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The Stench And Foul Smell Of Joels Army Section VII: Strategic Level Spiritual Warfare & Territorial Spirits
Carol Brooks

One Question !f "elie#ers kee$ %"inding Satan&' (ho in the (orld kee$s letting him out)

!nde* To All Si*teen Sections Section + ,istory' Beliefs and S$read Section - .anifest Sons Of /od Section 0 C 1eter 2agner and The 3e( A$ostolic 4eformation ... The Fi#e5Fold .inistry Section 6 /enuine 3e( Testament A$ostles Or Deluded Con .en Section 7 Bi"lical Accounta"ility and Authority Section 8 Do .iracles 1roduce Faith 9ou Are ,ere Section : Strategic ;e#el S$iritual 2arfare <S;S2= Section > !dentificational 4e$entance Section ? 1ortals Section +@ Ci#il 2ar Section ++ 1hinehas S$irit Section +- A*cuses For /ulli"ility Section +0 The Bi"le Bs. Dominion Theology Section +6 .ore A*am$les of The ;eadershi$s !n#enti#e !nter$retations of Scri$ture Section +7 A Sinister T(ist Section +8 Fate of Joels Army

A 1reoccu$ation 2ith the Su$ernatural and Fantasy %Christian& Fantasy 2hat !s Strategic5;e#el S$iritual 2arfare) O$eration !ce Castle S$iritual %.a$$ing& Three ;e#els Of S$iritual 2arfare S$iritual .a$$ing And A#angelistic Success) Bo" Beckett and Commitment to Conquer Are There Territorial S$irits) Assorted 1ossi"ilities The 1rinces in Daniel +@ Daniels 2arfare 1rayer) Out of Conte*t Te*ts !orint"ians #$:%&' (att"e) # : *: +ere,ia" %%:% !orint"ians ':#A*tra Bi"lical A*am$les Cited %Born Again& Cities

He,et. !alifornia T"e Transfor,ations Stor/0 Wil1 E2aggeration3 4gan1a Al,olonga. Guate,ala !ali. !olo,5ia 6ia,5u. 6en/a an1 7is"op T"o,as (ut"ee Conclusion Section B!!! !dentificational 4e$entance

A Preoccupation Wit" T"e Supernatural an1 8antas/

T"e prevailing )orl1 vie) of t"e West "as. in recent /ears. un1ergone a profoun1 c"ange9 So,e)"ere along t"e line t"e reali:ation "as 5egun to 1a)n t"at 5ot" our ,o1ern rationalistic outloo; an1 our social an1 intellectual progra,s "ave left us )it"out ans)ers to our ,ost i,portant <uestions99 T"is "as resulte1 in. not a rene)e1 interest in Go1 an1 t"e 7i5le. 5ut a receptiveness an1 open 1oor polic/ to all t"ings occult9 In t"e )or1s of =r9 !"uc; Lo)e99 As post&,o1ernit/ supplants ,o1ernit/. o5>ectivit/ gives )a/ to su5>ectivit/. rationalis, to e,otionalis,. scientis, to spiritis,. ,ec"anis, to s"a,anis,9 In concrete ter,s. >ust as t"e !"urc" Gro)t" (ove,ent )as a ,anifestation of ,o1ernit/?s ,ec"anistic )orl1vie). so SLSW is an e,5o1i,ent of post&,o1ernit/?s spiritistic )orl1vie)9 A )ell&intentione1 atte,pt to correct one error "as 1irectl/ precipitate1 anot"er999confor,it/ to t"e ,ec"anistic tec"ni<ue of ,o1ernit/ is 5eing replace1 5/ confor,it/ to t"e spiritistic tec"ni<ue of post&,o1ernit/9@ A#B CSee the Dangers and !m$act of this 2orld#ie(D 1ostmodernismE In recent /ears t"ere "as 5een a ,eteoric rise in t"e fascination )it" t"e supernatural. an1 e2ploration 5e/on1 t"e p"/sical )orl19 T"is preoccupation ranges fro, angels to aliens. fro, =art" Ve1a to =e,ons9 No ,atter )"ere /ou loo; in t"e popular culture /ou see peopleCs attraction to t"e paranor,al 5eginning )it" t"e ver/ /oung 0 Dungeons and Dragons an1 ,arry 1otter 5ut a couple of e2a,ples9 A $$ Ti,e (aga:ine article tal;s a5out t"e popularit/ of 8antas/ In $$# t"e fantas/ 1ou5le 5ill of Harr/ Potter an1 T"e Lor1 of t"e Dings ran;e1 first an1 secon1 at t"e 5o2 office0In its first

)ee;en1 alone. Harr/ Potter an1 t"e !"a,5er of Secrets cleare1 E-- ,illion0 In #**F. voters in a 77! poll na,e1 T"e Lor1 of t"e Dings t"e greatest 5oo; of t"e $t" centur/9 In #***. A,a:on9co, custo,ers c"ose it as t"e greatest 5oo; of t"e ,illenniu,0 Tol;ien?s )or;s sol1 ## ,illion copies in t"e 49S9 in $$# alone9 T"e online fantas/ ga,e EverGuest pulls in ,ore t"an EH ,illion a ,ont" fro, its "alf a ,illion su5scri5ers. an1 t"e fantas/ car1 ga,e (agic: T"e Gat"ering 5oasts F ,illion pla/ers9 T"e 5usiness of fantas/ "as 5eco,e a ,ulti5illion&1ollar realit/9 A#5B A11itionall/. t"ere are en1less realit/ progra,s on television a5out g"ost "unting. )"ile ,allo(een is cele5rate1 eac" /ear )it" increasing fervor9 Angels "ave 5een t"e su5>ect of ,ovies an1 television series. )"ile angel parap"ernalia is )i1el/ sol1 as goo1 luc; c"ar,s9 In an effort to 5etter un1erstan1 t"e )orl1 in )"ic" )e live. ,an/ "ave ta;e to e2ploring t"e i1ea of contacting spirit 5eing via Channeling. etc9 per"aps co,ing to ter,s )it" t"e fact t"at )e "ave less control over t"ings t"an )e t"oug"t )e 1i19

I!"ristianJ 8antas/:

Ti, LaHa/e an1 +err/ 79 +en;ins "ave c"urne1 out #K 5est&selling novels0 T"e totall/ fictional Left Behind series9 Not onl/ "ave sales for t"e series surpasse1 KH ,illion copies. 5ut seven titles in t"e series "ave reac"e1 L# on 5estseller lists9 CSee ;eft BehindE Aut"or 8ran; Peretti "as so,e # ,illion novels in print Mt)ent/ one titlesN. inclu1ing t)o spiritual )arfare novels0 This Present DarknessM#*--N an1 Piercing the Darkness M#*-*N. )"ic" 5et)een t"e, "ave sol1 ,ore t"an %9H ,illion copies9 A B9 PerettiCs 5oo;s. t"at "ave capture1 t"e i,aginations of ,an/ in 5ot" t"e !"ristian an1 secular )orl1s. often vivi1l/ portra/ tall. "an1so,e. angelic )arrior engaging 5lac;&)inge1 1e,ons in fierce 5attles over sc"ools. to)ns. an1 territories9 Degar1less of )"at one ,a/ t"in; a5out t"e sensationalistic nature of t"ese 5oo;s. t"e/ certainl/ serve to 5ring t"e )orl1 of t"e spirit 5eing to t"e forefront of t"e ,in1s of nu,erous !"ristians. )"o never see, to lag ,uc" 5e"in1 t"e )orl1 in t"eir t"in;ing an1 )orl1vie)9 T"e )orl1 "as little nee1 to 5atter 1o)n t"e 1oors of t"e c"urc"0 )e "ave flung t"e, )i1e open )it" an open invitation to )"atever lur;s outsi1e9 a1opting a large nu,5er of practices t"at "ave t"eir roots in t"e pagan or t"e occult9 9oga. Contem$lati#e .editation. Aastern .ysticism an1 ;a"yrinths 5eing >ust a fe) e2a,ples9 8or ,an/ in t"e c"urc" t"is e2cessive interest in all t"ings supernatural "as foun1 e2pression in t)o relate1 5eliefs an1 practices #N Territorial S$iritsFStrategic ;e#el S$iritual 2arfare )"ic" 5elieves t"at certain spirits "ave control over certain geo&political

locations an1 in or1er for t"e Gospel to reac" people t"ese sprits "ave to 5e I5oun1J an1 t"eir "ol1 on t"e area 5ro;en9 N 1ortals are geograp"ic locations on Eart" t"at possess super&spiritual access to t"e real, of t"e =ivine an1 t"at Heaven an1 Eart" can 5e aligne1 5/ cleansing t"e area of 1e,onic spirits9 !ertainl/ t"ese 5eliefs are closel/ tie1 in )it" =o,inionis,0 inas,uc" as it is 5elieve1 t"at t"e 5in1ing of territorial spirits is an crucial step to)ar1s t"e !"ristiani:ation of t"e )orl1. lea1ing to t"e esta5lis",ent of Go1Cs ;ing1o, on eart" 5efore !"rist can. or )ill return9

W"at Is Strategic Level Spiritual Warfare MSLSWN3

In a nuts"ell. since Satan is neit"er o,nipotent or o,niscient. "e "as to 1elegate po)er to ot"er spirit "elpers )"o. assigne1 to particular pro>ects or even geograp"ical areas. carr/ out "is sc"e,es in t"e set fiel19 !ertain spirits. particularl/ "ig" ran;ing spirits. e2ercise t"eir po)er over 1efine1 geograp"ic regions. an1 an/one )it"in t"e 5oun1aries of t"ese regions is su5>ect to t"e po)er of t"e Opresi1ingC 1e,on. )"ic" is )"/ t"e gospel is so fiercel/ resiste1 in certain areas9 In or1er for t"e gospel to 5e ,ore accepte1 in t"ese 1e,on infeste1 areas. !"ristians ,ust focus on spiritual )arfare 1esigne1 to re,ove t"ese spirits or I5in1J t"eir po)er9 T"erefore. It"e c"urc" is calle1 to 1o ,ore t"an si,pl/ stan1 fir,. resist. an1 1efen19 T"e c"urc" is calle1 to activel/ see; out. uncover. an1 confront t"e 1e,onic po)ers t"at influence our corporate e2istenceJ9 A%B An e2tre,e e2a,ple of t"is )as

Operation Ice !astle:

Ana (Pn1e: 8errell. once a )itc" in Haiti?s Voo1oo cult. foun1e1 of t"e Voice of The Light (inistr/ along )it" "er "us5an1 E,erson 8errell9 S"e calls "erself IAn or1aine1 prop"et an1 apostleJ A%5B Apparentl/. accor1ing to ! Peter Wagner t"e Hol/ Spirit clearl/ s"o)e1 "er t"at a principal strong"ol1 over t"e #$Q'$ Win1o) )as locate1 on (t9 Everest in Nepal. an1 t"at s"e )as to lea1 a tea, of intercessors in a frontal attac; on t"is po)er of 1ar;ness. )"o )as none ot"er t"an t"e Gueen of Heaven9 7efore finall/ 1eci1ing to go. s"e soug"t t"e agree,ent of Don/ !"ave:. Harol1 !a5alleros. !in1/ +aco5s. George Otis. +r9. 8re1 (ar;ert. !"uc; Pierce. =oris Wagner. ,e. an1 ot"ers9 A%cB T"ree tea,s Mone le1 5/ =oris WagnerN t"en un1ertoo; t"e spiritual )arfare ,ission to t"e Hi,ala/as na,e1 @Operation Ice !astle@ to

