' in particular' were instrumental in trying to slow the human form down by substantially disabling their $A)# The $inoids and the :eptoids also tried hard to graft the human $A) into themselves' to gain the benefits of the greatly enhanced $A)# Thus' stories about genetic experiments' some of which became very bi1arre' are founded in the reality of the time# Secondly' and directly connected' there was a great deal of racial pressure and dominance' a phenomenon that was' at that time' 8uite new# The ruling $inoids were painfully aware that' at some future time' the humans would become more powerful than them# They became very insecure about this' and it was one of the undermining factors that undermined what had once been a model of community relations' and lead inexorably towards the downfall of )tlantis# *ltimately though' the downfall of )tlantis was' in large part' to do with misuse of the great energy grid which was its key support tool' and kept )tlantis at a constant' high vibratory level# The grid energy was diverted to form very powerful weapons of war' which could - through the use of massive crystals as accumulators - deliver a blast of energy with an effect not unlike a modern nuclear weapon# (ost of our deserts today are the result of use of this weapon in action taken against various groups around the planet# The deployment of this weapon caused many of the 7arth>s tectonic plates to be damaged' and progressively ruptured' which was to give rise to huge volcanic activity around the planet' and eventually' with other factors' cause the main plate on which )tlantis stood' to sink# The main war' however' was with the :eptoids' who were very militarily aggressive' and who had taken over the planet (eldek' having earlier driven out the (elchi1edek priesthood # (4hi1u - or 9esu - meant priest' thus the (elchi1edek are >the priests of (eldek# It was' of course' a cosmic order' also) (eldek was soon to be destroyed# In the final' fatal exchange' the )tlanteans blew (eldek to pieces' but only after the :eptoids had launched their ultimate weapon : a resonance bomb of huge proportions that exploded in the atmosphere over the central city of )tlantis' causing the already damaged tectonic plates to buckle and

collapse# In some way' this technology involved turning the energy of the )tlantean war-crystals back on itself' causing a >feedback loop> which caused massive amounts of energy to run out of control' interacting with the :eptoids device in the atmosphere' and rapidly leading to a huge detonation# +lanet 7arth survived' but there was huge destruction and loss of life' and it>s land masses were changed for ever# +rior to this final act of war' as the use of this devastating military weapon system had increased' the great energy beings of the 4osmos - whose gift the energy for the grid was - became more and more disapproving' at the same time as the $inoid rulers were becoming more and more arrogant in their 8uest for ultimate power# The energy beings could see the great structural damage that was being done to the planet' but the )tlantean rulers would simply not listen# In their paranoia about the advance of their human charges' they had to have control and the energy weapons were seen as vital to this# In the 4osmos' it was reluctantly decided that the supply of the twelve rays of cosmic energy to the 7arth grid must be discontinued' and that planet 7arth would conse8uently go into >The <all>' as the 6ible calls it - the lack of energy support meant that the planet' and all beings on her' would steadily fall through the energy fre8uencies# This was duly done' although it took time to implement' and re8uired the assistance of those few human )tlanteans who had learned the truth about the nature of the cosmos' and had remained true to what they had learned# $uring the existence of )tlantis' while there was a fully energi1ed grid' the cross over points of the ma,or lines of the grid gave rise to huge energy vortices# The humans of )tlantis' in particular' were told never to spend time in or near these points' as they would 8uickly become energetically overcharged' which could' in extremes' be fatal# The vortices were so powerful that' at times' the energy could clearly be seen like a minor )urora 6orealis' with moving >fingers> of energy' many tens of feet high' pointing upwards from the vortex# It was this that looked like the mouth of a dragon' and gave rise to the leylines being referred to as >dragon lines> in many parts of the world' even today# nce the decision was made' in order that the grid could be de-commissioned' it was necessary for these vortices to be switched off# The small' highly spiritual group of loyal human )tlanteans - who has always opposed the science of the war machine that had lead to the diverting of the grid energy - were asked to assist with this by the great energy beings# Their task was to walk into the main vortex points' at great personal danger' and to use their spiritual skills to switch off the vortex# Small teams drawn from this group were sent all over the planet' so that all the vortices could be disabled in this way# It was this act that gave rise to mythological stories like Saint !eorge and the $ragon - he was' in fact' one of these )tlanteans who remained true to their ideals and their great spirituality' and accepted this task# It is no coincidence that there are >$ragon Slaying> stories in the mythologies of many cultures' all over the planet - they are a distant record' a folk memory' of what really happened#

&hen all the energy points had been disabled' it was like withdrawing the fixing points that held the grid to the planet# &hat was left' in energy terms' were only seven of the great rays' and these were present only at low energy and in a modified and degraded form' which ever since have been reflected in the seven main chakras of the hu-man body# The energy grid then literally detached itself from the planet' and went off in it>s own orbit' an >almost planet> containing all the higher dimensions of 7arth' but not the physical# This coincided with the final acts of war between the $inoids and the :eptoids' which caused the physical destruction# The detached grid has come back into con,unction with the 7arth every two thousand years' ever since' at which time' many apparently magical things have happened for a few years' as the higher powers were temporarily re-connected# The last time this happened was when 4hrist was on the 7arth# The grid in it>s full cosmic energy form was known as >5erculobus>' and it>s energy as >&ormwood>' this latter being mentioned in the 6ible# nly a faint magnetic shadow of the real grid' barely detectable' was left on the planet until recently# The removal of the grid had a dramatic effect on the surviving $inoid rulers# &ithout the grid energy to sustain them' their >over soul> - the part of them that contained all the magical and energetic powers that gave them the power to rule was disabled# In fact' the over soul became a liability' threatening to drain them of their life-energy# (ost of them fled the planet' to look for other energy environments that would continue to sustain them in full power# ) few - mostly with a high degree of dedication to the human experiment - chose to remain' but did so with power that was both greatly decreased because of the removal of the grid' and' they knew' would steadily diminish further as the energies of the planet became ever lower# The +haraoh>s were one $inoid group that did this' but with ever less power' as time passed and new generations were born# Their great structures' like the 7gyptian +yramids' were' in part' collectors of the cosmic energy that could refresh them' and maintain their powers' but ultimately this approach only delayed an inevitable end to their control# 3et us now look to the present day# ver the twelve months of -..@ a phenomenon has been observed' as the energies of the leyline grid has increased -22-fold# This was caused by their resonating with the approaching >5erculobus> the real and original >grid without a planet># n approximately $ecember /th' -..@' the grid locked on to the planet' rather than pass right by' as it had done so many times before# )t the end of that month' ceremonies around the world were performed to start the process of re-commissioning the grid into it>s true form' which is highly energi1ed' and multi-dimensional# )ll twelve cosmic energies are now present for the first time since )tlantis' and now there is a thirteenth energy' which is only ,ust appearing around the whole planet for the first time# This energy holds the whole system together' and in a form that is highly resistant to

