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Cleveland ARTCC
Quality Assurance Office
326 East Lorain Street
Oberlin OH 44074

subject ACTION: September 11, 2001 Date: October 14, 2003

: Commission Data Request

From: Support Manager, Quality Assurance, to R Herak:
ZOB-505 440-774-0505
FAX: X0660
TO: ADA-2, Shirley Miller
Air T r a f f i c Manager, Gary Klingler

This is the second part of the 9/11 Commission' request. The

Cleveland ARTCC has enclosed all voice tapes from September 11, 2001
from the Operations Manager-in-Charge position and the Facility
Traffic Management Unit. Some tapes are in-accordance-with the
original request 0800-1400 EST. Some tapes are in-accordance-with the
revised request from the October 10, 2003 TELCON, 0800-1200 EST.

In order to ensure accuracy, the tapes are labeled by the UTC time,
1200-1800Z or 1200-1600Z. The facility has changed taping practices
and positions since September 11, 2001. We attempted, to the best of
our ability, to reconstruct the positions and obtain cassette tapes
from the original reels. Some positions that are recorded today were
not recorded on September 11, 2001.

If I can be of any further assistance, please advise me at 440-774-



Tape 5, Channel 31 - Is an outside (not VSCS) phone line located in the Traffic
Management Unit (TMU) - Ext. 0428:
1303 - Off duty Traffic Management Officer (TMO) calls regarding breaking news.
Advises second aircraft hit tower.
1305 - Medical department calls re: Traffic Management Supervisor (TMS) physical.
1310 - Operations Manager In Charge (OMIC) phones home.
1322 - Off duty Traffic Management Coordinator (TMC) calls in.
1329 - Off duty TMC calls in.
1337 - United Airline official calls for information regarding UAL93.
1355 - OMIC calls Cleveland Tower (CLE ATCT) Air Traffic Manager regarding status
of DAL1989 - possible hijack.
1419 - Continental (COA) airlines called trying to verify the location of certain aircraft.
1423 - Akron-Canton Tower (CAK ATCT) provided a cell phone number where they
can be reached.
1445 - Cleveland Center (ZOB) National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA)
President called for briefing by OMIC.
1453 - Call placed to Area VI regarding Waterski 5284.
1505 - Call from TMU staff that had been evacuated to parking lot.
1508 - Off Duty TMC calls in.
1519 - American Eagle called for help in locating EGF5073.
1527 - Call from ZOB personnel waiting outside to get in.
1531-TMC Call in.
1539 - Evacuated personnel call for an update.
1544 - Area VI called to inquire about unknown traffic at FL310.
1605 - Doug Gould called for a status update.
1608 - Open line between Doug Gould, Wayne Pierce, and Indianapolis Center (ZID)
1631 - The chief pilot for STAT-Medevac called for information on operating lifeflight
1712 - Toronto Centre (ZYZ) called regarding a DC 10 needing to land at Detroit Metro
(DTW). They were referred to Air Traffic Control System Command Center (ATCSCC).
1716 - ATCSCC asked for a supervisor to discuss UAL93 and others.

Tape 5, Channel 33 - TMU Outside Line - An outside phone line located in the
1328 - Call from Area 7 Sup to TMC regarding ground stops and diversions around New
York Center (ZNY).
1345 - Area VII reported an aircraft has hit the Pentagon.
1417 - A TMC called home regarding childcare.
1446 - Off duty TMC called in.
1521 - Call from Area VII Supervisor.
Tape 5, Channel 34 - TMU Outside Line - Ext. 0449
1210 - TMC called DTW ATCT regarding departure restrictions.
1224 - A TMC called two Areas regarding Laguardia (LGA) flow restrictions.
1241 - Area V questions reasons for flow control reroutes and is advised fix balancing.
1252 - CLE ATCT called ZOB to ask if anyone had heard about an aircraft hitting the
1340 - DTW TMS called to ask how many aircraft are returning to DTW.
1400 - TMS calls CLE ATCT regarding DAL1989. Advises company and pilot say they
are not being hijacked and that there is no bomb on board.
1404 - CLE ATCT confirmed they were talking to DAL1989.
1407 - A TMC requested CLE ATCT advise when DAL1989 is on the ground. CLE
suggested aircraft holding might want to divert to CAK.
1434 - CLE ATCT is asked if they can accept more diverting aircraft and they reply in
the affirmative.
1438 - DTW TMS called to advise they have more room for diverting aircraft.
1510 - A TMS took a call from Northwest (NWA) trying to locate NWA1539.
1516 -NWA 1539 located.
1527 - Took calls from NWA regarding NWA11 from Frankfort, Germany that is not
going to be allowed to land at YYZ or YUL.
1531 - ZOB advised NWA to call the ATCSCC before being advised that YYZ would
accept the aircraft.
1600 - Called CLE ATCT regarding unknown target. Was advised it is a police
1637 - Call from Paul Triponey regarding current procedures.
1642 - Call from ROC ATCT regarding lifeflight helicopter wanting to return to base
from a local hospital.
1647 - Area VI coordinated a lifeflight.
1705 - A Captain from Selfridge Air National Guard Base (MTC) called to coordinate a
Coast Guard Helicopter requesting a search and rescue training flight. Request denied.
1709 - A LT CDR from MTC called to find out why they couldn't fly. Was directed to
call the ATCSCC.
1713 - DTW ATCT called for more regarding NWA11. This aircraft is going to land at
Hamilton, ONT (YHM).
1725 - Medevac flight from PIT to Somerset County coordinated by PIT.
1728 - Coordinated active rescue mission for Coast Guard.
1739 - Johnstown Tower (1ST ATCT) relayed a report from TROOPERS saying there
are news aircraft above the crash site and wanted to know if they had permission to be
1742 - JST ATCT called re: lifeguard flight procedures.

