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B.S., Management of Information Systems My University Name, Location Course highlights: Decision Support Systems and OLAP. Systems Analysis and Design. Information Systems Audit, Control and Security. Business Software Development. Business Database Systems Network Design and Applications Data Mining. Accounting (Financial, Managerial & Systems).

Technical Skills and Experience

Computer Networking. HTML 5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery. C#,, .Net 4.0. A+ Practical application & troubleshooting 2009. PHP with MySQL Essential & Advanced Training. B1+ English CEF Intermediate.

SQL Server 2005. Oracle 10g. Linux, Windows server 2003. SEO optimization. Windows XP, vista, seven and 8.1. IELTS Preparation Course.


Was selected as a Leader of a 3-person group assigned the task of conceiving a specific project idea (Developing Content Management System for the university); consulted with university officials to design system; made group presentations to the class upon completion of each phase of the project. Using systems development life cycle (SDLC) implemented each step from the life cycle, from concepts, Analysis and design to development to implementation where I developed a fully functional Content Management System.


Sunshine Computer System Software Engineer

October 2012 to February 2013

Four month contract to develop two features for their CRM product. One is creating a tooltip for their product that can pull customer details data from the database when hovering on his name or ID. The second one is the ability for the user to create , edit and delete rows from the grid interactively and commit the changes only when he click on an icon called save. Used ORM software like MyGeneration to generate all of the properties for all of the business objects using the meta-data that already exists in the database. Creating a custom user control that use Telerik Radwindow that pop up and display details of multiple objects. Created stored procedures, replaced multiple tables all in SQL Server 2005. Appliance Store Computer Support / Customer Service

May 2011 to April 2012

Sold computer equipment and software, Answered customers' questions, provided ongoing customer service, Troubleshooting and fixing desktop computer and laptops. Provided Data recovery service, creating backup DVD's or on the cloud, Installing Anti-virus, Anti-Malware and Office for Customer's and updating their computer drivers. Managed to retrieve data from HDD that was shut down during windows update which lead to broken sectors and windows failing to boot , Using HDD Windows Live CD I managed to back up the important documents and with HDD regeneration software I managed to fix broken sectors and repairing the HDD for the client. Petroleum co (Internship) Computer Support Specialist

March 2010 to April 2010

Inspected equipment and read order sheets to prepare for delivery to users. Executed daily operations of Backup and maintenance. Oversaw the daily performance of computer systems. Read technical manuals, conferred with users, and conducted computer diagnostics to investigate and resolve problems and to provide technical assistance and support. Supervised and managed servers scans and backup for desktop computers. Installed and performed minor repairs to hardware, software, and peripheral equipment, following design and installation specifications.