abuse (unlike the system of seven it replaces' which is easily polari1ed)# This energy' now coming into it>s own for the first time' was seeded two thousand years ago' and is what we might now call the 4hrist 7nergy# The grid that gave rise to' and supported )tlantis is back# Soon' all the energetic structures it represents will be in place and operating' and in addition' the 4hrist energy will envelop the whole planet# The much discussed )scension is the move back up the energies' driven by the re-commissioning of the )tlantis grid' to where we once were energetically' at the time when the $inoids reigned' and abundance and magic were' for so long' the order of the day# The big difference is that now' humanity has evolved a great deal' having been tempered by long experience of the fall' separation' and all that has gone with it through many hundreds' if not thousands' of incarnations# &e are ready to take' and use' the powers that we once available to )tlantis' for the highest good' and in an entirely new format# &hat is now happening will eventually benefit the whole cosmos' as it brings about the full and positive expression of the powers for so long latent in the 5uman design# &hat is on offer to humanity is it>s destiny' is no less than the leadership position in the redemption of the *niverseI
If you are interested in the )lien contact with the human race' see our *< >s section and also the 4hannelings in the 3ibrary# Special thanks to Aew)ge n-3ine )ustralia for allowing +osting of this (http:HHwww#newage#com#au)

Life on Atlantis
Channeled by Ingrid ennett Thanks to our many Guides and helpers in spirit I have recorded some of the memories and events of my past life in Atlantis with the special help of my guides: White Cloud and White Eagle. I see a spacious room in a domed building. The floor is tiled sandstone. A large crystal is inside a domed case on a black pedestal which dominates the room. It is used to energi e the city. In my Altantean life! I had much knowledge and was raised to be a "#eeper of the Crystal"! a priestess if you like $ it is the closest e%planation which sums up my position&. I work in this dome protecting and working with the crystal. I am strong in myself ' I know myself and this is an important part of the work I do. The other "#eepers" are also women! e%cept one man! who is very spiritual and wise. (e is also our protector. )y hair is long and blonde. It is interwoven with gold braiding! much like in *reek times. It is piled high and flowing down my back in curls. I have my hair done by (air Artists who are called on. It is part of our daily routine to have our hair done. +art of our

philosophy is "The body is a Temple for the ,oul"! we must respect it. This means hygiene and dressing is of the highest priority. I wear a white! see'through long dress! crossed over in the front! and tied at the waist with a gold leaf belt. )en wear both long and short skirts! some have tops and some don"t ' it is all of the same white see'through material. It is like our uniform! but in this time! it is not classed as such! rather it is a sense of achievement to wear these robes. A gauge of our maturity and spirituality. There are other colors worn of the same see'through material! but they are the colors worn by people in need of healing. This largely related to the particular chakra that was out of balance! and the re-uired color needed to effect this healing. I have no husband. In general! they did not have marriages in this time. If you wanted to commit yourself to a certain person! a ceremony of unity was undertaken by the couple. There was no legal binding or enforcement on this arrangement. The union was on a purely spiritual basis. ,e%ual activity was very active! and it kept us fit and healthy. I chose with whom I would sleep! by their love! spirituality! and magnetism. ,e% was an important part of life at this time. It was as important as eating or sleeping. This was part of the "whole being"! and we did not appear to age physically and often lived to .// years old. 0thers had se% with animals! or part human ' part animal beings! such as a horses body with a man"s head! and a very large penis. It was in these days that they could transplant things successfully and there were many that did this for se%ual purposes. There was a oneness with animals and nature! but some had forgotten this! and their priority was se%. Those spiritually aware! knew this would cause an imbalance in our society! and it was a fear that was greatly held! but little done about it. This was largely to do with the strong belief! that we have freedom of choice! and one could not interfere with another"s spiritual growth. Those people that choose animals in this way! were out of spiritual balance and were considered immature. I would share my thoughts in meditation! with my friends! and with the 1olphins. I would go to the 1olphins for advise. They lived in a beautiful place especially built with large canals connecting them to the sea. These canals e%tended into a large lake area in which they could swim and play in during the day. They would return to the sea at night. The 1olphins came and went of their own free will. There were huge steps leading you into the water of the lake area. +illars were placed on either side of these steps. This was a sign that this was a very special place. The 1olphins were our confidants and advisors. They were very intelligent! and a source of balance in our society. There were only a few that would listen to the great wisdom of the 1olphins. I would swim with them! stroke them! play with them! and listen to their advice. They would speak to me telepathically. Their energy vitali ed and strengthened me. I could travel by thought. 2or e%ample! if I wanted to be in a field miles away! I would shut my eyes and concentrate on that field. There was a slight bu and I would open my eyes and be there.

