Karehana Park

Stream Enhancement
Detail Design Stream Bank
New fence to be built 1.5m clear of back of concrete wall along channel. Area between fence and channel to be planted in native riparian plants.
2m Gate Gate Gate

Drain narrows down to 1.2m at this location allow transition zone in channel downstream.


Maintain 2 metre wide path to connect beyond the park to the north

Retain existing retaining wall. Plant single line low sedges planted along top of bank to provide shade

Key into existing concrete wall and create return wall to stabilise wall at point where cut down. Gate Additional rocks on inside of bend where likely to get increased erosion risk during storm events. Plus location where could get reflection energy from when water flow deflects off back wall. Create landing pad with large rock or part of old wall that bridge can land onto. Bridge to be chained at one end and able to float free in flood events at other end so as to lie parallel with flood waters. Maintain typically 5 to 6m wide strip of grass for access to properties. Cut back sides of pipe to daylight and angle down to new stream channel height. Place rock boulders along the edge. From Council Stormwater system 750mm ID wide pipe but 460mm ID high at outlet Drains concrete swale on east edge of park 210mm ID pipe.






Reshape angle of bank for lower wall and plant up in riparian plants

Disguise 210mm outlet under rocks

Existing Playground Safety Surface

Reshape angle of bank for lower wall and plant up in riparian plants Existing Playground Safety Surface

Reuse old wall to create steps down to water


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Reshape bank so not consistent grade. Create variety and flowing curvy contours



10 metres

Small pipe outlet that drains concrete swale from east edge of park. Modify so drains into small wetland. Line with pond liner with overflow into drainage channel. Need to confirm levels on site.

To Airlie Rd

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Designed: A Gray - Landscape Architect Porirua City Council - September 2013