The Art of Loving Yourself

The Guide for LIVING THE BEST TIME of Your life! Brought to you by unli!itedfreeboo"s#$o!
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T%ble of 0ontents
Chapter 1 – Introduction....................................................................................3 Chapter 2 – Happiness is a Choice You Make.................................................. 4 Chapter 3 – Questions to Ask Yourself.............................................................7 Chapter 4 – eak !"periences and !"istin# $alents......................................... % Chapter & – 'sin# Curiosit( ) Creati*it(.......................................................11 Chapter + – ,arriers.........................................................................................1& Chapter 7 – -oal .ettin#..................................................................................2/ Chapter 0 – 1i*in# Your assion.....................................................................21 Chapter % – $urnin# assions and -oals into 2ealit( .................................... 23 Chapter 1/ – 3inal Considerations.................................................................. 27 Chapter 11 – Conclusion................................................................................. 20

Chapter 1 – Introduction
There %re !%ny su$$essful 'eo'le out there (ho %re living their life %s they (%nt to# They %re (or"ing h%rd doing (h%t they %bsolutely love to do# The !ost su$$essful 'eo'le %re those (ho (or" to(%rd the things they %re '%ssion%te %bout %nd love# There %re !%ny re%sons for this# The !ore you love (h%t you do the h%rder you %re going to (or" %t it be$%use you (ill be en1oying your (or"# If you feel li"e you %re bored (ith your life or not doing (h%t you should be doing (ith it then it is ti!e to !%"e % $h%nge# There !%y be obst%$les or fe%rs holding you b%$" fro! %$$o!'lishing the go%ls you h%ve set forth in your life# It is ti!e to get '%st the obst%$les %nd !%"e your dre%!s h%''en# M%ny 'eo'le %ren2t -uite sure (h%t their true '%ssion is# They (%nt to (or" to(%rd being su$$essful %s they see !%ny other 'eo'le but they 1ust %ren2t sure (h%t it is th%t they $%n do# 3inding your '%ssion is 'ossible %nd it (ill t%"e so!e dee' se%r$hing (ithin yourself# Your '%ssion !%y be right in front of you %nd you don2t even re%li4e it# Every '%ssion h%s the $%'%bility of !%"ing !oney# It is 1ust seeing the %ngle you need to t%"e to !%"e it h%''en# You shouldn2t sit %round %nd %void your '%ssion be$%use you don2t thin" you $ould fin%n$i%lly survive on it be$%use you $%n# The 'ur'ose of this e&boo" is to hel' you find your re%l '%ssion (ithin# You (ill le%rn !%ny te$hni-ues th%t (ill hel' you find your true '%ssion %nd le%rn (%ys you $%n go %bout !%"ing the! % re%lity# You $%n (or" to(%rd your '%ssions %nd !%"e the! % re%lity# 5n$e you finish this e&boo" you "no( yourself (ell enough to "no( e+%$tly (h%t your true '%ssion is# You (ill "no( (h%t you need to do to !%"e your dre%!s % re%lity by using your '%ssion %nd be$o!ing % su$$essful 'erson#

Chapter 2 – Happiness is a Choice You Make
If you %re not % h%''y 'erson th%t is % $hoi$e you %re !%"ing# You h%ve full $ontrol over your life %nd the de$isions th%t you !%"e# There %re !%ny f%$tors (hi$h 'eo'le !e%sure h%''iness# So!e 'eo'le thin" !oney is h%''iness ho(ever they !%y %bsolutely !iser%ble (ith (h%t they do on % d%ily b%sis to !%"e their !oney# You !ight loo" %t 'eo'le (ho h%ve %bsolutely everything %nd you strive to be li"e the!# These things !%y be (e%lth) 'ossessions) st%tus) or even the 'osition you hold %t (or"# These things don2t $re%te h%''iness# H%''iness is % $hoi$e# There %re !%ny 'eo'le (ho h%ve (e%lth %nd % high st%tus (ho %re $o!'letely !iser%ble# They !%y be lonely) divor$ed %nd !ore# H%''iness $o!es fro! (ithin# These 'eo'le !%y be (or"ing 1obs they %bsolutely h%te but 1ust h%ve % "n%$" for !%"ing !oney# Happiness is Subjective There %re things in life th%t $%n !%"e you h%''y th%t %re sub1e$tive# They %re sub1e$tive be$%use h%''iness $o!es differently for everyone# You !ight find 1oy %nd h%''iness see"ing thrills through rides li"e roller $o%sters %nd bungee 1u!'ing# This thrill !%y be !ore th%n torture for so!eone (ith % fe%r of heights (ho (ould never ste' foot on % roller $o%ster or ever be br%ve enough to 1u!' fro! % bridge sus'ended by % bungee $ord# Everyone see"s h%''iness in their o(n (%y# 6h%t !%"es you h%''y is % n%tur%l high th%t you deserve to see"# There is nothing (rong (ith the things th%t you find 1oy in# You !%y be told you %re $r%4y but th%t is be$%use of the sub1e$tivity# Naturally Happy

It is true so!e 'eo'le %re n%tur%lly h%''y# This is 'roven through % geneti$ dis'osition# This doesn2t !e%n th%t you (ere born to be !iser%ble if you %re not % n%tur%lly h%''y 'erson# Your h%''iness is influen$ed by your geneti$s but it is not fi+ed %s % deter!ining f%$tor# If you %re not % n%tur%lly h%''y 'erson you $%n $h%nge the (%y you thin" %nd feel so you %re# The "ey is to $h%nge the (%y your br%in thin"s %nd the things you do# You $%n le%rn to do things on % d%ily b%sis to bring u' your h%''iness level (hi$h (ill hel' you le%rn to s!ile !ore %nd be % h%''ier 'erson# Sleep Slee' is % big f%$tor if you (%nt to be % h%''y 'erson# Slee' is needed for the body to be %ble to fun$tion 'ro'erly# 6hen you don2t get enough slee' you !ight be !oody) h%ve %n in%bility to thin" $le%rly) %nd very unh%''y# You !ight get 7 hours of slee' but you thin" th%t you get enough hours of slee'# You !%y be overslee'ing or even be slee'ing the (rong (%y# So!e 'eo'le don2t get % good night2s rest (ith % 'illo( (hile others need % very fluffy 'illo(# Your !%ttress $ould 'l%y into % b%d night of slee' %lso# Slee' is % big f%$tor %nd l%$" of slee' $%n $%use 'roble!s (ith your he%lth %lso# Ensuring tot%l (ell being re-uires % good night slee'# If you %re not slee'ing (ell %nd you h%ve deter!ined the l%$" of slee' 'l%ys into ho( !iser%ble you %re throughout the d%ys you need to fi+ this# You !ight need to $h%nge your d%ily s$hedule so you $%n get to bed e%rlier# You %lso !ight need to en$our%ge other 'eo'le in your household to hel' you % little bit !ore if you %re (or"ing too h%rd# Slee' $%n be the entire re%son you %re !iser%ble# If you h%ve the in%bility to get to slee' %nd you toss %round %ll night long st%ring %t the %l%r! $lo$" this $ould !e%n !%ny different things# So!e 'eo'le %re very de'ressed %nd it $%uses the! not to be %ble to slee' (ell# To ensure h%''iness you need to get % good night of slee'# E ercise