)y favorite place was with the 3nicorns. They gra ed in fields like horses. 4es! they had unicorns555 6ike the 1olphins! we communicated telepathically. (owever! their minds were very simple in comparison. We would e%change thoughts like! 7I would like a ride7. The unicorn would answer 7yes7! and we would ride in unison! with our hair flying in the wind. They were incredibly calm! serene and dignified animals. 8ever hurting anyone! never a bad thought or feeling! even when challenged. I have been told by spirit! that when the world returns to a state of balance and harmony! and man can love and accept one another! that the 3nicorns will return. There were large fields of flowers and herbs in the 8orth East 9uarter of Atlantis. These fields had subtle aromas that I loved to sit and meditate in. The smells were so gentle. 2lowers were widely used and planted. 2or e%ample! beds of blue and white flowers were planted together. This was not only visually appealing! but essential for the vibrational effect. These fields were tended to by highly trained and knowledgeable people. The herbalists took care of the flowers and herbs right from germination of the seed! to picking and e%tracting the vital essence. :ery few people held low ranking positions in our working environment. 8o matter how mundane a ;ob may have been! every person was considered vital to our society. <espect and appreciation of another"s ability was a natural part of our integration. The fruiterers! vegeters! and legumaters! also lived in the 8orth East -uarter. )any were botanists! nutritionists! and other e%perts in food. They supplied the whole of our civili ation. The bulk of the men were designated to the physical work! such as gardens and construction. This kept them in good physical condition. There were few men in the spiritual capacity but there again it is dependent on their spiritual growth. It was considered more beneficial for the men to do the physical work! as it provided a balance for them emotionally. Anger and frustration was better directed in a constructive way. Also men"s bodies are designed for physical work! and their genetics have proved this. As always! there were e%ceptions to this= i.e.: a feminate male or masculine female! and ultimately it was the Wise 0nes who would direct these people to the best areas that they would e%cel in. It was essential that people fulfilled their spiritual path and roles to which they came to accomplish. The whole of life on Atlantis was an unseen harmonious integration of all the kingdoms ' plants! minerals! animals! and vegetables. Everybody played a part! and everyone knew that their contribution was essential for the overall running of our civili ation. There was no money system on Atlantis! ;ust trading. We did not carry purses or keys or anything of that nature. There was little greed or ;ealousy! only the power of the mind. 8o wonder so many people find it hard to work in this world now. The push in our world today is to be better! to have a nicer house! a bigger car! a ;ob that pays more. It is sad. The importance of being financially abundant has become more important than the satisfaction of our own work! and the appreciation of another"s ability. We had aircraft not unlike flying saucers. They would take off and land in a circular motion! in con;unction with the air currents generated by the magnetic field energy. These vehicles were generally used for longer ;ourneys. 2or shorter ;ourneys! a form of

scooter that could hold two people was used. This had a hovercraft like engine and also worked on the magnetic energy fields like the space crafts. Commodities such as food! household goods! or any large ob;ects were transported in the same way by large vehicles known as "sub'bers". Atlantis was a huge civili ation! we use ships of communication that brought news from all areas. A lot of this information was received telepathically by specific Wise 0nes. They had special receiving powers! not unlike a satellite receiving station. They were very accurate! and their ;ob was to simply sit and receive incoming information from other 9uarters. The large crystal I worked with! was also utili ed in this way.

There was no serious sickness in this civili ation. The healing methods used encompassed many of the healing methods we use separately today. Crystals! color therapy! music! aromas and herbs were combined to effect a complete healing method.. The (ealing Center was a place of many rooms. As you entered through the door! a color would register on the wall. 4ou were then directed to a particular room for selective healing. In this first room! highly trained assistants with e%tensive knowledge in many areas of healing! would pick up the vibrations in your body. They would then translate the information found to the healing room. In this room! you would lie down on a slab of granite while other assistants would arrange the appropriate formulas to be used for your healing. The room would then filled with healing music! and the appropriate crystals would be placed above you. An aroma will lightly scent the room and the color will come in last. 4ou would then be asked to meditate! allowing the healing energy to enter. It was important that all the senses were healed ' your eyes with the color! your nose with the aroma of herbs! your ears with beautiful music! and lastly! your mouth with pure water $you had to drink a long flute of water when you rose from meditation&. The energy was very strong. It felt like a like a ray up and down your body. Every sense was fulfilled. The healing techni-ues always incorporated the magnetic and ethereal fields! as well as the physical and mental realms.

The baby in the womb was given sounds of voice! music! and spiritual teachings of our time. This was basic instruction for e%pecting parents! who were helped and guided by the Wise 0nes throughout the pregnancy. 2rom the time of birth! babies were nurtured and loved by their parents in the homes. They would be brought to the nurseries during light hours to listen to music! vibrations of color and stories of positive thoughts and philosophies. All areas had nurturing centers for children which taught them how to become spiritual beings. To open their minds and allow their bodies to work together as one. The Wise

0nes played a strong part in this stage of development! and their occupation was considered one of the highest positions in Atlantean society. This station was generally designated when you reached the age of >/ to ?./! depending on your spiritual growth. This was something to aspire to.

