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Agricultural motor controlling with motor safety and water level indicator using GSM ABSTRACT
Agriculture in India is the means of livelihood of almost two thirds of the work force in the country. It has always been INDIA'S most important economic sector. The increase in post independence agricultural production has been brought about by bringing additional area under cultivation e!tension of irrigation facilities use of better seeds better techni"ues water management and plant protection. The life of a farmer goes beyond tilling and yielding crops. The farmer should be alert to water the fields at regular intervals of time to obtain good results. This pro#ect provides an easy and efficient techni"ue to water the fields whenever the farmer wishes to without going to the field or to the pump set. This system is entirely an automated product. The set up consists of microcontroller $S% serves as an important part as it is responsible for controlling the irrigation on field and sends them to the receiver through coded signals. %icrocontroller is an advanced version of microprocessors and forms the heart of the system. The $S% modem performs the task of calling or receiving the call to&from the predefined number and intimates that the power is available to the motor. Now the user after receiving the call can press the predefined number to start the motor so as to pump water to the field. This number will be received by the $S% modem and this data is passed to the processor for further processing. The '() detector circuit is used in this pro#ect to check whether the '() power is available for the motor or not. In case if it not available the '() detector circuit identifies this and immediately switches *++ the motor and sends a predefined message to the user mobile SVSEMBEDDED, CONTACT: +9 !! 9"9 #$#%9&, +9 !! '(")$#("#9 SVSEMBEDDED, CONTACT: +9 !! 9"9 #$#%9&, +9 !! '(")$#("#9

number as an indication. Similarly the microcontroller continuously monitoring the temperature of the motor soil moisture and water level of the well. ,ased on this information microcontroller controls the motor and it will send the message to the user. The microcontroller after receiving the input from the user through $S% modem switches on&off the motor as per the user re"uirement. .

SO*T+A,E AND -A,D+A,E TOO.S: So/0wa1e Tools: 1. Keil compiler 2. Orcad. 3. Proload

-a1dwa1e Tools:
1. AT89C52 2. LCD 3. GSM 4. MAX232 5. P AS! D!T!CTO" #. $AT!" L!%!L S!&SO" '. ()**!" 8. MOTO" 9. ADC+8+8 1+.T!MP!"AT)"! S!&SO" SVSEMBEDDED, CONTACT: +9 !! 9"9 #$#%9&, +9 !! '(")$#("#9 SVSEMBEDDED, CONTACT: +9 !! 9"9 #$#%9&, +9 !! '(")$#("#9


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