E+er$ise is very good for the body %nd it hel's the br%in 'ut out endor'hins (hi$h %re res'onsible for !%"ing you h%''y# E+er$ise is i!'ort%nt for tot%l he%lth# This doesn2t !e%n th%t you h%ve to be on % he%vy e+er$ise routine on % d%ily b%sis# Ho(ever) you should try to s(e%t everyd%y# You $%n get %n %!%4ing e+er$ise but 1ust $le%ning the house %nd doing nor!%l household $hores# This isn2t %bout losing (eight# It is %bout $re%ting h%''iness# Meditation 8r%$ti$ing !edit%tion doesn2t !e%n you belong to % $ult or you %re doing %nything religiously (rong# M%ny 'eo'le %sso$i%te !edit%tion (ith Buddhis! %nd thin" it is (rong# They %re !issing out on so!ething e+tre!ely i!'ort%nt (hi$h $ould be e+%$tly (h%t they need to b%l%n$e out their d%ys# Medit%tion is one of the !ost effe$tive (%ys to $h%nge your sub1e$tive (ell being# 9o$tors h%ve 'roven !edit%tion to gener%te br%in %$tivity on the left side) (hi$h 'rodu$es % 'ositive e!otion in the body#

Chapter ! – "uestions to #sk Yoursel$
6hen you %re loo"ing for your true '%ssion be$%use you see" h%''iness in your life or th%t there is % g%' you need to fill there %re !%ny -uestions you need to %s" yourself# By $%refully %ns(ering these -uestions (ill hel' you underst%nd !ore %bout yourself %nd 'ossibly (h%t !ight be holding yourself b%$" fro! being h%''y %nd 'ursuing your '%ssions# Here %re !%ny -uestions you should %s" yourself# You !ight (%nt to get out % note'%d to %ns(er these -uestions or 1ust !%"e % !ent%l note# 6riting the %ns(ers do(n is usu%lly better# %hat really inspires and en&a&es you' This -uestion !%y be % little diffi$ult to %ns(er but you !%y find the %ns(er %fter you finish the rest of the -uestions# Ho(ever) you need to be very $le%r %bout (here you get your ins'ir%tion fro!# 6h%t %re the ty'es of things you find eng%ging %nd e+$iting: I$ you couldn(t $ail) *hat *ould you do' M%ny 'eo'le don2t do things be$%use they %re %fr%id to f%il or they h%ve f%iled in the '%st# If there is so!ething th%t you (ould do for

sure if you "ne( there isn2t % $h%n$e (h%tsoever of f%iling (h%t (ould th%t be: I$ you *ere $orced to start over a&ain) *hat *ould you do' M%ny 'eo'le find the!selves in situ%tions (here they h%ve f%llen into % situ%tion (here they %re not doing %s they (ish they (ere# They go to (or" be$%use they h%ve to not en1oying % single d%y of it# If you st%rted over %g%in (ould you t%"e %dv%nt%ge of the ne( beginning or (ould you go b%$" to (here you %re: 6h%t (ould you do: I$ +oney *asn(t an issue) *hat *ould you do' M%ny 'eo'le h%ve dre%!s they (ish to 'ursue but they never %tte!'t to !ove for(%rd (ith the dre%!s be$%use they $%nnot %fford to get st%rted# Thin" of (h%t you (ould love to do if you h%d the !oney to do it# This $%n be %nything#

%hat is your bi&&est drea+' If you h%ve % big dre%!) (h%t is it: There !ust be so!ething you re%lly (%nt to do th%t you dre%! %bout# Thin" %bout this one thing %nd fo$us on it# %hat is the bi&&est barrier stoppin& you $ro+ $ollo*in& your drea+' N%!e %ll of the things th%t h%ve $%used you to not follo( your big dre%!s# These things $ould be 'eo'le (ho do not su''ort you) !oney) fe%rs) %nd other things# There %re !%ny different ty'es of b%rriers (hi$h $%n be over$o!e# You !ight not see o''ortunity or su$$ess (ith your dre%!s or you !%y fe%r th%t 'eo'le (ould !%"e fun of you# You !ight not even be s"illed %nd l%$" t%lent# These $ould be b%rriers $%using you not to !ove for(%rd# %hat passion are you a$raid o$ o*nin& or ad+ittin&'

M%ny 'eo'le h%ve dre%!s %nd '%ssions they %re %fr%id to t%l" %bout out of fe%r of being !%de fun of by other 'eo'le# You !ight thin" your '%ssion is silly to other 'eo'le# 6h%t is this one thing: #s a child) *hat did you really *ant to be' 9id you h%ve dre%!s of be$o!ing so!eone %s % $hild %nd it didn2t turn out -uite %s e+'e$ted: 9o you still (onder (h%t it (ould h%ve been li"e if you did follo( your dre%!s %s % $hild: If you h%d the o''ortunity) (ould you follo( this dre%! tod%y: I$ you *ere &oin& to die in the near $uture) *hat *ould you re&ret not doin&' M%ny 'eo'le h%ve regrets (hen they re%li4e they %re going to die re%l soon# It is often too l%te for !%ny 'eo'le to go b%$" %nd $h%nge the things they !issed out on# They (ould h%ve lived their lives $o!'letely differently if they h%d the $h%n$e# If % do$tor told you th%t you h%dn2t %ny ti!e left but % fe( (ee"s) then (h%t (ould your regrets be: 6h%t (ould you (%nt to do before your ti!e (%s u': No( th%t you h%ve %ns(ered these -uestions you should h%ve % good ide% of so!e of the things th%t !%"e you h%''y %nd your dre%!s# You need to h%ve % $le%r ide% of the things you h%ve %l(%ys dre%!ed to do# ;ust thin" %bout if you (on the lottery %nd (h%t you (ould do (ith the !oney# 6h%t (ould you do (ith yourself: <no(ing these things is very i!'ort%nt#

Chapter , – -eak E periences and E istin& .alents
Your $%'%bilities %re very i!'ort%nt (hen you %re thin"ing %bout t%"ing your dre%!s %nd !%"ing so!ething of the!# You need to thin" %bout 'e%" e+'erien$es %nd e+isting t%lents you h%ve th%t you $%n use to(%rd the benefit of !%"ing your dre%!s $o!e true# This $%n %lso hel' you build the $onfiden$e you need to be su$$essful# Your 'e%" e+'erien$es in$lude ti!es in your life (here you e+$elled# You don2t h%ve to h%ve (on %n %(%rd# These 'e%" e+'erien$es in$lude the best ti!es of your life# 6h%t %re so!e of the things you h%ve done in your life th%t you re%lly en1oyed you (ish you $ould do

