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Josephine Dianne Edwards Author(s): P. J. O'Halloran Source: The College Mathematics Journal, Vol. 16, No. 5 (Nov.

, 1985), p. 433 Published by: Mathematical Association of America Stable URL: . Accessed: 21/11/2013 07:17
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M.A. (Cantab) Dip, Ed. (CCAE) M. Ed. (CCAE)

JosephineDianne Edwards, Senior Lecturerin Mathematicsat the Canberra College of Advanced of illness. Education,died in Canberraon May 25 aftermanymonths to Jo, as she was universally known,was born in Oxford,U.K. in 1942. She obtaineda scholarship read Mathematicsat Cambridge after attendingthe Ursuline School in Brentwood.She came to Canberrain 1964 and taughtmathematics fora numberof yearsin ACT Secondaryschools,including Daramalan, Watson, Telopea Park and Canberra Grammar. In 1975 she was appointed to the mathematics staff of theCanberraCollege of Advanced Education. and sensitiveteacherof Throughouther professionallife she was a most dedicated, thoughtful mathematics. She gave greatenergy and thought to her teachingpreparation in orderto make the most on the understandable complicatedconcept in mathematics by all her students-... as she had written board in her roomat theCCAE?"Everything is simpleonce you knowhow." Jo was an active member of the CanberraMathematicalAssociationfor 18 yearsand has servedat varioustimesas its President (1983-4),.Vice President (1984-5) and Secretary (1982-3). While at the Canberra CAE, Jo was responsible for first units,withup to 350 year mathematics as well as establishing themathematics In recentyearsshe was also responsible for students, laboratory. a special unitforpre-service mathematics and earlyeducation educationof intending designing primary teachers. It was because of herconcernfortheencouragement of school students to achievetheir fullpotential that she was one of the creatorsof the AustralianMathematicsCompetition.Here, she played a role. She was the foundationchairmanof the OrganizationCommittee, a memberof the significant AMC Board of Governors(1977-1985), and Editor of AMC Publicationssince 1979, includingthe annual Solutionsand Statistics Bookletand thepamphlets "NumberSkillscan Open Many Doors" and "Maths is SolvingReal Problems."She was also an AssociateEditorof theMAA's "College Mathemat? ics Journal." Her great strengths included her deep concern for the welfareof all her studentsas well as her in helping set up theAMC administration or in running the whether extraordinary organizational ability, CCAE's largefirst units. year mathematics Jo had undertaken on students' achievements in mathematics, research Using thevastAMC data file, in boy/girl levelsof success. Her intention was to maintainthe highstandards particularly comparative of the AMC and to ensurethatits contribution to AustralianEducation continuedto be both positive and effective. She has had a numberof articleson mathematical education published in variousjournals in 200 Australia,Canada and France, At the timeof her death,she was editorof the nearlycompleted, page book to be titled"The Best of theAMC." Jo will be greatlymissed,not only by her family, but by membersof the mathematics teaching in Canberra,by staff and students at theCanberraCAE and in particular all thosepeople confraternity Australiawho are involvedwiththe AMC. throughout P. J. O'Halloran CanberraCAE June 1985


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