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Ministerul Educaiei, Cercetrii i Tineretului Centrul Naional pentru Curriculum i Evaluare n nvmntul Preuniversitar

Examenul de bacalaureat 2008 Proba E/F Proba scris la Limba englez L1 normal L2 Toate subiectele sunt obligatorii. Se acord 10 puncte din oficiu. Timpul efectiv de lucru este de 3 ore. (30 puncte) Varianta 073

Read the text below and complete the following tasks.

Interest in mythology has grown steadily throughout the last hundred years, assisted by the realisation that myths are not childish stories or mere pre-scientific explanations of the world, but serious insights into reality. (1). They are part of the fabric of human life, embodying beliefs, moulding behaviour and justifying institutions, customs and values. Myths are stories concerning the origins of the world or how the world and the creatures in it came to be in their present form. They are imaginative traditions about the nature, history and destiny of the world. (2). The mythology of some societies includes the assignment of different functions to the various gods and goddesses. (3). Beyond this, the term myth is also applied to the religious and secular traditions which exert a powerful influence on attitudes to life, but the literal accuracy of which there is cause to doubt. However, because myths are woven into the fabric of a society where they are accepted as true, the impact of new discoveries, new attitudes and new ways of life on myths is usually to undermine them. When old myths are lost, new ones are needed. (4). The myths contain its vision of its past, its present and its purposes. 1. Four sentences have been removed from the text. Select the appropriate sentence for each gap in the text. There is one sentence that does not fit. 4 points A. B. C. D. E. Myths are not worth being taken into consideration. They exist in all societies, of the present as well as the past. One deity presides over agriculture, another over war and so on. No society seems ever to have flourished without a set of myths. Definitions of myth as story fail because a good many myths are not stories at all. 6 points 10 points 5. accepted 6 points

2. What/Who do the words in bold refer to? 3. Give the synonyms of the following words. 1. present 2. function 3. powerful 4. destiny

4. Answer the following questions using information from the text: A. What is the role of myths in modern society? B. What are myths? C. How do myths, science and new mentalities coexist?

5. In your own words, comment on the following sentence: When old myths are lost, new ones are needed. (50 words) 4 points