Name: __________________________ Section: ___________ Reading Check Chapter 1 1. List the characters introduced in Chapter 1.

2. In what year is this story taking place? 3. What is the name of the town? 4. From which point of view does the author tell the story?

5. What position does the Finch family occupy in their town? Explain.

6. What is Scout and Jem’s father’s occupation? 7. Where is their mother?

8. What is unusual about the Radley place?

9. What reason is given for the Radley place being in this state?

10. What are some of the children’s superstitions concerning Boo?

Name: __________________________ Section: ___________ Reading Check Chapter 2 1. Why was Dill staying in Maycomb?

2. What great thing happens to Scout in this chapter?

3. Why is Miss Caroline Fisher, Scout’s teacher, annoyed with Scout?

4. How had Scout learned to read?

5. How had Scout learned to write?

6. What is Scout’s real name?

Name: __________________________ Section: ___________ Reading Check Chapter 3 1. What does Jem do when Scout tries to beat up Walter Cunningham on the school yard?

2. What upsets Scout at lunch? What lesson does Calpurnia teach Scout and how?

3. What happens at school to upset Miss Caroline Fisher in the afternoon? What do we learn about Little Chuck Little? What do we learn about the Ewell family?

4. Why does Scout want to quit school and run away?

5. What does Atticus teach Scout to help her get along with people?

Name: __________________________ Section: ___________ Reading Check Chapter 4 1. What does Scout find in the tree in Radley’s front yard?

2. What do Scout and Jem find a couple of days later? What sense does this give us about Boo Radley?

3. What superstitions are discussed in Chapter 4?

4. Describe Jem and Scout’s relationship. Give examples to support your observations.

5. How does Atticus react to the children’s game of “Boo Radley”? 6. Describe Dill’s personality.

Name: __________________________ Section: ___________ Reading Check Chapter 5 1. Who is Miss Maudie Atkins?

2. What does Miss Maudie explain to the children about foot-washin’ men?

3. What happens to the children’s plan to stick a note through the shutter to Boo Radley?

4. What does Atticus tell them?

Name: __________________________ Section: ___________ Reading Check Chapter 6 1. What is the plan for Dill’s last night in Maycomb?

2. How does Jem lose his pants?

3. How does Dill explain the loss of Jem’s pants?

4. What does Jem feel he has to do?

5. Why doesn’t Scout want him to go?

Name: __________________________ Section: ___________ Reading Check Chapter 7 1. What is happening for Scout as this chapter begins?

2. What remarkable thing does Jem tell Scout about that night he had to go back after his pants?

3. List the things they find in the knothole of the tree.

4. What do they decide to do about the treasures they find in the tree?

5. What do Jem and Scout discover Nathan Radley doing at the end of the chapter?

Name: __________________________ Section: ___________ Reading Check Chapter 8 1. What unusual thing happens in Maycomb that year?

2. Because of this, what project do the children undertake? How do they complete it?

3. What happens to Miss Maudie’s house?

4. What instructions does Atticus give to Jem and Scout during the commotion? Why?

5. Where did the blanket come from that Scout finds around her shoulders?

6. What kind of woman is Miss Maudie? Use an example to explain your answer.

Name: __________________________ Section: ___________ Reading Check Chapter 9 1. Why does Scout get in a fight with Cecil Jacobs? 2. What is Atticus about to do which makes some people question his honor? 3. Why is Atticus defending the man? 4. What does Atticus say about this case? Does he expect to win? 5. How does this affect Scout? 6. What do the Finches do at Christmas? 7. How do Scout and Jem feel about their relatives? Be specific. Uncle Jack FinchAunt AlexandraFrancis8. On page 89 Scout comments that “…it was not until many years later that I realized he [Atticus] wanted me to hear every word he said.” What important information was Atticus trying to reveal to Scout in an indirect manner?

Name: __________________________ Section: ___________ Reading Check Chapter 10 1. What does Scout wish was different about Atticus?

2. What is Miss Maudie’s explanation for Atticus’ statement “…shoot all the bluejays you want, if you can hit ‘em, but remember it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird.”

3. What does Miss Maudie contribute to the worth of Atticus?

4. What is the name of the “mad” dog?

Name: __________________________ Section: ___________ Reading Check Chapter 11 1. What kind of woman is Mrs. Henry Lafayette Dubose? Explain.

2. What does Atticus tell the children about Mrs. Dubose?

3. What makes Jem so angry that he destroys Mrs. Dubose’s camellias?

4. What penance is Jem to serve for his act?

5. Explain a typical reading session.

6. Why does Atticus really make Jem read to Mrs. Dubose?

7. What was Mrs. Dubose’s goal before she died? Did she achieve her goal?

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