co,5at t"e c"ief of all territorial 1e,ons. t"e @Gueen of Heaven9@ Wagner <uotes Ana (en1e:Cs report @Go1 spo;e to us t"at He )as going to release >u1g,ent upon t"e ini<uit/ an1 over t"e false religious s/ste,s of t"e )orl19 He sai1 t"at "e )as going to 5ring 1o)n t"e foun1ations of ?(/ster/ 7a5/lon t"e Great. (ot"er of Harlots9? AT"is is t"e Gueen of Heaven9 T"e ancient na,e of Everest is Sagar,ata. ,eaning @(ot"er of t"e 4niverse9@B A%cB Accor1ing to ! Peter Wagner It"e ,ost 1ifficult. 1angerous. an1 tec"nicall/ e2acting part of t"e Everest ascentJ too; place on Se$tem"er --' +??:9 After 1escri5ing Ian incre1i5le cli,5ing anointingJ t"at ca,e over t"e tea,. s"e sa/s t"e/ )ere a5out to reac" t"e point )"ere t"e/ "a1 locate1 t"e seat of t"e Gueen of Heaven )"en t"e 1evil unleas"e1 "is fur/ an1 a "uge avalanc"e 5ro;e loose a5ove t"e,9 (iraculousl/ save1 t"e/ @99 continue1 to)ar1 our goal. an1 )"en )e arrive1 )e too; t"e t"rone t"at t"e Lor1 "a1 s"o)e1 us. prop"es/ing against t"e po)ers of 1ar;ness an1 1eclaring t"e >u1g,ent of Go1 on t"e )"ore of 7a5/lon an1 t"e false religions of t"e )orl19 A%cB Ho)ever I a, reall/ confuse19 T"e/ too; t"is trip to 1eclare It"e >u1g,ent of Go1 on t"e )"ore of 7a5/lon an1 t"e false religions of t"e )orl1J9 7ut 1i1nCt t"e apostle +o"n alrea1/ tell us t"is )oul1 "appen3 I see, to recall "i, tal;ing a5out 7a5/lon t"e great. t"e I"a5itation of 1e,ons. an1 a "ol1 of ever/ unclean spiritJ )"oCs sins "ave reac"e1 even unto "eavenJ an1 t"at >u1g,ent on "er )as alrea1/ pronounce199 Iin one 1a/ s"all "er plagues co,e. 1eat". an1 ,ourning. an1 fa,ineR an1 s"e s"all 5e utterl/ 5urne1 )it" fireJ ADevelation #-B9 See T(o Ba"ylons ! Peter Wagner t"en sa/s Ana points to so,e )orl1 events )"ic" occurre1 )it"in t)o )ee;s after t"e prop"etic act at t"e t"rone of t"e Gueen of Heaven )"ic" s"e senses "ave so,e connection: M#N T"e nation of In1onesia. t"e largest (usli, nation in t"e )orl1. caug"t on fire an1 5egan to 5urn on t"at ver/ 1a/R M N An eart"<ua;e 1estro/e1 t"e 7asilica of Assisi in Ital/. t"e place )"ere t"e Pope "a1 calle1 a ,eeting for t"e unit/ of all )orl1 religionsR M%N Hurricane Paulina 1estro/e1 t"e infa,ous te,ple of @7aal&!"rist@ in Acapulco. (e2icoR M'N Princess =iana of Englan1 1ie1. representing t"e cro)n of Englan1. to )"o, (t9 Everest )as consecrate1 5/ Sir E1,un1 Hillar/R an1 MHN (ot"er T"eresa. one of t"e ,ost visi5le a1vocates of e2alting (ar/ as co&re1e,ptri2 an1 ,e1iatri2. 1ie1 in In1ia9 A%cB Ho)ever AnaCs sensing of t"e suppose1 relate1 events are as off 5ase as "er clai, t"at t"e Gueen of Heaven "a1 a strong"ol1 on Everest9

.other Theresa 1ie1 on Ht" Septe,5er #**F. ,ore t"an t)o )ee;s "efore Operation Ice !astle an1. 5/ t"e )a/. s"e )as 5orn in #*#$. )"ic" ,a1e "er >: years old )"en s"e 1ie19 Diana' 1rincess of 2ales 1ie1 as a result of in>uries sustaine1 in t"e Paris car acci1ent on %#st August #**F. so,e t"ree )ee;s "eforeOperation Ice !astle9 In an/ case s"e )as no longer a ,e,5er of t"e ro/al fa,il/. "er ,arriage to !"arles. t"e "eir to t"e 7ritis" t"rone. "aving en1e1 in 1ivorce on - August #**K9 It )as !"arles )"o insiste1 t"at. as t"e ,ot"er of t"e presu,e1 future ;ing M"er son Willia,N. s"e 5e given a for,al ro/al funeralR Sir Admund ,illary W"ile I ;no) not"ing a5out Sir E1,un1 Hillar/ consecrating t"e ,ountain to t"e cro)n of Englan1. it is )i1el/ ;no)n t"at "e 5urie1 a tin/ crucifi2 at t"e su,,it of t"e ,ountain. )"ic" )as part of a rosar/ sent to "i, 5/ 8at"er (artin Haig". of St (ar/?s !at"olic !"urc". 7roa1fiel1 =rive. Le/lan19 A%1B An1 so )"at3 Apollo ## astronauts Neil Ar,strong an1 7u:: Al1rin plante1 t"e A,erican flag on t"e (oon9 ,urricane 1aulineG W"ile t"ere is little 1ou5t t"at Pauline )as one of t"e 1ea1liest Eastern Pacific stor,s in recor1e1 "istor/ MIntense floo1ing an1 ,u1sli1es in so,e of t"e poorest areas of (e2ico ;ille1 5et)een %$ to '$$ peopleN. s"e )as t"e sevent" ,a>or "urricane of t"e #**F Pacific "urricane season9 An1 as far as t"e Iinfa,ousJ te,ple of in Acapulco is concerne1. I a, afrai1 t"at it )as so notorious t"at I "ave never even "ear1 of it9 The !ndonesian Forest Fires 5In1onesia "as "a1 ,ore t"an one large scale fire M#*- Q#*-%. #*-F. #**#. #**'. an1 #**FQ#**-N9 W"ile t"e ,a>or causes )ere unclear ,an/ 5la,e t"e slas" an1 5urn tec"ni<ues a1opte1 5/ local far,ers99 t"e c"eapest an1 easiest ,eans to clear t"e lan1s for tra1itional agriculture9 Assisi T"ere is no 1ou5t t"at. in #*-K. +o"n Paul II convene1 an unprece1ente1 inter&religious ,eeting an1 1a/long fast an1 pra/er against nuclear )ar in t"e Italian to)n of Assisi an1 t"at t"e 7asilica of Assisi )as 5a1l/ 1a,age1 5/ an eart"<ua;e on Septe,5er K. #**F MPart of t"e vault collapse1. ;illing four people insi1e t"e c"urc"N9 Ho)ever. Ital/ "as un1ergone at least one ,a>or eart"<ua;e in eac" of t"e last t"ree 1eca1es9 Not onl/ )as t"e 7asilica co,pletel/ restore1. t"e eart"<ua;e 1i1 not e2actl/ en1 t"e ecu,enical ,eetings9 A +anuar/ '. $$ !NN9co, article sa/s Deligious lea1ers fro, aroun1 t"e )orl1 "ave >oine1 Pope +o"n Paul II for a 1a/long pra/er for peace follo)ing t"e events of Septe,5er ##9 !oncerne1 5/ t"e i,pact of t"e 49S9 terrorist attac;s. t"e pope invite1 representatives of )orl1 religions && particularl/ !"ristians an1 (usli,s && on T"urs1a/ to t"e "illsi1e to)n of Assisi to ,e1itate an1 spea; out a5out t"e nee1 for an en1 to )ar an1 terroris,0 Depresentatives of # religions && inclu1ing !"ristians. +e)s. (usli,s. 7u11"ists. S"intoists an1 follo)ers of tri5al religions && too; part9 A%fB So,e of t"e ,ore nota5le participants )ere t"e Gran1 (ufti of 7osnia an1 Her:egovina. 7art"olo,e) I. spiritual lea1er of t"e )orl1?s %$$

,illion Ort"o1o2 !"ristians. Da55i =avi1 Dosen of +erusale,. Presi1ent of t"e International !ouncil of !"ristians an1 +e)s an1 Ges"e Tas"i Tsering. Depresentative of t"e =alai La,a9 Also represente1 )ere Hin1uis,. Soroastrianis,. Si;"is,. +ainis, An1 Tra1itional African Deligions A%gB T"e article goes on to sa/ AE,p"asis A11e1B 8ranciscan ,on;s took do(n crosses fro, t"e )alls an1 re,ove1 ot"er religious o5>ects fro, roo,s in a 4&s"ape1 convent near St9 8rancis? to,5. )"ere a nu,5er of t"e various religious guests )ill pra/9 Demons' demons e#ery(here A ,essage on 8rancis 8rangipaneCs site contains an e2cerpt. a1apte1 fro, a c"apter in 8rancis? 5oo; The House of the Lord. )"ic" sa/s99 Ho)ever. )"en t"e c"urc" is not 5uilt accor1ing to !"ristCs 1irectives. 5ut re,ains selfis" an1 1ivi1e1. t"e principalities an1 po)ers "ave access in a greater 1egree to t"e souls of ,en9 In suc" cities. spiritual )ic;e1ness guar1s neig"5ors an1 co,,unities9 One 1oes not "ave to 5e ver/ 1iscerning to see t"is is true9 On /our ne2t 1rive fro, t"e countr/ into t"e cit/. see if /ou cannot 1iscern a 1istinguis"a5le clou1 of oppression as /ou enter various regions of /our co,,unit/9 T"at invisi5le 5arrier is t"e range of influence of t"e ruling spirits )"ic" ,anipulate t"e t"oug"t&life of t"e people9 T"e 1e,onic po)er of t"at area of influence is t"e @strong ,an. full/ ar,e1.@ )"o @guar1s "is o)n "o,estea1@R )"ose @possessions are un1istur5e1@ MLu;e ##: #N9 A'B Degions an1 territories are not t"e onl/ 1e,on infeste1 o5>ects t"at are to 5e purge19 Apart fro, t"e 5elief t"at 1e,ons are trans,itte1 t"roug" genealogical in"eritance or fa,il/ curses Ma )"ole ot"er su5>ectN. ,an/ 5elieve t"at 1angerous 1e,onic influences are trans,itte1 t"roug" contact )it" p"/sical o5>ects suc" as artifacts 1e1icate1 to ot"er go1s Mevil spiritsN. per"aps 5ecause people involve1 )it" t"e occult "ave invite1 1e,ons to occup/ sai1 o5>ect9 It is also often 5elieve1 t"at 1e,ons occup/ ,an/ places Mli;e "ealt" foo1 storesN t"at are lin;e1 to t"e occult or t"e Ne) Age9 Or t"at t"e/ can occup/ an o5>ect li;e a 5uil1ing 5ecause a 1eat" or evil act )as associate1 )it" it9

Spiritual I(appingJ
is preparation for spiritual )arfare an1 not an en1 in itself9 Preparation for an/ successful p"/sical 5attle involves reconnaissance to gat"er vital infor,ation regar1ing t"e ene,/Cs position an1 strengt" in or1er to co,e up )it" a strateg/ to overco,e t"e,9 Si,ilarl/ spiritual ,apping is reconnaissance in t"e spiritual real,. or t"e atte,pt to loo; 5e/on1 t"e ,aterial an1 p"/sical features of a geograp"ical area to t"e spiritual forces 5e"in1 it t"at influence its c"aracter0 in ot"er )or1s. to see a region Mor co,,unit/N as it reall/ is fro, Go1Cs perspective. an1 not as it appears to 5e9 T"is "as 5een li;ene1 to a 1octor using an T&ra/ to see )"at is not rea1il/ apparent on t"e

surface0 A1vocates <uote t"e, !orint"ians :## in support of t"e i1ea t"at Paul )as not una)are of Satan?s sc"e,es&"e ;ne) t"e, in or1er to co,5at

t"at no a1vantage ,a/ 5e gaine1 over us 5/ Satan: for )e are not ignorant of "is 1evices9 ,o(e#er 3ote t"at t"e )or1 translate1 devices Mt"e Gree; noemaN "as 5een use1 so,e si2 ti,es in t"e Ne) Testa,ent an1 "as unifor,l/ 5een translate1 minds or thoughts9 Strongs le2icon sa/s it is Ia perception. t"at is. purpose. or M5/ i,plicationN t"e intellect. It see,s to ,e t"at ever/ !"ristian s"oul1 5e )ell a)are of SatanCs perception an1 purposes9 Spiritual (apping suppose1l/ ensures t"at intercessors are 5etter e<uippe1 to specificall/ 1irect t"eir pra/ers M@s,art&5o,5@ pra/ingN to t"e tearing 1o)n of particular strong"ol1s9 Loosening t"e "ol1 of forces of 1ar;ness over people in a particular territor/ is suppose1 to virtuall/ guarantee evangelistic success )it"in t"e I,appe1J area. )it" positive signs suc" a lo)er cri,e rate. ,ore receptiveness to t"e Gospel an1 ,ore people co,ing to !"rist9 T"e/ never tire of pointing us in t"e 1irection of (att"e) # : * in )"ic" +esus sa/s ?Ho) can one enter into a strong ,an?s "ouse. an1 spoil "is goo1s. e2cept "e first 5in1 t"e strong ,an3 An1 t"en He )ill spoil "is "ouse?9 ! Peter Wagner Man1 a ,illion ot"ersN interprets t"is verse as ,eaning @T"e ?"ouse? is t"e territor/ controlle1 5/ Satan. or "is 1elegate1 spirits. an1 t"at territor/ cannot 5e ta;en unless "e is 5oun19 7ut once t"e territorial spirits are 5oun1. t"e ;ing1o, of Go1 can flo) into t"e territor/ an1 ?plun1er t"e strong ,an?s goo1s.? as it )ere9@ AHB Proponents ,aintain t"at spiritual )arfare ,a/ 5e t"e single ,ost i,portant strateg/ )e can utili:e in reac"ing t"e unreac"e19 Accor1ing toThe Australian Prayer et!ork0 AE,p"asis A11e1B IT"is fres" ,ove of Go1 to gi#e us the keys of the Hingdom in spiritual ,apping possi5l/ starte1 in t"e ,i1 #*-$Cs9 Part of t"e para1ig, s"ift ca,e a5out 5ecause )e intercessors soug"t Go1 for ,ore effective ;e/s in spiritual )arfare9 A ,a>or 5rea;t"roug" ca,e in #*-* )it" +o"n =a)sonCs 5oo; Taking "ur #ities $or %od9 T"e result )as a )a;e&up call to t"e 7o1/ of !"rist9 T"en in #**H at t"e Glo5al !ongress on Worl1 Evangeli:ation in Seoul. 6orea. George Otis +nr9 intro1uce1 t"e concepts of spiritual ,apping9 An1 t"e rest is "istor/9 7ut t"e 5iggest 5rea;t"roug" ca,e in #*** )"en George Otis +unior pu5lis"e1 Infor,e1 Intercession. )"ic" is no) t"e stan1ar1 researc" ,et"o1olog/ for spiritual ,appingJ9 AKB

