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> "orum > The world of homosexuals by Shakuntala Devi first # $ %revious # next > # last showin& '() of ) *+,-+./ 0nonymous The world of homosexuals by Shakuntala Devi 1 2ust read the bok 3alled 4The world of Homosexuals4 by Shakuntala Devi5

1ts an wonderful readin&5 1 wish to share a few lines from the last 3ha%ter of that book5

41mmorality does not 3onsist in ben& different5 1t 3nsists in not alowin& others to be so5 1t is not the individual whose sexual relations de%art from the so3ial 3ustom who is immoral(but those are immoral who would %enali6e him for bein& different5 0 law(abidin& 3iti6en who res%e3ts the ri&hts and di&nities of others, if he is made to sufer merely for deviatin& from the 3onventional norm, is not the offender( he is the vi3tim45

47any deviants min&uidedly enter marital relationshi%s in the ho%e of 43urin&4 themselves and also in order to es3a%e dete3tion5 ut this 3an turn out a life on& disaster %arti3ularly for the other %erson involved54

48hat we know is that many de3ent, intelli&ent, moral and a%%arently normal %eo%le find their own sex more e3itin& than the o%osite sex5 They are found in al walkes of life and in al %rofessions5 1f homsexuals want to live within the dis3i%line of so3iety, what does the so3eity ex%e3t them to do9 Live a life of total 3eleba3y9!4

40n im%ortant :uestion that arises in the thinkin& mebers of so3eity is(must then theses millions who already exist and tens of milions yet to be born be 3ondemned to te misery, loneiness and de&radation94

4The time is overdue now, when rather that %retendin& that hmosexuals dont exists, or ho%in& to eradi3ate them by seer wei&ht of disa%%rval or %rison senten3es, we fa3e teh fa3ts s:uare in the eyes and find rom for them so that they 3an live unfettered and unmolested, and make teir 3ontribution to the 3ommon &od of 3mmunity4

4;n this level nothin less than full and 3om%lete a33e%tane wil serve(not toleran3e and not sym%athy54

TH1S ;;< 80S 8=1T>? 1? '@AA! 1 G;T ;=? 1? '@A/!!! H0S 0?BTH1?G CH0?G>D T1LL TH>?9 *+,A+./ 0nonymous its available in ama6on53om

%ublisher is vikas %ublishin& house %vt ltd ) ansari house new delhi savoy 3hambers ) walla3e street mumbai *....' '. first main road, &andhi na&ar, ban&lore )-...@ /. 3annin& road kan%ur ,./..* /+' b Chowran&hee lane <olkata A...'-

is it the first non(a3demi3 book by any indian author on &ay lib9 3an anybody throw some li&ht9 )+'+./ 0nonymous The Hindoo Holiday by C = 03kerley is nothin& less than a 3lassi3, based on the 3harmin& homosexual mahara2ah of Chhatar%ur Dnow in 7EF5

Those wishin& to read it 3an buy the book from 0ma6on53om5 HereGs the link5

htt%H++www5ama6on53om+Hindoo(Holiday(1ndian(Cournal( Classi3s+d%+.@*.I,,,). Some re%lies on this %a&e have been deleted or are under review5