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Diagnostic test


1. Present Continuous/Present Simple 1. We usually________(take) the bus to town but, today we___________(go) by car. . What_________you usually_________(ha!e) "or break"ast# $.%oast. &ut today '__________(ha!e) so(e "ruit because there isn)t any bread. *.%he tele+hone___________(ring). ,an you answer it# -.'t)s 11.$/. Why___________you___________(work) so late# 2. Make these sentences negative. 1.We en0oyed the "il(. .' lost 11/ last night. $.Angela wrote a letter to her "riend. *.%hat book was !ery interesting. -.We arri!ed at school at eight o)clock. 3. Write the past tense form of the irregular verbs only &uy Do 3ear Watch Make ,ook 3a++en 4augh 4isten Write 2ut 3a!e 4ea!e Wait %alk

!. Put the correct preposition %here are two chairs_______ the li!ing roo(. %he so"a is__________the table. %here is a 4a(+__________the so"a. %here)s a +icture____________the wall. %he tele+hone is_________ the table. ". Present Perfect or Simple Past '_______________(li!e) in 2aris "or "i!e years. &e"ore that, we_____________(li!e) in 4ondon. '_______________(go) to &ristol 5ni!ersity in 166*.

'_______________(be) a teacher since ' le"t uni!ersity. ' ne!er_____________(go) to 7ussia, but ')d like to go. #. $ea% the te&t about 'ane. (hen complete the sentences. 8ane)s unha++y at ho(e and unha++y at work. 9he has a boring 0ob and she doesn)t earn (uch (oney. 3er boss says that he will +erha+s gi!e her a +ay rise ne:t (onth, but he isn)t sure yet. 9he doesn)t ha!e a car and she goes to work on crowded bus e!ery day. 9he doesn)t ha!e a "lat, 9he li!es in a s(all roo( abo!e a noisy restaurant in the centre o" town. 9he "inds it di""icult to slee+ because the restaurant doesn)t close until a"ter (idnight. 9he thinks that she will +erha+s go and li!e with her "riends Wendy but she isn)t sure yet because she likes li!ing on her own. 1. 8ane_______________ha++ier i" she____________ a (ore interesting 0ob. . 3er boss (ight____________. $. '" she____________ a car, she ______________to work by bus. *. '" she _____________ li!e abo!e a restaurant, she ____________it easier to slee+. -. 9he (ight_____________her "riend Wendy. ). Complete the sentences *ith a verb from the follo*ing am/am not+ %o/%o not+ are/are not+ %oes/%oes not+ is/is not+ 1.7o(e_______in 9+ain. 't________in 'taly. .Mary and 9ara____________like (ilk. $.______________8a(es ha!e two 0obs# *.&en______________like tra!elling by bus. -.3ow______________you tra!el to work#