In "is 5oo; The Life %iving #hurch. Te1 Haggar1. )"o at t"e ti,e le1 t"e Ne) Life !"urc" in !olora1o Springs. 1escri5es a #** ,eeting in 4plan1. !alifornia. t"at )as t"e genesis of "is an1 Peter WagnerCs partners"ip9 T"e en1 result of t"at ,eeting )as t"e esta5lis"ing of The &orld Prayer #enter in !olora1o Springs a1>oining Haggar1Cs Ne) Life !"urc" AFB9 Once 1escri5e1 5/ Lee Gra1/ of !"aris,a (aga:ine as t"e Ispiritual version of t"e PentagonJ. t"e center )as use1 as t"e central nerve center for co,piling spiritual ,apping 1ata9 ! Peter Wagner )"o is co,,onl/ 5elieve1 to 5e an Iaut"orit/J in t"e fiel1s of c"urc" gro)t" an1 spiritual )arfare. 1escri5es 0

T"ree Levels Of Spiritual Warfare:

Peter WagnerCs 5oo; #onfronting the Po!ers is t"e fift" 5oo; in t"e @Pra/er Warrior@ series an1 "as 5een en1orse1 5/ Mno surprises "ereN +ac; Ha/for1 pastor of #hurch on The &ay in Van Nu/s !A. +ac; =eere an1 Vonette 7rig"t )"o along )it" "er "us5an1 7ill 7rig"t )as co& foun1er of Cam$us Crusade for Christ9 In t"e 5oo; Wagner sa/s 0 %round Level spiritual !arfare involves casting 1e,ons out of people0 "ccult Level spiritual !arfare 1eals )it" 1e,onic forces release1 t"roug" activities relate1 to Satanis,. )itc"craft. 8ree,asonr/. Eastern religions. Ne) Age s"a,anis,. astrolog/ an1 ,an/ ot"er for,s of structure1 occultis,J 'trategic Level spiritual !arfare Malso calle1 cos,ic level spiritual )arfareN 1escri5es confrontation )it" "ig" ran;ing principalities an1 po)ers suc" as Paul )rites a5out in Ep"esians K: #9 T"ese ene,/ forces are fre<uentl/ calle1 Iterritorial spiritsJ 5ecause t"e/ atte,pt to ;eep large nu,5ers of "u,ans net)or;e1 t"roug" cities. nations. neig"5or"oo1s. people groups. religious allegiance. in1ustries or an/ ot"er for, of "u,an societ/ in spiritual captivit/9J A-B In "is 5oo; #onfronting the Po!ers. ! Peter Wagner sa/s t"at "e regar1s spiritual )arfare Iin a categor/ si,ilar to 5aptis,J inas,uc" as IWe "ave 1iffering positions t"at our position is t"e correct an1 ,ost 5i5lical one9 7ut )e are not 1ealing )it" "eres/. an1 )e "ave enoug" 5i5lical evi1ence to support var/ing positions. especiall/ consi1ering t"at )e ,ig"t interpret t"e sa,e Scriptures in 1ifferent )a/s9J He goes on to sa/ IIn t"is 5oo;. I a, not clai,ing 5i5lical proof for t"e vali1it/ of strategic&level spiritual )arfare. spiritual ,apping or i1entificational

repentance9 I )ill. "o)ever. clai, t"at )e 1o "ave sufficient 5i5lical evidence to )arrant: At t"e least. a )or;ing "/pot"esis t"at )e can fiel1 test. ,o1if/ an1 refine: At t"e most. a significant. relativel/ ne) spiritual tec"nolog/ Go1 "as given us to ,eet t"e greatest c"allenge to )orl1 ,issions since Willia, !are/ )ent to In1ia ,ore t"an $$ /ears ago9 If t"is is t"e case refusing to use it on t"e part of so,e ,ig"t 5e to run t"e ris; of unfait"fulness to t"e (aster9 A*B Wagner certainl/ isnCt alone99 t"e follo)ing e2a,ples 1o no ,ore t"an s;i, t"e surface of )"at "as 5eco,e 5ot" a ver/ )i1e an1 1eep pon19 Ted ,aggard: In #**H Haggar1 "a1 a 5oo; pu5lis"e1 calle1 Primary Purpose( )aking *t Hard for People to %o to Hell from +our #ity . in )"ic" "e sai1 it I"appene1 in !olora1o Springs. an1 it can "appen in /our cit/ tooJ9 Francis Frangi$ane In "is 5oo; The Three Battlegrounds, 8rangipane sa/s T"ere are satanic strong"ol1s over countries an1 co,,unitiesR t"ere are strong"ol1s )"ic" influence c"urc"es an1 in1ivi1uals9999APg9 *B A little earlier in t"e 5oo; 8rangipane <uotes !orint"ians #$:%&H an1 goes on to sa/99 AE,p"asis A11e1B

All successful 1eliverance ,ust 5egin 5/ first re,oving t"at )"ic" 1efen1s t"e ene,/9 In spea;ing of spiritual )arfare. t"e apostle Paul enlists t"e )or1 IStrong"ol1J M6+VN to 1efine t"e spiritual fortresses )"erein Satan an1 "is legions "i1e an1 are protecte19 T"ese fortresses e2ist in t"e thought patterns an1 ideas t"at govern in1ivi1uals an1 c"urc"es. as (ell as communities and nations. 7efore victor/ can 5e clai,e1. t"ese strong"ol1s ,ust 5e pulle1 1o)n an1 SatanCs ar,or re,ove19 Then t"e ,ig"t/ )eapons of t"e Wor1 an1 t"e Spirit can effectivel/ plun1er Satan?s "ouse9J A#$B Chuck D. 1ierce and Dutch Sheets !"uc; =9 Pierce is Presi1ent of Glor/ of Sion International an1 Vice&Presi1ent of Glo5al Harvest (inistries. )"ile =utc" S"eets is senior pastor of Springs Harvest 8ello)s"ip in !olora1o Springs. !olora1o. t"e c"urc" atten1e1 5/ ! Peter Wagner an1 "is )ife =oris9 In $$#. t"e/ coaut"ore1 a 5oo; title1 -eleasing The Prophetic Destiny "f A ation. of )"ic" t"e pro1uct 1escription on A,a:on9co, sa/s 0 It"e re,ar;a5le stor/ of "o) Go1 calle1 t)o ver/ 1ifferent ,en to co,e toget"er for a co,,on cause: His 1esire to "eal t"e 4nite1 States of A,ericaJ9 In fact =utc" S"eets sa/s "e ;ne) "e )as in for a )il1 ri1e )"en. as "e sa/s It"e Lor1 s"o)e1 ,e ,ental picture of ,/self ri1ing )it"

!"rist on His )"ite "orse99J APg9 ##B9 Pierce an1 S"eets travele1 t"e H$ states rall/ing apostles. prop"ets. intercessors an1 entire c"urc"es to 5rea; t"e grip of 1e,onic strong"ol1s over t"e 4nite1 States9 IT"eir efforts to purge t"e lan1 of territorial an1 generational sin 5egan an open season of )arfare against t"e principalities an1 po)ers entrenc"e1 in ever/ stateJ9 !"ristians )ere 1irecte1 5/ t"ese ,o1ern apostles to call fort" IangelsJ to 5ring 1o)n t"e ,ig"t/ events9 T"e 5oo; provi1e1 a 1etaile1 account of t"eir >ourne/ to eac" state an1 )"at Go1 reveale1 to t"e, a5out eac" state9

Spiritual (apping An1 Evangelistic Success

Bo" Beckett and Commitment to Conquer =espite t"eir 5est efforts. ,issionaries "ave "a1 onl/ li,ite1 success in countries li;e !"ina an1 In1ia. 5ot" of )"ic" "ave enor,ous populations entrenc"e1 in pagan superstition an1 i1ol )ors"ip9 T"ere is little 1ou5t t"at ,an/ ,issionaries feel t"at t"e/ "ave trie1 ever/t"ing to little or no avail. )"ic" can not 5ut result in total frustration9 T"is of course. is not li,ite1 to ,issionaries in foreign countries. 5ut is often e<uall/ applica5le to pastors of 1o,estic c"urc"es9 Bo" Beckett' senior pastor of D!elling Place #hurch in He,et. !alifornia taug"t on Local 'trategic *ntercession as part of !9 Peter WagnerCs Worl1 (issions !lass an1 Spiritual Issues in !"urc" Gro)t" classes at 8uller Se,inar/9 7ec;ett is also a ,e,5er of t"e Ne) Apostolic Doun1ta5le an1 Eagle Vision Apostolic Tea, un1er =r9 !9 Peter Wagner an1 serves as a facult/ ,e,5er of t"e Wagner Lea1ers"ip Institute in !olora1o Springs. !olora1o an1 on t"e E2ecutive 7oar1 of Generals of Intercession )it" (i;e an1 !in1/ +aco5s9 A##B In "is #**F 5oo; #ommitment to #on.uer. "e tal;s a5out "is c"urc" )"ic" pra/e1 ever/ ,orning. five 1a/s a )ee; for five /ears9 T"ese pra/er ,eetings "a1 an/)"ere fro, ten to a "un1re1 people present an1 t"e/ Ipra/e1 t"eir "earts out a5out 1rugs. gangs. sc"ools. pornograp"/J99 all t"e issues t"at concerne1 t"eir co,,unit/9 IWe ca,e against t"e )or;s of Satan9 We 5oun1 spirits left an1 rig"tJ9 He goes on to sa/ t"at. alt"oug" t"e lives of t"ose )"o ca,e )ere c"ange1 1ra,aticall/J an1 It"e/ 5eca,e a tig"t ;nit fa,il/ t"at s"are1 one anot"erCs 5ur1ens an1 poure1 our "earts out in pra/er for our co,,unit/J. t"e pro5le, )as t"at Iat t"e en1 of t"ose five /ears of fait"ful intercession. totaling a5out #%$$ "ours of corporate pra/er. Hel,et "a1 not c"ange1 one 5it9 In fact. if an/t"ing it )as )orse9J 7ec;ett t"en relates "o) "e )ent to t"e Lor1 to see; ans)ers an1 gra1uall/ 5egan to 5e s"o)n )"at t"e pro5le, )as9 IAlt"oug" )e "a1 5een interce1ing fait"full/. our intercession "a1 not 5een persistentl/ accurate9 We "a1 si,pl/ spra/e1 pra/ers "ere an1 t"ere. "oping t"e/ )oul1 "it a target9J99 ISince )e )ere pra/ing )it"out accurate infor,ation )e "a1 no )a/ of evaluating our progress9J He t"en co,pares t"eir intercession to t"e Gulf War an1 a satirical stor/ circulating at t"e ti,e a5out Sa11a, Hussein s"ooting off "is

,issiles. t"en tuning to !NN to fin1 out )"ere t"e/ "a1 "itU 7ec;ett contrasts t"e Scu1 ,issiles )it" t"e ?s,art 5o,5s? of t"e allies t"at use1 specific coor1inates to accuratel/ "it t"eir targets99 coor1inates )"ic" )ere o5taine1 5/ reconnaissance infor,ation gat"ere1 5e"in1 ene,/ lines. )it"out )"ic" t"e s,art 5o,5s )oul1 not "ave 5een near as effective9 !onclu1ing t"at t"e/ "a1 to 1iscover t"e ILor1Cs agen1aJ for t"eir co,,unit/ an1 )"at reall/ )as going on in t"eir cit/. after )"ic" t"e/ 5egan to ,a;e I"reakthroughs in their community' (ith ,elmet "ecoming %more infiltrated (ith the Hingdom of /od J9 A# B MInci1entall/ on Page *$ of "is $$- 5oo; Praying !ith Po!er, ! Peter Wagner refers to t"is Scu1 ,issile pra/ing an1 sa/s "e li;es t"e )a/ 7o5 7ec;ett 1escri5es it99N So if tearing 1o)n strong"ol1s is presente1 as a guarantee for evangelistic success. itCs popularit/ is ver/ un1erstan1a5le9 7esi1es )"ic". Wagner also 5elieves t"at cities can 5e I5orn againJ9 AE,p"asis A11e1B If )e agree t"at )e nee1 to ,ove )it" Go1 for ta;ing over a certain cit/. "o) )ill )e ;no) if an1 )"en )e "ave succee1e13 I t"in; t"at a 5i5licall/ roote1 ,easure for success )oul1 5e t"e 5irt" of a ne) creation: IT"erefore. if an/one is in !"rist. "e is a ne) creationR ol1 t"ings "ave passe1 a)a/R 5e"ol1. all t"ings "ave 5eco,e ne)J M !or9 H:#FN9 If t"is is )"at t"e 7i5le e2pects of in1ivi1uals )"o are transfor,e1. (hy should (e e*$ect less of a city) If in1ivi1uals can 5e 5orn again. )"/ canCt cities. ,a1e up of ,an/ in1ivi1uals. 5e 5orn again3 A#%B Ho)ever one <uestion reall/ nee1s to 5e a11resse1 first. an1 t"at is 0