2rom the age of @! people were taught in all areas of learning. 6earning was taught in large buildings. There were no signs to say this! the schools were known by a color rainbow which was on the front of the building. This was effectively the "sign" to say 6earning Center. We would mainly listen to audio visual. This was done by lying or sitting in comfortable positions so that the spine was not placed under any pressure. Another method involved mediation where the eyes were covered with an eye mask with which colors were pro;ected. This visual method of teaching was very effective when in a meditative state. ,ubliminal tapes were also played through ear phones. With a rela%ed body and mind! the knowledge was pass directly to the recording part of the brain. This was one of the most effective methods of learning! as it illuminated all distractions. The Wise 0nes watched over and assessed progress! and in particular guided the children so that their particular talents would emerge. This would ensure that everyone had an e-ual chance of aspiring to their full potential. +ositive thoughts and vibrations were important part of this learning. This enabled the soul to reach its highest potential. The higher the vibration of the body and the mind! the higher the vibration of the soul. The more your inner mind is positive! the more it will reflect your outer mind or conscious being. When the two are in tune ' this brings a positive world. Those that have not kept to this! have fallen to greed and power. The power to control the minds of others was a barbaric way of life to the Atlantean ' which was forbidden. In our history books ! it was said that we were once insecure. The barbaric -ualities of our forebears still genetically effected our society at this time= i.e. choosing to e%periment with animals. (owever the ,piritual 6aws on interfering with another"s life was forbidden. 1espite the fact that we knew the dangers that this held! we could not interfere or enforce any punishment because it was each individuals responsibility for the progress of their own soul. In this society! it was the purpose of the insecure to become secure. This philosophy was good! and stood alone in its time ' it was our protection.


At the time of my life! the world of Atlantis as we knew it! was at the end of it"s era. ,ome of us knew this! but most chose to ignore it! or weren"t interested. The physical elements had become out of balance. Technology was very advanced. 2or e%ample the air was purified and the temperature regulated by us. The technology had got so advanced! that we had began to change the elements of air and water. This was what eventually caused the eruption of Atlantis. The four elements ' air! water! fire and earth are the most basic and stable foundations of our planet. An attempt to combine or change any of these elements is against 1ivine 6aw. Those in the scientific fields that lived and worked in the West 9uarter of Atlantis! conceded to their lower selves! and considered "control" over the

elements as power and glory. This we know now! as the ultimate downfall. They considered themselves above man! and tempted to play *01 by trying to control the basic elements of this earth. The prophesies of the "last day" were widely know. (owever its cause! was only known by the Wise 0nes! and those of us that followed strict spiritual paths. The end of our civili ation was caused by the few5 It was said in the prophesies that "the earth shall rise and gather its people. A new land shall rise again! to begin again the great struggle. 2ew people will survive! and they shall be scattered among this new land to tell the tales of Atlantis so that we may learn again... learn from the mistakes." The 1olphins had told us that the "last day" was approaching and we knew that this time was getting closer as we had not seen them for at least two weeks. They had told us that they were going to a safe place! and they would look after the crystals until the time was right for them to be found again. They told us we could safely travel to the West. )any people left in search of these new lands. ,ome traveled as far as Egypt! others left on boats months before the "last day" and safely arrived on new and relatively uncharted lands. These other lands were not part of our civili ation! and therefore not under our protection. )any people were distressed to leave our positive and secure environment. Atlantis had very few e%plorers because of this. (owever the few that had traveled to "strange" lands! had returned safely. This gave us at least some secure knowledge of the life and countries that e%isted beyond Atlantis. I chose to stay to make sure that the energy crystal remained in tact until the end. This was the crystal that powered the cities. It was protected by a transparent bubble of unknown material in the last weeks. )aybe one day it too will be recovered! and used again for a good purpose. When it is discovered it will prove the e%istence of the Atlantean civili ation! and shed light on many other mysteries that have haunted us for centuries. I remember the longest day! the last day! the last minute... The earth folded! there were earth-uakes! eruptions! fires. There was an enormous shift of the earth"s plate $astrologists can check this with line up of particular planets&. As the earth gave way! the attitude of the people in the Crystal dome was one of acceptance. We were calm. The shifting of the building seemed to move up and down. It tipped and peaked. I was pulled up on a ledge by a man! and we held on to each other. I hoped my death would be -uick. The sky had gone smoky and I could see the earth erupting and the fire spouting into the atmosphere. ,moke filled the dome! choking both of us. I blacked out! and ne%t thing I knew I was floating in bliss! up to the light. I looked down to see the sinking of the land. The water poured in and consumed everything in its sight. ,ome people ran! only to be engulfed by water or fall into fiery holes in the earth. The screams are with me still. The bubbling of the earth was like a giant pot of boiling water! the earth being engulfed by the sea like a hungry animal devouring its prey. It is now time for us to understand and learn from this past civili ation. To take the knowledge we have learnt and apply it to the future. We are heading for the end of these days again. (ave we learnt from the pastA (ave we gone too farA What must we do to put

this world into balanceA We must find our true selves! and balance our inner and outer being. To become more spiritual! and raise the vibration of our soul. This must be learned if we are to communicate with other civili ations in our 3niverse and beyond. The need to control and ;udge others will no longer be important! and we become truly e-ual with all other beings. When we come to this understanding! we will live in 60:E and in +EACE. When we have harmony within ourselves! we live in harmony with all others. )ay the light of the *reat ,pirit shine within you! and this eternal love be your life force. T(E 6E*E81 02 AT6A8TI,

!ecrets of the !ubterranean Cities

"orld Ascension #etwork $ecently% America watched !tephen !pielberg&s '( pilot% a remake of (erne& s )*ourney to the Center of the +arth.) A ma,erick team of scientists aboard their melt-proof ship enter the inner +arth through a bubbling ,olcano. "hen things cool off% they find themsel,es e-ploring a ,ast and sunny inner landscape . . . a magical and in,iting world with ample room to fly. 'heir ad,enture resembles the real life account of a #orwegian sailor named .laf *ansen. /is story% set in the 0122s% is told in "illis +merson&s biography entitled )'he !moky 3od.) .laf&s little sloop drifted so far north by storm that he actually sailed into a polar entrance and li,ed for two years with one of the colonies of the Agartha #etwork% called )!hamballa the Lesser.) /e describes his hosts as those )of the central seat of go,ernment for the inner continent . . . measuring a full 04 feet in height . . . e-tending courtesies and showing kindness . . . laughing heartily when they had to impro,ise chairs for my father and I to sit in.) .laf tells of a )smoky) inner sun% a world comprised of three-fourths land and one-fourth water.

