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God’s Family

When you give your love away, it comes back to you again...’ & that’s just the beginning of the way I have
ordained this Family to start changing the world: not by being the same little selfish couples as they can see all
over the System: hold hands a little here, smooch a little there, and ‘Oh I’m so happy he or she belongs to me...’

Imagine if parents on Earth wouldn’t have any cares & worries about having to come up with the provisions for
their families, and on top of it would not be subject to sin & the devil’s temptation: Their children would be their
greatest joy, and the major theme around which the large part of their activities would revolve. That’s the way I,
your Heavenly Father, and My Queen, the Holy Spirit, care for you, watch you, rejoice in you, our children.

You have been given the awareness of your greater, heavenly Family around you. For ‘The Family’ is not only
that relatively small Earthly group of crazy believers, that organization that many shake their heads about or
even consider a spot on the surface of their society, but The Family is a much larger entity, a cooperative, inter-
dimensional, multi-generational body or machinery consisting of countless members behind the curtain which
separates your realm & ours. That’s why I have called My Family an army, although your numbers are small, and
most of you would be too young or too weak to fight in any Earthly combat. But you are just the tip of the

Most people consider everything that is their own to be of superior value than that which is someone else’s:
whether it be their own opinion, their own point of view, their own country or family or way of doing things...
their own religion.
That’s the difference between true faith & all false religions. True faith is the opposite of all that is ‘your own’, for
it comes not from ‘your own’ world, nor ‘your own’ mind, nor from any place or realm that is ‘your own’. For the
Kingdom of God does not belong to any man, but any man can choose to belong to the Kingdom of God.

I am He that breaks up couples, selfish little couples & families, to make of the broken pieces one greater
Family. This has been My vision for this Family from the beginning. And those who don’t want to share often
find themselves losing that which they did not want to share.

Look what beauty! Look what beautiful souls, what beautiful people I have brought forth out of this Family of
battles, trials, weaknesses & sufferings! Listen to the beautiful voices I brought forth from the lowest of the low.

In becoming one with Me, you will become one with all the other partakers of My love in the universe. ‘Come
together over Me!’ That’s the scheme! And the result will be one big, happy, joyful, universal Family, My
Kingdom of Love!
It ever grows & expands, almost like an explosion. Just like a baby & any living creature comes into being by
the union of one tiny cell with another & endlessly parting & multiplying until the baby is born & then grows into
another grown human being, able to bring forth his own fruit, to continue the cycle forever on, so it is with all
My creation & the spiritual realm.

Learn to be friends who don’t hurt each other, but who respect each other & esteem the other higher than
yourself. Friends who are truly willing to lay down their pride & lives for each other.
I have called all of you, My brides & friends & brethren & Family & of other folds who can bear this, to be mates
of each other. Learn to have a loyalty for each other which won’t have to be demanded and assured or
confirmed over & over again, but a loyalty & a love which is simply there, unmistakably, undeniably &

That is how My Family & My children throughout time have been able to operate and survive against all odds: It
wasn’t that they had any outstanding means, finances or wealth to back them up, it was a look into their eyes
that told people, “you can trust them!” That is what you must learn to put your personal trust in, more than any
other physical security you would want to render, or guarantee you would want to give to anyone: It’s My Spirit
that counts! The Spirit of Love.

Put My Family, My Kingdom first, before your personal, carnal sense of belonging, & see how much I will bless
you with greater love, both, on the giving and the receiving end, for “whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he
also reap.”

Your spiritual Family comes first, before your flesh family. It’s a little bit of an acid test, as to whether your
loyalties are really stronger to your spiritual ties than the physical...

My Family is not a perfect, but a peculiar people, lest any flesh should boast.

It's time that My Family shows that they're truly My followers by showing the World that example of a group of
people who really love each other, wash each other's feet & are willing to lay down their lives & their pride for
each other.

The difference between the System & the Family is Me. In the System there is darkness with no light. In the
Family, there is still a lot of darkness & dirt & sin which is inborn human nature or contamination from the World
or brought about by the Enemy's attacks & intrusions, but there is hope, because I am there to cleanse anyone
from their sin for the asking, there is forgiveness, there is love in spite of the sin. That's what grace is, the grace
whereby ye are saved, not of yourselves, not of works, lest any man should boast.
The Family is a spiritual entity, a spiritual army, and a lot depends on how loyal you are being to that army,
meaning that whoever happens to be fighting on your side, alongside you in that army at the moment is your
brother or sister in arms, and they deserve your loyalty, and if one of your carnal children tries to sow division
between you and your spiritual brethren and comrades, you need to stand up for your convictions, which
should consist at least in part of an undaunting loyalty towards your brethren, in spite of any & all weaknesses
or flaws.

I have made My stance on carnal families, whether it be father, mother, son, daughter, husband or wife, quite
clear in My Word, and have clearly stated that those who obey Me and do the Father's will, they are My brethren,
My Family. And the question is, how much do you believe that? How much do you practice that?
If any man loves his flesh and blood family more than Me and My spiritual Family, he is not worthy of Me, nor of
My Family.

I have come into the World to set mankind free from the burden of their sins, but I have given My Family to the
World in order to set them free from the slavery of the System. The only alternative. But the Devil tries to deny
you the right to be free. He says, "No, this can't be done! You're breaking the rules! You're mine! You have to
fulfill your duties towards my rules, my system..."

My Family is a Family of the Spirit, and it's open to anyone who will, anyone who would like to join it, but in
order to join it, you'll have to leave the flesh & the allures of the World at the door. Once you have decided you
want to be part of our big heavenly Family, there are some pretty exclusive rules, and all that hog-wash from
man's carnal mind, influenced by Satan, will have to go.