Are T"ere Territorial Spirits3

Are t"ere spirits t"at "ave >uris1iction of a particular territor/3 Per"apsU T"ere is not"ing in t"e 7i5le t"at rules out t"e possi5ilit/ an1 a fe) te2ts t"at ,a/ i,pl/ t"e realit/ of Ipresi1ingJ spirits9 8or e2a,ple99 Bel and Ba"ylon W"en +ere,ia" tal;s a5out t"e fall of 7a5/lon "e sa/s @7el is s"a,e1@ an1 @(ero1ac" is 5ro;en in pieces@ A+ere,ia" H$: B9 Si,ilarl/ Go1 sa/s IAn1 I )ill e2ecute >u1g,ent upon 7el in 7a5/lon. an1 I )ill 5ring fort" out of "is ,out" t"at )"ic" "e "at" s)allo)e1 upR an1 t"e nations s"all not flo) an/ ,ore unto "i,: /ea. t"e )all of 7a5/lon s"all fall9 A+ere,ia" H#:''B ;egion T"e stor/ of +esus casting ILegionJ out of t"e ,an )"o )as living a,ong t"e to,5s A(ar; HB is particularl/ interesting9 In verse H ILegionJ earnestl/ i,plores +esus Inot to sen1 t"e, out of t"e countr/J9 Alt"oug". in Lu;eCs account t"e/ 5eseec" +esus not to cast t"e,

Iinto t"e a5/ss9J ALu;e -:%$&%#B9 S$ecific 1rinci$alities 6ings relates )"en IIsrael )as carrie1 a)a/ out of t"eir o)n lan1 to Ass/riaJ AV9 %B. It"e ;ing of Ass/ria 5roug"t ,en fro, 7a5/lon. an1 fro, !ut"a". an1 fro, Avva. an1 fro, Ha,at" an1 Sep"arvai,. an1 place1 t"e, in t"e cities of Sa,aria instea1 of t"e c"il1ren of IsraelR an1 t"e/ possesse1 Sa,aria. an1 1)elt in t"e cities t"ereofJ AV9 'B Later on in t"e sa,e c"apter it is sai1 t"at Iever/ nation ,a1e go1s of t"eir o)n. an1 put t"e, in t"e "ouses of t"e "ig" placesJ AV9 *B an1 Iserve1 t"eir o)n go1s. after t"e ,anner of t"e nations fro, a,ong )"o, t"e/ "a1 5een carrie1 a)a/J AV9%%B9 So,e specific principalities are ,entione1 An1 t"e ,en of 7a5/lon ,a1e Succot"&5enot". an1 t"e ,en of !ut" ,a1e Nergal. an1 t"e ,en of Ha,at" ,a1e As"i,a. an1 t"e Avvites ,a1e Ni5"a: an1 Tarta;R an1 t"e Sep"arvites 5urnt t"eir c"il1ren in t"e fire to A1ra,,elec" an1 Ana,,elec". t"e go1s of Sep"arvai,9 A 6ings #F:%$&%#B Alymas The Sorcerer !ontrar/ to )"at I "ave rea1. t"e stor/ of Paul?s encounter )it" El/,as t"e sorcerer in Acts #% 1oes not give an/ in1ication of a Iterritorial spiritJ9 T"e account si,pl/ sa/s t"at t"e proconsul Icalle1 unto "i, 7arna5as an1 Saul. an1 soug"t to "ear t"e )or1 of Go1J AV9FB 5ut El/,as trie1 to Iturn asi1e t"e proconsul fro, t"e fait"J AV9-B 9 Paul t"en calle1 El/,as Ison of t"e 1evil.J an1 5lin1e1 "i, for a season )"ic" so astonis"e1 t"e proconsul t"at "e 5elieve19 AVs9*&# B One ,ore possi5ilit/ is 1ergamum' situate1 in )"at is present 1a/ Tur;e/9 Perga,u, )as a reno)ne1 cultural an1 political center )it" a li5rar/. an1 ,e1ical facilities9 Ho)ever it )as also a ,a>or center of pagan religion )it" i,pressive te,ples. inclu1ing t"e Te,ple of =ion/sos M;no)n in Do,e as 7accus. go1 of )ineN. t"e fa,ous "orses"oe s"ape1 altar of Seus an1 t"e Te,ple of Serapis. 5uilt for t"e Eg/ptian Go1s in t"e n1 c9 A=9 It is not )on1er t"at +esus 1escri5es it as )"ere Satan?s t"rone is@ an1 @)"ere Satan 1)ells@ alt"oug" )e 1o not ;no) if +esus ,eant t"is literall/0 I ;no) )"ere t"ou 1)ellest. even )"ere Satan?s t"rone isR an1 t"ou "ol1est fast ,/ na,e. an1 1i1st not 1en/ ,/ fait". even in t"e 1a/s of Antipas ,/ )itness. ,/ fait"ful one. )"o )as ;ille1 a,ong /ou. )"ere Satan 1)ellet"9 ADevelation :#%B

T"e Princes in =aniel #$

T"e 7i5lical illustration ,ost co,,onl/ cite1 for t"e aN e2istence of territorial spirits an1 5N Strategic Level Spiritual Warfare. is =aniel #$9 An1 it is certainl/ is possi5le t"at t"e ,entione1 princes of Persia an1 Greece coul1 5e 1e,ons in c"arge of particular territories or

;ing1o,s9 T"e account tells us t"at fro, =anielCs first re<uest for un1erstan1ing. "is pra/er )as "ear1. an1 an angel )as 1ispatc"e1 to eart" to visit "i, in ans)er to t"at pra/er9 Ho)ever t"e Iprince of t"e ;ing1o, of PersiaJ oppose1 t"e angel. resulting in a t"ree&)ee; 1ela/. an1 it )as onl/ )"en t"e "elp of (ic"ael Mone of t"e c"ief princesN )as enliste1 t"at t"e angel )as finall/ a5le to co,plete "is ,ission9 Since. on t"ree occasions. +esus referre1 to Satan as t"e prince of this !orld M+o"n # :%#. #':%$. #K:##N an1 since (ic"ael is referre1 to as Ione of t"e c"ief princesJ in =aniel #$:#%. it is possi5le t"at all t"e IprincesJ referre1 to in c"apter #$ are not "u,an rulers 5ut supernatural po)ers9 Also t"is section of t"e 5oo; of =aniel 1oes see, to give in1ication t"at certain 1e,ons "ave so,e ;in1 of >uris1iction an1 po)er over particular territories on eart": T"en "e Man angelN continue1. @=o not 5e afrai1. =aniel9 Since t"e first 1a/ t"at /ou set /our ,in1 to gain un1erstan1ing an1 to "u,5le /ourself 5efore /our Go1. /our )or1s )ere "ear1. an1 I "ave co,e in response to t"e,9 7ut t"e prince of t"e Persian ;ing1o, resiste1 ,e t)ent/&one 1a/s@ M=aniel #$:# &#%N9 Ho)ever t"ere is secon1 consi1eration. 5roug"t up 5/ t"e angelCs )or1s in verse $ @So "e Mt"e angelN sai1. ?=o /ou ;no) )"/ I "ave co,e to /ou3 Soon I )ill return to fig"t against t"e prince of Persia. an1 )"en I go. t"e prince of Greece )ill co,e?@ M=aniel #$: $N9 T"is 5ears a ,ar;e1 rese,5lance to =anielCs prop"ec/ foun1 in !"apter a5out actual "istorical events t"at )ere t"en /et in t"e future9 =aniels interpretation of t"e ;ing Ne5uc"a1ne::arCs 1rea, )as. in a nuts"ell. a prop"ec/ concerning t"e rise an1 fall off successive e,pires99 7a5/lon )as con<uere1 5/ t"e (e1es an1 Persians. )"o )ere in turn overt"ro)n 5/ t"e Gree;s un1er Ale2an1er t"e Great. 5ut )ere eventuall/ supplante1 5/ t"e Do,an E,pire9 So )"en t"e angel spea;s of t"e Iprince of GreeceJ "ere. it is <uite possi5le t"at "e )as referring to Ale2an1er t"e Great. )"o con<uere1 Persia so,e t)o "un1re1 /ears after "e spo;e9 In fact =aniel ## 1etails t"e events )"ic" )ill occur all t"e )a/ fro, =anielCs 1a/ to t"e en1 of t"e age9 T"e 5oo; of E:ra sa/s t"at It"e Lor1 stirre1 up t"e spirit of !/rus ;ing of PersiaJ M#9#N )"ic" ,eans it 1oes not ta;e an/ stretc" of i,agination to 5elieve t"at it too; supernatural persuasion to cause !/rus to 1ecree t"at t"e +e)s coul1 return to +erusale, an1 start re5uil1ing t"e cit/ an1 t"e te,ple. )"ic" gave !/rus no political nor strategic a1vantage9 In fact. even after t"e initial 1ecree of !/rus. t"ings 1i1 not go )ell )it" t"e re5uil1ing pro>ect9 After t"e first /ear of return fro, e2ile. opposition to t"e Te,pleCs re5uil1ing arose a,ong t"e people t"en living in t"e area. an1 t"e/ "ire1 representatives to go to t"e Persian court an1 put a stop to t"e pro>ect9 We are

tol1 t"at t"e/ )ere successful t"roug"out t"e reigns of !/rus an1 !a,5/ses. an1 initiall/ successful )it" =arius as )ell9 IT"en t"e people of t"e lan1 )ea;ene1 t"e "an1s of t"e people of +u1a". an1 trou5le1 t"e, in 5uil1ing. an1 "ire1 counsellors against t"e,. to frustrate t"eir purpose. all t"e 1a/s of !/rus ;ing of Persia. even until t"e reign of =arius ;ing of PersiaJ9 AE:ra ':'&HB So t"e opposition )"ic" continue1 for <uite so,e ti,e coul1 ver/ )ell 5e represente1 as a fig"t 5et)een t"e Persian rulers an1 t"e angel9 T"is possi5ilit/ is also pointe1 out in 'piritual po!er and missions( raising the issues 7/ E1)ar1 Do,,en T"e <uestion "as to 5e as;e1 I)"at is =aniel so concerne1 a5out t"at "e )oul1 fast an1 pra/ for t)ent/ one 1a/s3 T"e 5est 1ating of =aniel #$ in1icates t"at IAccor1ing to cuneifor, evi1ence !/rus appointe1 "is son !a,5/ses. 6ing of 7a5/lon a region. inclu1ing IsraelJ alt"oug" "e "i,self )as still ;ing9 T"is )oul1 ,a;e !a,5/ses a IprinceJ99 one )"o accor1ing to t"e "istorical evi1ence )as activel/ pro"i5iting t"e 5uil1ing of t"e te,ple9 Per"aps t"is )as )"at =aniel )as pra/ing a5out9 APg9 F%B Also note t"at t"e angel sai1 t"at )"en "e left It"e prince of Greece )ill co,eJ9 It see,s to 5e a fact t"at t"e Gree;s generall/ allo)e1 t"e +e)s to run t"eir state an1 initial interaction 5et)een t"e t)o cultures see,e1 to 5e ver/ positive9 !ertainl/ Ale2an1er t"e Great is loo;e1 on )it" respect 5/ t"e +e)s a,ong )"o, Ale2an1er re,ains a +e)is" na,e to t"is 1a/9 De,e,5er t"at F$ Da55is translate1 t"e He5re) 7i5le into Gree; M;no)n as t"e Septuagint. )"ic" ,eans @F$@ in Gree;N9 So it is possi5le t"at t"e ,eaning of t"e angelCs )or1s )ere t"at once t"e Persian e,pire )as a5sor5e1 into Ale2an1erC e,pire. "is )or; )oul1 5e 1one an1 t"ere )oul1 t"en 5e no ,ore nee1 of "i, at t"e Persian court9

=anielCs Warfare Pra/er3

T"e fact re,ains t"at )"ic" ever )a/ one loo;s at t"e passages in <uestion. t"ere is an enor,ous gap 5et)een )"at can 5e 1e1uce1 fro, t"e te2t an1 )"at t"e a1vocates of territorial spirits teac"9 Of =aniel #$. Peter Wagner sa/s IT"is stor/ leaves us little 1ou5t t"at territorial spirits greatl/ influence "u,an life in all its sociopolitical aspects9 An1 it also s"o)s us clearl/ t"at t"e onl/ )eapon =aniel "a1 to co,5at t"ese rulers of 1ar;ness )as )arfare pra/er9 A#'B Warfare pra/er3 =anielCs pra/er is outline1 in 1etail in t"e nint" c"apter of =aniel. )"en "e learns fro, t"e prop"ets M+ere,ia" in particularN t"at t"e F$&/ear perio1 of IsraelCs captivit/ is 1ra)ing to a close9 Wit" t"is "ope. =aniel 5egins to pra/ for "i,self an1 "is people. 5ot" confessing t"e sins of t"e nation for not o5e/ing t"e voice of Go1. t"en petitioning t"e Lor1 to let His anger an1 )rat" 5e turne1 a)a/ fro, His cit/. +erusale,9