Tape 6, Channel 11 - West Enroute Spacing Position (ESP)

• 1200 - Approximately 1255
Routine flow control coordination.
• 1258
Received inquiry regarding restrictions into New York Center (ZNY) due a crash into the
World Trade Center.
• 13 00 - Approximately 1330
Routine coordination.
ZYZ requests information regarding the New York situation.
Buffalo (BUF ATCT) request for departure to Baltimore is denied.
An order received to ground stop the entire system.
• Approximately 13 3 0 - 1400
Questions received regarding "Lifeguard" flights and VFR flights. A caller is advised
that it is a national emergency.
Call to ATCSCC advises UAL93 has a bomb on board and the aircraft is climbing.
ATCSCC is asked if they wanted the military to scramble on UAL93 and were advised
that that decision would be made at a different level.
Received information regarding the flight of N4 carrying the US Attorney General.
ZOB advised Chicago Center (ZAU) that DAL1989 is also a hijacked aircraft headed in
the direction of Chicago.
ZOB advised Washington Center (ZDC) regarding UAL93 over PIT estimating they
aircraft was 25 minutes from Washington DC.
ZOB reports UAL93 has been confirmed at 7500 feet by another aircraft.
• 1400 - Approximately 1430
ZOB reports UAL93 is 20 miles southwest of Johnstown (1ST) and provides updates on
the direction of flight.
ZOB reports that the transponder of UAL93 came back on.
Received a report of an emergency locator transmitter over Ann Arbor, MI.
• Approximately 1430
DTW ATCT was asked if they had room for more aircraft.
Some Lifeguard flights are released.
Request for information on Waterski flight 5284.
• 1500 - Approximately 1530
Approximately 1530-1600
Asked ZYZ for information on ACA3185. Aircraft located at Toronto, ONT (YYZ).
• 1600 - Approximately 1630
ZOB requested information regarding a VFR target in adjacent airspace.
ZOB advises caller that all aircraft in the air need to provide their callsign and have a
discreet beacon code.
• Approximately 1630 - 1700
TOL ATCT calls regarding fighters departing for Chicago.
ERI ATCT called regarding the Governor of PA flight to CXY aboard helicopter
• 1700-1800
No transmissions.
Tape 6, Channel 15 - East Enroute Spacing Position (ESP)
• 1200 - Approximately 1230
Routine flow control coordination.
• Approximately 1230-1300
ZNY called to advise of a situation involving AAL11 advising they had lost
communications and radar contact with the aircraft. Also provided last known position
Another call received advising that they think AAL11 crashed into the World Trade
• 13 00 - Approximately 1330
ATCSCC advises to ground stop all traffic destined for ZNY.
ZYZ calls for a list of ZNY airports.
Numerous aircraft reroutes coordinated.
ATCSCC advises to watch DAL1989 because it fits the profile of the other hijacked
ZNY will be ATC zero for a long time.
A ground stop was placed on aircraft destined for Washington D.C. area airports.
Approximately 1330-1400
All traffic ground stopped until further advised.
An inquiry received for information on AAL11.
All facilities instructed to inventory traffic for unusual situations or missing aircraft.
ZOB advises ATCSCC that UAL93 may have a bomb on board. Also provides details on
the flight, current flight behavior, and transmissions heard on the air to ground frequency.
Received information on the flight of N4 carrying the US Attorney General.
• 1400 - Approximately 1430
A report is received from an unknown source advising the UAL93 has 3 hijackers aboard
with knives and bombs.
More coordination regarding DAL1989 and UAL 93.
Inquiries made concerning MEP411. Located at CMH.
• Approximately 1430 - 1500
CLE and DTW have room for more aircraft.
More coordination regarding N4.
Coordination regarding AAL77 - Status Unknown.
ZOB is advised that N4 refused to land.
The ATCSCC stated that if N4 gets into the Washington Area he becomes a target.
Further clarification indicates that the Air Force has orders to shoot down aircraft in the
Washington area.
N4 is approved to proceed to Richmond, VA or Philadelphia, PA.
Coordination regarding the time and position where contact was lost with AAL77.
N4 is requesting a fighter escort.
• 1500-1800
ZOB advises they are evacuating due to a small aircraft flying over the facility.
This line continuously recorded a national telecon run by the ATCSCC.
Tape 6, Channel 17 - Cleveland Arrival Sequencing Position (ASP)
• 1200-1300
Routine Coordination.
1307 - A caller requesting release of a departure to Philadelphia (PHL) is advised of the
ground stop to ZNY.
1329 — Rochester Tower (ROC ATCT) calls to ask if we are in a state of emergency.
1335 - Coordinate reroutes around ZNY.
1349 - Coordination regarding N4.
1409 - Coordination with CLE ATCT regarding their capacity to accept more diverting
1418 - CLE ATCT advised that DAL1989 is on the ground.
1434 - PIT ATCT asked for capacity information.
1451 - Buffalo Tower (BUF ATCT) asked about military flights.
1522 - CLE ATCT advises they have made contact with a previously unknown VFR

