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Module 1 Questions and answers, Present Continuous and Present Simple, Expressions: Greetings and introductions, Past Simple,

, Past Continuous and Past Simple, Giving and accepting apology, countries and nationalities, Language, Using numbers, pronunciation, verbs describing actions, adventure, link words, intonation in questions, song listening, magazine article about the English language, understanding the main idea of an article, life and culture, listening to a story, completing a form, adventure story, guessing meaning from context, journeys and explorers, meeting new people, talking about yourself and your friends, describing someone you know, a report about a class, events in the past, interview, writing a short story.

Module 2 comparatives and superlatives, comparing, asking for a description, suggestions, quantity, responding to suggestions, adjectives describing personality, Internet, opposites, stress in words, places, school, uses of get, plosives, personality test, a web page, pronouns with possessive adjectives, the British, listening to a place description, article about a Japanese students day, scanning a text for information, Australia, describing peoples personality, plan a day out, describe a place you know and things you like and dont like there, typical day.

Module 3 Present Continuous in the future, going to, Future Simple, shopping, first conditional, possibility, probability, polite requests, sports clothes, competitive sports, prepositions, diphthongs, long vowels, short vowels, at the table, artificial intelligence, compound nouns, listening to a talk, interview with and athlete, skimming the text for general idea, the history of the Olympics, song, identifying the topic, space, future plans, offers, conversation in a shop, interviewing a friend, a conversation in a restaurant, describe things that are not certain and probable in the future, predictions about life in the future.

Module 4 Present Perfect, Present Perfect and Past Simple, the infinitive of purpose, expressions with think, time expressions, using a machine, the environment, pronunciation of vowels and diphthongs, outdoor activities, music, prepositions of time, stress in words, listening to advertisements, newsletter about a campaign, the main idea of a text, saving heritage, important people in your life, a biography of a rock band, guess meaning from context, poems, things youve done this week, acting, a letter, describing an experience, present situations and how long they have continued, a description of a person you know.

Module 5 Obligation and prohibition, permission, recommendation, thanking people and responding, Present Simple Passive, Past Simple Passive, expressing a reaction, illnesses and injuries, customs, adverbs, pronunciation, materials, animated films, parts of speech, pronunciation of weak forms, listen to two friends following the instructions, quiz about customs around the world, identify the topic, Mardi Gras, identifying mistakes, songs, pronouns and possessive adjectives, international world, rules at school and ideal school, problems and advice, customs in our country, where things are made or produced, general knowledge quiz, a film.

Module 6 reported speech, questions tags, asking for clarification, used to, second conditional, saying goodbye, relationships, on the phone, verbs describing speaking, punctuation, American English, synonyms, pronunciation, argument, a story from the Internet, skimming a text, Central park, songs, extracts from and encyclopaedia, scanning a text for information, living in the past, interview about teenage life, checking information, describe your past and changes in your life, imaginary situations, essay about your country.