Note t"at so,e 5elieve t"at at t"e ti,e of =aniel #$. t"e first )ave of +e)is" captives )oul1 "ave alrea1/ returne1 to +erusale,9 Ho)ever )"ile not )anting to 5e 1og,atic a5out it. so,e of =aniels )or1s see, to preclu1e t"is possi5ilit/ 0 let t"ine anger an1 t"/ )rat". I pra/ t"ee. 5e turne1 a)a/ fro, t"/ cit/ +erusale,. t"/ "ol/ ,ountain 99 +erusale, an1 t"/ people are 5eco,e a reproac" to all t"at are roun1 a5out us9 AV9#KB cause t"/ face to s"ine upon t"/ sanctuar/ t"at is 1esolate AV9#FB It certainl/ see,s t"at =aniel )as plea1ing for t"e restoration of "is people an1 countr/. )"ic" "a1nCt "appene1 /et9 He )as earnestl/ entreating t"e Lor1 to 5e ,erciful9 =aniels )or1s in verses #- an1 #* are especiall/ ,oving. epito,i:ing as t"e/ 1o repentance an1 t"e ,ercies of Go19 O ,/ Go1. incline t"ine ear. an1 "earR open t"ine e/es. an1 5e"ol1 our 1esolations. an1 t"e cit/ )"ic" is calle1 5/ t"/ na,e: for )e 1o not present our supplications 5efore t"ee for our rig"teousness. 5ut for t"/ great ,ercies? sa;e9 O Lor1. "earR O Lor1. forgiveR O Lor1. "ear;en an1 1oR 1efer not. for t"ine o)n sa;e. O ,/ Go1. 5ecause t"/ cit/ an1 t"/ people are calle1 5/ t"/ na,e9 A=aniel *:#-&#*B One )a/ or t"e ot"er. t"ere is a5solutel/ not even a "int of )arfare in an/ of =anielCs )or1s9 He 1i1 not. at an/ point. 1irectl/ c"allenge t"e Princes of Persia or Greece9 He 1oes not 1iscern. ,ap. 5in1. or pra/ against a territorial spirit9 In fact =aniel )as 5lissfull/ una)are of an/ 5attle. leave alone )"o )as fig"ting )"o, until "is 1ivine visitor later tol1 "i, a5out it9 3ote t"at t"e pra/ers of Ne"e,ia". E:ra an1 =aniel as often referre1 to as e2a,ples of II1entificational DepentanceJ9 CSee Section B!!! !dentificational 4e$entanceE

Out of !onte2t Te2ts

An a11itional pro5le, is t"at )it"out so,e serious ,anipulation of t"e accounts. t"e fun1a,ental strateg/ e,plo/e1 in 'L'& is neit"er foun1 in t"e 7i5le nor in c"urc" "istor/9 Scripture is 5eing re&e2a,ine1 an1 re&)ritten t"roug" t"e lens of e2perience. resulting in trut"s t"at can not 5e 1erive1 fro, Scripture alone9 Verses in Scripture are 5eing )reste1 out of conte2t to 5ac; up preconceive1 t"eories0 - Corinthians +@ 056 One of t"e ,ost co,,on verses of Scripture cite1 is !orint"ians #$:%&'

8or t"oug" )e )al; in t"e fles". )e 1o not )ar accor1ing to t"e fles" Mfor t"e )eapons of our )arfare are not of t"e fles". 5ut ,ig"t/ 5efore Go1 to t"e casting 1o)n of strong"ol1sN.

T"e pro5le, "ere is t"at t"e stage for t"ese t)o verses is set in t"e verse i,,e1iatel/ prece1ing t"ese MV9 N )"ere Paul tells t"e !orint"ians t"at "e 1oesnCt )ant to force1 to 5e severe )it" t"ose t"at accuse "i, of 5eing governe1 5/ )orl1l/ ,otives or I)al;ing accor1ing to t"e fles"J9 He t"en goes on to sa/ t"at t"oug" t"e/ "ave ,ortal 5o1ies an1 lea1 nor,al "u,an lives. t"e 5attle t"e/ are fig"ting is on t"e spiritual level9 /ea. I 5eseec" /ou. t"at I ,a/ not )"en present s"o) courage )it" t"e confi1ence )"ere)it" I count to 5e 5ol1 against so,e. )"o count of us as if )e )al;e1 accor1ing to t"e fles"9 AV9 B W"ile "e 1oes not specif/ in verses % an1 ' )"at t"e ,ig"t/ spiritual )eapons are t"at can @1e,olis" strong"ol1s@ of evil. V9H clearl/ points out t"at. in t"is conte2t. strongholds are clearl/ i,aginations. t"oug"ts or argu,ents t"at run counter to t"e trut" of Go1 an1 contra1ict Go1&given revelations0 casting 1o)n i,aginations. an1 ever/ "ig" t"ing t"at is e2alte1 against t"e ;no)le1ge of Go1. an1 5ringing ever/ t"oug"t into captivit/ to t"e o5e1ience of !"rist A#$:HB Paul sa/s it s"oul1 5e t"e ai, of t"e !orint"ians to 5ring all suc" t"oug"ts an1 actions into su5,ission to )"at Go1 "as reveale1 in His Wor1. )"ic" is o5e1ience to !"rist9 Paul later enu,erates t"e spiritual )eapons in Ep"esians K:##&#F. )"ere "e points out spiritual attac; is al)a/s t"e preac"ing of t"e gospel ,essage9 T"e s)or1 of Go1?s Wor1 is even @s"arper t"an an/ t)o&e1ge1 s)or19@ Ep"esians K "as 5een furt"er 1iscusse1 in t"e conclusion of t"is article0 7elo)9

.atthe( +- -? Jesus and The Strongman In t"is passage. after seeing +esus e2orcise a ,an possesse1 )it" a 1e,on an1 t"erefore 5lin1 an1 1u,5 AV9 B t"e ,ultitu1es )ere 5eginning to )on1er )"et"er +esus )as t"e Son of =avi1 AV9 %B9 Ho)ever t"e P"arisees co,pletel/ 1is,isse1 t"is. an1 attri5ute1 t"e e2orcis, to an alliance )it" 7eel:e5u50 IT"is ,an 1ot" not cast out 1e,ons. 5ut 5/ 7eel:e5u5 t"e prince of t"e 1e,onsJ AV9 'B9 To t"is c"arge +esus sai1 no ;ing1o,. or even cit/ or "ouse. t"at is 1ivi1e1 against itself can stan1. so if He )as casting out 1e,ons 5/ t"e po)er of Satan. it )oul1 ,ean t"at Satan is 1ivi1e1 against "i,self. an1 "is ;ing1o, cannot stan19 Not onl/ 1i1 +esus point out t"e intrinsic a5sur1it/ of t"eir argu,ent. 5ut s"o)e1 t"at it ,ig"t as )ell 5e applie1 to t"e, as to "i,. inas,uc" as if t"eir argu,ent )as true. t"en t"eir 1isciples )"o cast out 1evils ,ust 5e in league )it" t"e 1evil as )ell AV9 FB9 +esus goes on to sa/ t"at I0if I 5/ t"e Spirit of Go1 cast out 1e,ons. t"en is t"e ;ing1o, of Go1 co,e upon /ouJ AV9 -B9 He t"en furt"er illustrate1

)"at He is sa/ing 0 IOr "o) can one enter into t"e "ouse of t"e strong ,an. an1 spoil "is goo1s. e2cept "e first 5in1 t"e strong ,an3 an1 t"en "e )ill spoil "is "ouse9J AV9 *B

In ot"er )or1s no one can 5rea; into t"e "ouse of a strong ,an an1 ta;e "is propert/ unless "e first ren1ers t"e ,an "elpless9 If +esus "a1 ta;en t"e strong ,anCs propert/ Mt"e possesse1 personN. it )as proof t"at "e su51ue1 Satan "i,self9 Jesus (ords (ere $roof of ,is $o(er o#er Satan and 3OT a uni#ersal $attern for all "elie#ers to try and emulate.. In an/ case if 5elievers ;eep I5in1ing SatanJ. )"o in t"e )orl1 ;eeps letting "i, out3 !ertainl/. t"ere is co,ing a 1a/ )"en t"e strong ,an )ill 5e 5oun19 Develation $:#&% ,a;es it ver/ clear t"at t"is )ill ta;e place after !"rist?s Secon1 !o,ing. an1 t"at "e )ill 5e 5oun1 for t"e entire ,illenniu,9 After "e is loose1 for a s"ort )"ile. @an angel co,ing 1o)n fro, "eaven. "aving t"e ;e/ of t"e a5/ss an1 a great c"ain in "is "an1@ ADevelation $:#B )ill consign "i, to t"e la;e of fire for all eternit/ ADevelation $:#$B9 In t"e ,eanti,e. t"e 7i5le teac"es t"at Satan is @a roaring lion. see;ing so,eone to 1evour@ A# Peter H:FB. an1 t"at "is po)er is onl/ going to increase9 Develation#% sa/s in t"e ver/ last 1a/s Satan )ill "ave aut"orit/ over ever/ tri5e. tongue. an1 nation9

Jeremiah 00 0 and - Corinthians 6 +> In "is 5oo; #ommitment to #on.uer ,entione1 earlier 7o5 7ec;ett sa/s Iin ,apping a cit/ or co,,unit/. )e ,ust prepare ourselves. first 5/ calling on t"e Lor1. an1 t"en 5/ allo)ing Hi, to give us t"e spiritual e/es to see "i11en t"ings reveale19 7ec;ett t"en <uotes +ere,ia" %%:% using t"e A,plifie1 7i5le )"ic" sa/s99 !all to (e an1 I )ill ans)er /ou an1 s"o) /ou great an1 ,ig"t/ t"ings. fence1 in an1 "i11en. )"ic" /ou 1o not ;no) M1o not 1istinguis" an1 recogni:e. "ave ;no)le1ge of an1 un1erstan1N9 A little furt"er 1o)n t"e page pastor 7ec;ett <uotes !orint"ians ':#- MI a, not sure )"ic" translation "e usesN09

We 1o not loo; at t"e t"ings )"ic" are seen. 5ut at t"e t"ings )"ic" are not seen: 8or t"e t"ings )"ic" are seen are te,porar/. 5ut

t"e t"ings )"ic" are not seen are eternal9 T"en goes on to sa/09 I4n1ou5te1l/ Paul )as referring to t"ings of t"e spirit. soul. forces. principalities. po)ers. t"at lie 5e"in1 )"at )e see )it" our natural e/es9 T"ese are t"e clues )e see; as )e 5egin t"e process of ,apping a co,,unit/9 APgs9 %H&%FB T"is is a perfect e2a,ple of going to Scripture to fin1 )"at one "as alrea1/ 1eci1e1 to 5elieve9 As "as 5een reiterate1 ,an/ ti,es t"roug"out t"is site. one can not lift a verse out of itCs conte2t to ,a;e it appear to sa/ )"at one )ants it to sa/9

- Corinthians 6 T"e overall vie) of t"e 7i5le is t"at t"is age is a ti,e of 1ar;ness 1uring )"ic" )e. as Go1Cs people. are to represent t"e Lor1 as His a,5assa1ors an1 t"e onl/ )a/ )e can 1o t"is is to "ave our e/es fi2e1 on re,ote pro,ises9 Ilet us "ol1 fast t"e confession of our "ope t"at it )aver notR for "e is fait"ful t"at pro,ise1J AHe5re)s #$: %B Ta;en in itCs entiret/ !orint"ians ' is a c"apter of co,fort for Go1Cs people9 In verses F&#H. t"e apostle Paul 1escri5es t"e trials of t"e ,inistr/. 5ut t"en stresses if )e are going to 5e successful )e ,ust al)a/s 5e loo;ing )it" anticipation for t"e return of t"e Lor1 an1 t"e esta5lis",ent of Go1Cs eternal ;ing1o, on eart"0 In ot"er )or1s. )e "ave to loo; 5e/on1 )"at is seen to )"at is not seen. 5e/on1 )"at is te,porar/ to )"at is eternal9 De,e,5ering t"at t"ere )ere no c"apter or verse 1ivisions in t"e original )ritings. t"e ver/ ne2t verses A !orint"ians H:#& B onl/ e,p"asi:e t"is point9 So no) rea1 verse ':#- in conte2t0 At least fro, t"e 5eginning of !orint"ians ' an1 into t"e first fe) verses of !orint"ians HN W"erefore )e faint notR 5ut t"oug" our out)ar1 ,an is 1eca/ing. /et our in)ar1 ,an is rene)e1 1a/ 5/ 1a/9 8or our lig"t affliction. )"ic" is for t"e ,o,ent. )or;et" for us ,ore an1 ,ore e2cee1ingl/ an eternal )eig"t of glor/R )"ile )e loo; not at t"e t"ings )"ic" are seen. 5ut at t"e t"ings )"ic" are not seen: for t"e t"ings )"ic" are seen are te,poralR 5ut t"e t"ings )"ic" are not seen are eternal9 8or )e ;no) t"at if t"e eart"l/ "ouse of our ta5ernacle 5e 1issolve1. )e "ave a 5uil1ing fro, Go1. a "ouse not ,a1e )it" "an1s. eternal. in t"e "eavens9 8or veril/ in t"is )e groan. longing to 5e clot"e1 upon )it" our "a5itation )"ic" is fro, "eaven A !orint"ians ':#K&H: B T"ere is a5solutel/ not"ing in !orint"ians ':#- to in1icate t"at Paul )as tal;ing a5out It"ings of t"e spirit. soul. forces. principalities. po)ers. t"at lie 5e"in1 )"at )e see )it" our natural e/esJ. as 7ec;ett clai,s

