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Keeping Business Processes in Your Own Backyard

When Onshore BPO Makes Sense

Nov. 27, 2012

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Todays Speakers
Moderator Frank Casale CEO Outsourcing Institute

Bill Randag President DATAMARK, Inc.

Paul Pinto Managing Partner Sylvan Advisory

Tony Mataya Managing Partner ThinkSolutions, Inc.

The scales are beginning to rebalance as global conditions evolve.-TD Economics, Oct. 2012

Onshoring: Whats in a Name? Whats Driving Onshoring? BPO Onshoring Considerations DATAMARK Onshore BPO Discussion

Onshoring: Whats in a Name?

Many executives still confuse outsourcing with offshoring they see the two processes as inseparable. Deloitte 2012 survey

Onshoring Inshoring Domestic Sourcing Ruralsourcing Ruralshoring Insourcing


Whats Driving Onshoring?

Growth of Asian and Other Economies = Higher Wages


U.S. Productivity Continues to Improve


Increased Tradability of Business Services


U.S. Supply of Highly Skilled, Highly Experienced Knowledge Workers


Factors to Consider When Selecting an Outsourcing Venue

Time zone difference

Critical Factors
Number of legal holidays Average number of vacation days Estimated maternity/paternity leave Attrition rate

Productivity Factors

Number of natural disasters Country specific productivity rating Average travel time to the target location

Workforce knowledge rating

Quality vs. quantity Uncertainty avoidance Long-term orientation Process maturity

Quality Factors

Language proficiency Power distance Individualism

Research and development rating

Infrastructure maturity rating Addressable workforce Process maturity

Flexibility Factors

Infrastructure and communications rating General infrastructure rating

Salary & Benefits

Travel expenses Mark-up Local incentives

Cost Factors

Inflation & Economic Factors Overhead


Onshoring Considerations
Communities with low cost of livingbut high quality of life.

Distance from major cities can influence turnover.


Infrastructure: Computing Networks Real Estate Universities/Education Weather: Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery

Neutral accents

Ability to easily migrate to nearshore Onsite or offsite?


Onshore vs. Onsite

Mailroom Document Processing Bilingual Call Centers El Paso
Fortune 500 clients

Mailroom Document Processing San Antonio

Offsite outsourcing model Low weather/disaster risk Level 1, 2, 3 Help Desk Education: UTEP, NMSU, UACJ Migrate to Nearshore Model Savings of 20 to 40 percent
Bilingual English/Spanish customer care Cost of Living 14 percent lower than U.S. avg.

Onsite (facility managed) outsourcing model Oversight/Visibility/ Corporate Culture Education: UTSA, UT Health Sciences Center, Trinity, St. Marys Migrate to Offsite Model


Onsite Case Study



Global Business Services provider to Fortune 500

Core Services

On-Site, Off-Site Enterprise Mailroom; BPR; Document Processing; Bilingual Customer Contact Centers

Core Markets

Financial Services, Transportation and Logistics, Healthcare, Insurance

Delivery Centers

Onshore El Paso, Texas Nearshore Mexico

Onshore San Antonio, Texas Farshore India


Bill Randag President DATAMARK, Inc. E-mail: Paul Pinto Managing Partner Sylvan Advisory

Frank Casale Founder, CEO The Outsourcing Institute E-mail:

Tony Mataya Managing Partner ThinkSolutions, Inc.


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Keeping Business Processes in Your Own Backyard When Onshore BPO Makes Sense

Frank Casale CEO Outsourcing Institute

Paul Pinto Managing Partner Sylvan Advisory

Tony Mataya Managing Partner ThinkSolutions, Inc.

Bill Randag President DATAMARK, Inc.

This webinar was sponsored by DATAMARK, Inc. in conjunction with The Outsourcing Institute.