EPOV I watched her carefully as she sat and sipped her glass of wine.

I wanted her to be relaxed, but also in the right frame of mind to grasp exactly what I was going to do. "Do you know what 'rigging' is Bella?" I leaned atop the armrest of the lounge sofa, clutching my empty wine-glass, twirling it between my fingers. She paused briefly before looking up and shaking her head, "No, Sir." I smiled, "Well, its basically me, tying you all up, in knots with ropes." I let that sink in for a moment before proceeding. "I wish to tie you up, and have me wicked way with you." I pause. "How do you feel about that? Do you trust me enough to will me all the control? Leaving you no room for escape, restriction of your own movement to my advances. It is very important that you trust me. If at any time you feel uncomfortable and wish to stop, you know that you may use your safe-word 'elevator'. Aright?" I watched her take it in, and surprisingly she took a deep breath, released it and smiled at me, her eyes were twinkling, I could only gasp in admiration of her sincerity, and trust. I then went to fetch my 20 feet of solid braid rope. I guide her to my four poster king sized bed. "Please sit." She complied and situated herself in the center of the bed still topless, only clad in her lacy, but now soaking wet panties. I even out the ends of the rope, draped between her breasts, then secured her hands and elbows behind her back, then finished with breast binding her firm mounds so that her nipples were perking out from the pressure. She looked beautiful. She blushed as I stepped back to appraise her, like a priceless work of art. My fingers brushed her swollen nipples and she gasped in shock. I saw her panties darken, and her sweet musky scent of approval filled the air. I wonder if she will admit her pleasure in this. I stepped forward again, circling her with my arms, pulling her into a soft embrace. Her tied breasts crushed against my shirt, and I reveled in the feeling of it. I then lean forward and whisper into her neck, "You may speak freely to answer any questions that I ask you tonight Isabella." I then pull backwards, lifting her face to search her eyes, "Do you like how you feel now?" I notice her flush face, and warmed cheeks as she answers me in a soft ragged voice. "Ve-very... much ... Sir." Hearing her reply I strip down to my black silk boxers so that Bella and I are now even in attire. I feel the corners of my mouth turn up slightly as she enjoys my striptease and rakes her eyes over my fit form, and I'm sure she could see the pleased twinkle in my eyes as I spoke. "Good girl." I then pull out a blindfold, and explain as I place it over her eyes, by telling her how it enhances the feeling of the scene, as well as making the transition of bed play easier. Kneeling behind her on the bed, I reach from behind and fondle her nipples with my fingers, rolling and pinching them as I guide her to lay on her side. I continue with licking and suckling her skin. Using my now free hands I work my right hand down to those oh-so-wet-panties. I feel my need for her pulse and throb as my boxers begin to reveal my obvious enjoyment. My fingers find thier way to her moist depths, so warm and wet as I notice that Bella's breathing has gotten heavier, and my breath-too becomes quite ragged. I feel a sensation of sparks with every touch of her skin on mine.