%g%in: 0onsider so!e of the %$$o!'lish!ents you h%ve !%de# You !ight h%ve built things in the '%st (hen you (ere younger# E+isting t%lents you h%ve tod%y $%n be used to hel' you %$hieve your go%ls# Are you good %t org%ni4ing or !%r"eting: You !ight be good %t so!ething you don2t even re%li4e you %re good %t# These things $ould be !%"ing %nnoun$e!ents %bout events) !%"ing 'hone $%lls) b%"ing) g%rdening) %nd !ore# You don2t h%ve to h%ve %n e+'ert t%lent# You !%y h%ve the "no(ledge %bout so!ething th%t you en1oy very !u$h# M%ybe you h%ve %n interest th%t you li"e to re%d %bout %nd this is your hidden '%ssion# Thin" %bout so!ething you %re very "no(ledge%ble %bout be$%use you $hoose to be) not be$%use you %re re-uired to be %t (or"# So!e of the highest ti!es in your life !%y be the '%ssion you (ish you h%d b%$" in your life# You !ight h%ve used to be % runner %nd %l(%ys (%nted to (in the Ne( Yor" 0ity M%r%thon but no( you %re % s!o"er %nd h%ve (ritten th%t dre%! off ye%rs %go# Th%t doesn2t !e%n you $%nnot get b%$" into sh%'e %nd go for your big dre%!# Everyone is good %t so!ething# If you don2t h%ve % hobby li"e !%"ing $%ndles) be%ded 1e(elry) or (or"ing on $%rs on the (ee"ends it doesn2t !e%n you don2t h%ve % s"ill# This 1ust !e%ns th%t you h%ven2t -uite figured out (h%t your s"ill is yet# You need to "no( (h%t it is th%t interests you the !ost# The !%1ority of 'eo'le %re very good %t (h%t they do (hen they en1oy it#

Chapter / – 0sin& Curiosity 1 Creativity
5ne thing th%t is very i!'ort%nt is $uriosity be$%use it is the b%se of '%ssion# You !ight h%ve underst%ndings th%t %re blo$"ing you fro! re%li4ing (h%t your true '%ssion re%lly is# Here %re !%ny (%ys you $%n use $uriosity to hel' you deter!ine (h%t your true '%ssion is so you $%n use it to be su$$essful# Makin& Your Mind #ctive 0uriosity hel's $re%te %n %$tive !ind# 6hen so!eone is $urious they %l(%ys %s" -uestions %nd see" for the %ns(ers# The $%uses their !ind to be %$tive !ost of the ti!e# 6hen you %re $urious %nd (or"ing the !ind you %re !%"ing it stronger# Your br%in is li"e % big !us$le %nd by (or"ing it you %re !%"ing it !u$h stronger# 2pen to Ne* Ideas 0uriosity %lso %llo(s you to see ho( things $%n be %t different %ngles# 6hen you %re set in one (%y things %re li!ited be$%use your !ind is not (illing to %$$e't % different solution# It is !u$h li"e your life# If you don2t see your life be$o!ing %ny !ore su$$essful th%n it %lre%dy is then you (on2t be# If you $%n o'en your eyes to ne( ide%s %bout ho( things $%n be then you %re !ore (illing to try the!# The gre%t thing %bout $uriosity is th%t (hen ide%s do $o!e to your !ind they (ill be re$ogni4ed %lso %nd not ignored# 6hen you %re not $urious you !iss out on the i!'ort%nt ide%s be$%use you h%ven2t 're'%red your !ind to be o'en to the!# This %lso !e%ns you !ust be o'en to suggestion# M%ny 'eo'le offer in'ut th%t you !ight not (%nt to he%r# This in'ut $ould h%ve been the one thing th%t (%s (h%t you needed to do in your life# Be o'en to suggestion by %llo(ing yourself to %s" !ore -uestions %nd see" different %ns(ers# 2pen to Ne* -ossibilities 6hen your !ind is o'en to ne( suggestions you (ill %lso see the bigger 'i$ture in %l!ost every situ%tion# Your (orld (ill be o'en to

ne( (orlds %nd 'ossibilities be$%use you (ill be $urious# Nor!%lly you (ouldn2t see these things li"e you see tod%y# It t%"es the !ost $urious !ind to h%ve the $%'%bility to loo" beyond the nor!%lity of life %nd see things hidden underne%th the surf%$e# These %re (orlds %nd 'ossibilities th%t you $%n !%"e h%''en# You h%ve tot%l $ontrol of your $urious !ind#

E cite+ent If you %re bored (ith your life you %re !ost li"ely not $urious %t %ll# 0uriosity builds e+$ite!ent in your life be$%use you (ill (%nt to see things# There (ill %l(%ys be ne( things th%t %ttr%$t your %ttention %nd %n %bund%n$e of toys %nd g%dgets th%t you en1oy too# 6hen you %re $urious you %re %dventurous %nd it is so !u$h fun to %dd %dventure to your life# This doesn2t !e%n you need to go on %n Afri$%n s%f%ri# It !e%ns you need to loo" %round you %nd see the things th%t %re going on % little !ore th%n you nor!%lly do# 9o % little rese%r$h %nd find out (hy things ti$"# Be $urious %nd o'en to ne( things r%ther th%n h%ving the s%!e boring routine every single d%y# 3evelopin& Curiosity If you $onsider yourself to be $urious but you %re in % routine of the s%!e thing everyd%y %nd b%si$%lly bored (ith life you %re not# You %re boring# You $%n develo' $uriosity to hel' you be$o!e % !ore e+$iting 'erson %nd see the life you $%n h%ve# 5n$e you be$o!e $urious %nd you re%lly (%nt to "no( (h%t your life (ill be li"e (hen you t%"e your '%ssions %nd !%"e the! h%''en you (ill be !ore li"ely to !%"e the! h%''en# <ee'ing %n o'en !ind is the best thing you $%n do (hen you %re develo'ing your $uriosity# You h%ve to be %n o'en !inded 'erson# If you %re set in your (%ys !ost of the ti!e this !%y be the !ost diffi$ult t%s"# 6or" on seeing things fro! % different 'oint of vie(# Thin" %bout different versions of things %nd ho( they $ould end u'# Another thing you need to do (hen you %re develo'ing your $uriosity is to never t%"e things for gr%nted# M%ny 'eo'le %$$e't things for ho(

