The Put Forth Lie

Frank Nic. Bazsika ©2004

Bing Photo

The lie I have told Oh the drastic toll! It was something careless, not bold Can you ever forgive this foolish soul? For your love and your smile I did seek it, panting for Like gazelle seeking the quenching brooks For your love shall I always look And now my life I devout to amends For the wall I put up is quite tall Tall was the lie my dove Lend me your hand to take it down Brick by brick, let it not stick

Can you say you have never lied? Think it twice, think it thrice We all do from time to time Now you know the all of why I told it so To bring you unto me, though the act I regret But to love you throughout time is my quest And just to be with you, yet again I would do Yes I would do

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