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College: Human Developmen Depa! men : Ma"" Commun#$a #on P!og!amme: Ma"" Commun#$a #on Cou!"e Co%e: MAC 221 Cou!"e T# le: E%# #ng an% &!ap'#$" #n Commun#$a #on Cou!"e (e$ u!e!: D! M$Ca! ) Mo*a)e A"" + Cou!"e (e$ u!e!: O,o!#e+ C+ Nel"on- U"a#n# Sule#manu
Un# ": 2 O..#$e: D20/D- 019 (#1!a!) Comple2 E2 : 2131


This course explores the theoretical understanding of editing and graphic design in print media practice as well as the general methods and practice in editing and graphic design. It gives an introduction to graphic design, its functions, and the relevance of the various types of writings at its disposal. This course examines specific techniques in editing both newspaper and magazine pages. 4+ COURSE O48ECTI6ES: At the end of this course, students are expected to be able to a) The personality of a typical newspaper as determined by the interplay of content and layout b) The ability to produce a newspaper and magazine in the future c) To develop the necessary s ills needed in !ournalism practice
C+ METHOD O5 (ECTURE DE(I6ER9/TEACHIN& AIDS ". #se of multimedia facilities $. %ectures &. Tutorials '. Assignments (. )xamination D+ COURSE OUT(INE

MODU(E 1: *raphic design ".".*raphic +esign, An -verview ".$. Imperatives for *raphic design ".&..inds of *raphic +esign


".'./orms of *raphic +esign ".(.)lements of *raphic design MODU(E 2, 0sychology of colors $.".Type of colours $.$.1olour guidelines $.&.Adding colour to a page $.'.0rinting full color MODU(E 0, Theory of *raphic +esign &.".%aw of unity &.$.%aw of balance &.&.%aw of contrast &.'.%aw of rhythm &.(.%aw of aesthetics &.2.%aw of proportion MODU(E /: )diting '.". )diting newspaper pages '.$.The essence of editing '.&.)diting front page, bac page and inside pages '.'.Types and use of headlines MODU(E (, #sing editing symbol (.". 0lanning a page (.$.+rawing a dummy (.&.#se of photos (.'.3y lines, credit lines, spacing (.(.Typography MODU(E :, 4riting for a page 2.".5ouse style, editorial policy 2.$.)thics, responsibilities. MODU(E 3: *raphic design practical 6.". 1orel +raw "","$,"&, 7calar, 0ower0oint 6.$. 1orel +raw "","$, "& 7calar, 0ower0oint 6.&. 0hotoshop MODU(E ;: 8ewspaper )diting practical 9.". 0age ma er 6, :icrosoft 0ublisher 9.$. 0age ma er 6, :icrosoft 0ublisher MODU(E 9: Audio;visual editing < graphics =3asics) >." ?isual editing < graphics a. 7ourcing for clips and video images, what i should note.

b. 1lips and video images don@t fall from the s y. c. 4hat i should now about editing clips and video images. d. 5ow do i go about editing the clips and video images in my purseA e. +esigning graphics for visual communication. B 4or ing with Adobe 0remiere 0ro for visual editing < graphics. >.$ Audio editing a. 1ommunicating with sounds. b. 7ourcing for sounds =natural sound, sound effects, sound bite, sound trac , instrumentals). c. 7ounds are around you. d. 5ow do I go about editing soundsA e. 4or ing with Adobe Audition for audio =sound) editing.
E+ TUTORIA(S Two hours will be devoted to tutorial sessions per wee . 7uch periods will be used to debate contemporary issues about political advertising and social mar eting. 5+ METHOD O5 &RADIN& a) :id;semester )xam b) 1lass tests c) )xamination Total $C "C 6C "CC

&+ &ROUND RU(ES AND RE&U(ATION ". The #niversity guideline requirements will be strictly observed in this course. $. 8o late coming will be allowed into the hall. &. Improper and indecent dressing will not be allowed in the lecture hall. H+ CO6ENANT UNI6ERSIT9 &OA(S This course offers a huge opportunity for students in term of entrepreneurship. This value opportunity is very much in line with the 1ovenant #niversity vision. I+ INDUSTR9 RE(E6ANCE The lecturer in charge has wor ed with reputable newspapers, including The *uardian, the flagship of 8igerian@s print !ournalism. 5e is willing, li e before, to ma e students connect with contemporary newspaper production and management systems. 8+RECOMMENDED READIN& - oye.=$CCC).Newspaper Editing and Production in the Computer Age . %agos, :beyi Associates 5arrower,T. =$CC$). The Newspaper Design Handbook . %ondon, :c *raw 5ill 1ompany.


Dettl, 5. =$CC2). Television production handboo =>th ed.). 3elmont, 1A, Thomson 4adsworth.