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The Existence of God is Self- Evident
Grand Master Choa Kok Sui

Just as the existence of mathematical formulas to compute interest payments, amortization, principal repayments and others implies the existence of mathematicians who are intelligent. The existence of laws of nature which are expressed in the mathematical formulas, which design and govern the universe, implies the existence of god the supreme mathematician, who is Omnintelligent. This truth is obvious, yet many do not see this obvious truth

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How healthy are we Emotionally?
Srikanth Jois In this modern world, there is stress or tension. In other words, there is work pressure, anxiety, irritation, anger and hurt feelings, along with bullying and harassment. People under great stress radiate stress energy to surrounding people. Consciously or subconsciously, they transfer a great bulk of their stress energy by being nasty and rude to others. Prolonged stress, tension and other lower emotions leads adverse affects on the physical body as gastric ulcer, heart ailments, migraine headache, damaged kidneys, depression and other chronic ailments.

donations are some of the higher emotions.
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By observing ones thoughts and emotions a person can recognise if he/she is predominantly having lower emotions or higher emotions. Love, peace, joy, happiness, sharing, caring, being sensitive and offering

In an enlightening seminar that i attended, the speaker asked audience to perform an interesting experiment, it took approximately 2 minutes. This 2 minute exercise made us reflect how healthy we are emotionally? I would like to elaborate about this exercise. If you are interested in practicing, Please make yourself free from your duties and find a place where you will not be disturbed.

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During first minute recall happy and enjoyable events that you have experienced. These experiences could be written on a sheet of paper. At the end of 1 minute please count how many happy incidents you are able to recall. Now for one minute, recall unhappy and hurtful incidents. At the end of 1 minute please count how many incidents you are able to recall. Were you able to recall more happy incidents which could bring a smile on your face, or were you able to recall more unhappy incidents? In the seminar many noticed that, they were able to recall more unhappy incidents, they were predominantly having lower emotions. According to Master Choa the Founder of Pranic Healing, Some severe ailments are emotional in origin. Some patients have so much deep-seated hurt or resentment towards certain person(s). The rate of healing would be much faster if the patient consciously exerts an effort to forgive those who may have actually or imaginarily hurt him or her. According the medical experts more than 80 percent of chronic problems is psychological in origin. To prevent chronic ailment it is therefore needed to lead an emotionally healthy life. The act of forgiving is therapeutic and is necessary for good health. Pranic Healing sessions and Twin heart Meditation on Peace can aid to have a better emotional attitudes and inner peace.

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Higher workshops in GAMBIA
Sriram Rajagopal, Arhatic Yoga Leader of Africa, will be delivering the teachings on Pranic Crystal Healing, Practical Psychic Self defence for home and Office and Arhatic Yoga Preparatory course in Gambia during third week of November 2009. Participants who have completed Pranic Psychotherapy course are eligible to attend these workshops. WAPHF-Gambia will be organising the basic, Advanced and Pranic Psychotherapy workshop which can enable interested participants to attend these workshops. Grand Master Choa Kok Sui has selected his senior students as Arhatic yoga teachers to deliver the priceless teachings. Let us utilize this opportunity to learn from a senior student of GMCKS, Sriram Rajagopal. Let us all be part of these workshops.

Pranic Healing courses in Senegal Srikanth Jois Basic Pranic Healing Course would be held in Dakar, Belen Segovia will be conducting the course. Tentatively, Advanced and Pranic Psychotherapy courses would be held during the last week end of June. For more information contact Belen Segovia Mobile: 221 776707696 and house number 221 338606906. Email

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At the Feet of the Master
by Alcyone (J. Krishnamurti)

See what gossip does. It begins with evil thought, and that in itself is a crime. For in everyone and in everything there is good; in everyone and in everything there is evil. Either of these we can strengthen by thinking of it, and in this way we can help or hinder evolution; we can do the will of the Logos or we can resist Him. If you think of the evil in another, you are doing at the same time three wicked things:
1. You are filling your neighbourhood with evil thought instead

of with good thought, and so you are adding to the sorrow of the world. 2. If there is in that man the evil which you think, you are strengthening it and feeding it; and so you are making your brother worse instead of better. But generally the evil is not there, and you have only fancied it; and then your wicked thought tempts your brother to do wrong, for if he is not yet perfect you may make him that which you have thought him. 3. You fill your own mind with evil thoughts instead of good; and so you hinder your own growth, and make yourself, for those who can see, an ugly and painful object instead of a beautiful and lovable one. Not content with having done all this harm to himself and to his victim, the gossip tries with all his might to make other men partners in his crime. Eagerly he tells his wicked tale to them, hoping that they will believe it; and then they join with him in pouring evil thought upon the poor sufferer. And this goes on day after day, and is done not by one man but by thousands.
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Do you begin to see how base, how terrible a sin this is? You must avoid it altogether. Never speak ill of any one; refuse to listen when any one else speaks ill of another, but gently say: "Perhaps this is not true, and even if it is, it is kinder not to speak of it." Then as to cruelty. This is of two kinds, intentional and unintentional. Intentional cruelty is purposely to give pain to another living being; and that is the greatest of all sins- the work of a devil rather than a man. You would say that no man could do such a thing; but men have done it often, and are daily doing it now. The inquisitors did it; many religious people did it in the name of their religion. Vivisections do it; many schoolmasters do it habitually. All these people try to excuse their brutality by saying that it is the custom; but a crime does not cease to be a crime because many commit it. Karma takes no account of custom; and the karma of cruelty is the most terrible of all.

Be careful with what you think and what you say, even without malicious intent. Thinking and saying something negative about others will make it difficult for them to develop.

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Pranic Healing for Stress
Lamin Camara There was one of our colleagues who always mentioned of stress and he said things which were hurting to surrounding people. When I asked him why are you complaining all the time with out having any solution to your problems. I told him about Pranic Healing and how I can help him to become stress free. I started to heal him but the first day of healing his Solar Plexus chakra was congested and over activated because of the negative thoughts forms lodged in his solar plexus chakra. After three healing session he stopped complaining for some time and started it again. I took his photo and applied distant healing on him for a week and he stopped complaining. Thanks to Master Choa Kok Sui for his teachings that is helping mankind.

Service Activity
West African Pranic Healing Foundation-The Gambia, came up with second service Activity on 22nd May 2009 near Kotu. We could find many people who are living next to scrap and dump yard close to NAWEC power generator station in Kotu. We were able to donate 50 sachets of rice weighing one kilogram each. We can notice that there are people who need more support. Please be a part of these donation projects by your contributions.

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JUNE 2009 WAPHF-G Calendar
Date 7th 6th & 7th 20th & 21st 22nd Day Sunday Saturday and Sunday Saturday and Sunday Monday Event Full moon Basic Course Basic Course New Moon Meditation Time 6:00 pm 9:30 am to 5:30 pm 9:30 am to 5:30 pm 6: 00 Pm Open for All All All All

Arhatic Schedule On every Friday at 6:00 pm - Arhatic Purifications, Meditation and Group study

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If you want to Evolve, you also have to help other people Evolve. Be patient with others because everyone is growing

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