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Ministerul Educaiei, Cercetrii i Tineretului Centrul Naional pentru Curriculum i Evaluare n nvmntul Preuniversitar

Examenul de bacalaureat 2008 Proba E/F Proba scris la Limba englez L1 normal L2 Toate subiectele sunt obligatorii. Se acord 10 puncte din oficiu. Timpul efectiv de lucru este de 3 ore. (30 puncte) Varianta 096

Read the text below and complete the following tasks.

Nowadays there is less and less contact between the old and the young. There are many reasons for this, including the breakdown of the extended family, working parents with no time to care for ageing relations, families that have moved away, and smaller flats with no room for grandparents. But the result is the same - increasing numbers of children without grandparents and old people (1). And more old people who are lonely and feel useless, along with more and more families with young children (2). It's a major problem in many societies. That's why intergenerational programmes, (3), are growing in popularity all over the world, supported by UNESCO and other local and international organisations. There are examples of successful initiatives all over the world. Some of these are using young people to teach IT skills to older people is one obvious example. Using old people as volunteer assistants in schools is another, perhaps reading with children who need extra attention. There are schemes (4), maybe looking after the children for a while to give the tired mother a break. But it isn't only the individuals concerned who gain from intergenerational activities. The advantages to society are enormous too. If older people can understand and accept the youth of today, and vice versa, there will be less conflict in a community. (British Council Magazine 2007) 1. Four sentences have been removed from the text. Select the appropriate sentence for each gap in the text. There is one extra sentence that does not fit. 4 points A. who desperately need more support B. who have no contact with children C. designed to bring the old and the young together D. that is why it is very helpful E. which involve older people visiting families who are having problems 2. Who/what do the words in bold refer to? 3. Give the synonyms of the following words. 1. reason 2. room 3. increasing 4. skill 5. maybe 4. Answer the following questions. 6 points 10 points

6 points

A. Which are some of the reasons for which there is less contact between the old and the young? B. Who supports intergenerational programmes? C. Which is one of the advantages of intergenerational activities to society? 5. Comment on the following sentence: Nowadays there is less and less contact between the old and the young. (50 words) 4 points