Tape 6, Channel21 - Detroit Arrival Sequencing Position (ASP)

• 1200 - Approximately 1330
Few routine flow control coordination.
• Approximately 1330-1400
Area III advised that ZNY may be closed all day.
ZYZ is advised that everything destined for the United States is to be ground stopped.
1410 - PIT ATCT called to inquire if it was DAL1989 that had turned toward their
facility. They are informed that it was UAL93.
1417 - DTW ATCT inquired as to how many diverting aircraft they should expect.
1418 - CLE ATCT inquired as to how many diverting aircraft they should expect.
1419 - Information requested for COA428.
1424 - ZOB asked ZAU to try to locate MEP411.
1442 - Asked DTW ATCT for information on UAL641.
1451 - Inquiry to locate Waterski flight 5284.
1548 - CLE ATCT is asked for information on EGF73. No information available.

Tape 6, Channel 39 - Operations Manager In Charge Radar (OMIC)

This position was used by the OMIC to monitor LOR-R after the hijacking became
known. This tape has the same information as the LOR-Radar tape beginning at 1329
and continuing through 1400.
• 1400 - 1437 monitor of LOR Radar frequencies.
• 1437 - 1500 conversations with and about N4 attempting to return the US Attorney
General to Washington D.C.
• 1500 - 1600 - No pertinent transmissions.
Tape 6, Channel 41 - Operations Manager In Charge - VSCS.
Used mostly by Flight Service Stations to call the OMIC with flight information. Also,
occasionally used by Towers, Centers, Northeast Air Defense Sector (NEADS).
1215 - CLE AFSS calls with information on a change to a NOTAM at PCW.
1356 - Altoona AFSS calls to advise that JST is closed.
13 57-1ST reopened.
1406 - Received report of a bomb threat at CLE AFSS.
1410 - Received an inquiry from Boston Center (ZBW) regarding N440S.
1531 — Coordination with ZYZ regarding NWA51.
1543 — Call received regarding Wayne Pierce reporting to ZOB.
1555 - Inquiry as to whether EGF382 could fly to DTW.

Tape 6, Channel 45 - TMU Outside Line - Ext. 0349.