It's My Family, and if you want Me to change something about it, the best One to talk to is Me, and I'll show you
what you can do or how you can go about it in order to eventually see some changes made.

The real thing, My friend, is right here: right on the scrubbing floors level of the nitty-gritty work of getting a tiny
little family unit of "Me, thee, thou and none other" to function properly, before you can think of gathering
masses of followers around you! Once you've got that core working properly and the way it should, you'll see
that the other things will also fall into place in their own time.

A marriage is a good thing, but marriage to Me and the greater Family is more important.

In My eyes, you're all one big family! You all have the same great-great-great-great-great....grandfather, Adam,
and after that, Noah, so, you're all one big family, so to speak. Now it's your choice whether you want to accept
your place in that Family and do what you can to help your brothers & sisters or not. Or whether you prefer to
play the Devil's game & do it his way: "I take care of myself, and if that means I have to take something away
from my 'brother,' I will not hesitate to do it!" Then you can join his family, but it's not going to be anywhere near
as fun, and the rewards aren't going to be near as good as they are going to be for those who choose to be on
My side & do it the loving way, the helping way, the considerate way.

The Family is full of contradictions, riddles and wonders.

You can't figure the Family out, label it, put it into any drawer & say, "the Family is like this or that, period." The
Family is as multi-faceted and complex as each & every member in it.

(Spirit helper:) The Family is a funny thing. It looks kind of strange. Some people are scared of it. Some folks
think it's pretty, some think it's ugly. But one thing has to be said about it as one of its attributes: it lives.
It's because God lives in it. You never know exactly what He or it might be up to next, it's full of surprises. That's
why you can't pin it down, label it or put it in a drawer or categorize it. It constantly changes. Don't discard it
prematurely. It might all of a sudden start glowing and burn its way clear through your mental trash can.
The Family's a funny thing. Funny things do happen. Especially if it's God's thing, you can't stop it from
happening. You mess with it and you might find out you just stuck your finger right in the middle of God's eye.

Just like someone becomes a member of My Family through My blood, so a familiar spirit has a link to their
victim or charge through blood ties of relation, which is why they're called "familiar" spirits.

You can make the difference between what the Family is and what the Family could be, right now! So much
depends on you!

The Family is like a garden, similar to the garden of Eden, and not without the presence of the snake, either, and
the only way that garden is going to prosper is by maintaining it, applying elbow grease to it, tending it and
keeping away from that snake!

Keep Me as the Center of your marriage & family. I'm the glue that holds you together.

There will always - in this world - be frictions within families, for various reasons: People are not aware to which
extent the Enemy tries to destroy their unity and fights them; they're not aware of their own weaknesses,
responsibilities and share of the blame for the friction; etc.

The Family is a living thing, and as in all living organisms, there are good things that work toward the
furtherance and enhancement and procreation of life, and there are negative things, which also have their time
and purpose, such as bacteria & other parasites, which are present a-plenty in any body, and just show that
there is a war to be fought.
Bacteria are not your actual enemy, but help to keep and make your body strong for the actual fight.

You are My wife, My bride, My children, My Family, and if I don't care for you, then I'm worse than an infidel.

Loyalty to My Family, My clan, My heavenly country & nation is definitely priority over any "Egyptian"
philosophies, views or even "open-mindedness." Stay radical, stay tuned to Me, stay dropped out, an Israelite at
heart, and have no room in your heart open for the ways and enticements of Egypt.

The church system is still based on the sermon principle, while I’m building My Family on the principle of
becoming a living sample of the truth, just as I was a living sample, and all My true saints were samples of My
love and truth, more than just sermons.
There are enough teachers, preachers and talkers delivering sermons, but way too few guides who truly show
the way by walking therein themselves first...

You've got to show how much you're ready to fight for it, how much you really believe in the Family, in spite of
some "relative" oddities, some traits in your spiritual relatives and Family that you tend to be ashamed of.

I like to work in teamwork, and I don't just run a one-Man show up Here. I like to include everybody I can and
allow them to participate in the work on the Big Picture.

Let's bust that "group think" & blow all those little "groups" and cliques to hell, in order to finally make one
large Family out of all of them!

While it's true that since Cain and Abel, not all in My Family were of My Family, this should not surprise you or
make you worry, "where should we turn to then?" I'm still in control, and you have to trust that this is My doing,
My allowing and My planning. You see what happens to kids when everything is perfect for them: they become
The only thing that keeps folks desperate, dependent on Me and praying as they ought, is when things are
going less than perfect for them, when there are adverse circumstances, and particularly those which are
brought about from among their own ranks. Otherwise, the group becomes the substitute for everything: for Me,
for everything they would look up to, live for and follow. The group becomes IT, instead of Me, the group
becomes god.
Man worship is still much more farspread than many people realize, and one of the most common forms of
modern idolatry, with many of its perpetrators/victims not even realizing it. And I'm not for it, but will do what I
can to expose those idols for their feet of clay.
It is My will that the Family isn't perfect, just as it has been My will that My church never was, and My people
never were. The church was never meant to be the all-in-all. The All-in-all is Me, and the church is merely a place
where you can find Me, a group of people through whom others can find Me, and sometimes by means of the
very fact that My own people are so far from perfect.
There's no other way but to look to Me. There's nowhere else to find the Perfect but in Me, and I'm using the
imperfect to have those who seek the perfect point to Me. The message is: if you think you're going to find the
answer and all you're seeking just in any group of failing, sinful and imperfect flesh and blood people like you,
then you're wrong! You will always find some flaws anywhere, with anyone, in this world. If you want the
flawless, turn to Me!

If there's anything I want My Family to be, it's different. I want there to be an alternative to that which already
exists, especially that so-called normal arm-of-the-flesh-dependent System.