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RFID is an acronym for Radio Frequency Identification. RFID is one member in the family of Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) technologies and is a fast and reliable means of identifying just about any material object. RFID is increasingly used ith biometric technologies for security. !rimarily" the t o main components in#ol#ed in a Radio Frequency Identification system are the $ransponder (tags that are attached to the object) and the Interrogator (RFID reader). Communication bet een the RFID reader and tags occurs irelessly and generally doesn%t require a line of sight bet een the de#ices. $he significant ad#antage of all types of RFID systems is the non contact" non&line&of&sight nature of the technology. $ags can be read through a #ariety of substances such as sno " fog" ice" paint" crusted grime" and other #isually and en#ironmentally challenging conditions" here barcodes or other optically read technologies ould be useless. 'ence this project can be #ery much useful and can be implemented in real time applications. $he RFID reader ill be interfaced ith the microcontroller through serial interface. In this

project" the RFID reader

ill be present at the librarian to maintain the boo(s ta(en by the ill be pro#ided ith RFID tags.

students of that particular college or any educational institute. )ach boo( ill be attached ith a RFID tag. *imilarly the students of that particular institute $hese RFID tags of speciali+ation etc. ,hene#er a student ill contain the information li(e name of the student" year of joining" branch ishes to ta(e a particular boo( from the library" the

librarian places the tag present in the boo( near the reader so that the reader reads the information of the boo( and stores in the database. At the same time" the student has to sho his RFID tag to the reader and the reader reads the student details. $hus the boo( boo(s to the students becomes #ery simple. ill be issued in the name of that particular student. In this ay" the tas( of the librarian in issuing the SVSEMBEDDED, CONTACT: +9 !! 9"9 #$#%9&, +9 !! '(")$#("#9 SVSEMBEDDED, CONTACT: +9 !! 9"9 #$#%9&, +9 !! '(")$#("#9
$he system contains three s itches- one s itch is to issue the boo( to the student" second s itch is to be pressed hen the student ants to return the boo( and the third s itch is to count the number of boo(s and also display the total number of boo(s in the library. SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE TOOLS: Software Tools: .. /eil compiler 0. 1rcad. 2. !roload Hardware Tools: .. 3icrocontroller A$45*60. 0. RFID reader 2. 3A7020 8. 9CD 6. :u++er and dri#er circuit ;. R$C SVSEMBEDDED, CONTACT: +9 !! 9"9 #$#%9&, +9 !! '(")$#("#9 SVSEMBEDDED, CONTACT: +9 !! 9"9 #$#%9&, +9 !! '(")$#("#9


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