To Kill a Mockingbird Study Guide Complete this study guide for 5 points extra credit on the test.

Characters: Jem Dill Scout Atticus Calpurnia Arthur (“Boo”) Radley Nathan Radley Bob Ewell Mayella Ewell Aunt Alexandra Miss Maudie Miss Stephanie Miss Rachel Miss Caroline Fisher Mrs. Dubose Tom Robinson Reverend Sykes Heck Tate Tim Johnson Main Story: Trial (opinions, testimonies, events, truth, verdict, consequences)

Minor Stories Radley Superstitions Tree knothole The Game “Boo Radley” School for Scout, Miss Caroline Scout rolling into Radley house in tire Jem’s pants Snowman Tim Johnson Miss Maudie’s fire Mrs. Dubose Cal’s Church Jail mob Literacy- Scout, Calpurnia & son, Bob Ewell vs. Cal’s church

Other Things to Know: Setting: General- 1930’s information & Specific- TKAM setting


Themes (mockingbird, stepping in others’ shoes, etc.)


Racial Tension in book

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