they %re# They never dig dee'er %nd they lose they entire $uriosity %nd e+$ite!ent# M%ny things %re % re%lly big de%l %nd %lthough it !%y see! si!'le to you it is i!'ort%nt# Your $hild !%y (%nt to do so!ething th%t see!s so ridi$ulous# It is %bout the ti!e s'ent %nd you should never t%"e these things for gr%nted be$%use they !%y not be %v%il%ble to you l%ter# These %lso in$lude (%sting ti!e in your life (%t$hing television (hen you $ould be (or"ing to(%rd your '%ssions# 0onst%ntly %s" -uestions# As you %re develo'ing your $uriosity) it is i!'ort%nt to %s" -uestions# 6ho $%res (h%t 'eo'le thin" %bout you: You %re (or"ing on you %nd you need to be $urios# This (ill %llo( you to get bene%th the surf%$e of things# As" %bout ho( things (or" %nd (hy 'eo'le %re friends of e%$h other# 3ind out %s !u$h %s you $%n %bout everything# Not only %re you (or"ing your br%in but you %re le%rning ne( things %nd develo'ing %n underst%nding %lso# You %re le%rning %bout (hy 'eo'le do the things they do# Although you !ight do so!ething one (%y 'eo'le !%y $hoose to do it %nother# This is the o'ening of your !ind you need to do# Never l%bel so!ething %s boring# If you %re %s"ed to do so!ething (ith so!eone else %nd you thin" it sounds dr%b you need to get u' %nd t%$"le it %s if it is % lot of fun# Things %re only boring th%t you !%"e boring yourself# L%beling %n %$tivity or $hore %s boring $o!'letely $loses the doors to so!ething th%t !ight be your '%ssion# In %ddition) you $%n thin" of (%ys to t%"e th%t boring %$tivity %nd !%"e it fun# Loo" %t le%rning %s so!ething fun# There %re !%ny things %bout your '%ssion you !ight need to le%rn# You !ight h%ve 'ut off your '%ssion be$%use it (ill re-uire you to t%"e % fe( $ourses# It is very $o!!on for 'eo'le to thin" they %re too old to le%rn ne( things %nd they don2t follo( % '%ssion be$%use of this# You %re never too old to le%rn ne( things# The best thing you $%n do is $ontinue your le%rning by re%ding %s !u$h %s you $%n %nd le%rning ne( things# You should never 'ut % '%ssion off be$%use of le%rning# 6h%t you need to do is t%$"le the le%rning %s % fun e+'erien$e th%t is going to hel' you %$hieve % go%l in the long run# Being $urious is le%rning# You %re in % lifelong $l%ss %nd le%rning ne( things every single d%y# So if you h%ve to t%"e % $l%ss or re%d % boo" to le%rn so!ething ne() t%$"le

it (ith % ne( %ttitude of e+$ite!ent %nd fun# You (ill le%rn !u$h !ore th%n you (ould if you thought the le%rning (%s % burden# =e%ding ne( things is %nother (%y to feed your $uriosity %nd develo' it# You !ight li"e to fo$us on 1ust one thing but you should be o'en to %s !%ny different to'i$s %nd things %s 'ossible (hen it $o!es to re%ding# This $%n hel' you build your $uriosity even further# If you do find you li"e to fo$us on 1ust one thing then you !ight h%ve found your '%ssion# 4uildin& Creativity 9o you thin" you %re not % $re%tive 'erson: You %$tu%lly !ight thin" you %re $re%tive %nd re%lly not be %t %ll# If you (%nt to live out your '%ssions %nd !%"e the! % re%lity then you need to be $re%tive# There %re !%ny (%ys you (ill need to $re%tively t%$"le b%rriers %nd !%"e things h%''en# The !ore $re%tive you %re the !ore su$$essful you (ill be in your life# Here %re % fe( (%ys you $%n build $re%tivity in your life# M%"e $re%tivity % g%!e in everything you do# 6hen you $o!e u'on % $ir$u!st%n$e you should give yourself the rules# Thin" %bout the ob1e$tives %nd %ny obst%$les or str%tegi$ $onstr%ints th%t !ight be % 'roble!# The !ore $re%tive you %re (ith these %ns(ers the better you %re# 6hen you %re $re%tive you %lso h%ve to set go%ls# Go%ls go (ith de%dlines %nd you need to set % de%dline (ith %$tivities# 6hen you %tt%$h % de%dline (ith t%s"s it %$tu%lly !%"es the! !ore e+$iting# You %lso (on2t 'ro$r%stin%te %s !u$h either# Self e+'ression is % very i!'ort%nt %s'e$t %lso# You need to find every o''ortunity to e+'ress yourself th%t you $%n in % $re%tive f%shion# Not only in % $re%tive f%shion but every o''ortunity# 6hen you loo" for o''ortunities to e+'ress yourself you %re being $re%tive in the 'ro$ess# E+'ressing yourself $%n be in the (%y you dis'l%y dinner on the 'l%te# You !ight $hoose to dress u' the !e%l (ith $r%nberries %nd g%rnishes# You !%y $h%nge the (%y you do % 'resent%tion %t (or" %nd $o!'letely $h%nging the style fro! the (%y your (or" does it# Vie( every %$tivity %s % (%y to e+'ress yourself %nd be $re%tive#

Allo( !ore fo$us in your life# The best things you $%n do for yourself is eli!in%ting distr%$tions %nd noise (hen you fo$us on %n %$tivity# 6hen you fo$us on %n %$tivity re%lly h%rd you (ill see o''ortunities %nd -u%lities %bout it# If you re%lly $%nnot '%y %ttention to so!ething then it re%lly is boring# Ag%in) find (%ys to !%"e it e+$iting# 6hen you %re (or"ing on %$tivities th%t see! li"e they %re boring then you should vie( the! %s s!%ller 'ie$es of % bigger 'i$ture# You need to see the big 'i$ture of things %nd every %s'e$t of %n %$tivity# %alk around your ho+e If you %re h%ving % h%rd ti!e figuring out (h%t your true '%ssion is it !%y be sitting right in front of you# You !%y h%ve $olle$tions of ite!s li"e figurines) !%g%4ines) hobbies you li"e to do on the (ee"ends %nd !ore# T%"e % loo" %round your ho!e %nd see if so!e of the de$or%tions %re % $lue to (h%t your true '%ssion is# You !ight be sur'rised you h%ve surrounded yourself (ith ite!s %nd not even re%li4ed it#

Chapter 5 – 4arriers
M%ny 'eo'le %re very $le%r (h%t their '%ssion is but they h%ve e+tern%l b%rriers th%t %re in the (%y# If you h%ve b%rriers th%t %re sto''ing you fro! living out your dre%!s then you need to get '%st the!# You h%ve full $ontrol of e+tern%l b%rriers %nd you $%n do so!ething %bout the!# -eople The biggest b%rrier to so!eone not fulfilling their '%ssion %nd dre%!s is %nother 'erson# It is $o!!on for so!eone to %dd in'ut th%t is h%rd to listen to be$%use you feel li"e you %re being !%de fun of# A 'erson !%y ridi$ule the ide%) thin" it is silly) %nd !u$h !ore# The l%st thing you need to listen to is %n outside o'inion if it is neg%tive# If you h%ve % '%ssion you need to surround yourself (ith su''ortive 'eo'le# So!eone (ho is not su''ortive is not (ho you (%nt %round be$%use they (ill only bring you do(n# Th%t is) if you let the!#