Jeremiah 00 0 !all to (e an1 I )ill ans)er /ou an1 s"o) /ou great an1 ,ig"t/ t"ings. fence1 in an1 "i11en. )"ic" /ou 1o not ;no) M1o not 1istinguis" an1 recogni:e. "ave ;no)le1ge of an1 un1erstan1N9 !onsi1ering t"at it is all on t"e sa,e page. Pastor 7ec;ett is o5viousl/ using +ere,ia" %%:% to tr/ an1 ,a;e t"e sa,e point "e trie1 to ,a;e )it" !orint"ians ':#-9 T"e verse sa/s t"ere are ,ig"t/ Mor fence1N t"ings t"at )e 1o not ;no) a5out an1 7ec;ett tries to get us to 5elieve t"at t"ese ,ig"t/ t"ings are forces. principalities an1 po)ers. alt"oug" in Scripture. t"e verses 1o not specif/ e2actl/ )"at Go1 is referring to9 Ho)ever an e2a,ination of t"e circu,stances Mclearl/ set fort" in t"e prece1ing !"apter 99 % N in )"ic" t"ese )or1s )ere sai1. s"e1s consi1era5le lig"t on )"at t"e Lor1 ,eant9 As t"e note on t"is verse in t"e Net 7i5le sa/s. t"e )or1 ren1ere1 I,ig"t/J is an a1>ective usuall/ use1 to 1escri5e cities or )alls as Ifortifie1J or Iinaccessi5le9J All t"e le2icons. "o)ever. agree in seeing it use1 "ere ,etap"oricall/ of IsecretJ or I,/steriousJ t"ings. t"ings t"at +ere,ia" coul1 not ;no) apart fro, t"e Lor1Cs revelation9 A#HB In t"e tent" /ear of Se1e;ia" ;ing of +u1a". Ne5uc"a1ne::ar an1 "is ar,/ )ere rig"t outsi1e t"e )alls of +erusale,9 T"e cit/ "a1 5een un1er siege for a consi1era5le ti,e an1 )as ver/ close to starvation an1 surren1er9 O5viousl/. 5ot" +u1a" an1 +erusale, itself )ere at t"e lo)est possi5le point. )"en t"ere )as no "ope an1 no "elp9 T"e 1ar; clou1 of 1estruction )"ic" )as a5out to fall on t"e cit/ of Sion )as particularl/ clear to t"e prop"et )"o "a1 alrea1/ foretol1 t"at t"e cit/. an1 t"e ;ing "i,self. )oul1 fall into t"e "an1s of Ne5uc"a1ne::ar. t"e ;ing of 7a5/lon9 It )as for t"is prop"ec/ t"at +ere,ia" )as i,prisone1 5/ ;ing Se1e;ia"9 A% :#&HB9 It is in t"is critical "our t"at Go1 issues t"e invitation. not to +ere,ia" alone 5ut. to all of +u1a" to call on Hi, )"o can save t"e,9 T"e conte2t in1icates t"at t"e ,/sterious Mor fence1 inN t"ings concerning t"e future. )"ic" )as 5e/on1 t"eir un1erstan1ing at t"at ti,e. )oul1 5e un1erstoo1 )"en t"e 1a/ ca,e9 3ote "o)ever t"at t"e Ocalling on Go1C 1oes outline an operating principle for ever/ 5eliever. especiall/ at a critical ti,e of nee10 ILet us t"erefore 1ra) near )it" 5ol1ness unto t"e t"rone of grace. t"at )e ,a/ receive ,erc/. an1 ,a/ fin1 grace to "elp us in ti,e of nee1J9 AHe5re)s ':#KB T"e restoration of +u1a" is furt"er e,p"asi:e1 5/ t"e re,ar;a5le act of fait" narrate1 in c"apter % . verses K&#$ )"en +ere,ia" )as instructe1 to 5u/ "is cousin Hana,elCs fiel19 W"ile t"ere coul1 not "ave 5een a )orse ti,e to 5e 5u/ing propert/ in +u1a". t"e 1a/ )oul1 co,e )"en t"eir "ouses. an1 fiel1s. an1 vine/ar1s )oul1 once again 5e possesse1 5/ t"e,9 A+ere,ia" % :#HB9 Ta;e t"e ti,e to rea1 c"apters % an1 %% as one un5ro;en unit M)"ic" t"e/ areN an1 see for /ourself t"e ,ig"t/ t"ings Go1 spea;s a5out99

t"e salvation of +u1a" )"ic" "a1 i,pact on t"e people of t"e 1a/ )"en t"e/ )ere allo)e1 to return to +erusale, an1 start re5uil1ing t"e te,ple an1 t"e cit/ itself an1. of course. t"e ulti,ate salvation in t"e (essia" as t"e rest of c"apter %% ,a;es clear9 In t"ose 1a/s. an1 at t"at ti,e. )ill I cause a 7ranc" of rig"teousness to gro) up unto =avi1R an1 "e s"all e2ecute >ustice an1 rig"teousness in t"e lan19 In t"ose 1a/s s"all +u1a" 5e save1. an1 +erusale, s"all 1)ell safel/R an1 t"is is t"e na,e )"ere5/ s"e s"all 5e calle1: +e"ova" our rig"teousness9 8or t"us sait" +e"ova": =avi1 s"all never )ant a ,an to sit upon t"e t"rone of t"e "ouse of IsraelR A+ere,ia" %%:#H&#FB

E2tra 7i5lical E2a,ples

Since 7i5lical e2a,ples of strategic&level )arfare range 5et)een scant an1 non e2istent. an1 t"e case of =aniel so co,,onl/ cite1 5/ proponents of SLSW 1oes not 5ac;up t"eir clai,s. Wagner. for one. "as to rel/ on "istorical e2a,ples of strategic&level spiritual )arfare. 1evoting an entire c"apter in "is 5oo; #onfronting the Po!ers to stories fro, t"e lives of !at"olic saints fro, t"e t"ir1. fourt". si2t" an1 eig"t centuries90inclu1ing Gregor/ t"e Won1er)or;er. (artin of Tours an1 Saint 7ene1ict M7ene1ict of NursiaN. all of )"o, )ere sai1 to "ave confronte1 an1 1efeate1 1e,onic spirits9 In ot"er )or1s an/ an1 all sources t"at serve to 5ac; up t"eir clai,s0 Stories That Do 3ot Come From Scri$ture In "is 5oo; &arfare Prayer, Wagner <uotes Tal5otCs Sc"ool of T"eolog/Cs !linton E9 Arnol1. a ne) testa,ent sc"olar )"o "as speciali:e1 in t"e 5oo; of Ep"esians. an1 )"o apparentl/ feels t"at Iatte,pting to un1erstan1 t"e principalities an1 po)ers in Ep"esians apart fro, t"e cult of arte,is is a ,ista;eJ. t"at Is"e )as )ors"ippe1 in !olossae. Lao1icea. Hierapolis. an1 t"roug"out AsiaJ. an1 t"at "er po)er )as Ia)eso,eJ9 W"ic" is as it ,a/ 5e9 Ho)ever ! Peter Wagner goes on to sa/ t"at "e 5elieves I)e )ill not 5e too far fro, )rong if )e regar1 arte,is of t"e Ep"esians as a territorial spirit an1 see t"e possi5le relations"ip t"at )ea;ening "er "a1 to 1o )it" t"e evangeli:ation of t"e territor/ s"e 1o,inate1J9 !ertainl/ t"e I)or1 of t"e Lor1 gre) ,ig"til/ an1 prevaile1J in Ep"esus MActs #*: $N9 He t"en 5egins 1ra)ing on e2tra 7i5lical sources an1 refers to Vale "istorian Da,sa/ (ac(ullen. )"o Isees ,uc" of t"e !"ristiani:ation of t"e Do,an E,pire as a po)er encounter 5et)een !"ristianit/ an1 1e,onic forcesJ. an1 tells t"e stor/ of one suc" po)er encounter )"en t"e apostle +o"n )ent into arte,isC te,ple itself to 1o strategic&level spiritual )arfare9 He reporte1l/ pra/e1 t"e follo)ing )arfare pra/er: IO" Go10 at )"ose na,e ever/ i1ol ta;es flig"t an1 ever/ 1e,on an1 ever/ unclean po)er. no) let t"e 1e,on t"at is "ere ta;e flig"t in T"/ na,e9J An1 as t"e stor/ goes IAt t"at ,o,ent. t"e altar of arte,is

split in pieces an1 "alf of t"e te,ple 5uil1ing collapse1J0 )"ic" converte1 t"e Ep"esians A#KB Apart fro, t"e fact t"at it is 1angerous to use e2tra 7i5lical ,aterial to su5stantiate 1octrine. t"is stor/ 1oes not even co,e close to provi1ing an e2a,ple of Strategic&Level Spiritual Warfare. si,pl/ 5ecause +o"n 1irecte1 "is pra/er to Go10 ,e does not directly s$eak to nor confront Artemis in any (ay9

A*am$les of Catholic Bisho$s !at"olic 7is"ops fro, t"e t"ir1. fourt". si2t" an1 eig"t centuries90inclu1ing Gregor/ t"e Won1er)or;er. (artin of Tours an1 Saint 7ene1ict M7ene1ict of NursiaN0 all of )"o, )ere sai1 to "ave confronte1 an1 1efeate1 1e,onic spirits are cite1 on page #$% as e2a,ples of "o) conversions arise fro, Ica,paigns against 1e,onic "ostsJ9 Third Century Peter Wagner tells t"e stor/ of t"ir1 centur/ 5is"op Saint Gregor/ of Neocaesarea. also ;no)n as Gregor/ T"au,aturgus or Gregor/ t"e Won1er)or;er. )"o lo1ge1 one nig"t Iin a nota5le s"rine 1e1icate1 to Apollo an1 foun1 "i,self in a fierce 5attle against t"e principalit/ )"o "a1 long ago 5een invite1 to occup/ t"at te,ple9J W"en t"e te,ple priest foun1 out t"at Gregor/ "a1 re,ove1 t"e 1e,on )"o infor,e1 "i, t"at "e coul1 onl/ return to t"e te,ple )it" Gregor/Cs per,ission. "is fait" in t"at particular go1 )as s"attere1 an1 "e 5eca,e a !"ristian eventuall/ 5eco,ing Gregor/Cs successor9 APgs9 #$'&#$HB9 Wagner a11s t"at IW"en St Gregor/ first ascen1e1 to t"e Episcopal see. t"ere )ere onl/ seventeen !"ristians in Neocaesarea9 At "is 1eat" a5out A9=9 F$. after appro2i,atel/ t"irt/ /ears in office. onl/ seventeen pagans re,aine1 in t"e cit/J an1 t"at Gregor/ )as "ig"l/ regar1e1 5/ "is peers for I"u,ilit/. self&1istrust. an1 practical sense0 a ,an of singular force of c"aracter an1 )eig"t/ >u1g,ent9J APg9 #$%B Fourth Century T"e stor/ of (artin of Tours is si,ilar to t"at of St9 Gregor/. e2cept t"is particular 1e,on ta;es up resi1ence in a pine tree9 APgs9 #$K&#$FB Si*th Century T"e stor/ of 7ene1ict sa/s t"at )"en "e arrive1 at (onte !assino. I"e prepare1 for serious spiritual )arfare )it" a '$&1a/ fastJ since It"e po)ers "a1. per"aps for ,illennia. clai,e1 t"at area as t"eir spiritual territor/J9 7ene1ict apparentl/ I5eat in pieces t"e i1ol of Apollo. overt"re) t"e altar. set fire on t"e )oo1s. an1 in t"e te,ple of Apollo 5uilt t"e orator/ of St9 (artin0 On t"is spot t"e saint 5uilt "is ,onaster/ 0 T"e po)ers of 1ar;ness t"at "a1 "el1 t"at region in captivit/ for ages "a1 5een 1ecisivel/ 5ro;enJ APg9 #$*B

