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GUIDANCE NOTES: 1. Please delete all the guidance notes/text in blue within the body of this template once you have completed the report. 2. Remember the statement sh !"# be $ rmatte# as $ "" %s: Ar&a" $ nt s&'e 1( &n b"a)* 1+, "&ne s-a)e# Pa.&nate# N!mer&)a""/ -ara.ra-h n!mbere# 0&e 11(12 an# n t 1+11 1+(1 1+23 S-e"" an# .rammar )he)*e# an# A--r 4e# b/ a be$ re be&n. sent t Le.a" Ser4&)es

3. Before reading/approving any evidence the lawyer will require confirmation from you by email that a manager has read and approved the statement/documents. ocuments are some times not properly formatted and need spelling and grammatical errors corrected. !t is not the lawyer"s role to do this #ind of editing which incurs unnecessary legal costs for $%P&. !t has been agreed with &enior $%P& management reports not submitted in the correct format will be sent bac# to the social wor#er' team manager and/or service manager advising that these matters need to be fixed. (. Please change/add paragraph numbers within each heading/section as and where necessary as you draft your statement. )his will avoid large sections of text which may be difficult for parties and the court to refer to. Mar)h (559

CON6IDENTIAL REPORT 6OR THE COURT Case N +: IN THE COURT ****************************************** SECTION 7 CHILDREN ACT 1989 REPORT CONCERNING: *******************************************

P+,P-+, B%. -), . -PP1!$-/).

- / &0$!-1 20+3,+ - +,&&' ),1

4ohn &mith 56ather7 5d.o.b7 -ddress.

+,&P0/ ,/).

4ill &mith 58other7 5d.o.b7 -ddress.


$0/$,+/, .

4ason &mith 58ale' d.o.b. : aged7 4ulie Peterson 56emale' d.o.b. : aged7 1iving with +espondent 8other

0)9,+ $9!1 +,/.

************************************************************** Th&s re- rt has been -re-are# $ r the C !rt an# sh !"# be treate# as ) n$&#ent&a"+ It m!st n t be sh %n n r &ts ) ntents re4ea"e# t an/ ne ther than a -art/ r a "e.a" a#4&ser t s!)h a -art/+ S!)h "e.a" a#4&ser ma/ ma*e !se $ the re- rt &n ) nne)t& n %&th an a--"&)at& n $ r -!b"&) $!n#&n.+

MATTERS 7E6ORE THE COURT ! ;your name< of ;professional address< write this report further to the $ourt"s direction dated ;insert date of order< for a &ection = report 5$hildren -ct 1>?>7 with respect to ;children"s names< and the issue;s< of ;contact/residence/etc< 8UALI6ICATIONS !' NAME' am a qualified social wor#er' having obtained insert your qualifications from the insert the college / university in insert date.
[Set out your full social work qualifications including where you obtained you DipS ! "nclude details of all relevant post#qualification e$perience and e%ploy%ent! "nclude pre#qualification e$perience if it is relevant&!

! have been employed by the 1ondon Borough of 1ambeth as a social wor#er since insert date. ! have been allocated to this case since insert date! '! )he matters referred to in this report are either from my own personal #nowledge or from the $hildren"s &ervices files of the applicant. ! am duly authorised to file this report on the behalf of the 1ondon Borough of 1ambeth. EN8UIRIES 3. 6or the purpose of preparing this report ! have made the following enquiries. 21 22 2? ecember 1>>? ecember 1>>? ecember 1>>? 0ffice visit by 8r &mith 0ffice visit by 8rs &mith 9ome visit to 8rs &mith with 4ason. 4ulie was also present. 9ome visit to 8r &mith and 4ason )elephone conversation with r oolittle/9A/etc.

( 4anuary 1>>> @ 4anuary 1>>>

(. ! have read the statements and court papers that were forwarded to me' namely' ( &eptember 2BB statement of 8r &mith and 1B 0ctober 2BBB statement of 8rs &mith.


! have underta#en statutory chec#s as follows. &ocial &ervices' $hild Protection +egister' Probation +ecords' 0thers according to local practice. ("f statutory checks reveal anything) indicate that it will be referred to later in the report*!

9E: ISSUES C. 2hat is the application all aboutD

CURRENT ARRANGEMENTS 6OR THE CHILDREN =. 2here and with whom children are living. !s their contactD

RELE;ANT 7AC9GROUND IN6ORMATION1 INCLUDING IN6ORMATION 6ROM SOCIAL SER;ICES< RECORDS +rief history of the parties, relationship -onte$t of the conflict as it affects the child

APPLICANT = >OHN SMITH .iving situation Attitude to and reasons for application Attitude/understanding of children,s needs/wishes regarding this application /roposals Specific concerns) with supporting evidence 0esponse to other party,s allegations RESPONDENT = >ILL SMITH .iving situation Attitude to and reasons for application Attitude/understanding of children,s needs/wishes regarding this application /roposals Specific concerns) with supporting evidence 0esponse to other party,s allegations THE ?EL6ARE CHEC9LIST

[Each section to include an evaluation! Each child to be dealt with separately) with section referring to sibling group (if appropriate*!& 0a3 The as)erta&nab"e %&shes an# $ee"&n.s $ the )h&"#ren ) n)erne#: [1o include what child says/e$presses! Also include your observation and interpretation!["f the child is not old enough to be able to voice his or her wishes and feelings) you should state that and set out how you believe the child feels in relation to his or her parents and the carers&

0b3 The&r -h/s&)a"1 em t& na" an# e#!)at& na" nee#s: ["nclude infor%ation fro% 2ealth 3isitor) 4/) /sychologist) school and any other professional involved with the child!&

(c) The "&*e"/ e$$e)t $ an/ )han.e $ )&r)!mstan)es ["nclude change in any contact arrange%ents&!

0#3 The&r a.e1 se@1 ba)*.r !n# an# an/ )hara)ter&st&)s %h&)h the C !rt ) ns&#ers re"e4ant [/rofessional assess%ent of needs of child in relation to these criteria as it affects) potential arrange%ents&!

0e3 An/ harm %h&)h the/ ha4e s!$$ere# r are at r&s* $ s!$$er&n. [Any additional infor%ation fro% Social -are Services/NS/--/any other agency) including schools) which relates to har% "nclude details of any action taken to %ini%ise risk "nclude the consequences of do%estic violence "nclude assess%ent of any e%otional abuse the child %ay suffer as a result of parental conflict/behaviour&r!

0$3 H % )a-ab"e are ea)h $ the -arents at meet&n. the&r nee#s [5our assess%ent of capability of each parent and any other persons in the light of allegations and counter#allegations 1ake into account own observations and those other professionals&

0.3 The C !rt<s - %ers !n#er the A)t State what kind of orders the -ourt can consider %aking in this case! REASONED ASSESSMENT [Analysis of pertinent points fro% elfare -hecklist 6utline options) including pros and cons State if any agree%ent reached is in the child,s best interests "f significant risk to a child has been identified) include co%%ent or either action taken if proposed&

CONCLUSION [Specific detailed plans where appropriate "f no reco%%endation) state reason[

/ame. Position. ate. &ignature.

An/ ) n)erns the -art&es ma/ ha4e ab !t th&s re- rt1 the e@tent $ the enA!&r&es1 the $a)t!a" a))!ra)/ r -&n& ns e@-resse# &n &t m!st be ra&se# #!r&n. the hear&n. $ the )ase+ I$ an/ $ the -art&es reA!&re the s )&a" % r*er t be A!est& ne# &n C !rt the/ m!st &mme#&ate"/ as* the C !rt t r#er the s )&a" % r*er<s atten#an)e .