M%ny 'eo'le h%ve % s'ouse th%t is not su''ortive of % '%ssion be$%use they thin" the ide% is ridi$ulous or they (ould be e!b%rr%ssed of (h%t your '%ssion is# This ty'e of 'erson you don2t need %round you# If you %re !%"ing % de$ision of your s'ouse over your '%ssion then you %re restri$ting yourself# It is i!'ort%nt to !%"e it $le%r to your s'ouse th%t you %re '%ssion%te %bout doing so!ething in '%rti$ul%r %nd they need to be su''ortive of you# 6hen you h%ve the right su''ort you $%n do %nything# 6hen f%!ily !e!bers %re not su''ortive e!otion%lly then it $%n !%"e things diffi$ult# The best thing you $%n do is let the! "no( you %re fulfilling your dre%!s %nd they (ill not st%nd in your (%y# It is your life %nd you need to be s%tisfied (ith it (hen the ti!e $o!es# 8eo'le (ho %re not su''ortive you !%y h%ve to shut out for % (hile until they see th%t it truly !%"es you h%''y# Money Money is one of the biggest b%rriers th%t $%use 'eo'le not to !ove for(%rd (ith % '%ssion# You !ight be %n e+$ellent !e$h%ni$ %nd you (%nt to st%rt your o(n sho' but you h%ve never !oved for(%rd (ith the ide% be$%use of the $ost# Money $%n be over$o!e# There %re !%ny (%ys to get !oney together to st%rt your o(n business or live out % '%ssion th%t !ight $ost % lot of !oney# The best thing you $%n do is begin $utting $osts in your life (here you don2t need the!# M%ny of the (%ys you $%n $ut $osts in your life in$lude not e%ting out everyd%y for lun$h %t (or"# 8%$" % lun$h# 0onsider t%"ing the bus %nd not driving in everyd%y so you don2t h%ve to $osts for g%s %nd '%r"ing# Thin" %bout !%ny of the %ddition%l e+'enses you h%ve th%t you re%lly don2t need# You !ight buy tons of e+tr% things %t the gro$ery store you don2t even e%t but it h%''ens be$%use you %l(%ys go gro$ery sho''ing (hen you %re hungry# Every ti!e you s%ve !oney you (ould h%ve nor!%lly s'ent on so!ething else li"e % lun$h %t (or" you need to 'ut the !oney %(%y# 5'en % s%vings %$$ount or buy % lo$" bo+ %t ho!e %nd 'ut the !oney in it# 9on2t $ount the !oney or ever get into it# ;ust re!e!ber th%t every ti!e you %re %dding to the bo+ you %re getting $loser to %$hieving your '%ssion#

5ne thing to re!e!ber is th%t by being $re%tive (ith your life you (ill !ost li"ely find other (%ys you $%n !%"e %ddition%l !oney to 'ut %side for your ende%vor# You %lso !%y find % (%y to st%rt your dre%! (ithout %ny st%rtu' $osts# There %re !%ny (%ys to st%rt your o(n business if it !e%ns you begin in your ho!e first# If you love to !%"e %ro!%ther%'y $%ndles %nd you h%ve %l(%ys dre%!ed of o(ning your o(n sho' then you $%n st%rt % business online first# You !%y even find your online business is !ore su$$essful th%n % bri$" %nd !ort%r store (ould ever be# Money is %n obst%$le th%t $%n be over$o!e# It is the !ost $o!!on e+$use 'eo'le use for (hy they $%nnot live out their dre%!s# You should never fe%r for your surviv%l# In %ddition) if you h%ve % su''ortive s'ouse they (ill hel' (ith the fin%n$i%l burden (hile you %re getting st%rted so you $%n live out your dre%!s# In !ost $%ses) the fin%n$i%l '%yout in the end (ill be !u$h better# .i+e Another re%son !%ny 'eo'le do not live out their '%ssions %nd !%"e the! h%''en is be$%use they s%y they do not h%ve the ti!e# This $ould be $lose to true if you $o!!ute to (or" hours %(%y %nd get ho!e l%te %t night# It is $o!!on for !%ny 'eo'le to be sl%ves to their (or" %nd never h%ve ti!e even for their f%!ily# This !%"es the! feel selfish (hen they (%nt to t%"e ti!e out for the!selves to live out % '%ssion# If ti!e is % 'roble! you !ust find % (%y to !%"e ti!e in your life to do (h%t it is th%t you (%nt to do# You !ight $onsider (%"ing u' %n hour or t(o e%rlier every d%y or st%ying u' 1ust % little bit l%ter# =e!e!ber) slee' is i!'ort%nt for h%''iness %nd % good d%y so you $%nnot $ut too !u$h into your slee'# You !ight get %n hour for your lun$h hour %nd $%n bring $r%fts (ith you to (or" or your l%'to' to (or"# This (%y you $%n (or" on your '%ssion %n hour e%$h d%y# 3inding the ti!e is very i!'ort%nt# Ti!e (%sted is very $o!!on for 'eo'le (ho $l%i! they do not h%ve the ti!e to live out their '%ssions# You !ight s'end hours every night (%t$hing television %nd not doing very !u$h on the (ee"ends either# This ti!e !ight be your rel%+ing ti!e be$%use you (or" so h%rd during the (ee"#

It is ti!e to st%rt $utting out %ll of the ti!e (%sted in your life going out (ith the guys) (%t$hing television) %nd doing things th%t %re not 'rodu$tive# You do h%ve ti!e to get st%rted# You 1ust need to !%n%ge your ti!e better# =e!e!ber th%t you don2t h%ve to $o!'lete %n entire 'ro1e$t on$e you get st%rted# If your 'ro1e$t is hours %nd you h%ve %n e+tr% hour e%$h d%y then you $%n do % little bit %t % ti!e# This (ill %llo( you to h%ve so!ething to loo" for(%rd to e%$h d%y %lso# 6ob If your $urrent 1ob is the re%son you $%nnot live out your '%ssions be$%use you %re $urrently % sl%ve to your e!'loyer then you should find % ne( e!'loyer# If you %re not doing (h%t you love to do in the first 'l%$e then it (on2t !%tter if you find %nother e!'loyer# Your 1ob !%y be your livelihood but you need to (or" to(%rd being h%''y (ith your life %nd su$$essful# 6hen your 1ob is the re%son you $%nnot be h%''y you (on2t even be su$$essful %t your 1ob# You (on2t !ove u' %nd you (ill des'ise it# It !%y be very h%rd to (%"e u' every !orning to go to (or" e%$h d%y# 9on2t you (%nt to do so!ething th%t you en1oy (%"ing u' in the !orning e%$h d%y for: You $%n %nd you h%ve full $ontrol over this# 7ears 3e%r is %nother one of the biggest re%sons 'eo'le do not !ove for(%rd (ith their '%ssions %nd !%"e their dre%!s re%lity# You $%n over$o!e fe%rs %nd you need to over$o!e the!# By the 'o(er of $uriosity you (ill be !ore o'en to suggestions %nd "no( th%t there $%n be % better out$o!e th%n (h%t your !ind h%s li!ited you to believe# You !ight h%ve % fe%r of f%iling %nd this is (hy you h%ve not !oved for(%rd (ith your '%ssions# If you fe%r f%iling it is n%tur%l# It is li"e le%rning ho( to ride % bi$y$le or le%rning so!ething ne(# Not !%ny 'eo'le st%rt so!ething ne( or t%"e on % '%ssion %nd i!!edi%tely %re su$$essful# There %re !%ny fe%rs %nd f%ilures %long the (%y you (ill e+'erien$e# You h%ve to 'i$" yourself b%$" u' %nd "ee' it going# Being %fr%id to f%il is nor!%l %nd you don2t h%ve to let it sto' you# 6hen you f%il you need to t%"e it on %s % le%rning e+'erien$e so you $%n gro( fro! it# 3%ilure $%n be turned into % 'ositive e+'erien$e#

