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The Eve Appeal Great Manx Bake-Off

Information for Entrants & Entry Form

Entries are invited in two categories: 1. Home-baker and 2. Professional.
Please note, trained cooks and chefs whether or not in employment, together with any entries
under a business name must be submitted under the “Professional” category

Entries can be the combined effort of one or more individuals. Entries by more than one
individual must have a group name and must list the individual names and contact details of
all members of the group.

To enter the Great Manx Bake-Off you must send in a completed entry
form to:
Samantha Honey-Pollock
Old Market House
Balthane Ballasalla IM92AF
Tel 07624 455666

by Friday September 4, 2009.

Once your completed entry form has been received and your entry has been registered you
will be sent an entry number. The entry number will be the only information that will be seen
by the semi-final judges.

On Friday 25th September 2009, deliver your entry to:

Villa Marina Arcade

Mezzanine Level
Promenade, Douglas
Between 12 and 2pm.
Any Cakes delivered outside these times will not be accepted! The Entrant is responsible for
the delivery of their entry.

Cakes will be judged on taste, appearance and “Manxness”. “Manxness” in this instance
means the proportion of Manx ingredients used as well as the Manx theme of the cake
The semi-final Judging, to take place on Friday 25th September 2009 is closed to all
competitors and the public. Our semi-final judges include
Hon Phil Gawne, MHK, Isle of Man Minister for Agriculture;
Mrs Michele Moroney, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist of Nobles Hospital;
Mrs Hazel Warburton, previously of Fortnum & Mason Piccadilly, now a cake judge within
Women’s Institute, Isle of Man.

The Great Manx Bake-off final Judging by the Hairy Bikers of BBC fame will take place on
Saturday 26th September 2009 between 3 and 4pm. All entrants, friends and family are
Presentation of prizes will take place after the final Judging.

The Great Manx Bake-off winner of each division will receive £100 gift voucher from Shoprite.
The runner-up of both categories and the 3 “Judges Choice” prize winners will receive £50
and £25 Shoprite gift vouchers respectively.

1. The Great Manx Bake-Off Rules form part of the conditions of entry
2. The organiser will not be responsible in the event of any loss or damage to any entry,
however all due care will be taken. Entrants agree to release and hold harmless The
Eve Appeal, their sponsors and volunteers from any damage, injury, death, loss, or
other liability that may arise from entrant’s participation in the Contest.
3. All Entries, once delivered to the Villa Marina Arcade, become the property of the Eve
Appeal and we have the right to sell, auction, photograph and display delivered
entries as we choose unless you want to reclaim your cake after judging, in which
case please follow the procedure of Rule 9, below.
4. The judges' decision is final.


1. Cakes made with flour, eggs, milk and butter must be made using Manx flour, eggs
and milk. For island produce information, visit

2. Your cake must be made of cake or replicable in cake. Any inedible materials on the
cake must be written down as a list and submitted with the Cake.

3. A separate example of your cake must be submitted together with your completed
cake for judges tasting so your competition cake will not be cut. The separate
example must be made at the same time from the same batch of ingredients as your
submitted cake. This is for tasting only, it does not have to be decorated. We
have three semi-final judges and two final judges so make sure your example is
enough for the judges to get a good taste!

4. Upon delivery, any Cake that does not match it’s description on the entry form
submitted may be refused entry to the competition

5. No electricity or water is available to assist your cake entry. No frozen cakes, we do

not have freezers to keep them.

6. All cakes must be made adhering to Food Hygiene regulations below

7. You must provide your own cake plate, dish or stand. Where possible, these will be
returned to you after your cake is auctioned

8. If you do not wish for your cake to be sold or auctioned, please enclose a contribution
of £30 to The Eve Appeal with your entry. Cheques can be made payable to The
Eve Appeal. Any competitors not wanting their entry to be sold and not selected as a
finalist are to be removed Saturday 26th September 2009 between 11am and midday


• Freshly laundered clothing must be worn to protect the food from any risks from the food
handlers clothes and must be removed when leaving a food preparation area.
• Jewellery should be kept to a minimum to avoid contamination, only a wedding ring
should be worn.

• Nail varnish or false nails must not be worn and long hair should be tied back and

• A cut or wound must be covered with a highly visible coloured waterproof plaster, a blue
plaster is recommended.

• Do not handle food if you or any one else in your household has been suffering from any
gastric upset or heavy cold.

• All ingredients and the finished cake must be stored, prepared, stored after cooking and
transported to the venue in accordance with the guidelines in the Food Safety Act.

• Recipes containing raw or lightly cooked eggs should be avoided.

• Label food that contains or may have been contaminated by nuts.

• Always use separate tongs or utensils for each food item and avoid touching other foods
with them.

• When your cake is transported from home to the venue and requires refrigeration, it must
be transported in a cool bag or cool box with frozen blocks inside. Remember to avoid
opening them too often.

• Remember that all high risk foods must be refrigerated at all times.

• Keep raw and cooked foods separate especially raw meat/poultry and cooked

• Wash your hands before starting to touch food and between handling high risk foods and
after cleaning tasks. Separate hand wash facilities should be available with liquid hand
wash soap.

• If protective gloves are worn remember hands must be washed before and after wearing

• All food must be labelled correctly with the name of the person who prepared and cooked
it together with their address and telephone number.

• Cook food thoroughly so that the centre is heated to a temperature of at least 70ºC for a
sufficient length of time.

• Following cooking, cool food quickly and refrigerate it unless it is a needed for current

• Never refreeze raw food.

• Observe “use by” and “best before” dates.

Thank you for your help in helping us to halve death rates of women on
the island and the UK of ovarian cancer by supporting the Eve Appeal.
Good luck!
Cake Competition & Auction
celebrating Manx produce

Entries close: Friday 11th September 2009

Name: (if you are baking as a group, please write the name of your
group and list all individuals helping to make the cake separately):


Contact telephone number:

Contact email address:

Category (please circle):


Professional (for businesses, trained chefs or cooks)

Manx cake theme (please describe appearance, etc):

Please list all recipe ingredients:

Approximate size or dimensions of your cake:

Remember to submit an example alongside your competiton cake for tasting!


I have read and fully understand the conditions of entry to the Eve Appeal
Great Manx Bake-Off.

I understand that all cakes entered into the Eve Appeal Great Manx Bake-Off
will be sold to raise money for the Eve Appeal.

When I submit my cake to the Villa Marina arcade mezzanine level on Friday
25th September between 12 and 2pm I’ll receive a £5 Shoprite gift voucher!


Should you not want your cake sold or auctioned,

kindly enclose a donation of £30 made payable to
the Eve Appeal and submit it with your entry.

Entries can be submitted by post to:

Samantha Honey-Pollock
Old Market House, Balthane, Ballasalla IM92AF

Or by email to:

Any queries to Samantha on 07624 455666.

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