23, 2013

NR # 3296B

Solon opposes abolition of Sangguniang Kabataan
A lawmaker today opposed the proposal to abolish the Sanggunian Kabataan (SK) which some political quarters described as a breeding ground for corrupt government officials. Rep. enry !aminal ("nd #istrict$ %isamis !ccidental) instead filed ouse &ill "'"($ which seeks to increase the age limit for SK members from () to "* years and transfer its control and supervision to the +ational ,outh -ommission (+,-). .SK abolition is not the answer. !ur political history reinforces the need to empower our youth and appreciate their many contributions$/ !aminal said. -iting the -onstitution$ !aminal said the State recogni0es the vital role of the youth in nation1building and shall promote and protect their physical$ moral$ spiritual$ intellectual$ and social well1being. !aminal said the bill seeks to introduce reforms in the SK in order to address the myriad of problems that plagued the organi0ation such as political dynasty$ political immaturity$ corruption$ among other issues. .2ntrusting positions endowed with money and power to minors under () years of age greatly contributed to boost allegations that they can be easily influenced and swayed by various interest groups$/ !aminal said. !aminal said by increasing the age limitation to "* years and establishing a prerequisite that only those who have attained the age of ma3ority will quality to be elected as -hairperson$ the SK will now be headed by politically1mature youth leaders capable of adapting to the ever1changing and comple4 needs of the nation5s youth. 6he bill will also grant the SK fiscal autonomy and effective mechanisms to plug the loopholes in the allocation and disbursement of funds for youth1related pro3ects. !aminal said to ensure that the SK remains non1partisan$ the control and supervision of the SK shall be transferred to the +ational ,outh -ommission. !aminal said that while the ,outh in +ation1&uilding Act mandates the +,- to formulate and initiate the national policy or policies on youth and to provide training and a national secretariat for the SK +ational 7ederation$ it has nothing to do with the affairs of the only organi0ed youth council in the country. !aminal recalled that the present SK started in (89* as the Kabataang Barangay

(K&) composed of resident at least (* years of age or over but less than () years old. !aminal added that with the enactment of the :ocal ;overnment -ode of (88($ the K& was then renamed as SK and further empowered and allotted a share in barangay funds to implement youth1related programs and pro3ects. .6hese changes gave the SK the power$ authority and the fiscal capacity to conduct its own affairs$/ !aminal said. !aminal said some sectors have been clamouring for the abolition of the SK$ claiming that it has become a breeding ground for corruption and the launching pad for higher elective offices as most of those occupying positions from barangay up to the national federation level have come from established political families. ('<) dpt

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