The future of air culture

< the method of growing
plants suspended in air
in a closed container
< No medium is used
< Nutrient spray on interval
(contains all micro and
macro nutrients)
o corn 12 days after
Of germination.
< Hydroponics-
< Uses medium:
< More prone to disease
< Water rooted
< Less water efficient
< Decreased yields
< Aeroponics-
< Does not required media
< Disease free
< Air rooted
< Extremely water efficient (½ as
< Ìncreased yields
< ¼ as much nutrient solution
< The spray is high pressure-
literally cleans
< Ìntervals provides perfect a
oxidation period for primordia
root development
< Any stage in plant life is
< Water is recycled
< Extremely space efficient
< Water used is 100%
bacteria/virus free (due to RO)
< its just easy-closed system
2.) Thomas, Mel. Cannabis Cultivation. 2nd ed. Vol. 1. San Francisco: Green
andy, 2006.

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