'he Agartha #etwork

'hink of !hamballa the Lesser as the 5nited #ations of o,er 022 subterranean cities that form the Agartha #etwork. It is% indeed% the seat of go,ernment for the inner world. "hile !hamballa the Lesser is an inner continent% its satellite colonies are smaller enclosed ecosystems located 6ust beneath the +arth& s crust or discreetly within mountains. All cities in the Agartha #etwork are physical and are of the Light% meaning that they are tradition of the great mystery schools of the surface% honoring such beings as *esus/!ananda% uddha% Isis and .siris . . . all of the Ascended 7asters that we of the surface know and lo,e% in addition to spiritual teachers of their own long-standing heritage. "hy did they choose to li,e underground8 Consider the magnitude of the geological +arth changes that ha,e swept the surface o,er the past 022%222 years. Consider the lengthy Atlantean-Lemurian war and the power of thermonuclear weaponry that

e,entually sank and destroyed these two highly ad,anced ci,ili9ations. 'he !ahara% the 3obi% the Australian .utback and the deserts of the 5.! . are but a few e-amples of the de,astation that resulted. 'he sub-cities were created as refuges for the people and as safe ha,ens for sacred records% teachings and technologies that were cherished by these ancient cultures.

Capitol Cities
:.!I;: :rimary Atlantean outpost% located beneath the 7ato 3rosso plains region of ra9il. :opulation: 0.< million. !/.#!/+: $efuge of the 5ighur culture% a branch of the Lemurians who chose to form their own colonies =2%222 years ago. +ntrance is guarded by a /imalayan lamasery. :opulation: </> million. $A7A: $emnant of the surface city of $ama% India located near *aipur. Inhabitants are known for their classic /indu features. :opulation: 0 million. !/I#3"A: $emnant of the northern migration of the 5ighurs. Located on the border of 7ongolia and China. with a small secondary city in 7t. Lassen% California. 'elos translated means )communication with !pirit.) :opulation: 0.= million.

!potlight on 'elos
/ow can o,er a million people make their home inside 7t. !hasta8 "hile we&re stretching our imaginations% our neighbors% the *apanese% ha,e already blueprinted underground cities in answer to their surface area problem. !ub-city habitation has% for thousands of years% been a natural ,ehicle for human e,olution. #ow% here is a peek at a well-thought-out ecosystem. 'he dimensions of this domed city are appro-imately 0.= miles wide by 4 miles deep. 'elos is comprised of = le,els. L+(+L 0: 'his top le,el is the center of commerce% education and administration. 'he pyramid-shaped temple is the central structure and has a capacity of =2%222. !urrounding it are go,ernment buildings% the e?ui,alent of a courthouse that promotes an enlightened 6udicial system% halls of records% arts and entertainment facilities% a hotel for ,isiting foreign emissaries% a palace which houses the )$a and $ana 7u) @the reigning Aing and Bueen of the royal Lemurian lineage who are Ascended 7astersC% a communications tower% a spaceport% schools% food and clothing dispatches and most residences. L+(+L 4: A manufacturing center as well as a residential le,el. /ouses are circular in shape and dust-free because of it. Like surface li,ing% housing for singles% couples and e-tended families is the norm.

L+(+L <: /ydroponic gardens. /ighly ad,anced hydroponics technology feeds the entire city% with some to spare for intercity commerce. All crops yield larger and tastier fruits% ,eggies and soy products that make for a ,aried and fun diet for 'elosians. #ow completely ,egetarian% the Agartha Cities ha,e taken meat substitutes to new heights. L+(+L >: 7ore hydroponic gardens% more manufacturing and some natural park areas. L+(+L =: 'he nature le,el. !et about a mile beneath surface ground le,el% this area is a large natural en,ironment. It ser,es as a habitat for a wide ,ariety of animals% including those many e-tinct on the surface. All species ha,e been bred in a non,iolent atmosphere% and those that might be carni,orous on the surface now en6oy soy steaks and human interaction. /ere you can romp with a !aber-'oothed 'iger with wild abandon. 'ogether with the other plant le,els% enough o-ygen is produced to sustain the biosphere. LA#35A3+: "hile dialects ,ary from city to city% )!olara 7aru%) translated as the )!olar Language%) is commonly spoken. 'his is the root language for our sacred languages such as !anskrit and /ebrew. 3.(+$#7+#': A Council of 'wel,e% si- men and si- women% together with the $a and $ana 7u% do collecti,e problem sol,ing and ser,e as guides and guardians of the people. :ositions of royalty such as are held by the $a and $ana 7u are regarded as ones of responsibility in upholding 3od& s di,ine plan. 'he /igh :riest% an Ascended 7aster named Adama% is also an official representati,e. C.7:5'+$!: 'he Agarthean computer system is amino-acid based and ser,es a ,ast array of functions. All of the sub-cities are linked by this highly spirituali9ed information network. 'he system monitors inter-city and galactic communication% while% simultaneously% ser,ing the needs of the indi,idual at home. It can% for instance% report your body&s ,itamin or mineral deficiencies or% when necessary% con,ey pertinent information from the akashic records for personal growth. 7.#+D: #on-e-istent. All inhabitants& basic needs are taken care of. Lu-uries are e-changed ,ia a sophisticated barter system. '$A#!:.$'A'I.#: 7o,ing sidewalks% inter-le,el ele,ators and electromagnetic sleds resembling our snow mobiles within the city. Eor tra,el between cities% residents take )the 'ube%) an electromagnetic subway system capable of speeds up to <%222 m.p.h. Des% Agartheans are well ,ersed in intergalactic eti?uette and are members of the Confederation of :lanets. !pace tra,el has been perfected% as has the ability for interdimensional shifts that render these ships undetectable.