You !ight even h%ve % fe%r of su$$ess# Th%t !ight sound funny but !%ny 'eo'le %re %fr%id to su$$eed# They h%ve 'roble!s s%ving !oney %nd %s soon %s they st%rt s%ving u' enough to st%rt their dre%! they s'end the !oney on so!ething they don2t even need# L%ter they %re "i$"ing the!selves %nd begin the s%ving 'ro$ess %ll over %g%in# You should never be %fr%id to su$$eed# This fe%r is n%tur%l %nd !%ny 'eo'le h%ve % self estee! lo( enough they don2t believe they %re good enough to be su$$essful# You $%n be %s su$$essful %s you re%lly believe you $%n be# 9on2t let your fe%rs of (h%t $ould be getting in the (%y# 8earnin& Le%rning is %nother obst%$le for !%ny 'eo'le# You !ight h%ve finished s$hool >? ye%rs %go %nd figure you %re done (ith le%rning %nything ne(# This is silly %nd you %re %l(%ys $%'%ble of le%rning even (hen you %re on your de%thbed %t 7? ye%rs old# You need to t%"e on the entire le%rning 'ro$ess %s % fun %nd e+$iting thing# You (ill be living out your dre%!s soon %nd if it re-uires you to obt%in % $ertifi$%tion or le%rn so!ething then you need to loo" %t this %s % ste''ing stone to(%rd your go%ls# There %re !%ny obst%$les th%t you $%n s%y %re the re%son for you not living out your dre%!# These %re only te!'or%ry b%rriers th%t you %re using %s %n e+$use for not !oving for(%rd# You %re in $ontrol of b%rriers %nd your !ind# You h%ve $ontrol of the 'eo'le in your life (ho %re su''ortive or not# You h%ve $ontrol over your 1ob or the %bility to $re%tively find (%ys to fund your ende%vors# B%rriers $%n $re%tively be over$o!e to get st%rted (ith living out your '%ssion# You need to st%nd u' %nd s%y no !ore to b%rriers th%t %re in your (%y %nd st%rt living your dre%!s#

Chapter 9 – :oal Settin&
Go%l setting is i!'ort%nt for !%ny re%sons# 6hen you set go%ls you $%n see for(%rd 'rogress) you h%ve so!ething to loo" for(%rd to) %nd they hel' $re%te %!bition# You !ust set go%ls in order to %$hieve the!# 6hen you set go%ls the best thing you $%n do is %tt%$h % d%te on different !ilestones# T%"e % s'e$ifi$ go%l of your '%ssion %nd %tt%$h % $o!'letion d%te to it# @'on % $o!'letion d%te) you (ill then bre%" do(n your go%l into !%ny ste's to get you there# E%$h of these ste's %re !ilestones# You !ight $onsider 'utting % d%te on e%$h !ilestone b%sed u'on ho( long they (ill t%"e you to get to# These !ight be esti!%ted d%tes %nd you !ight be off by % d%y or t(o# Ho(ever) one !ilestone !%y be %$$o!'lished -ui$"er th%n %nother so it $%n 'ut you b%$" on tr%$"# 6or"ing by using % go%l !ethod gives you so!ething to loo" for(%rd to# The best thing you $%n do is re(%rd yourself %t the end of e%$h go%l or you !%y be seeing the re(%rd %s you %re getting $loser to your '%ssion %$tu%lly h%''ening# 6hen you %re (or"ing to(%rd % $o!'letion d%te you %re !ore li"ely to (or" on the go%l r%ther th%n s%y I 'l%n on getting it done eventu%lly# A d%te !%"es the go%l !ore re%l# Go%ls (ith !ilestones %llo( you to see the for(%rd 'rogress you %re !%"ing to(%rd %$hieving your go%l# You !ight $onsider !%"ing % $h%rt (ith the d%tes %nd ste' %tt%$hed to it# Bre%" do(n e%$h ste' (ith t%s"s you need to $o!'lete %nd things th%t need to be done# As you re%$h e%$h !ilestone you (ill be $loser to re%$hing your go%l# The $loser you get to %$hieve your true '%ssion the !ore %!bition you (ill h%ve to live out the dre%! %nd !%"e it h%''en# If you need to brush u' on your s"ills first then t%"e % fe( $l%sses# These $l%sses (ill be % '%rt of your !ilestones %nd ste's to get to (here you (%nt to get to# As you $o!'lete e%$h one then you (ill h%ve $o!'leted % !ilestone %nd $loser#

If your go%ls in$lude ste's th%t %re very diffi$ult to do %nd re-uire % lot of h%rd (or" on your '%rt do not be %fr%id to re(%rd yourself for getting to (here you %re in your 'ro1e$t# Buy % bottle of (ine %nd t%"e the night off %nd $elebr%te for re%$hing % go%l# 9o so!ething to tre%t yourself for your h%rd (or"# You deserve it %nd you %re (orth it# Any 'ro1e$t you de$ide to t%$"le or ende%vor you (%nt to %$hieve you need to design it %s % go%l (ith % bre%"do(n of the ste's to get to the go%l# This (ill !%"e the go%l loo" so !u$h e%sier to get to %nd you (ill (or" h%rder to %$hieve it# In %ddition) you h%ve % (%y to !e%sure 1ust ho( $lose you %re to %$tu%lly !%"ing it h%''en in your life (h%t you h%ve %l(%ys dre%!ed of#

Chapter ; – 8ivin& Your -assion
6hen you live out your '%ssions there %re !%ny things you need to do (ith your %ttitude %nd your life in order to be su$$essful# You (ill be % !ore su$$essful individu%l (ith life %nd your '%ssions (hen you 'r%$ti$e these things# You $%n !e%sure su$$ess %ny (%y th%t you (%nt to# Su$$ess is not !e%sured by !oney be$%use %nyone $%n !%"e % lot of !oney# The go%l is to !%"e % lot of !oney by living out your '%ssion# 6hen you %re (or"ing to(%rd so!ething you %re e+tre!ely '%ssion%te %bout you (ill usu%lly be fortun%te enough to !%"e so!e !oney# The i!'ort%nt thing is th%t you $%n loo" b%$" on your life %nd "no( you did everything you (%nted to do %nd you h%ve no regrets# 4e %hole Your '%ssion needs to !%"e you (hole# You need to fo$us on not 1ust one thing but every %s'e$t of your '%ssion# En1oy the e+'erien$e in its entirety# En1oy the 'ro$ess of ordering the '%rts %nd h%ving the! del%yed for t(o (ee"s# This $ould !e%n % (onderful v%$%tion for you (hile you %re (%iting r%ther th%n % sign you (eren2t su''osed to get st%rted on your '%ssion# 9on2t loo" %t neg%tive things h%''ening %s % sign# Be (hole (ith everything you do# 9on2t try to be f%"e or i!'ress so!eone (ith so!eone you %re not# 4e -assionate 6hen you %re '%ssion%te %bout so!ething you don2t h%ve to be % dis'l%y of '%ssion so other 'eo'le $%n see you# Your '%ssion $o!es fro! inside %nd if you truly love (h%t you %re doing then this (ill $o!e

n%tur%lly for you# You (ill t%"e 'ride in your (or" %nd if you design $l%y 'ots then you (on2t send % $r%$"ed 'ot out to % $usto!er be$%use you (ill be '%ssion%te %bout the -u%lity# This is be$%use you (ill o(n it %nd your n%!e (ill be on it# You (ill be 'roud of every thing you do be$%use you %re 'roud of this# 8eadership Le%dershi' is %nother f%$tor th%t you need to $onsider be$%use you (%nt to sho( 'eo'le ho( living your dre%! $%n be done# You don2t (%nt to follo( in the footste's of %nyone# You (%nt to be '%ssion%te %bout le%ding $h%nge in your life# You %re !%"ing % signifi$%nt $h%nge to live your life ho( you (%nt to# 0re%te your vision %nd le%d the (%y by %$hieving your go%ls th%t you h%ve set out#