Aight Century 7oniface an Englis" ,issionar/ I)as sent to t"e pagan peoples of Ger,an/ 5/ Pope Gregor/ IIJ an1 )as ,entore1 5/ anot"er 7ritis" (issionar/ learning fro, "i, I"o) to 1o spiritual )arfare. inclu1ing po)er encounters provo;e1 5/ t"e p"/sical 1estruction of pagan te,plesJ9 In Hesse 7oniface too; on a territorial spirit na,e1 T"or. 5ut 5efore "e coul1 fell t"e tree. a Ifierce )in1J sent it cras"ing to t"e groun19 APg9 ###B W"/ e2actl/ are )e using e2tra 7i5lical accounts to fas"ion 1octrine3 In t"e first place )e 1o not ;no) )"et"er t"e stories )ere si,pl/ legen1 to start )it". t"en possi5l/ e,5ellis"e1 over ti,e9 7esi1es )"ic" WagnerCs state,ent t"at con#ersions arise fro, Ica,paigns against 1e,onic "ostsJ is lu1icrous to sa/ t"e least. assu,ing as it 1oes t"at t"ese )ere conversions to genuine !"ristianit/9 T"e ,en "e spea;s a5out )ere cat"olic 5is"ops. priest an1 ,on;s )"o ca,e fro, an organi:ation t"at officiall/ re>ects t"e ver/ "eart of our fait"0 t"e 1octrine of >ustification 5/ t"e grace of Go1 alone t"roug" fait" alone in !"rist alone9 T"e ver/ !atec"is, of t"e !at"olic !"urc" sa/s in paragrap" -'#. t"at (usli,s toget"er )it" t"e !at"olics. @a1ore t"e one. ,erciful Go19@9 (ost of t"e ,en Wagner refers to coul1 not see t"roug" Do,eCs foun1ational "eresies suc" as t"e papac/. t"e (ass. 5aptis,al regeneration. pra/ers to t"e saints. t"e veneration of (ar/ an1 salvation t"roug" )or;s9 T"e conversions )ere to !at"olicis, not to !"ristianit/99 W"ile Wagner states t"at I7ene1ict of Nursia is t"e foun1er of Western !"ristian ,onasticis,9 His 7ene1ictine Dule 5eca,e t"e te2t5oo; not onl/ for "is or1er. 5ut for ,an/ ot"er or1ers t"at follo)e1 t"roug" t"e agesJ APage #$-B9 W"at Wagner 1oes not tell us is t"at 5efore t"is inci1ent an1 >ust after Gregor/ )as ,a1e 5is"op a crisis regar1ing t"e Trinit/ raise1 itCs "ea1 in t"e c"urc". upon )"ic" Gregor/ 0 AE,p"asis A11e1B Ipra/e1 ferventl/ an1 1iligentl/ i,ploring Go1 and ,is most $ure .other to reveal to "i, t"e true fait"9 T"e All&Hol/ Virgin (ar/ appeare1 to "i,. ra1iant li;e t"e sun. an1 )it" "er )as t"e Apostle +o"n t"e T"eologian 1resse1 in arc"iepiscopal vest,ents9 By the command of the .other of /od' t"e Apostle taug"t t"e saint "o) to properl/ confess t"e (/ster/ of t"e (ost Hol/ Trinit/J9 T"is su5se<uentl/ 5eca,e t"e 5ase for t"e teac"ing a5out t"e Hol/ Trinit/ in Ort"o1o2 T"eolog/ use1 5/ It"e "ol/ 8at"ers of t"e !"urc": 7asil t"e GreatR Gregor/ t"e T"eologian. an1 Gregor/ of N/ssaJ9 A#FB 7oniface not onl/ receive1 "is t"eological training in 7ene1ictine ,onasteries. 5ut in F% Pope Gregor/ II ,a1e "i, arc"5is"op )it" >uris1iction over Ger,an/9 He I5apti:e1 t"ousan1s. an1 1ealt )it" t"e pro5le,s of ,an/ ot"er !"ristians )"o "a1 fallen out of contact )it" t"e regular "ierarc"/ of t"e Do,an !at"olic !"urc"9 =uring "is t"ir1 visit to Do,e in F%FW%-. "e (as made $a$al legate for /ermanyJ9 AWi;ipe1iaB9 CSee Section on CatholicismE Also See

Contem$lating The Alternati#e. 4oots of A#il ! .. The Origin and ,istory of Contem$lati#e 1rayer 4oots of A#il !! .. The Origin and ,istory of Contem$lati#e 1rayer

I7orn AgainJ !ities

! Peter Wagner also 5elieves t"at cities can 5e I5orn againJ9 If )e agree t"at )e nee1 to ,ove )it" Go1 for ta;ing over a certain cit/. "o) )ill )e ;no) if an1 )"en )e "ave succee1e13 I t"in; t"at a 5i5licall/ roote1 ,easure for success )oul1 5e t"e 5irt" of a ne) creation: IT"erefore. if an/one is in !"rist. "e is a ne) creationR ol1 t"ings "ave passe1 a)a/R 5e"ol1. all t"ings "ave 5eco,e ne)J M !or9 H:#FN9 If t"is is )"at t"e 7i5le e2pects of in1ivi1uals )"o are transfor,e1. )"/ s"oul1 )e e2pect less of a cit/3 If in1ivi1uals can 5e 5orn again. )"/ canCt cities. ,a1e up of ,an/ in1ivi1uals. 5e 5orn again3 A#-B So lets ta;e a loo; at so,e ,uc" toute1 I5orn againJ cities0 Transformations T"e stor/ of t"e suppose1 a,a:ing c"anges. 5roug"t a5out 5/ t"e presence of Go1. in Hel,et. !aliforniaR 6ia,5u. 6en/aR Al,olonga. Guate,alaR an1 !ali. !olo,5iaR )as 1ocu,ente1 on a "our long #*** vi1eo calle1 Transformations. pro1uce1 5/ George Otis +r9 an1 T"e Sentinel Group in L/nn)oo1. WA9 T"e vi1eos clai, to s"o) 1ra,atic transfor,ations in eac" of t"ese cities after groups of 5orn again 5elievers targete1 t"e source of t"e 1e,onic influence an1 t"en use intercessor/ pra/er to 1rive out t"e entrenc"e1 1e,ons9 As sai1 5/ !"ristian Witness (inistries999 IT"e ,essage t"at t"e vi1eo see;s to put out is. as George Otis sai10 @Learn "o) t"e po)er of pra/er can 1eliver si,ilar results in /our o)n neig"5our"oo1@9 T"e vi1eo ta;en at face value see,s to confir, t"at revival )ill 5rea; out. c"urc"es )ill gro). an1 co,,unities )ill c"ange t"eir social an1 ,oral c"aracteristics if !"ristians unite. pra/ an1 practice spiritual )arfareJ9 A#*B

Transforming .el"ourne. Ia (ove,ent of !"ristians pra/ing an1 acting toget"er )it" t"e vision t"at Go1 )ill rene) His !"urc" an1 not onl/ 5ring ne) life to t"e people of our cit/. 5ut transfor, its culture an1 societ/J A $B sa/s t"e vi1eos s"o)0 I0t"e )on1erful stor/ of ' cities aroun1 t"e )orl1 )"ere )"ole cities "ave 5een transfor,e1 5/ Go1 as "is people "ave co,e toget"er in unit/ an1 pra/er9 W"at "as "appene1 is not >ust ,an/ people 5eco,ing !"ristians Mt"oug" t"at "as "appene1N

In eac" case t"ere "as 5een a transfor,ing of t"e structures an1 c"aracter of t"e cit/ an1 its co,,unities9 8ro, situations of e,ptiness. ra,pant cri,e. loss of civil or1er an1 personal 1espair. t"e Spirit of Go1 "as 5roug"t a ne) at,osp"ere of "ope an1 purpose9 !ri,e an1 violence "ave 1ecline1. co,,unit/ life "as flouris"e1 an1 t"e 1eca/ of ,oralit/ an1 >ustice "as 5een reverse19 A #B 2ild A*aggeration Ho)ever it see,s t"at t"e so calle1 5rea;t"roug"s in t"ese to)ns )ere )il1l/ e2aggerate1 at 5est. an1 t"ere is no evi1ence for t"e co,,unit/ transfor,ation t"e/ clai,9 8or e2a,ple t"e !"urc" of Scientolog/ still "as a "uge co,ple2 on t"e nort" si1e of He,et t"at pro1uces restore1 lectures. training fil,s an1 ot"er ,aterials relate1 to t"e )or;s of c"urc" foun1er L9 Don Hu55ar19 T"e H$$&acre area calle1 Gol1 7ase serves as t"e "ea1<uarters of t"e c"urc" A B9 7esi1es )"ic" t"e Sea Organi:ation Mor Sea OrgN is an association of Scientologists fre<uentl/ c"aracteri:e1 as t"e @elite@ of Scientolog/ ,an/ of )"o, are sai1 to live in He,et9 An1 if t"ere )as an/ e2traor1inar/ ITransfor,ationJ in He,et in t"e late *$Cs. ! Peter Wagner certainl/ 1i1nCt see, to ;no) an/t"ing a5out it9 Note t"at 7o5 7ec;ettCs 5oo; #ommitment to #on.uer in )"ic" "e tal;s a5out t"e transfor,ation of He,et ca,e out in #**F9 Vet in $$* Peter Wagner ,a1e t"e follo)ing state,ent0 AE,p"asis A11e1B T"e <uestion no) arises. Ho) effective "ave our efforts 5een since t"e cultural ,an1ate >oine1 t"e evangelistic ,an1ate on our agen1as3 We "ave )on1erful results to report concerning t"e i,ple,entation of t"e evangelistic ,an1ate9 8or e2a,ple. )e 5egan t"e 1eca1e of t"e #**$s )it" #.F%H significant unreac"e1 people groups. an1 5/ $$$ all e2cept fe)er t"an H$$ "a1 initial c"urc" planting ,ove,ents in t"e,9 4nprece1ente1 evangelistic "arvests are 5eing reape1 in glo5al "ot spots suc" as !"ina. Nigeria. In1onesia. In1ia an1 7ra:il9 So,e nations li;e 4gan1a an1 Guate,ala are no) over H$ percent 5orn&again evangelical 5elievers9 7ut "o) a5out t"e cultural ,an1ate3 Since #**$. as I "ave e2plaine1. cit/ transfor,ation "as 5een "ig" on our priorit/ lists9 T"at. as I )rite t"is. )as #H /ears ago9 Our 5est top&level !"ristian lea1ers"ip "as 5een involve1 )it" t"is in cit/ after cit/ across A,erica9 Go1 "as 5een provi1ing incre1i5le ne) tools for getting t"e >o5 1oneXtools suc" as i1entificational repentanceR spiritual ,appingR strategic prop"etic pra/erR ,assive all&nig"t. sta1iu, pra/er eventsR strategic&level spiritual )arfareR pra/er >ourne/sR pastoral unit/R an1 t"e concept of t"e c"urc" of t"e cit/9 In a11ition. 7ill 7rig"t. El,er To)ns an1 ot"ers ,a1e fasting popular. an1 I )oul1 guess t"at so,e)"ere aroun1 "alf of A,erican evangelical pastors "ave no) e2perience1 '$&1a/ fasts9 ,o(e#er' (e cannot $oint to a single city in America that has "een transformed in all of those +7 yearsI A %B

#H /ears of Itop&level !"ristian lea1ers"ipJ using Go1Cs Iincre1i5le ne) toolsJ an1 not one city "as 5een transfor,e10 Guess Go1 is falling 1o)n on t"e >o59 MSarcas, IntentionalN9 Hopefull/ t"ose '$ 1a/ fasts resulte1 in a fe) s"e1 poun1s since t"e/ 1o not see, to "ave acco,plis"e1 an/t"ing else9 Dic; +o/ner even sa/s t"at Western civili:ation is tottering on t"e e1ge of a ,elt1o)n0 AE,p"asis A11e1B IAs )e procee1 into t"ese ,ost interesting of ti,es. )e are co,ing into unprece1ente1 opportunities for t"e gospel9 At t"e sa,e ti,e. t"ere is an o"#ious and accelerating colla$se of t"e spiritual. ,oral. political. an1 econo,ic foun1ations of A,erica. as )ell as ,ost nations in t"e West9 If t"ese tren1s are not c"ec;e1 an1 reverse1 soon. )e )ill see la)lessness gro)ing in an increasing an1 ,erciless rage9 As t"is "appens in A,erica. it )ill also "appen in Europe. onl/ )it" greater intensit/9 2estern ci#iliJation is tottering on the edge of a meltdo(n9 A 'B Apparentl/ not one cit/ "as 5een ta;en for Go19

/uatemala I a, not sure )"ere Peter Wagner gets "is infor,ation a5out Guate,ala fro,. especiall/ )"en t"e 49S9 State =epart,ent sa/s t"ere is no accurate census of religious affiliation in t"at countr/. 5ut Iso,e sources esti,ate1 t"at 5et)een H$ an1 K$ percent of t"e population )as !at"olic an1 appro2i,atel/ '$ percent )as Protestant. pri,aril/ evangelical9 Lea1ers of (a/an spiritual organi:ations ,aintaine1 t"at ,an/ in1igenous !at"olics an1 so,e Protestants also practice1 so,e for, of in1igenous spiritual ritualJ9 A HB

