Answers to questions by #KOT about #NyumbaKumi 1.

Official roll out means the start of the process of implementation of a Programme or an initiative. This may be done through a ceremony where the President, Cabinet Secretary, Principal Secretary or senior Government official presides and declare formally the introduction of the Programme. 2. #NyumbaKumi which is also called Usalama msingi is not a new policing initiative. It is community policing defined in terms of cluster of households. These households can be in a court in an estate, a street, a block of houses, a manyatta, a market centre etc. Under the ongoing police reforms, guidelines have been developed on community policing and the process of formulating a policy is ongoing 3. #NyumbaKumi is not about spying on your neighbour. It about creating a forum for members in a given residential area to regularly meet and discuss their security challenges and to share their challenges with the police. #NyumbaKumi or community policing seeks to empower community to participate on matters of their security. 4. Answered in 3 5. Residents of a given area (NyumbaKumi) will be expected to elect their leaders, whose power or responsibilities can be defined to include convening meetings to discuss security of their area and communicating their security concern to the relevant government office. Leadership in Community policing is a voluntary service to community. 6. See no 2 7. NyumbaKumi is community policing. The government has been allocating funds to support community policing and will continue to do so. 8. Community policing is underpinned by provisions of article 244(e). Community policing and by extension #NyumbaKumi is provided for in a Section 96-100 of the National Police Service Act. 9. See no 3 above 10. Yes. Parliament has a constitutional mandate to oversight over the performance of ministries and programmes being implemented by any ministry. Through the relevant departmental committee, parliament will be at liberty to oversight over implementation of #NyumbaKumi initiative. 11. See no 3 above

12. Community policing is an international best practice in modern democratic policing. Embracing community policing not admitting failure on the part of the police to cope with the challenge of providing security to Kenyans but a demonstration by government of its resolve to involve community in the fight against crime as criminals live in the community and are known by the members. 13. The National Security Council Regulations are ready and will be rolled out any time. 14. Article 240 of the constitution provides for the National Security Council (NSC). Through the NSC Act and pursuant to the provisions of article 6(3) of the constitution, the Council has created Committees such as the National Security Advisory Committee (NSAC) which is the technical arm of NSC and the Joint Security Secretariat (JSS). The Council has also devolved its services by establishing County Security Committees and other lower level security coordination committees perform specified functions at that level. 15. The National Security Council and other security committees created by law, do not have establishments to which appointments can be made. Membership of security committees is drawn from persons who hold substantive posts in Government. Vetting for purpose of appointment to committees does not arise 16. See 15 above 17. The strength of NyumbaKumi or Community policing is in community in a given area getting to know each other better through regular interaction and sharing. The bad elements in the community will not be comfortable with any interaction and will either run away or be exposed. This will apply in any business or residential area 18. NyumbaKumi is not a smokescreen to avoid police reforms but a bold and progressive police reform initiative. Community policing is a modern concept in policing and a major paradigm shift from regime policing. NyumbaKumi and by extension community policing focuses on the security and safety of the community 19. The Tanzania NyumbaKumi model and the philosophy behind may have had issues which may explain what is happening. However the NyumbaKumi is still practiced in Tanzania and the Country's security is much better. It is important to appreciate that community policing is an international best practice in policing but how a given country implements it will determine its impact on security and safety of its people 20. NyumbaKumi is not vigilantism. It is not spying on your neighbour. NyumbaKumi is more about regular meetings on security and partnership with security agencies to seek solutions on community security. NyumbaKumi is about knowing your neighbour

through interaction and sharing and openly discussing your security concerns and communicating them to the police or relevant agency for action.

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