1. 2. Show a knowledge of the Geological Field Work Code. Go on one or more geological excursion with a person having local geological knowledge and make a record in a field notebook of what you have seen (see Note ii). With one or more companion, take part in a geological excursion. Make observations from a safe vantage point and produce a labelled field sketch. Find out about the geology of the area in which you live. Be prepared to discuss a labelled collection of about 12 geological specimens. (This collection could be your own or from a museum, school, or similar.) The collection should normally consist of the following specimens: Four different rock types. Be able to describe how they were formed and their economic use. Four minerals. Know their chemical formulae and common names and, where possible, the economic uses to which they could be put. Four fossils. Know their names and geological ages, and describe their modes of life.


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