+#'+$'AI#7+#': 'heatre% concerts and a wide ,ariety of the arts. Also% for you 'rekkies% the /olodecks. :rogram your fa,orite mo,ie or chapter in +arth history and become a part of itF C/IL; I$'/: A painless three months% not nine. A ,ery sacred process whereby% upon conception% a woman will go to the temple for three days% immediately welcoming the child with beautiful music% thoughts and imagery. "ater birthing in the company of both parents is standard. /+I3/': ;ue to cultural differences% a,erage heights of subterranean citi9ens ,ary. 3enerally G&=) to H&=) in 'elos% while nearly 04& in !hamballa the Lesser. A3+: 5nlimited. ;eath by degeneration is simply not a reality in 'elos. 7ost Agartheans choose to look an age between <2 and >2 and stay there% while% technically% they may be thousands of years old. y not belie,ing in death% this society is not limited by it. 5pon completing a desired e-perience% one can disincarnate at will. A!C+#!I.#: Absolutely% and much easier and more common than on the surface. Ascension is the ultimate goal of temple training. "hy ha,e they stayed underground all this time8 In part% because the Agartheans ha,e learned the futility of war and ,iolence and are patiently waiting for us to draw the same conclusion. 'hey are such gentle folk that e,en our 6udgmental thoughts are physically harmful to them. !ecrecy has been their protection. 5ntil now% the truth of their e-istence has been ,eiled by !pirit. "hen can we ,isit8 .ur entrance to the sub-cities depends on the purity of our intentions and our capacity to think positi,ely. A warm welcome from both worlds is the ideal and must be e-pressed by more than 6ust the light working community. Currently% a few hundred bra,e subterranean are working on the surface. In order to blend with the masses% they ha,e undergone temporary cellular change so that% physically% they don&t tower abo,e the rest of us. 'hey may be recogni9ed by their gentle% sensiti,e nature and somewhat mysterious accent. "e wish to introduce you to :rincess !harula Aurora ;u-% the daughter of the $a and $ana 7u of 'elos. !harula has been officially appointed Ambassador to the surface world by the Agartha #etwork. !he is 4GH years old and looks <2. 'his article is courtesy of her firsthand e-perience. 'he purpose of her Ambassadorship is to prepare the way for the merging of the two worlds . . . to bring the ideas% the information and the new archetypes that will help unite our planet. !harula has come to present a blueprint for peaceful change to those who will listen. 'he Agartheans ha,e reached a point where they cannot progress spiritually unless this merger takes place. In essence% we are one planet ascending% not half a planet. It is 3od &s will that we take the ne-t step together.

'he sooner we in,ite this unity% the sooner the magic will unfold. 'he /ierarchy has made the emergence of the subterranean cities a priority pro6ect. 'hey are asking us to do our part in welcoming our brethren. 'he timing depends ,ery much upon our recepti,ity and our graciousness. A successful merger is estimated within the ne-t 02 to 42 years. elo,ed% there is nothing to fear and e,erything to gain. 'he gifts the Agartheans bring are many. 'he secret of immortality is your birthright. 'he freedom to li,e in abundance is also your birthright. Dou ha,en&t li,ed until you&,e tasted a hydroponic tomato and had a little fun on the /olodeck. :rincess !harula and !hield ;u-% her husband% are two of the founders of the )Ascension Celebrations%) )Concla,e of 7ichael%) and )04:04 3ateway to Ereedom) e,ents globally. 'he Ascended /osts 6oyfully speak of 04:04 as Independence ;ay on this planet. .n ;ecember 04% 0II>% 0>>%222 dedicated souls will cocreate the miracle of e,olution. +arth graduates and officially enters the 3olden Age. "rite to A"+% Inc. J =22 #. 3uadalupe J !uite 3-422A J !anta Ee% #. 7e-.1H=20 J 'elephone: @=2=C >H041IH. Ea-: @=2=C >H>-21=G. :rincess !harula&s account is courtesy of the World Ascension Network newsletter and its sister company% Ascension "eck +nterprises% Inc. Eor subscription information% write "A# - <GI 7onte9uma - !uite 440 - !anta Ee% #. 7e-. 1H=20.

The )er$uda Triangle

)y Geoffrey *eyte The area of the Atlantic +cean #o#ularly referred to as the )er$uda Triangle is a co$#lete enig$a and has #roven to "e so for $uch of recorded history, -any see$ingly ine #lica"le occurrences and disa##earances have ta.en #lace in this #articular area, (o rational e #lanation that will satisfy the $aterialistic #ara$eters of the ty#ical scientist has "een offered that would account for all the $ysterious ha##enings that have ta.en #lace in the )er$uda Triangle during the course of $any thousands of years, Where is the )er$uda Triangle! -any of us "elieve that the )er$uda Triangle is situated $ore or less in the $iddle of an area of the Atlantic +cean that once housed Atlantis,