• 1310 - CLE ATCT called to confirm ZNY is ATC Zero.
• 1330-1400
A TMS requested an open line to the ATCSCC to brief them on UAL93. He advised that
the transponder on UAL93 had stopped and that something was said about a bomb.
He advised that we were tracking a primary target thought to be UAL93
The TMS relayed an inquiry from the ZOB Air Traffic Manager as to whether we have
military aircraft in the air. The ATCSCC advised they had been in contact with their
local military cell and that there were other conferences going on involving the military.
ZOB advised that the target they believe to be UAL93 is headed towards Washington
DC, about 28 minutes out. Trying to confirm.
Relayed unconfirmed report that PIT is ATC zero.
ZOB advised ATCSCC reports of another confirmed hijacking involving DAL 1989.
ZOB asked if ATCSCC knew of anyone tracking UAL93. No.
Our best guess is that UAL93 is 20 miles southeast of EWC.
At this time all control facilities were instructed to put all aircraft on the ground at any
available airport.
PIT evacuated as UAL93 flew over the facility.
ZOB relayed a report of military activity.
ZOB advised that the pilot of DAL1989 is saying they are not being interfered with.
Asked the ATCSCC to confirm with Delta.
Update position of UAL93.
Delta says DAL1989 is not being interfered with and is diverting to CLE as a precaution.
Inquire of ATCSCC what to do with DAL1989 when it lands.
Passed a report by VFR aircraft: UAL93 is at 7500 MSL.
UAL93 turning northwest-bound and reported to be waving wings.
More updates of UAL93 changes of direction.
• 1400 UTC
Reported that UAL93 transponder was turned back on.
Inquiries received regarding location of other aircraft.
ZOB reports all contact lost with UAL93 and they have received reports of black smoke.
ZOB reported that CLE ATCT is handling DAL1989 as if it were being hijacked.
ZOB reported confirmation of downed aircraft with location information.
ATCSCC asked for an update on PIT ATCT.
The ATCSCC is gathering information on usable airports with room for more aircraft.
Inquiry trying to locate MEP411. Aircraft located - Landing at Columbus, OH.
• 1430
ZOB received a call from adjacent facility that N4 was refusing a clearance to land and
was continuing on to Washington DC.
ZOB asked ZAU for information on AAL77.
ZAU advises AAL77 contact lost in ZID airspace.
Lansing (LAN AFSS) relayed a pilot report about the transmissions regarding a bomb.
ZID confirms time and location of loss of AAL77 transponder.
Search for Waterski 5284.
Advised ZID that N4 has been approved for flight to Richmond, VA.
• 1600-1630
Numerous calls requesting approval for air ambulance flights.
• 1630-1700
ERIATCT called regarding flight of PA Governor from ERI to CXY. Some controversy
after this flight departs, finally allowed to proceed.
Monitor of ATCSCC hotline to field questions and provide answers.
• 1700-1800
Calls to ZYZ regarding Northwest Airlines flights from overseas.
ZOB took several calls regarding location of diverted aircraft.

Cleveland ARTCC
Quality Assurance Office
326 East Lorain Street
Oberlin OH 44074

subject ACTION: September 11, 2001 Date: October 8, 2003

Commission Data Request

From: Support Manager, Quality Assurance, to R Herak:
ZOB-505 A"?; 440-774-0505
FAX: X 0 6 6 0
TO: ADA-2, Shirley Miller
Air Traffic Manager, Gary Klingler

I have enclosed all of the data that was in the UAL93 accident file.
Additionally, I have enclosed all data from the facility Quality
Assurance office from UAL 93 and 9/11/01 and the SAR tapes from
Airway Facility from 9/11/01.

The facility has begun taping all communications from the Traffic
Management Unit and Operations Manager-in-Charge position from
September 11, 2001 from 0800-1400 local times. This data will be
forwarded, as it becomes available.

Information gathered from employees that were working on September

11, 2001 will be forwarded as soon as it is available.

I have attached an index of what I enclosed.

If I can be of any further assistance, please advise me at 440-774-


Robert G. Herak

SENT 10-8-03
1X FKL-R 1301-1336
2X FKL-R 1301-1336
3X LOR-R 1319-1333
4X LOR-R 1333-1344
5-AX LOR-R 1344-1400
5-BX LOR-RA 1344-1400

5-CX LOR-RA 1333-1344

5-DX LOR-RA 1319-1333
6X AGC-R 1338-1401
7X AGC-RA 1354-1405
8-AX IRL-R 1340-1418
8-BX IRL-RA 1335-1416
9X IHD-R 1358-1410
10X IHD-R 1409-1421
11X WMD-R 1348-1409
12X MOS 1401-1440
22 SAR TAPE OB7329
23 SAR TAPE OB7330
24 SAR TAPE OB7331
25 SAR TAPE OB7332
26 SAR TAPE OB7333
27 SAR TAPE OB7334
28 SAR TAPE OB7335
29 SAR TAPE OB7336
30 SAR TAPE OB7337
31 SAR TAPE OB7328