Kganda An1 as far as 4gan1a is concerne10 Accor1ing to t"e National !ensus of Octo5er $$ . !"ristians of all 1eno,inations ,a1e up a5out -HY of 4gan1a?s population. 5ut t"e Catholic Church "as t"e largest nu,5er of a1"erents )it" al,ost ' Y of t"e total population. follo)e1 5/ t"e Anglican !"urc" of 4gan1a )it" al,ost %KY9 A KB Ho)ever. li;e ,an/ ot"er Anglican c"urc"es. t"e Anglican !"urc" of 4gan1a is a ,e,5er of t"e ecu,enical Worl1 !ouncil of !"urc"es9 A FB An1 )"atCs )rong )it" t"at3 Well. >ust for starters t"e #**% Worl1 !ouncil Of !"urc"es conference "onore1 t"e go11ess Sop"ia an1 gave les5ians a rousing ovation9 CFor more see 2orld Council of ChurchesE !"arles On/ango&O55o. e1itor of The )onitor. a ne)spaper 5ille1 as 4gan1a?s onl/ in1epen1ent 1ail/ sa/s AAll E,p"asis A11e1B I6a,pala Pentecostal !"urc" @targets ,i11le class. successful. professionals9 An1 it tal;s a5out "o) to ,a;e ,one/. "o) to fin1 /ourself a nice "us5an1. nice )ife. "o) to "ave a "app/ ti,e )it" /our fa,il/. picnic;ing an1 t"ings9 So it?s 5een a5le to co,5ine X it?s al,ost got an ecu,enical un1ertone to it9 It?s 5een a5le to spea; to people?s ,aterial concerns. t"e 5otto, line. so to spea;9 An1 it?s also spo;en to spiritual issues. in a ver/ ver/ ,o1ern senseJ9 A -B

An1 "ere )e go again99 Tell t"e, )"at t"e/ )ant to "ear an1 t"e/ )ill follo) /ou an/)"ere9 An1 5/ t"e )a/. 7enn/ Hinn ran one of "is ,ulti ,illion 1ollar e2travagan:as at 6a,palaCs )andela ational 'tadium on (a/ #-W#*. $$F99 I8or "is 4gan1a visit. 7enn/ Hinn )ill 5e travelling in a private >et. acco,panie1 5/ a large entourage of over #$$ ai1es an1 a #$& ,an securit/ 1etail. accor1ing to sources close to t"e eventJ CDetailsE T"e follo)ing is an interesting co,,ent of !"ristianit/ in 4gan1a99 Pentecostal c"urc"es "ave ,us"roo,e1 )it" t"eir A,erican St/le ala 7enn/ Hinn an1 !refflo =ollar lao1icean !"urc" st/le !"ristianit/0Witc"craft is still )i1el/ practice1 in spite of !"ristianit/ an1 (usli, 5elief s/ste,s. ,ulti relations"ips are flouris"ing an1 one of t"e ,ain reasons of t"e recent increases of Ai1s. "ence t"e ne) ca,paign t"at a1,onis"es ,en to 5e fait"ful0no) /ou "ave one official )ife. 5ut often at t"e ti,e of 1eat" of a ,an ot"er )o,en )it" c"il1ren )ill s"o) up9 A *B So. for t"e ,ost part. !"ristianit/ in 4gan1a loo;s prett/ ,uc" as it 1oes in t"e )estern )orl199 Vou ,ig"t catc" a gli,pse of it as it goes s)irling 1o)n t"e 1rain9 Vet Transforming )el/ourne sa/s IT"e nation of 4gan1a. long a place of appalling violence an1 evil. "as 5eco,e a s"ining e2a,ple of t"e transfor,ing an1 "ealing po)er of Go19 T"ousan1s "ave co,e to fait" in +esus an1 co,,unit/ life restore19 T"e govern,ent is no) le1 5/ !"ristian lea1ers9 T"ere is a (inister for Integrit/ an1 Et"ics9 At a great rall/ to cele5rate t"e (illeniu,. t"e Presi1ent 1e1icate1 t"e nation to t"e Lor1s"ip of +esus for #$$$ /earsJ9 A #B

Almolonga' /uatemala W"ile it is true t"at Al,olonga. Guate,ala is one of t"e regionCs largest vegeta5le pro1ucers. t"e #*** vi1eo connects t"e transfor,ation of Al,olonga to t"e soil pro1ucing ,assive crops9 Apparentl/ after t"e people 5eca,e !"ristian. t"e/ 5egan to gro) "uge vegeta5les an1 get as ,an/ as % "arvests per /ear9 Ho)ever a +anuar/ #. #**- article in T"e Geograp"ical Devie) 5/ Sonia Ar5ona. )"o is a geograp"er an1 an epi1e,iologist )it" t"e Te2as =epart,ent of Healt" in Austin Te2as. )rote a report )"ic" starte1 )it" t"e )or1s99 M 3ote t"at Epi1e,iolog/ is t"e stu1/ of factors affecting t"e "ealt" an1 illness of populationsN Large a,ounts of s/nt"etic pestici1es are use1 in Guate,ala to increase t"e pro1uction on nontra1itional crops9 Al,olonga. a to)ns"ip in t"e )estern "ig"lan1s. pro1uces vegeta5les for ,ar;ets in (e2ico an1 !entral A,erica9 Al,olongueZos ,a;e intensive use of li,ite1 cultiva5le lan1 an1 a5un1ant )ater resources. as )ell as si:a5le a,ounts of s/nt"etic pestici1es9 A,ong Al,olongueZos. congenital ,alfor,ations. cancer. ane,ia. an1 respirator/ infections a)ait su5stantiate1 lin;s to e2posure to

pestici1es9 T"e prevalence of infectious an1 parasitic 1iseases an1 nutritional 1eficiencies&&t"e 1o,inant "ealt" concerns&&,a/ 5e "eig"tene1 5/ e2cessive use of pestici1es9 Pu5lic&"ealt" initiatives involve t"e rational use of pestici1es or t"eir eli,ination9 T"e 49S9 8oo1 an1 =rug A1,inistration. "o)ever. regularl/ 1etains s"ip,ents of fruits an1 vegeta5les fro, Guate,ala 5ecause of e2cessive pestici1e resi1ues9 In Guate,ala. H% percent of t"e pro1ucers of nontra1itional crops fail to follo) t"e specifie1 intervals of pestici1e application. an1 '# percent of t"e pestici1es in use are restricte1. are no longer sol1. or are not allo)e1 in foo1 A%$B Also. an t"ree 1eca1e long )ar in Guate,ala. )"ic" en1e1 in t"e earl/ to ,i1&#**$s. 5roug"t agriculture to a near stan1still9 An1. as ,ost people s"oul1 ;no). groun1 t"at is left fallo) or left to rest 5eco,es ,ore fertile9 Cali' Colom"ia !ali !olu,5ia )as certainl/ a terri5le place. rule1 as it )as 5/ t"e !ali !artel )"ic" succee1e1 in t"e 1rug tra1e an1 organi:e1 cri,e li;e no ot"er cri,inal group 5efore or since9 In t"e earl/ #**$s. t"e cartel supplie1 ,ore t"an -$ percent of t"e cocaine s,uggle1 in t"e 4nite1 States. an1 )as ra;ing in 5et)een EH an1 EF 5illion annuall/9 T"e !ali !artel go1fat"er Henr/ Loia:a. )as 1escri5e1 as t"e cartel?s @(inister of War@. 5ut )as in realit/ a rut"less ;iller )"o once 1irecte1 "is un1erlings to use t"eir c"ain sa)s to carve up #$$ people suspecte1 of 5eing union s/,pat"i:ers A%#B9 An1 as far as t"is cit/ in !olu,5ia is concerne1. an/ relief in t"e terri5le violence in an1 aroun1 t"is cit/ is t"an;s to t"e 49S9 I,,igration an1 !usto,s Enforce,ent MI!EN )"o after a #%&/ear investigation. convicte1 an1 >aile1 ,ore t"an #$$ ,e,5ers of !olo,5iaCs !ali 1rug cartel. inclu1ing cartel foun1ers (iguel an1 Gil5erto Do1rigue:&Ore>uela9 CDetailsE In lig"t of t"e clai,s ,a1e for !ali. I a, not sure "o) t"e/ can possi5l/ e2plain t"e ongoing level of violence in t"e cit/9 Here are a fe) e2a,ples. largel/ e2cerpte1 fro, !NN arc"ives99 In #**- Gun,en s"ot 1o)n television reporter 7erna5e !orte: in t"e cit/ of !ali as "e )as getting into a ta2i9 He )as t"e fift" !olo,5ian >ournalist ;ille1 since Octo5er9 Ot"er recent assassinations inclu1e a for,er 1efense ,inister an1 a top "u,an rig"ts la)/er9 A% B In (arc" of #*** t"e National Li5eration Ar,/ MELNN. snatc"e1 ,ore t"an #K$ )ors"ippers fro, a !at"olic c"urc" 1uring (ass in t"e sout")estern cit/ of !ali9 T"e re5els are still "ol1ing four "ostages fro, t"e t)o inci1ents 5ut ,ost of t"e ot"ers )ere release1 after pa/ing "eft/ ranso,s9 A%%B9 In $$# a Ipo)erful car 5o,5 rippe1 t"roug" a lu2ur/ "otel in !olo,5ia?s secon1&largest cit/ of !ali 8ri1a/ nig"t. in>uring at least % peopleJ A%'B9 In (arc" $$ T"e Do,an !at"olic arc"5is"op of !ali. !olo,5ia. )as assassinate1 ,inutes after "e cele5rate1 (ass9 Per"aps

5ecause "e )as I)ell&;no)n for 5eing a "ars" critic of t"e region?s guerrilla groupsJ A%HB In $$ (ar2ist re5els ;ille1 # !olo,5ian sol1iers near t"e cit/ of !ali A%KB

Hiam"u' Henya is a notorious. violence&ri11en su5ur5 of Nairo5i an1 still an e2cee1ingl/ violent place )it" a "ig" rate of particularl/ atrocious cri,es9 A $$F article on t"e 4NI!E8 site 1ocu,ents t"e ongoing violence t"ere9 4NI!E8Cs recentl/ appointe1 Goo1)ill A,5assa1or for Eastern an1 Sout"ern Africa. Sola I)as re1uce1 to tears 5/ gut&)renc"ing tales of rape an1 5etra/al narrate1 5/ c"il1ren as /oung as si2 at a local pri,ar/ sc"ool9J T"e ,ot"er of a nine&/ear&ol1 girl )"o )as 5rutall/ rape1 an1 ,ur1ere1 on "er )a/ "o,e fro, t"e 6ia,5u sc"ool. pra/s t"at one 1a/ di#ine inter#ention )ill 5ring t"e culprits to >usticeJ A%FB9 A$$arently no Di#ine inter#ention has taken $lace so far9

Thomas .uthee Note t"at t"e section on 6ia,5u. features 5is"op T"o,as (ut"ee )"oCs clai, to fa,e is t"at "e 1efeate1 a local )itc". (a,a +ane in a great spiritual 5attle9 Apparentl/ after ,ont"s of fervent pra/er an1 researc" inten1e1 to i1entif/ t"e source of 6ia,5u?s spiritual oppression t"at )as ;eeping t"e to)n fro, receiving t"e gospel. it )as reveale1 t"at t"e source of t"eir pro5le,s )as t"e spirit of )itc"craft9 Particularl/ a )o,an calle1 @(a,a +ane@ )"o ran a @1ivination clinic@9 (e,5ers of (ut"eeCs c"urc" )ent into roun1&t"e&cloc; intercession resulting in t"e 1e,onic influence 5eing 5ro;en. an1 s"e left to)n9 T"is "appens to 5e t"e sa,e T"o,as (ut"ee )"o. in $$H. 1elivere1 several ser,ons at t"e Wasilla Asse,5l/ of Go1 an1 )"o pra/e1 over Sara" Palin. )"o )as t"en ca,paigning for Alas;a governor9 Palin can 5e seen stan1ing 5efore (ut"ee )it" "er "ea1 5o)e1 as "er "an1s are "el1 5/ t)o ,e,5ers of t"e congregation9 In a speec" 1elivere1 so,eti,e later at t"e sa,e c"urc". Palin sa/s IAs I )as ,a/or an1 Pastor (ut"ee )as "ere an1 "e )as pra/ing over ,e. an1 /ou ;no) "o) "e spea;s an1 "eCs so 5ol19 An1 "e )as pra/ing ILor1 ,a;e a )a/. Lor1 ,a;e a )a/9J IAn1 IC, t"in;ing. t"is gu/Cs reall/ 5ol1. "e 1oesnCt even ;no) )"at IC, going to 1o. "e 1oesnCt ;no) )"at ,/ plans are9 An1 "eCs pra/ing not Io" Lor1 if it 5e /our )ill ,a/ s"e 5eco,e governor.J no. "e >ust pra/e1 for it9 He sai1 ILor1 ,a;e a )a/ an1 let "er 1o t"is ne2t step9 An1 t"atCs e2actl/ )"at "appene19J