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Aaron Lamkin

Entrepreneur Wine Geek Alchemist

Aaron Lamkin has vast experience in numerous industries. Aaron Lamkin lends his expertise to small private companies looking for management consulting, corporate structure and re-structure, financial modeling and business analysis. He also currently owns and operates a small boutique winery in Castle Pines, CO. Aaron Lamkin utilizes comprehensive problem solving skills in order to provide clients with a unique approach to a variety of situations. By thinking outside of the box, Aaron Lamkin has the unique ability to shine light in areas that were previously left undiscovered such as creative restructure and finance packages to attract the best long term partnerships. Aaron Lamkin has a vast knowledge base spanning various industries and thus has the ability to analyze a variety of different businesses. His skills come from a merger and acquisition background as well as an investment standpoint. Most notably attention to corporate restructure and follow on strategic planning is his focus. As an analyst, Aaron Lamkin has worked with various domestic and international firms and has successfully helped in numerous transactions. His recommendations have been extremely well received by his clients, which has turned into multiple repeat contracts over the years. Aaron Lamkin has also honed his palette to distinguish great blends of Rhone varietal wines. His winemaking skills are mostly self-taught. He is proving his skills by having wines that are highly sought after in the boutique market.

Aaron Lamkin is an owner of Anatomy Wines which is a small boutique winery located in Castle Pines, CO. The winery is focused on Rhone varietals and specifically Grenache, Syrah, and Cinsault. Small lot production is the focus of this enterprise in order to ensure high quality wines at an affordable price. Anatomy also provides customers with the option of private labeling of certain allocated wines for corporate events, weddings, and other gatherings. Wine and Management Consultant Aaron Lamkin also works with a number of companies as a consultant on various matters. Recent appointments include a Management company that uses its unique market vantage point to identify the most innovative ideas to partner with some of the best entrepreneurs in the world. As a part of this distinguished team, Aaron Lamkin has added invaluable expertise in the areas of winemaking, distribution, and marketing. His unique skills and other areas of expertise have fit perfectly into the organization by analyzing and consulting on numerous projects. Aaron Lamkin also seeks out new business both domestically and internationally and provides corporations with invaluable recommendations in the areas of corporate finance, infrastructure and business development.

Colorado State University Fort Collins, CO 1995 - 1999