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Prof.C.S.Purushothaman Chair Professor & Director SIES School of Packaging

Vasud !a sutam d !am"#amsa$Chanoora mardanam D !a%& 'arama$anandam" #r&shnam !and (a)at)urum Srut& Smr&t& Puranam Aa*a+am #aruna*a+am Namam& ,ha)a!ad'adam San%aram Lo%a San%aram Good Morning, A hearty and warm welcome to Distinguished Chief Guest Shri Paresh Saraiya, Guest of !onour Dr G "amakrishnan, !onoura#le SIES President Shri $ Shankar, SIES Managing Council Mem#ers, My %eacher Prof M " Su#ramanian, &aculty mem#ers , Patrons, Parents and my dearest students 'e are at the cam(us of Sri Chandrasekarendra Saraswathy $idya(uram our traditions has always considered teaching ) im(arting knowledge ) as the no#lest of all (rofessions %he (erson im(arting this knowledge is ke(t in the highest (edestal So it is in the fitness of things that we recogni*e and res(ect the Guru first -uroraad& Anaad&s.ha" -uruh Parama Da&!atam -uroh Parataram Naast&" Tasma& Sr& -ura! Namaha

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The Guru has neither beginning nor end; the Guru is the ultimate God (in the visible form). There is nothing beyond this Guru principle, and I salute such a Guru. Similar to the +alue we ha+e #estowed on the (erson im(arting the knowledge, we also ha+e the same re+erence to the im(ortance of knowledge Na .hor har+am" Na .ha ra0a har+am" Na 1hratu 1ha0+am Na .ha 1hara%ar& V+a+ %rut !ardhart ! n&t+aam" V&d+a dhanam sar!a dhan 'radhanam No one can steal it, no authority can snatch, No brothers can divide, is not heavy to carry, As you consume or spend, it increases; as you share, it e pands, !ducation ("idhya) is the best #ealth, among all the #ealth anyone can have. SIES has stood #y this dictum for the last ,- years which is e+ident with its 2RISE WIT3 ED4CATION5 Such is the +alue of education #estowed at SIES Dear &riends, Con+ocation day is an aus(icious day in the calendar of any educational institution /n this day the institution deli+ers on its (romise 0oung men and women, who ha+e #een nurtured for years in the Institution, enter society %he di(loma that is #eing conferred on them this morning is sym#olic of their ca(a#ility to e.cel in their chosen fields as $ac%aging $rofessionals. So also, this day is an im(ortant landmark in the life of young technologists graduating today for it is the day their hard work gets recogni*ed formally In fact, while each one of the students and the faculty may recall the academic (erformance of the graduating students, what is (erha(s more im(ortant is to look ahead Con+ocation is also an occasion when you look #ack simultaneously look forward At this institution it is tradition to ha+e the 1uniors manage this e+ent for their seniors wishing them all the #est in their future career %his #rings in
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a link and sense of oneness among the student fraternity %he seniors had gi+en the 1uniors their fresher2s (arty welcome which they re(ay My dear students, today marks an im(ortant day in your li+es and a significant milestone in your (rofessional 1ourney Entering into this institution, you (ursued your academic work with great *eal 3y your hard work and #y dedication to maintain high standards, you earned your degrees and awards It is a moment of (ride for you as much as it is for your teachers, (arents and those who had any (art in sha(ing your life so far 0ou can recall that your mission for higher learning #egan here with great (assion 3ut, know for sure that it will not end here It will not end until you feel fully confident of meeting uncertainties and challenges of the life2s la#oratory and dealing with successes and failures with a (ositi+e attitude Coming to SIES School of Packaging, it has #een gradually growing o+er the time which is e+ident from the student strength which has risen o+er the years In the (ast years the strength has #een 4-, 5- and 6-- Some of the highlights for this academic year include7 6 %his year, 56students will graduate from +arious courses /f these 56 students, we ha+e 8, from &ull %ime Programme, 89 from the /ne 0ear Part %ime Programme, 64 from Distance learning Programme I e.tend my heartiest congratulations to you all : Again this year we ha+e achie+ed 6--; (lacement for the (assing out &ull %ime students 8 E+ery year we ha+e o+erseas students for our (rogramme 'e ha+e had students from 3angladesh, Saudi Ara#ia, %his year we ha+e from Iran &or the ne.t year we ha+e students from Malawi and Me.ico City < During this year we had the o((ortunity of more com(anies like =&=, >&%, Godre1 added to the list for the cam(us inter+iew indicating a wider industry acce(tance of our students ? Students of 3atch 6668 (resented ? (ro1ects on Packaging Inno+ation and Creati+ity at the #ehest of ESSE> P"/PAC@ >%D and Page 6 of /

Awards were declared %he assessment was made #y Grou( !eads of ESSE> P"/PAC@ %he awards will #e distri#uted today %hese (ro1ects had a focus on Intillegent A Smart Packaging 9 3atch 6668 also (resented ? (ro1ects on Packaging De+elo(ment on #ehalf of '"AP%EC! MAC!IBE"IES >%D and awardees were declared %hese (ro1ect (resentations were (rofessionally assessed #y stalwarts from industry %hese (ro1ects had a focus on Acti+e Packaging %he ins(iring comment #y the 1ury for these design de+elo(ments is to o#tain IP" #y SIES with students as in+entors 4 %his year our 3atch 6:6< students are (artici(ating in A>>IBDIA PAC@AGE DESIGB C/MPE%I%I/B for 3PC> , 'e ha+e a S/P GS% Student Package Design com(etition in the last week of Dec 6: 5 /ur student (ro1ects ha+e #een #agging the co+etous IBDIA S%A" A'A"D , ASIA S%A" A'A"DS ABD '/">D S%A" A'A"DS for Packaging De+elo(ment under student category %his year they ha+e #agged the India Star awardand (roceeding for Asia Star, 6A+ery Dennison &oundation, world leaders and (ioneers in Barrow 'e# %echnology , ha+e instituted a Chair and Programme %hey ha+e #een continuing their su((ort 'e e.(ress our sincere thanks for their no#le gesture 66 'e ha+e also had our IS/ CE"%I&ICA%I/B renewed and ha+ing seen our systems and Cuality of work the Auditors ha+e suggested us to go for BA3> accreditation 'e are in the (rocess of achie+ing the same

/n the Academics, in order to groom our students to #e more communicati+e and Cuick in res(onse, the (edagogy is continuously u(graded As a (art of this we ha+e introduced +arious newer methods to the e.isting which include7 aD S(ecial 8 day Interacti+e Programme for Communication and Personality De+elo(ment #D "egular a#stracting of technical articles #y students cD S(ot assignments with limited time to e.ecute dD "eal >ife Case studies sol+ing Page 7 of /

eD fD gD hD iD 1D

Grou( Discussion 3usiness communication as a (art curriculum "egular Student seminars Practical on actual (ackaging machinery S(ecial stress on Packaging >aws Critical Analysis of (ackages in Market with res(ect to Packaging >aws kD %o scale modelling of Packaging >a#oratory and Packaging >ines All these are assessed and marks allocated which get reflect in their mark list /ur future (lans for continual im(ro+ement include affiliations with other o+erseas institutions, recognition #y IMDG 'ith these, we are (lanning for a more Bational and International recognition &riends, I do not wish to make long s(eeches as there are many interesting things to follow I would like to conclude my welcome address #6y once again thanking and e.tending a hearty welcome to all the distinguished guests, my teacher, students, their (arents and s(onsors %hank 0ou And God 3less us all

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