EMLD Election Results For the Term of Office 2014

The constitution of EMLD provides for the election of 7 officers supported by 7 ordinary members of the executive and up to 3 co-opted members. In addition there is the possibility of an onorary !resident and up to " onorary #ice-!residents. To read the constitution visit: http://ethnic-minority.libdems.org/en/document/constitution.docx

Executive Summary
The following have been elected unopposed: Chair !ecretary Treasurer $embership !ecretary &ice-Chair &ice-Chair &ice-Chair %rdinary +xecutive $ember %rdinary +xecutive $ember %rdinary +xecutive $ember %rdinary +xecutive $ember %rdinary +xecutive $ember %rdinary +xecutive $ember %rdinary +xecutive $ember Issan Ghan i "ester #olloway Godfried Gyechie Turhan % en 'ames 'ennings (uwan )duwerage-*erera $erlene +merson Tahir $aher Teena "ashimore 'ac,ueline -ec.ford $arisha (ay !amira /hmed 0ui $ac0ay 'onathan #unt

$s such there %ill be no elections at the $&M on 'aturday (3 )ovember (*+3. There were a further three incomplete nominations for the +xecutive and one for the position of &ice-Chair. In addition1 at the close of nominations there were no re,uests made for postal ballots made to the returning officers and no nominations for the *residents and #onorary &ice-*residents.

)ote, The changes to the +$"2 Constitution limit

/llan !iao $ing 3itheric. (eturning %fficer1 !t /lbans 4ovember 5678

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Officers for 2014
The follo%in- officers %ere duly elected unopposed. hair ! "ssan #han$i I as. for your support in being elected to the +xecutive Committee and to the role of +$"2 Chair. Secretary % Lester hollo&ay
Please re-elect Lester Holloway as Secretary. It has been a busy year for EMLD. I have been working closely with the Executive on a range of issues. I ro!uce! an! sent out three e-bulletins to EMLD "e"bers# create! a range of "aterials fro" leaflets to o -u banners# an! !evelo e! a new website. If re-electe! I will !evelo a $uarterly "aga%ine with in ut fro" "e"bers. I a" an ex-E!itor of a &lack news a er an! news e!itor at two 'sian a ers. I also sit on the Lon!on (egional Executive an! serve as a councillor in Sutton.

Treasurer ! #o'frie' #yechie 4o statement received. Mem(ershi) Secretary % Turhan O$en 4o nominations were received. *ice hair % +ames +ennin,s
EMLD is a "ove"ent that I a" extre"ely assionate about. I have seen "any ositive !evelo "ents such as the rofessionalisation of the Executive# beco"ing "ore than internal organisation within the Liberal De"ocrat fa"ily an! striving to !evelo links with thinktanks an! ca" aign organisations. )he next two years are crucial an! as *ice +hair I a" co""itte! to the following , Doubling our "e"bershi es ecially encouraging non Lib De" "e"bers to -oin us. , .urther !evelo ing our olicy an! ca" aigning ca acity. , )o have er"anent staffing in lace su orting the executive.

*ice hair ! Ru&an -'u&era,e!.erera
's a Public an! thir! sector national an! international trainer# a!visor# an! ca" aigner in the fiel! of cri"inal -ustice an! e$uality / !iversity issues# I have a wealth of knowle!ge# ex erience an! skills to bring to the role of *ice +hair an! the Executive. 0ver the ast few years we have built EMLD into a cre!ible S'0 that is now sought out for a!vice an! gui!ance an! with your assistance I will be able to continue to link the work of EMLD into "y other roles of the English Party an! South +entral (egional Diversity +ha" ions.

*ice hair ! Merlene Emerson 4o statement received.

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Or'inary Executive Mem(ers for 2014 % Electe' uno))ose'
There are currently 9 candidates for 9 places on the +xecutive. / further 9 candidates were elected as officers to +$"2 and so are now ineligible to stand as %rdinary +xecutive $embers. There being the same number of candidate as places1 the following are duly elected: Or'inary Executive Mem(er % Tahir Maher Dear friends, /ll my wor.ing life I seem to have been fighting for e,ual representation. Things are a lot better now: however there is still a lot to do within the *arty to ensure that our views and concerns are ob;ectively represented across *arty hierarchy and success is based on individual merit. "et<s wor. together to achieve this I welcome your support Tahir !mall -io = Councillor for > years who has been Group "eader: = / regional &ice-chair: = $ember of the Tax 3or.ing Group loo.ing at tax policy for the next general election: = ?ualified /ccountant: Or'inary Executive Mem(er % Teena Lashimore 4o statement received. Or'inary Executive Mem(er %+ac/ueline 0ec1for' I consent to be nominated for the post of +xecutive Committee member. I am a standing local Councillor in my constituency. I am also a member of the 2iversity +ngagement Group1 +$"2 and "iberal 2emocrat 3omen as a @undraising and 4etwor.ing Coordinator. I currently sit on the (egional +xecutive Committee as a 2iversity coordinator for !outh +ast (egion and a *arty Trainer. I will bring to the +xecutive Committee a wealth of .nowledge and experience within the -/$+ sector as I have wor.ed for many years as a -/$+ 2evelopment $anager within the County Council. Or'inary Executive Mem(er %Marisha Ray *lease give $arisha (ay your first preference vote for re-election to the +$"2 executive. $arisha has been an active member of the 5678-executive1 returning after a year as acting secretary in 56671 bringing significant political experience. !he was a parliamentary by-election candidate and whole of "ondon "ondon /ssembly candidate in 5675. / former Islington councillor she has been a council cabinet member for community safety1 pioneering the successful gang prevention strategy1 she chaired a health scrutiny committee and "ib 2em group meetings of 8> councillors. $arisha returns to the +$"2 executive with a passion to tac.le discrimination and ine,uality. Or'inary Executive Mem(er %Samira 2hme' /s a second generation !omali immigrant and proud $uslim1 I would li.e to play a greater role in ensuring the needs of these communities are not only heard but understood. I have always been an advocate for

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greater integration from hard to reach communities into the mainstream and I hope to continue to carry this wor. on through +$"2 as a platform for change. Or'inary Executive Mem(er %3ihoro 4 3ui5 Mac 1ay In support of my application I would also li.e to mention that I have served as an +xecutive $ember for three years and I have found this to be a rewarding experience. %ne of the reasons wish to continue as an executive member is because as a member of the -/$+ community residing in the 4orth I have found1 at times1 our party to be too "ondon-centric: more so for our -/$+ members. I feel that my presence on the committee enables me to represent our members who live in the 4orth and reinforces the +$"2<s inclusivity. Or'inary Executive Mem(er %+onathan 6unt 'onathan #unt wants to finally achieve a party thatAs truly representative of those we see. to represent1 both within and outside the formal structure. #e has campaigned for racial ;ustice since he was a teenager1 consolidated by living and wor.ing in blac. /frica1 and as a parent of two blac. boys. 'onathan started the *ec.ham Band CamberwellC local party D6 years ago1 and it was perhaps the most diverse and racially mixed1 with all non-white officers. / ;ournalist by trade1 he wor.ed on national newspapers1 including the @T and the %bserver1 where he led a high-profile campaign for editorial freedom.

6onorary Officers for 2014
)o nominations %ere received by the close of nominations.

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