Continuous I+prove+ent As you %re living your '%ssion you (ill not be 'utting out the best every single ti!e# You need to find (%ys to $ontinuously i!'rove 'ro$esses th%t %re slo(ing you do(n) $%using 'oor -u%lity) or frustr%ting you# 6hen you $ontinue to i!'rove the 'ro$ess you (ill do better %s ti!e goes by %nd begin to see ho( (ell you $%n do# 8rodu$tivity i!'roves %fter ti!e on$e you find (%ys to !%"e things better# 6hen you first st%rt off (ith your '%ssion everything !%y see! in dis%rr%y %nd % !ess# You $%n fi+ this but it (ill t%"e ti!e %nd tri%ls# You !%y try so!ething fifteen ti!es before you hone % !ethod do(n to the !ost 'rodu$tive %nd -u%lity !ethod# #ction A$tion needs to be %ll %round you (hen you %re living your '%ssion# Be$%use it h%s been so e%sy to 'ro$r%stin%te to (or" to(%rd your '%ssion you do not (%nt to f%ll into the s%!e 'roble! %s before# It is i!'ort%nt to t%"e %$tion (ith yourself) 'eo'le you in$lude to hel' you %nd !ore# T%"ing %$tion is the !ost i!'ort%nt thing to %void 'ro$r%stin%tion# You (%nt to (or" to(%rd % big go%l (hi$h is your dre%!# Nothing is going to get in your (%y or slo( you do(n# 8ut % sign u' th%t s%ys

%$tion to re!ind yourself you %re (or"ing to(%rd your '%ssion by $onst%nt %$tion# You (%n to h%ve 'eo'le on your te%! th%t %re %$tion oriented %lso# 9on2t h%ve 'eo'le (or" (ith you th%t %re not %$tion oriented# If you h%ve % re%lly su''ortive %unt th%t li"es to sit %round %nd t%l" but not (or" h%rd then you $%nnot h%ve her hel' you (ith your '%ssion# She !%y be the 'erson you $%n h%ve hel' you $re%te hy'e for your ende%vor or business but not to t%"e %$tion# 3ind % 'l%$e for her so she $%n hel' be$%use you need the su''ort# Al(%ys re(%rd %$tion# Never let %$tion %nd go%l setting go (ithout re(%rds# You (%nt to re(%rd everyone hel'ing you %nd yourself# This doesn2t !e%n you need to s'end !oney you don2t h%ve# You $%n re(%rd so!eone by letting the! "no( you %''re$i%te (h%t they %re doing for you# A$"no(ledge!ent of h%rd (or" is so!eti!es enough (hen 'eo'le "no( you re%lly %''re$i%te it# Model Your Heroes 0hoose %t le%st to' A heroes (ho you %dore %nd you (%nt to be su$$essful li"e %nd !odel the!# Le%rn everything you $%n %bout your heroes %nd be$o!e %n e+'ert on the!# Le%rn %bout ho( they be$%!e su$$essful# This !e%ns you should "no( their entire %utobiogr%'hy#

Chapter < – .urnin& -assions and :oals into =eality
Turning your '%ssions into re%lity re-uires you to do !%ny things# No( th%t you "no( ho( to find your '%ssion %nd live your '%ssion you need to !%"e your '%ssion re%lly h%''en# Here %re things you $%n do to !%"e it h%''en# 4elieve The !ost i!'ort%nt thing to su$$ess believes th%t you (ill be su$$essful# You re%lly $%n be su$$essful but if you do not believe it then you shouldn2t even get st%rted until you do# Your %bilities %re in your !ind %nd you h%ve tot%l $ontrol over your su$$ess# It is not %bout i!'ressing 'eo'le# You $%n believe %nd you don2t h%ve to tell %nyone# Believe# =el%+ %nd believe you (ill be very su$$essful %nd

one d%y you (ill be so e+$ited to sit on the 5'r%h 6infrey sho( %nd t%l" %bout your '%ssion %nd ho( you turned it into % re%lity# Believe %nd feel e!'o(ered %s you thin" %bout your ende%vor %nd ho( you %re going to be su$$essful# #ttitude Your %ttitude $ould !%"e you or bre%" you# You need to !%int%in % $o!'lete 'ositive %ttitude# Be 'ositive %t %ll ti!es# 9on2t let the little things get you do(n or u'set you# You %re living your '%ssion %nd every obst%$le no( is % le%rning e+'erien$e# No( you need to h%ve % 'ositive outloo" on everything you do (ith your business %nd your '%ssion# 6hen you h%ve % good %ttitude it (ill hel' you be$o!e !ore su$$essful (ith your business %nd your '%ssion# You need to h%ve % 'ositive outloo" %nd believe# 6hen your %ttitude is 'ositive %nd your outloo" is 'ositive things (ill begin to (or" in your f%vor !ore often th%n they ever h%ve before# It is re%lly %bout the (%y you loo" %t things %nd not ho( b%d they re%lly %re# You !%"e things %nd % situ%tion b%d# Your %ttitude is (h%t (ill !%"e it 'ositive# Hone Your Idea If you %re in % situ%tion (here you $%nnot !%"e your '%ssion % re%lity tod%y then you (ill need to hone your intentions# You $%n t%"e your ide% %nd !%"e it better by $hiseling %(%y %t the det%ils# L%y out the 'l%n for your 'ro1e$t or business ende%vor %nd every det%il you (ill need to $onsider# 6hen you %re in % (%iting 'eriod there is still 'lenty of things for you to do# 9on2t loo" %t % (%iting 'eriod %s % sign you shouldn2t get st%rted or %s %nother (%y to 'ro$r%stin%te#

4uild Mo+entu+ The best (%y to build !o!entu! (hen you %re (or"ing to(%rd your '%ssion is to %$t on the ide%s you h%ve# A$t right %(%y %nd don2t sit %round for so!ething to h%''en or $o!e to you# The s%!e goes for % 'roble! you need to fi+# You need to %$t on it# The !ore res'onsive you %re then you begin to build % !o!entu! th%t is h%rd to bre%"# Your l%4iness (ill go %(%y %nd you (ill do (ell (ith being !ore 'rodu$tive#