While $any e$inent Atlantean authorities e #ress differing o#inions and ideas as to #recisely where Atlantis was situated& I would li.e to refer to a reading given "y Edgar Cayce in /012% 3The #osition,,,the continent of Atlantis occu#ied is "etween the Gulf of -e ico on the one hand and the -editerranean u#on the other, Evidences of this lost civili4ation are to "e found in the Pyrenees and -orocco& )ritish Honduras& 5ucatan and A$erica, There are so$e #rotruding #ortions,,,that $ust have at one ti$e or another "een a #ortion of this great continent, The )ritish West Indies& or the )aha$as& are a #ortion of sa$e that $ay "e seen in the #resent, If the geological survey would "e $ade in so$e of these es#ecially& or nota"ly in )i$ini and in the Gulf 6trea$ through this vicinity& these $ay "e even yet deter$ined3 7189-1:,3 )e that as it $ay& and in $ost things I a$ always inclined to "elieve what Edgar Cayce has to say& in $y o#inion Atlantis was situated roughly where Cayce #ro#oses, When Atlantis was destroyed it san. to the very "otto$ of the ocean, While the ruined te$#les now #lay host to $ultitudinous underwater creatures& the great Atlantean fire-crystals that once #rovided so $uch of the tre$endous #ower and energy that was found in Atlantis long ago still e ist, And they are still e$itting strong energy "ea$s into the universe, ;nfortunately& however& when the destruction occurred so$e of these fire-crystals were #artially da$aged& which has resulted in the$ only "eing a"le to #ro<ect their energy rays at rando$, It is said that each fire-crystal would have "een at least twenty feet high and so$e eight feet wide, In Atlantis these fire- crystals would have "een erected in a series of three& thus creating a vorte of astrono$ical energy and a #ower of the first $agnitude= Fro$ ti$e to ti$e& the force field e$itted "y these da$aged Atlantean fire-crystals "eco$es very #owerful and any #lane or shi# co$ing within the influence of this force field disintegrates and is transfor$ed into #ure energy, Hence the ine #lica"le and $ysterious disa##earances that has very often "een "la$ed on the area of the ocean .nown as the )er$uda Triangle= 6o$e scientists have advanced the theory that $any of the #lanes and shi#s that have "een lost and that have disa##eared within the )er$uda Triangle have "een trans#orted into so$e .ind of )lac. Hole or ti$e war#, This is& I would strongly suggest& si$#ly not true,

Those individuals who were a"oard #lanes and shi#s when they disa##eared have "asically "etween returned to s#irit, +n a few rare occasions& shi#s that had "een re#orted as having vanished have actually returned, The crew $e$"ers& though& have all a##eared to "e insane& incoherent and "a""ling wild stories, This has occurred "ecause there are certain ti$es when the force field #ro<ected "y the Atlantean fire-crystals is not strong enough to effect total disintegration, -ental disorientation results instead= It is very si$ilar to so$eone who receives an overdose fro$ a shoc. treat$ent to the "rain, (ot enough& #erha#s& to .ill& or destroy the #erson& "ut enough to seriously da$age the "rain structure and to cause insanity and other for$s of $adness, The ra$"lings that all these crew $e$"ers have related are hallucinations& thoughts of fear and of un.nown indescri"a"le horrors with which their $inds cannot #ossi"ly co#e, In addition to the da$aged Atlantean Fire-Crystals& the Ti$ Crystal still stands guard within the ruined Atlantean Te$#le of Healing, The great Ti$ Crystal& however& does not #ro<ect its energies in the sa$e way as the fire-crystals "ecause it is her$etically sealed, The Ti$ Crystal is waiting #atiently for the ti$e which is yet to co$e when once again it will #lay its i$#ortant role in the affairs of the world= In /0>?& 'r,@ay )rown& a naturo#athic #ractitioner fro$ -esa& Ari4ona& went scu"a diving with so$e friends near the )ari Islands in the )aha$as& close to a #o#ular area .nown as the Tongue of the +cean, 'uring one of his dives& )rown "eca$e se#arated fro$ his friends and while searching for the$ he was startled when he ca$e across a strange #yra$id sha#e silhouetted against the aAua$arine light, ;#on investigating further& )rown was sur#rised "y how s$ooth and $irror-li.e was the stone surface of the whole structure& with the <oints "etween the individual "loc.s al$ost indiscerni"le, 6wi$$ing around the ca#stone& which )rown thought $ight have "een la#is la4uli& he discovered an entrance and decided to e #lore inside, Passing along a narrow hallway& )rown finally ca$e to a s$all rectangular roo$ with a #yra$id-sha#ed ceiling, He was totally

a$a4ed that this roo$ contained no algae or coral growing on the inner walls, They were co$#letely s#otless= In addition& though )rown had "rought no torch with hi$& he could nevertheless see everything in the roo$ with his nor$al eyesight, The roo$ was well lit& "ut no direct light source was visi"le, )rown's attention was drawn to a "rassy $etallic rod three inches in dia$eter hanging down fro$ the a#e of the center of the roo$ and at its end was attached a $any-facetted red ge$& which ta#ered to a #oint, 'irectly "elow this rod and ge$& sitting in the $iddle of the roo$& was a stand of carved stone to##ed "y a stone #late with scrolled ends, +n the #late there was a #air of carved $etal "ron4e-colored hands& life-si4ed& which a##eared "lac.ened and "urnt& as if having "een su"<ected to tre$endous heat, (estled in the hands& and situated four feet directly "elow the ceiling rod ge$ #oint& was a crystal s#here four inches in dia$eter, )rown tried to loosen the ceiling rod and red ge$stone "ut neither would $ove, @eturning to the crystal s#here& he found&to his a$a4e$ent& that it se#arated easily fro$ the "ron4e hand holders, With the crystal s#here in his right hand he then $ade his way out of the #yra$id, As he de#arted& )rown felt an unseen #resence and heard a voice telling hi$ never to return= Fearing& rightly& that his unusual #ri4e $ight "e confiscated as salvage-treasure "y the A$erican Govern$ent& 'r, )rown did not reveal the e istence of his strange crystal s#here& nor did he relate his e #eriences until /0>B& when he e hi"ited his crystal for the first ti$e at a #sychic se$inar in Phoeni , 6ince that ti$e& the crystal s#here has $ade only a very few #u"lic a##earances "ut on each occasion #eo#le who have seen it have e #erienced strange #heno$ena directly associated with it, 'ee# inside the crystal for$& one ga4es u#on three #yra$idical i$ages& one in front of the other& in decreasing si4es, 6o$e #eo#le who enter a dee# $editative state of consciousness are a"le to discern a fourth #yra$id& in the foreground of the other three, Eli4a"eth )acon& a (ew 5or. #sychic& clai$ed while in trance& that the crystal s#here had once "elonged to Thoth& the Egy#tian God who