"I have wanted you, craved you since I met you in the lift your first day." I murmured into her skin, as I heard her whimper in response. I gently flick my tongue out down her stomach working my way to her musky sweet entrance. "My cock has been waiting to plunge into you for so long." I situate myself below her waist draping her legs over my shoulders, still laying on her side. I prop myself on my left elbow facing her beautiful pussy. "You are so wet for me. Please feel free to vocalize any sounds of pleasure so that I know you feel how I wish for you to feel. Is that clear?" "Oh- oh yes, ... Sir." She releases her answer in short quick breaths. I growl with excitement "Good girl my Isabella." I then plunge my middle finger into her ready lower lips, I hear her cry out in pure ecstasy as I groan in response. I work in another finger as I lick the outer rim of her moist clit. I pump a steady rythm, working her soft folds. I suck her clit, and growl into her cunt. "Your so sweet, Isabella... your taste is like fresh fruit dipped in honey." I replace my fingers with my tongue and I hear her writhe and moan, "oh Sir... you... so... ah... good. Please..oh ... more...Sir." “Mmmm.” I lapped at her like a dog, slurping up the juices that trickled out of her engorged flesh, then sucking again—harder, torturously harder until— “Oh my god.” Bella's hips reared up off the bed, screaming from the pleasure I bestowed upon her. Reflexively her body tried to disjoin from my mouth, uncertain it could handle falling over such an all-consuming precipice of pleasure. I grabbed her hips in reaction, simultaneously shoving my mouth deeper into her cunt and suckling from her clit harder. “Oh.. my.. god. Oh my...god!” I could feel the waves of her climax simmer down. I carefully let helped her soothe her down as I unbound her from the harness, checking over her skin, making sure there was no permenant signs of bruising. "You did so well my pet." I huskily praised into her ear. Slowly I guided her hands above her head, and shackled her to my head board. "Now, for your reward, my pet. For being the good girl that you are." I was throbbing so intensely. My cock was swollen from the thick arousing scene of watching Bella climax. "What shall you have for your reward my pet?" “I want you Sir, if that pleases you,” she whispered. “It does.” I replied with a hungry gaze. She was sure. Nothing had ever felt more certain. Her ultimate trust in me was so arousing, so intensely alluring I strained so long with the control. Others might think a decision to trust another so easily would be foolish, but she didn’t care. Her decision had been made. She chose to place her faith in me, the man who had shown her that I could indeed care for her needs. My hooded green eyes were so intense, and glazed with lusty wanting that if she hadn’t known me her trust I might have imploded into a beast. I came down on top of her, my lean muscular body covering hers. I settled myself between her thighs as I used my confident hand to direct the head of my stiff and hardened length toward her waiting flesh. “Mother of—” I bit off my words with a moan and threw my head back, my neck muscles corded with strain as I fought not to thrust inside of her with too much force. I made a strangled sound thrusting, impaling her. Her breath left in a rush. I knew I was huge, stretching her and filling her in the way she’d never been before. I could feel her walls revelling in the feel of me. I gave a strangled moan and thrust again. I dropped my head and their gazes clashed. With each thrust, my eyes turned darker, stormier. Sweat formed on my brow as their limbs tangled and my movements grew more frantic. A soft wail escaped her when my cock ground against her sweet spot, tossing a rush of sensation through her. She moaned as I gripped her thigh, opening her wide so could pump her pussy with steady, rhythmic precision. "Damn your perfect!" I screamed, the warmth and pressure of Bella was so addicting. The feel of her cunt as I circled my hips and screwed deep into her was

dizzying. I was drunk off her, intoxicated by her feel and the noises she released. Whimpering and gasping, pulling at her restraints. "Oh Sir, Please sir, Oh!" "Yes, my pet! Don't come yet, my sweet Isabella." The sensations were coming on too fast—as I lowered onto my elbows her full breasts pressed against my chest, her cunt crying out for the need to milk my cock, her breath hot and heavy across my ear and neck as she begged me for her release. The lushness of her body completely overwhelmed him. Sex wasn’t meant to be like this, making a man mindless with need and out of control. This was deadly, ensnaring. He’d never get free. "NOW! Isabella!" Growling and snarling and cursing, we exploded together in orgasmic fireworks with my last few hard, pulsing thrusts directly into her core, branding her from the inside as mine I rolled to the side, releasing her restraints, checking her wrists quickly. Seeing her beautiful flushed face, I lifted her into my lap, holding her face in my palms, I took her lips in a passionate kiss, showing her my thanks, my appreciation, my respect. "Thank you Bella, you were wonderful. You are an amazing woman." She looked up at me and smiled, I felt my heart tug. "My pleasure Sir." She managed to rasp out. "Stay with me tonight? In my bed? You need your rest for tomorrow." I wanted to hold her close, and show her that I want more than just tonight. We gazed into each others eyes, and I saw a tear which I kissed away quickly. "Thank you Sir." I pulled the coverlet over us, and cradled her to my chest. "Good night Bella." I felt her release a sigh of content. "Goodnight Edward Sir." My heart smiled. I allow my thoughts drift as I sleep to what tomorrow will bring. ------------------Shall I go on? hehe I'll think it over... =o)

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