Make the 4est o$ Your =esources 6hen you %re !%"ing it h%''en then you need to !%"e the best of your resour$es# You !ight not h%ve % lot of !oney %nd you need to find (%ys to t%"e $%re of things li"e d%y$%re %nd err%nds# You $%n find friends %nd other su''ortive individu%ls to hel' you# If you %re short on su''lies you !ight h%ve to t%l" to friends %nd 'eo'le to see (here you $%n get % hold of !ore su''lies# The $re%tivity you h%ve le%rned in the e%rlier $h%'ters of this e&boo" (ill 'l%y into !otion %t this ti!e# You !%y not h%ve !oney or resour$es you need# You need to be $re%tive %bout things you $%n do# If you %re % (riter (ithout % $o!'uter then you $%n go to the 'ubli$ libr%ry %nd use % free one# 3ind resour$es th%t you $%n use to !%"e your '%ssions su$$essful# Sacri$ice and Hard %ork In !ost $%ses (hen so!eone (or"s to(%rd % '%ssion they %re 're'%red to (or" h%rd %nd (illing to s%$rifi$e 1ust %bout %nything# 6hen you first st%rt off (ith your ne( 1ob you !ight find th%t you %re very 'oor to begin (ith# You $%nnot e+'e$t to be % su$$ess overnight# Things (ill t%"e ti!e but the i!'ort%n$e is th%t you (ill be doing (h%t you en1oy# You (ill be re-uired to (or" long hours %nd s%$rifi$e f%!ily ti!e %nd !%ny other things# S%$rifi$e is the !ost i!'ort%nt thing you $%n do if you (%nt to be su$$essful# There is no substitute for h%rd (or" if you (%nt to re%$h your go%ls# 5nly you $%n re%$h the go%ls you set for yourself %nd you (ill need to (or" very h%rd to get to (here you (%nt to be# E!br%$e long hours) s(e%t %nd te%rs be$%use they (ill be re(%rding in the end# 2r&ani>e Your 8i$e 5rg%ni4e your life %round your '%ssion# You h%ve st%rted % ne( 1ob or '%ssion th%t you (%nt to be su$$essful in# St%rt living the su$$essful d%y th%t you h%ve %l(%ys dre%!ed of# 3or e+%!'le) (%"e u' e%rly in the !orning) bre( $offee) re%d the '%'er) t%l" on your blog) %nd !ore# 5rg%ni4e your life to be useful ti!e th%t is he%lthy for you# 8l%n your ti!e (ith 'lenty of e+er$ise %nd he%lthy de$isions# Be sure you %re getting enough slee' %lso# You (ill h%ve to 'ut in % lot of hours to be su$$essful %t first but you $%nnot lose slee' or you (ill h%ve 'roble!s

en1oying your '%ssion# 6or"ing to(%rd % '%ssion !e%ns you get to slee' too# 8ro'er org%ni4ing (ill %llo( you to be su$$essful %nd !ore 'rodu$tive# ?isuali>e and Meditate Visu%li4ing is very i!'ort%nt if you (%nt to (or" to(%rd your '%ssion# Medit%tion %nd visu%li4%tion hel' you see (here you %re going (ith your '%ssion# You h%ve %n ide% !%nifesting %nd you need to visu%li4e it# Medit%tion %llo(s your ide%s to !%nifest inside of you so you (ill !%"e it h%''en# You (%nt to !%nifest your desires %nd you (ill be sure to !%"e the! h%''en#

Chapter 1@ – 7inal Considerations
6hen you live out your true '%ssion in life you (ill %lso need to %$$o!'lish % fe( !ore things# You !ust give your life to so!ething) be free fro! '%in) not fo$us on results) %nd not (orry %bout surviv%l issues# 6hen you give your life to so!ething you i!!edi%tely dedi$%te yourself to the '%ssion# This !e%ns you (ill need to give %s !u$h ti!e %nd energy 'ossible to your '%ssion# The rest (ill follo( n%tur%lly %s you %re dedi$%ted %nd entirely given to your '%ssion# The '%in %nd 'le%sure 'rin$i'le does not $ount (hen it $o!es to (or"ing to(%rd % '%ssion# Your '%ssion !%y give you 'le%sure %s it !%"es you h%''y %nd you love to do it# Ho(ever) re%$hing your go%ls !%y be '%inful %nd frustr%ting# You !%y $ry %t ti!es %nd (%nt to thro( in the to(el# Su$$ess is never e%sy but you (ould very !u$h r%ther (or" to(%rd % '%ssion th%n you (ould go to % 1ob you h%te every single d%y# This '%ssion is yours %nd you o(n it# 3eel the '%in %nd !%"e it s%tisfying in every (%y# The '%in (ill s%tisfy your soul (hi$h is !u$h better in the long run be$%use you (ill not h%ve %ny regrets l%ter on# Never $on$entr%te on results# The universe is going to t%"e $%re of the results# Things !ight be slo( %t first %nd if %ll you %re loo"ing %t is the results then you !%y never get there# 3o$us on (h%t you need to do %nd you (ill find the (%y to freedo!) %$$ording to T%o# Never (orry %bout surviv%l (hen you %re (or"ing to(%rd % '%ssion# This is the !ost i!'ort%nt "ey to be su$$essful (ith % '%ssion# 6hen you (orry or h%ve fe%r you (ill $re%te 'roble!s for yourself# You need to h%ve $our%ge in your he%rt %nd your !ind th%t you (ill be fine %nd you re%lly (ill# You h%ve the 'o(er to $ontrol everything %nd to be 'ositive# 9on2t (orry#

Chapter 11 – Conclusion
A '%ssion is so!ething th%t you (%nt to do %nd you (ere !e%nt to do (ith your life# Everyone h%s % '%ssion %nd they $%n live % full life (hen they "no( e+%$tly (h%t their '%ssion is %nd (h%t they need to do# Su$$ess is not !e%sured by !oney# Even the ri$hest 'eo'le %re very unh%''y (ith their lives# In order to be h%''y you need to follo( your '%ssions %nd the ri$hes %nd su$$esses (ill follo( %long l%ter# There %re !%ny (%ys to loo" for %nd find your '%ssion# You $%n le%rn (h%t your '%ssion is by %s"ing yourself !%ny -uestions# You !ight h%ve the %ns(er de$or%ted %ll over your house %nd (%lls# If you h%ve % true '%ssion %nd you h%ve obst%$les sto''ing you fro! %$hieving living the dre%! then you !ust get '%st the! %nd you $%n# Anyone $%n be su$$essful (ith % '%ssion# They $%n turn it into their o(n 'erson%l business e%sily if they (%nt to# The "eys of su$$essfully !%"ing your '%ssion (or" believes th%t it (ill (or" for you %nd (or"ing e+tre!ely h%rd# The h%rder you (or" the !ore su$$essful you (ill be# If you h%ve % (%it ti!e %nd $%nnot get st%rted right %(%y you $%n do initi%l 'l%nning for your go%ls# =e!e!ber) %l(%ys set go%ls (ith ste''ing stones to get to the!# You (ill be %ble to see the 'rogress you %re !%"ing to(%rd your go%l %nd "no( ho( !u$h longer it (ill t%"e you# A(%rd your %$hieve!ents %s you !eet your !ilestones %nd get $loser to your go%ls# You %re % 'erson (ho is (orth living their '%ssion# You h%ve the s%!e $%'%bilities %s %nyone else# You deserve to be h%''y %nd you deserve to live out your '%ssions#

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