was res#onsi"le for "urying a secret vault of .nowledge in Gi4a& near the three great Pyra$ids, Perha#s the #ositions of the three #yra$idical i$ages in the crystal s#here hold the long-sought .ey to finding a fourth& as yet unfound& su"terranean #yra$id that will lead us to the Hall of @ecords! Who .nows! at the crystal s#here fro$ the side& the internal i$ages dissolve into thousands of tiny fracture lines, )rown feels that these $ay #rove to "e electrical in nature& li.e so$e for$ of $icrosco#ic circuitry, Fro$ yet another angle& and under s#ecial conditions& $any #eo#le have "een a"le to see a large single hu$an eye staring out serenely at the$, Photogra#hs of this eye have also "een ta.en= 'r, )rown's crystal s#here has "een the source of a wide variety of #aranor$al and $ysterious occurrences, Peo#le have felt "ree4es or winds "lowing close to it, )oth cold and war$ layers surround it at various distances, +ther witnesses have o"served #hanto$ lights& heard voices or felt strange tingling sensations surrounding it, A co$#ass needle& when #laced ne t to the crystal s#here& will s#in counter-cloc.wise& then co$$ence turning in the o##osite direction when $oved only inches away, -etals "eco$e te$#orarily $agneti4ed when they co$e into close contact with the s#here, There are even recorded instances where healing has ta.en #lace "y $erely touching the s#here, We $ay only s#eculate as to why the crystal s#here was created and what #art it once #layed within the underwater )aha$as #yra$id discovered "y @ay )rown= If& as we sus#ect& this area of water once for$ed #art of the continent of Atlantis& then what other "uried treasures await future divers! The #ossi"ilities are endless, 6eis$ogra#hic surveys carried out across the Atlantic +cean have shown that there are $any deviations and une #lained contours to "e found right at the "otto$ of the ocean, To date& however& no serious e #loration has ever "een underta.en to find out e actly what is to "e found on the ocean's floor,

Perha#s )rown's )aha$as #yra$id once for$ed #art of Atlantis! It has "een suggested that this sun.en #yra$id once attracted& accu$ulated and even generated so$e for$ of cos$ic force, The sus#ended rod $ay have conducted forces accu$ulated in the ca#stone, The faceted red ge$ at its end $ay have "een used to concentrate and #ro<ect the energies to the crystal s#here "elow it, The "urnt and "lac.ened hands& showing the evidence of an energy transfer& #ro"a"ly a$#lified the release of these energies while the crystal s#here acted as the tuner and "roadcaster of the energies, In /011& Edgar Cayce suggested in two readings that the Atlanteans #ossessed so$e for$ of ato$ic #ower and radioactive forces% 3 Through the sa$e for$ of fire the "odies of individuals were regenerated "y "urning& through a##lication of rays fro$ stone& the influences that "rought destructive forces to an ani$al organis$, Hence the "ody often re<uvenated itself and it re$ained in that land until the eventual destruction& <oining with the #eo#les who $ade for the " u# of the land& or <oining with )elial at the final destruction of the land, In this& the entity lost, At first it was not the intention nor desire for destructive forces, Cater it was for ascension of #ower itself3 799?-BD 'ece$"er 2?& /011: And Cayce goes on% 3As for a descri#tion of the $anner of construction of the stone% we find it was a large cylindrical glass 7as would "e ter$ed today:& cut with facets in such $anner that the ca#stone or force that concentrated "etween the end of the cylinder and the ca#stone itself,, As indicated& the records as to ways of constructing sa$e are in three #laces in the earth& as it stands today% in the sun.en #ortion of Atlantis& or Poseidia& where a #ortion of the te$#les $ay yet "e discovered under the sli$e of ages of sea water - near what is .nown as )i$ini& off the coast of Florida, And 7secondly: in the te$#le records that were in Egy#t& where the entity acted later in coo#eration with others towards #reserving the records that ca$e fro$ the land where these had "een .e#t, Also 7thirdly: the records that were carried to what is now 5ucatan& in A$erica& where these stones 7which they .now so little a"out: are now& during the last few $onths& "eing uncovered,3 799?-BD'ece$"er 2?& /011: +ne #articularly interesting #iece of infor$ation in the a"ove reading is the reference to )i$ini, In /080& ste#s were discovered leading down under the ocean at )i$ini, These have always "een "elieved to have once for$ed #art of Atlantis although it a##ears that little

further e cavations or e #lorations have ever ta.en #lace on this site, )ut - and really it is not too "ig a "ut - it does see$ that the "alance of #ro"a"ility is fir$ly tilted towards the su##osition that Atlantis was $ore than a legendD that& in reality& it was a historical fact, In the $eanti$e& however& the da$aged Atlantean fire-crystals will continue& fro$ ti$e to ti$e& to have an effect u#on so$e of the #lanes and shi#s which #ass through the area .nown as the )er$uda Triangle, If you have any infor$ation& #ast-life $e$ories& etc,& that you would li.e to share with $e& I shall always "e very #leased to hear fro$ you,
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