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Pastors Manuel and Carlos leading worship on a Sunday morning.

Turkey-less Thanksgiving
In this hot and distant land, I find myself turkey-less but still thankful on Thanksgiving. I’m thankful for the friends and (soon-to-be-adopted) family, God has placed in my life. I’m thankful for the joy of being so well received by the people, and so well loved by the team. I’m thankful for the miracles I’ve witnessed by the sheer joy of being on the front lines. All in all... I’m just flat out thankful for being here. Being home. Here. ... In Mozambique.

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~ Stephanie

:: Pra


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:: The Wait ::
Did I mention that things tend to work slowly in Africa? They do. It’s crazy when I think about how LONG ago I started the process for my paperwork for the clinic. I look at the calendar and count the days... and my heart sinks to my toes. It has taken me close to FOUR months for my papers to be submitted! Don’t even ask me how long it will be for them to be approved! All these -seemingly endless-- delays make me cranky. Add to this the fact that the government is now back peddling on their agreement to work in conjunction with us. Yep. They are no longer interested in doing a partnership and think it best I open a private clinic. Gulp! Lest you think I’m complaining... let me assure you that is not my intention. This is the dayto-day muck and mire I must wade through just to get to the starting line. This race will be run. Fast or slow, it does not matter. What matters to me is that I obey all God has asked me to do. So I ask... would you still pray with me? If so... please pray for: • Favor with the Government and wisdom if they back out. • Persistence and perseverance to the call and the vision. • Mighty and chain-shattering faith. • A sense of humor when I fall down or get sidetracked.

prayer requests
Documents: All my papers have been submitted, now they must be approved (which might require more documents. Ugg!) Pray this process would end and the clinic can open. Clinic Repairs: I’ve succeeded in painting and organizing the clinic... but many of the larger repair tasks have yet to be started. Pray I have more success with them this month. Vehicle: I backed into a tree last week. Yep. Pray I can find a replacement window quickly. Thanks. Health: I have had generally good health, except a run in with four Putsy fly larvae that insisted on hatching in my leg. Yuck! Pray it heals completely. Thanks. Chickens: There seems to be a good reason for the chicken delays... I just don’t know what it is. Please keep praying. Lonely: With the holidays coming... I find myself lonely. Pray that I can find uncommon joy in this lonely season.

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c/o Missao Crista de Maforga C.P. 3, Gondola Manica, Mozambique

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Make checks payable to Shepherd’s Staff, PO Box 53640 Albuquerque, NM 87153-3640 Write #6201 on memo line. Donate online at

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